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S T A C Y I Don't Know What Pseudonym Means i've already told you!
Linnae I I like to sing..and write songs..this is a bad one..haha oh well
Ibemeforever -
Mohamed Zainelaabdin Ibrahim I have passion to write poetry in english.
Matin Ibrahim
Whynot Ican passionate reader and writer
Arumvowitbuj Ihaceconava arumvowitbuj
B Ij Asian. 1st class degree in Computer Science with Business Studies.
David Ilks I am 19 years old, I am into writing song lyrics and short stories.
Zach Imwalle 16/m/0h
Uxuxocuke Inaridoo uxuxocuke
Inchara -
Phil V Infinite Greetings. I'm fourteen, going on fifteen and that's my excuse for any mediocore (or goodness forbid, BAD...
Dane Ingham -
IngramAE -
Mallory Iniguez Love poem i wrote at 16.In 2003.
Innis -
Deis Innovant -
Insane Man -
Wayne Insane -
Ip' lkl
Philip Ipsan A life weary songwriter who uses art as an escape from the hard realities of living in a modern world.
Mansoor Iqbal -
Irina Tsapenko Irish -
Arthur Henry Isaacson Engineer, Businessman. Father,Husband, Friend, Lover. Hobbies; Piano, writing, photography.
Isabell -
Elimirunu Isatnasfol elimirunu
Ithilruin I am 14 years old and live in Australia. I love the english language and I love writing, although I don't finis...
Chris E Ivins -
Ngade Ivo -
Ivrsn -
Peter Izdebski I'd love to describe myself however nothing comes to mind. Actaully, as a matter of fact, too much comes ...
Les Izhmoore Who can guess which is first?
Erica Irvine

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Matin Ibrahim
matin: writer, composer, producer, publisher and studio engineer was born matin ibrahim mai to ibrahim mai and zipporah on 27th august 1970 in the northern city of kaduna, nigeria west africa. matin started his music career when he left the government service in 1995, second in the family of eight an electronic technician blessed with three boys and a wonderful wife whom he took to the alter in the year 2000. matin who currently owns a recording studio started his music career back in 1995, so far, he has released three albums. first album "apes obey" in 1997 and "don't stop the music" in 2004. his current album " quiet waters" released april 2009 attracted the spot lights on his career with his unique blend of R&B, raggae and soul. he has produced so many great artist through out his career
[December 2009]
[email protected]
Why Love (Poetry) why love i see you coming over to me let me hold your hands i want to give a kiss to my fair lady i hear a melody so so rich and i knew that the right chords has been stroked walk with me through the crowd i want to get that feeling when it seems like i'm riding the air i laugh, i sing, i dance o... [110 words] [Art] [December 2009] (HITS 1051, REVS. 0)


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