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Edward D Adams Edward D Adams, other titles
E M K S Moresteel -
Maya Eaddy Maya is very creative and loves to write.
Bob Eager Bob Eager was born between Scottsdale and Phoenix In Arizona. Bob Eager believes there are alluring things we a...
Josh Earl i am 16 and live in australia I listen to alot of music like ,system of a down,mudvayne,ill nino,bullet for my ...
Matt Early -
Suryaprabha Easwar I am 34 year old Indian residing in the Middle east.
Jessica L Echols -
J Eric Eckard -
Rebecca L Eckerdt Rebecca Eckerdt
Rose Marie Eckert -
Coral Eden Coral is an 8 year old girl with a love of cooking and songwriting. This is her first published work
Edit cool edit pro goes finger fishing on weekends and finds salvation
Dayne Edmondson I'm sixteen years old and love to read, write and play strategy games.
Dr Dan Edmunds Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is a noted existential-humanist psychotherapist assisting persons udnergoing extreme st...
Dr Dan L Edmunds Edd -
Beth Emily Victoria Edwards -
David David Edwards -
James Kenneth Edwards -m a 30 year old male who has been writing since I was 13 years old. I'm hoping someone can do some...
James Edwards I'm a 30 year old male I've been writing from age 13 and have decided to see if anyone thinks my poems are ...
F X Efeiks -
Chris Egervari I don't know what to write... I like Pop and R'n'B music, that's all.
Carter C E Eggenberger -
Eyitemi Egwuenu -
James Eichenlaub Enterprise Network Manager for a major corporation and wanna-be writer. Not seeking fame or fortune, but...
Ryne(Aka)Lilryry K Eid A seventeen year old who is on fire for GOD
J R Eilerman Mainly I write short poems with basic rhyming. But I am also looking to write some potential lyrics for song
Courtney Eisenach Full of fun and spirit, this girl loves to cheer!
Ethan A Eisenbarth -
Adrian Eje -
Wael El-Manzalawy
Meaghan Elise Meaghan Elise is currently studying at the University of Melbourne. She has been published in the Melbourne...
Adam P. Elkins In a word, deliberate.
El Wright Ellen Lain -
Hannah Ellicock -
Bethany Ellingworth -
Nick Ellman -
Peter Elvern People -
Elvira Frankenheim -
Swaris Emashes Imma rapper inspired from Eminem and his life. I just try to spit and wool stuffs like him and that only m...
Green Emerald -
Ryan Emerson -
John Emery -
Emilymadge I've never let anyone read any poetry before, but i'm interested to see if anyone thinks it's any good.... you...
Emran Khan i m scriptwriter and i have some fantastic script nd i m searching fr work frnd wid famous song writer nd sin...
Dustin L Engelbrecht For me, writing Poetry is a release. It allows me to express my inner most thoughts, and to deal w...
Yung Trey Entertainment Yung Trey Entertainment
Enzo -
Nikky Epperly -
Stephanie A Erickson I am currently 17 years old and attending my last semester of high school in Hartford, Wisconsin. I ...
Erickson -
Erik To describe oneself can be the hardest operation in writing. To depict one's thoughts, feelings, rationales through...
Trisk Ers -
Jacqueline P Ervine I'm thirteen years old and have been writting for almost all of my life.
Escalator -
Frederick Espina I've written stories on here 10 years ago, I've since refined my style and am now attempting to write th...
Anthony Espinoza -
Mauricio Esquenazi I am a 14 year old colombian student. I was born on February 16, 1985. I like to write stories aboit m...
Josie Estby Im 16 years old, I live in a small town. I want to be a Rockstar. Music is my passion and I take it seriously...
David Estrada Mainly into hiphop/rap.
Estranged -
Ether -
Shenita Etwaroo Coming Soon
Jeff Euphoric Pain -
Mark Evan -
Elio P Evangelista I am 22 years old, soon to be 23 and I'm a reporter by trade, fiction writer by nature.
Kenneth G Evangelista -
Christopher Evans -
Charles Evans A poet in this time of chaos; trying to find truth.
Danielle Anne Evans I have been writing for a very long time. I have worked hard. And I love to write, draw, act and dire
Gail Evans -
Autumn Eve Most of my stories i wrote when i was angry and revolve around a common topic they contain true parts of my li...
Evelyn Canarvon -
Thei Everafter -
Everett -
Marie Evers -
Evilderry -
Zdravka Evtimova I live in Bulgaria, Europe. In Bulgaria, three novels and 3 short story collections of mine have been p...
Marie Evvers -
Blessing Ogbor Evy -
Jt Ewing Ruggedly handsome
Veronica R Ewing -I am a 15 year old girl who lives in Colorado, USA. I am posting my poems up here on storymania so that...
Veronica Ewing Veronica Ewing, other titles
Edy-Bernard Ewoh -
Iknezaxo Eygunek iknezaxo
Tracy Eyman im 16 and can never find the right girl i seem like a bad boy but in realitly im a true sweet heart and im no
Miles Eyre -
Ezen -
Richard Evans I write for it is the light at the end of my tunnel.
Frederick Espina
Soren Engle
Murray Evans
Veronica Ewing

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Wael El-Manzalawy
Wael El-Manzalawy is an Egyptian writer who writes in English. He has published 15 e books. He is a human development trainer.
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The Armed Islamic Groups (Essays) How did the activities of the armed Islamic groups develop? We are sometimes involved in the current situation and the bloody scene without trying to analyze the facts. So, we can see the top of the ice mountain only without seeing the hidden enormous part of the ice mountain. [412 words] [January 2019] (HITS 764, REVS. 0)
The Birds (Short Stories) A short story about the dream of freedom. [240 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2185, REVS. 0)
The Christ In The Holy Quran (Essays) - [1,584 words] [October 2006] (HITS 564 565, REVS. 1)
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The German People Is A Genius Not A Superior One (Essays) - [179 words] [November 2020] (HITS 627, REVS. 0)
The God In Islam (Essays) - [337 words] [October 2005] (HITS 2694, REVS. 1)
The Islamic Civilization And The Western Civilization (Essays) - [472 words] [June 2009] (HITS 1689, REVS. 0)
The Islamic Dream (Essays) - [338 words] [July 2007] (HITS 2405, REVS. 17)
The Islamic Egypt (Novels) The Islamic politicians won the elections throughout Egypt. But they were a new and different generation of the Islamic politicians. Many previous Islamic politicians won their popularity through clash with the west. But the new politicians� project was the Islamic Civilization based on the spiritua... [1,793 words] [April 2017] (HITS 373, REVS. 0)
The New Assassins (Chapter 1) (Novels) Egypt was ruled by the High Assassins� Council which consisted of the Prime Assassin, the Army Assassin, the Security Assassin, the Political Assassin, the Foreign Affairs Assassin, the Education Assassin, the Science Assassin, the Trade Assassin, the Agriculture Assassin, the Infra-structure Assass... [617 words] [October 2016] (HITS 1410, REVS. 0)
The Paradise (Essays) - [183 words] [Spiritual] [February 2009] (HITS 2002, REVS. 0)
The Tyrant Of Egypt (Essays) - [108 words] [March 2008] (HITS 2122, REVS. 1)
The World After Coronavirus (Essays) - [510 words] [November 2020] (HITS 586, REVS. 0)
Wael's Strategy For Success (Essays) Wael�s Strategy For Success: Decide What you want � Choose 3-5 related goals � Start acting for the 3-5 goals at the same time � You will reach one goal at least � Success will give you more energy � Decide what you want again and repeat the cycle�. [403 words] [Motivational] [August 2013] (HITS 1976, REVS. 2)
Was The Prophet Muhammad The Prophet Of Jihad? (Essays) - [108 words] [December 2021] (HITS 358, REVS. 0)
We Aren't Saints (Essays) - [189 words] [May 2021] (HITS 477, REVS. 0)
Will Eu Remain Spectators In Arms Race (Essays) - [355 words] [November 2020] (HITS 558, REVS. 0)


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