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Ben S D I'm a guy from the US, spare a moment of your time and read this story if you will.
D Donely *****sitting here "trying" to write....
G D on a keyboard
J D -
K R-L D -
Kiyomi D 13 Year Old Songwriter
Robin D Consultant, amateur writer.
Daroga Daae Penniless. Mostly harmless.
Mandi Daddona I am 20 years old and I have been writing since before I can remember. I enjoy writing as an escape. And I...
Daddyslittlegirl -
Christopher Dahm -
Sally Dahoui -
Amber Amanda Daigneault Rivard -
Dr Surya Kumar Daimari The author is a freelance writer.
Lew Dallas -
Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally -
Jools Dalore 'Sup just wrote two songs now, only quick.
Matthew Mark Gill Dame http://myspace.com./matthewmarktalent Come join my friend list all..
Zion Dani -
Maggie Danials I'm twenty years old, and I don't write often, but when I do, it's usually about sex :-)
Daniel Van Heidelberg The author is studying in Melbourne, Australia and loves travelling, ice cream, abseiling and anyth...
Danielle -
David Daniels I am a retired New York City Corrections Officer that is currently attending Nassau Community College. I am...
Shannon L Daniels i go to treasure mountain international school in park city ut
M Rafique Danish The author is studying at MDH, Sweden. He has immense interests in research, reading and writing. He has...
Christopher Dark Very well known and publicised author. Stunning vocab.
Beatrice Darmie -
Christina Darnell New writer needing honest critiques.
Debadrita Das 14 yr old girl, Class X, St.Teresa's school, 72, Diamond harbour road, calcutta-23.
Kishore Daswani 17 year old highschool student.
Upasana Datta Hi! i am sixteen year indian girl .i love to write. i will really appreciate some reviews.
E Daugherty -
Danny P Dauzat 28 year old singer/songwriter from Louisiana
Iron Dave -
Piper Davenport -
Bessie Davies -
C G L Davies I'm 17, female from the land of sheep and song (ie Wales). Likes to write short descriptive stuff and storie...
Rowan Davies I kick arse for the Lord.
Alex Edward Davis I'm just a 16 year old kid trying to make a difference in the world wth my words and hopefully get a ch...
Albert Davis -
Brian C Davis -
Chloe Davis I am A 19 year old girl who loves to write songs
Cory J A Davis Student of Selkirk College in Earth Sciences Associate of Arts Degree from Okanagan College Likes nature, ...
Fantasia L Davis My name is Fantasia. I like to write a lot of songs about the world and things people can relate to. I t...
Glenn Davis Glenn Davis Doctor G born as: Glenn Scott Davis. Year of birth: 1962. Royal Welsh Family. International Artis...
Hillary Davis hi
Jinndal Davis Just Jinn, Mother, Grandmother, Phenomenal Woman!
Mark A Davis I'm a male. I feel in love a little early i think but i love every moment of it. Im about ur typical teenage...
Ryly A Davis i'm your average girl...well, mostly... i've been writing since i was only nine years old- songs, poems, boo...
Robert Davis -
Courteney L Davison Not much about me. I hate school and writing I play the bass guitar and tenor saxophone.That's it.
G A Davo Creative when I want to be, love to write and sketch, enjoy!
Dawei -
Dawnday -
Jayson D Day -
M Joseph Day -
W N Dayley Husband, father and writer forging ahead with his crazy dream of seeing his name in print. College grad, amat...
Jenelle Marie Dayton I am fairly young and am an aspiring writer....I think it's all you need to know.
David De'ath 18 years of age, i play the guitar (preferably the acoustic) and i have a vast taste in music but my ultimat...
Gregory De Feo -
Blu De Golyer Blu de Golyer is a produced screenwriter and published author.
T De Jager errgh
Martin De Leon Alive.
Tony De Lima -
Luis Miguel De Los Rios -
Rhonda De Pietto Ocasio I'm 42 years old and live in Long Island, New York. I have 4 children and one granddaughter. I wr...
Deadjerry -
Alicia Marlene Dean-Hunter Well I don't know.
Matthew Dean Currently I live in Tampa, FL and work in the software industry. I have a Bachelors of Science degreee from...
Mason Mhd Deane Same as normal description
Mason Deane -
Seth Dearmas I am 16 year old from mid missouri, I play paintball grade paintball and I skateboard. I like music alot-pla...
Deava To all who know me, love, to all who dont, possibilities
Paolo Debernardi I was born in Casale Monferrato in province of Alessandria Italy on 03 July 1973 and had lived since 199...
Paul Debrino Personal Bio: Paul DeBrino never took any lessons - playing or singing - but, in his early 20's, discovered...
Jenae Decampo I'm 14 years old and I love to write. It took me a week to get this perfect!
Ruby Decenilla -
Peter De Dee Strange?
Deedumz I'm 17.I write about things that I've experienced or things that happened to people around me.I live in New York ...
William W. Degravelles Quite frankly-i'm me.
Innovant Deis ... an author with many dreams one of my dreams is to be an author...
Janette Dejesus .
James Delacenserie -
W Delaney -
Paul D Deleon 31 year old male, born in Ohio. Have had life long desire to write. Currently pursuing this dream.
Sarah Delise -
Mary Ann Delk I am a married, 35-year-old Christian mother of two sons. I live in North Carolina, where I have lived all ...
Hayley Dell -
Dorra Della -
Tre Delvon Tre Delvon, as I renamed myself, is my chosen pen Pseudonym, and I have a deep passion for writing. I began wr...
T Demarest -
Vica Demici -
Donna Leigh Dennison Greetings Y'all...my submissions on here come from South Alabama, so anything you read of mine on th...
Adam G Denson I am 27 years old and I love music, singing, & writing lyrics to songs.
Brayden Dent I'm a funny teen that enjoys poetry and short funny stories
Patrick Dent Patrick Dent is author of the new covert ops thriller, Execution of Justice, the short story The Decision, p...
Laura Depriest Laura is a High School senior planning on studying English and art at Northwestern Univerisy in Chicago, I
Joe Desanto -
Desdemonda I love to write, even thought admittedly I'm not very good. Well at least practice makes perfect. Please revi...
Lucas M Desilva The new biggest writer in the fantasy community
Songwriter Songwryter Desiree Dawn -
Sarah Desmedt -
Gianna Desponale I'm a 10 year old girl... I like writing songs.... Idk
Destiny -
Andrew Detar -
Steve Deutsch I like write things.
Devin Meekhof Devin is a fourteen-year-old who love to write poetry, even if she's not the best of the best. She really w...
Sharon L Devine -
Glenn G Deweese After 21 years on the Tulsa Police Department, the author has decided to return to his roots and use the ...
Nan Deyo I've waited 30 years too long to be a writer. Now, it's just about all that I do. I'd say I long for success, b...
Dg Williford Dg Williford Don't hate me because I'm crazy!
Joseph Di Lullo -
Tom Di Roma Spaceman is my nickname, writing is my game. At least it has been since 1966 when I wrote my first young adul...
Matthew Diamond Matthew Diamond is an aspiring writer from a small town in New Jersey. He has written numerous poems and ...
Lisa Diaz-Meyer -
John Stan Dickey -
Laura Dickey -
Mark Timothy Dickson A British writer, who writes fresh comedy and horror screenplays.
May Kay Difference I am married with a son and daughter. I work part time as a monitor for school transportation. My hu...
Jaymie N Dillon -
Sean Dimech -
Sean Dimech -
Lindsey R S Dingo -
Patti Dinneen The youngest of six girls, I learned early that the only way to survive was to see the humor in life!
Greg Dinunzio Looking for work, a sturdy woman who spoils, a great cup of coffee, and friends who are incredibly funny (n...
Josh Diodispazio Josh is a young writer never really good a writing but things are finally formulating in his brain. He l...
Judith Ogechi Diolu I'm a 3rd year medical student of Delta State University, Abraka.I love writing, singing and dancing....
Emma Dix -
Diya -
Brent Dmitruk (Brazilman) -
Lisa Doane -
Doc Boyer -
Boyer Doc A very nice and normal guy who just happens to be a horror/scifi freak!
Glenn Davis Doctor G Glenn Davis Doctor G Author
Doc -
Saskia Dodd -
Tim Doherty -
Wallace Doig I am widowed man in his late seventies. I retired from my job as an Engineering Draughtsman many years ago....
Noel Dolan I'm a freshman majoring in creative writing and minoring in journalism at Colorado State Univeristy. I'd appre...
Doll House -
Nicholas Allan Domasio -
Aj Domingo im just an ordinary man trying to share my music
Mafer Dominguez I always feel that I've suffered too much but at least I feel much more that average.
Matthew Mark Gill Don't Care Got it get it good!
Maria C Donado -
C D Donaldson -
DonnJ -
Sara Bella Donna -
Gary Donnelly Details to come...
James Donner -
Katherine Gehl Donovan -
Red Doors -
Christine Dorothea-Maris -
Simone L Dorsey I am a young girl of 13 who loves to write things and use imaginaton.
Dougie Dosha -
M H Doty -
Kay Doucoure -
Kyle J Douglas I'm a nerdy nineteen-year-old college guy who enjoys making his literary works unusual.
S B Douglass -
Kim Dow -
Kirsten Reva-Louise Dowell -
Lindsey M Downer I am a 16 year old junior student from Hartford High School.
Erica N Dozier -
Martin John Devecka Dr. Z -
Richard Dragon Richard Dragon is a PI living in a northwestern Ohio city.
Dramaticpuzzlemaker Hey.
Dranrae An insubstantial alter ego.
Dmytie Drapper -
Lacey F Dream I love life and what it has to offer. I enjoy writing down my personal feelings and making it into someth...
Random Dreamer Crazy girl, Crazy writer, really loves reading, a big romantic with a dry sense of humour. Seen one too ma...
Norman Dreiser Writer of short fiction for young people
Dremoor -
Skyler Drevan I am Jeff, writer, dreamer, realist.
Drevan -
Dana Drew I enjoy passing the time by jotting down my random ideas onto paper. Getting published would be nice but finis...
Dri Cook My name is Adriana, and though I have a nickname, an American friend has told me I have a beautiful name, and u...
Will E Drillit A casual observer of elemental forms of society.
Wesley B Rose Drley 44 year old Disabled Veteran. I write to heal.
Grant Towey Droopy -
Nikki Drosos Learning to live life and enjoying the relationship of Life!
Steve Drost -
Robert Drye Poem, Song in any key.
Leoni Dsouza -
Joseph Dubaskas Jr I am a 19 year old muscian.
Tamara Dubberke Writing has been a way of life for me since my early teens. It started out to be a release of the stress...
G�rard Ducasse An artist [ poetry, plays, short stories, painting and sculpture].
H A H Ducasse -
Yashi Duckie DO I HAVE TOOO?
Duck A young college student waiting for her A in English.
Matthew Mark Gill Dude http://MatthewMark46410.tripod.com
Ed Dudleston -
Suzannah Duff I wrote this because I was in a bad relationship where I eventually realized I didn't have to deal with the
Duluoz 19 year old-English-Male.
Louisa Duncan -
Rikki Duncan I live in Glasgow Scotland U.K.
R Duncan -
Ma Sabrina Racelle M Dungcatinkerbell i'm only seveteen years old. i'm a 1/4 american because my mom is half american hal...
Gena Dunlap Fantastic blonde in Los Angeles
Jeremy Ray Dunlap Lyricist, poet, humor writer, and vocalist from Boulder, Colorado. Now living in LA. My influences inc...
Andrew Dunn -
Jimmy Dunn Im a 19 year old guy living in South Africa. :)
Frank Dunsmore Frank Dunsmore was born in Chicago and studied music and American Literature. He has always liked mysterie...
Neil Dunsmore -
Vanlal Duoma Duoma WHITECROSS
Juan Jose Duran -
Ann Durden -
Durfee's Student -
John A Durler I am a retired 64 year old verile male, living in New Port Richey Fl. Married, with 6 adult children. I wri...
Swarnabha Dutta -
Alon Calinao Dy Alon Calinao Dy is a Filipino Registered Nurse in Countries of Philippines, USA, Saudi, and Kuwait.�Curre...
Danielle Dyer I'm a daughter,a sister, a wife, and a mother. In College to become an elementary teacher. I absolutely lov...
W L Dz Just call me DZ. I like music (Specifically rock) and writing (Obviously). I mainly write short stories as I don't...
V J Diamond
Hilda Ducasse
G�rard Ducasse
Arden Davidson
Louise Dunn
Garrett Diamond
John Andrew Durler
Noel Dolan

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Dri Cook

My name is Adriana, and though I have a nickname, an American friend has told me I have a beautiful name, and uses only my full name. I am a woman, a dreamer who has a passion for life, and loves writing, and I must say, that I breathe words in and out.

I started writing in 2003, as I was internally urged on to do so. Poetry is a natural outcome of my life, and I felt that I was guided or maybe even destined to write, a feeling that took over and could not be stopped.

I love writing all types of poems and am glad when emails arrive from other people on the web, telling me that I put into words exactly the way they feel. Helping people is a nice way to forget about one's own personal problems and keep on going. Another reason that I have been writing is to improve my English. As English is not my native language, writing in English is another way to be even closer to this beautiful language. It has always come so naturally to me, that I can consider it a gift from Heaven.

I was born and raised in Brazil. In marriage, I spent some time in the USA with an American citizen. Sadly though, it did not work out, and I returned to my native land, Brazil. Memories of the time I lived there are nice, and one day I hope I am able to go back to that beautiful country to visit and enjoy all the good things it has to offer.

Teaching is what I do as an occupation and have a love for it, while writing is not only my love, but a hobby and a friend as well. As life's trials come I realize just how blessed I am in God and that He is everything to me.

My children are grown and are young adults now. One is currently living in Italy and works as an Architect, and the other is a psychologist and lives here, in S�o Jos� dos Campos.

Soon, I will be a grandmother and will continue writing poetry and enlighten people's lives with my gift.

My ultimate dream is to have one of my original poems used as lyrics in a song, and then hear it on many radio stations.

[May 2008]
[email protected]
3 Little Words (Poetry) - [167 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2519, REVS. 2)
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed (Poetry) A very special dedication to a special friend that I don't even know if he is still alive or not. [191 words] [July 2007] (HITS 2228, REVS. 0)
A Place Around The Corner (Poetry) - [172 words] [Mind] [June 2005] (HITS 2160, REVS. 0)
A Place To Hide Myself (Poetry) Mind. [131 words] [August 2005] (HITS 2477, REVS. 1)
A Thorn In My Heart (Poetry) - [31 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2575, REVS. 3)
A Time To Fall In Love (Poetry) - [46 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2437, REVS. 2)
Am I Right? Or Am I Wrong? (Poetry) - [107 words] [Mind] [May 2005] (HITS 2373, REVS. 1)
And I Believed (Poetry) - [201 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1559, REVS. 0)
And I Still Believed... (Poetry) - [201 words] [Motivational] [June 2005] (HITS 2321, REVS. 1)
Angels Of God (Poetry) Divine creatures always there for us.(ed). [207 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2428, REVS. 4)
Another Chance (Poetry) - [184 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2404, REVS. 2)
Around The Corner (Poetry) - [147 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2345, REVS. 1)
As Long As We Are Together (Poetry) - [142 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2323, REVS. 1)
At Peace (Poetry) - [26 words] [Mind] [March 2005] (HITS 2462, REVS. 3)
Battle Of Fear (Poetry) When enemies are members of our own family. [124 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2540, REVS. 8)
Beautiful Land (Poetry) A new beginning.....just trying to register my experiences of living in a foreign country, the USA. [108 words] [December 2005] (HITS 2369, REVS. 3)
Blue Moon, Why Do You Still Feel So Blue? (Poetry) A tribute to one of my favorite songs - a love poem. [123 words] [Romance] [January 2005] (HITS 2413, REVS. 2)
Brazil, You Are The Best (Poetry) A tribute to my homeland, my Brazil. I dedicate this poem to my dear friend Roberto, in CA. [188 words] [July 2006] (HITS 1980, REVS. 0)
Can I Ever Know You? (Poetry) "In a happy marriage there is a continuous dense magnetic sense of communication". [142 words] [Relationships] [February 2005] (HITS 2423, REVS. 2)
Caress My Soul (Poetry) - [120 words] [Romance] [May 2008] (HITS 2548, REVS. 1)
Come (Poetry) Pseudo romance or not, you're still the one, oh, the only one I have always loved. [100 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2378, REVS. 1)
Dance With Me (Poetry) - [151 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1682, REVS. 0)
Dark Clouds In My Heart (Poetry) A big transition in my life. Trying to overcome the cultural shock of living in another country and another culture that are far different from mine. Just venting. [159 words] [March 2006] (HITS 1908, REVS. 0)
Desire Of My Heart (Poetry) - [191 words] [Romance] [April 2005] (HITS 2540, REVS. 3)
Devoted Love (Poetry) - [155 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2373, REVS. 2)
Don't Steal What's Mine (Poetry) Nobody has the right to interfere in our choices. [99 words] [January 2005] (HITS 2434, REVS. 5)
Driming Of You (Poetry) Playing with my name which is pronounced Dree. Just being silly myself. [84 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2234, REVS. 2)
Endless Flight (Poetry) - [117 words] [Mind] [May 2005] (HITS 2359, REVS. 2)
Endless Love (Poetry) Eternal love.... [190 words] [Romance] [July 2006] (HITS 2187, REVS. 1)
Enigmas To Ponder (Poetry) I wrote this one from a male's perspective. [127 words] [Mind] [April 2005] (HITS 2269, REVS. 1)
Entwined Hearts (Poetry) - [89 words] [July 2006] (HITS 2441, REVS. 1)
Exquisite Rose (Poetry) - [66 words] [Mind] [June 2005] (HITS 2432, REVS. 2)
Face In The Mirror (Poetry) - [80 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2329, REVS. 4)
Faceless Friend (Poetry) Dedication - to each one of you. [98 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2454, REVS. 1)
Feast Of Love (Poetry) - [146 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2385, REVS. 1)
Finding Myself (Poetry) I'd love to put this one into lyrics for a song. [159 words] [June 2007] (HITS 2193, REVS. 4)
Floating Feather (Poetry) - [84 words] [April 2005] (HITS 2322, REVS. 3)
Follow Your Dreams (Poetry) - [119 words] [Motivational] [August 2005] (HITS 2055, REVS. 0)
For My Niece With Love (Poetry) - [281 words] [Relationships] [February 2007] (HITS 2008, REVS. 0)
Forbidden Fruit (Poetry) - [296 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2442, REVS. 1)
Friend Without A Face (Poetry) A dedication to my fellow poets [115 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1752, REVS. 0)
From Head To Toes (Poetry) That's the way I love you, baby! [94 words] [Erotic] [March 2005] (HITS 2422, REVS. 4)
Gravestone (Poetry) A cute love poem. [155 words] [Romance] [January 2005] (HITS 2419, REVS. 2)
Harbor Of Dreams (Poetry) - [77 words] [Romance] [July 2005] (HITS 2270, REVS. 1)
He (Poetry) - [56 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2492, REVS. 1)
Heaven In Your Arms (Poetry) - [77 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2148, REVS. 0)
Her Turn (Poetry) What the world sees in us does not necessarily mean that they see what's right. [207 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2308, REVS. 3)
Hold Me In Your Arms (Poetry) - [232 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2123, REVS. 0)
Home You Are Always Sweet (Poetry) - [157 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2019, REVS. 0)
Hometown Memories (Poetry) - [200 words] [July 2005] (HITS 2000, REVS. 0)
Honeymoon Cruise (Poetry) It was not meant to be humorous until my cheeky muse pops us... [415 words] [Humor] [May 2005] (HITS 2380, REVS. 1)
Hymn Of Praise (Poetry) Being thankful. [161 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2214, REVS. 2)
I Find Peace In You (Poetry) - [60 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2093, REVS. 0)
I Found Love, I Found You (Poetry) - [55 words] [Romance] [June 2006] (HITS 2104, REVS. 0)
I Found You, I Found Love (Poetry) - [189 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2452, REVS. 1)
I Love The Way You Love Me (Poetry) - [127 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2343, REVS. 1)
I Love You Because I Just Do (Poetry) - [181 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2162, REVS. 0)
I Love You So Much... (Poetry) - [41 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2216, REVS. 0)
I Love You With All My Heart (Poetry) - [131 words] [Romance] [April 2005] (HITS 2921, REVS. 0)
I Still Am (Poetry) I like to think that I am still the same person I used to be before I came to the US. It was based on my previous poem I AM. [51 words] [April 2006] (HITS 2304, REVS. 1)
I Still Love You So... (Poetry) A strange type of love, but it is still love, isn't it?:-) [193 words] [July 2005] (HITS 2091, REVS. 0)
I Want (Poetry) Focus on gladness not simply on euphoria. [55 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2556, REVS. 2)
I Wish I Were... (Poetry) For a friend of mine, a poet too, who lives in the UK. [179 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2573, REVS. 3)
If I Could... (Poetry) - [155 words] [July 2005] (HITS 2357, REVS. 2)
If It Weren't For That Beer (Poetry) a silly one as a dedication to Leah and her boyfriend. [81 words] [Mystical] [November 2007] (HITS 1882, REVS. 0)
In The Still Of The Night (Poetry) When I find peace, when to wait is never a waste. [75 words] [January 2005] (HITS 2460, REVS. 6)
Inner Journey (Poetry) A journey to the very deep of myself. [206 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2051, REVS. 0)
Intimacy Of Love (Poetry) dreaming... [154 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1949, REVS. 1)
Is It Enough? (Poetry) Love is priceless. [79 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2451, REVS. 4)
Is It Fate Or What? (Poetry) - [76 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2478, REVS. 2)
Is That All You Think About?:-) (Poetry) - [115 words] [Humor] [March 2005] (HITS 2338, REVS. 5)
It Had To Be You (Poetry) Romance me, baby, romance me... [301 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2443, REVS. 6)
It Takes Courage (Poetry) It takes courage to live a decent life. [287 words] [February 2006] (HITS 2229, REVS. 2)
It Takes Two (Poetry) - [163 words] [July 2005] (HITS 2056, REVS. 0)
It Was All In Vain (Poetry) To live life in a sentimental "coma" state, may be devastating. [107 words] [December 2006] (HITS 1937, REVS. 0)
It's Not My Imagination (I Did Belong To You) (Songs) The words of another song. [162 words] [Romance] [January 2005] (HITS 2188, REVS. 0)
Just An Ordinary Day (Poetry) - [127 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2094, REVS. 0)
Just Dri (Poetry) We can delete a name but we can never delete someone from our hearts. We can only try to resolve this someone. New ME, just Dri. [88 words] [January 2005] (HITS 2519, REVS. 4)
Just One More Kiss (Songs) The words of a song. [130 words] [January 2005] (HITS 2481, REVS. 9)
Kiss Me One More Kiss (Poetry) Back to my country, I decided to repost an old one ..... [126 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2309, REVS. 2)
Knock And I Will Open The Door (Poetry) - [131 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2064, REVS. 0)
Let Me Be Your Dream (Poetry) I wanted this one to become lyrics for a song. [250 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2410, REVS. 2)
Let's Fall In Love (Poetry) "fly me to the moon, be my knight throughout the night" [52 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2192, REVS. 0)
Let's Go Home (Genres) A tale. My first one. [320 words] [February 2005] (HITS 3741, REVS. 0)
Let's Go To Bed (Poetry) A husband to his wife says: "Let's go to bed". When love is to commit for a life time. [115 words] [Relationships] [July 2006] (HITS 2624, REVS. 4)
Life Is A Many Splendored Thing (Poetry) That's about it.... [128 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2080, REVS. 0)
Love Connection (Poetry) - [238 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2170, REVS. 0)
Love Me, Baby (Poetry) - [106 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2141, REVS. 0)
Love Me Like No Other (Poetry) - [154 words] [Romance] [April 2005] (HITS 2278, REVS. 2)
Love Never Dies Of Natural Causes (Poetry) - [122 words] [Motivational] [May 2005] (HITS 2112, REVS. 0)
Love Of My Life (Poetry) Special dedication. [254 words] [April 2005] (HITS 2147, REVS. 0)
Moments Of Intimacy (Poetry) - [72 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2363, REVS. 1)
My Baby Is Having A Baby (Poetry) the anticipation of becoming a grandma. To Lucy. [184 words] [January 2008] (HITS 2118, REVS. 0)
My First Love (Poetry) - [114 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1782, REVS. 0)
My Garden (Poetry) We all should have a place like this......a place of our own. [279 words] [June 2006] (HITS 1962, REVS. 0)
My Life With You (Poetry) - [91 words] [April 2005] (HITS 2298, REVS. 1)
My Lips (Poetry) - [41 words] [Romance] [March 2005] (HITS 2335, REVS. 1)
My Love Forever (Poetry) - [239 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2490, REVS. 1)
My Perfect Love (Poetry) "Where have you been, my love?" - [294 words] [Romance] [June 2006] (HITS 2443, REVS. 3)
My Place (Poetry) Inner peace. [33 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2408, REVS. 4)
My Reason (Poetry) - [101 words] [January 2008] (HITS 2021, REVS. 1)
My Romance (Poetry) - [43 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2123, REVS. 0)
Night Stalker (Poetry) A little dark voyerism. [69 words] [April 2005] (HITS 2301, REVS. 2)
One Day At A Time (Poetry) Reflections on my new life in the USA. Starting all over again is not always easy but not entirely impossible. [123 words] [January 2006] (HITS 2233, REVS. 4)
Our Dream For Love (Poetry) - [97 words] [July 2006] (HITS 1860, REVS. 0)
Our Love (Poetry) To my son. [392 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2574, REVS. 1)
Private Thoughts (Poetry) A special dedication to a friend... [148 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2389, REVS. 1)
Reflections Of My Soul (Poetry) - [223 words] [Mind] [June 2005] (HITS 2474, REVS. 2)
Relationshits (Poetry) Sometimes relationships can be like that. Sorry for the title but I could not resist. [144 words] [Relationships] [September 2007] (HITS 2543, REVS. 6)
Rest Assured (Poetry) - [64 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2195, REVS. 0)
Romance Me (Poetry) - [151 words] [May 2005] (HITS 4247, REVS. 1)
Sail Away With Me! (Poetry) - [190 words] [Romance] [March 2005] (HITS 2332, REVS. 2)
Sea Of Misery (Poetry) - [85 words] [Mind] [March 2005] (HITS 2130, REVS. 0)
Second Thoughts (Poetry) - [237 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2130, REVS. 0)
She'll Make It Thru (Songs) - [278 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2621, REVS. 2)
Sleepless (Poetry) - [107 words] [July 2006] (HITS 2804, REVS. 3)
Slow Dance Of Love (Poetry) - [107 words] [Erotic] [March 2005] (HITS 2377, REVS. 3)
Stormy Weather (Poetry) - [200 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1776, REVS. 0)
Sweet Abandon Of Love (Poetry) - [200 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2402, REVS. 1)
Sweet Intimacy Of Love (Poetry) - [251 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2367, REVS. 2)
Sweet Nostalgia (Poetry) I just know you're going to be fine. [182 words] [Romance] [January 2005] (HITS 2384, REVS. 3)
Taste Me (Poetry) An ode to the tongue. [63 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2309, REVS. 3)
The Answer To Your Love (Poetry) - [268 words] [Romance] [July 2006] (HITS 2500, REVS. 3)
The Envelope (Poetry) An unexpected surprise.... [109 words] [July 2006] (HITS 2092, REVS. 2)
The First Time (Poetry) - [183 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2120, REVS. 0)
The Lighthouse (Poetry) I wish I were like you, my cute light house... [146 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2207, REVS. 2)
The Love I Need (Poetry) - [236 words] [July 2006] (HITS 2134, REVS. 0)
The Phone Call (Poetry) Dim and distant. [62 words] [Romance] [February 2005] (HITS 2590, REVS. 6)
The Rose (Poetry) Rose, you're a miracle, always so sweet, always so strong. Know that you're born to shine. [51 words] [Mind] [February 2005] (HITS 2602, REVS. 2)
The Sanest Thing On Earth (Poetry) Why don't you help me to increase the list? [87 words] [January 2005] (HITS 2384, REVS. 5)
The Show Is Over (Poetry) When I feel homesick I sit here and I type away. It`s been so hard to adjust in another culture (USA)... just venting. [47 words] [May 2006] (HITS 2292, REVS. 2)
This Is My Love For You (Poetry) This is for when I meet him...one day, hopefully! [239 words] [July 2007] (HITS 2014, REVS. 1)
Three Coins In A Fountain (Poetry) A tribute to the beautiful land of my ancestors... [152 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2028, REVS. 0)
Through The Looking Glass (Poetry) - [22 words] [Mind] [March 2005] (HITS 2055, REVS. 0)
To You I Give, For You I Would (Poetry) - [195 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1849, REVS. 0)
True Love Never Dies (Poetry) - [70 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2519, REVS. 4)
Unborn Lament (Poetry) this could just be a poem about that person who knows they could be something better but circumstances have kept them away from making goals or having dreams [90 words] [November 2007] (HITS 1685, REVS. 0)
Unfairness (Poetry) - [148 words] [July 2007] (HITS 1874, REVS. 0)
Unlock My Heart (Poetry) - [71 words] [Romance] [March 2005] (HITS 2435, REVS. 3)
Unlocked Secrets (Poetry) - [179 words] [Romance] [March 2008] (HITS 2412, REVS. 2)
- Wanted - (Poetry) Just being silly myself. [95 words] [Humor] [March 2005] (HITS 2417, REVS. 3)
What's Wrong With You? (Poetry) - [187 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2209, REVS. 0)
When I Lay My Head Upon My Pillow (Poetry) - [184 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2152, REVS. 0)
Where Does Your Heart Dwell? (Poetry) A love poem. [122 words] [March 2005] (HITS 2334, REVS. 1)
While She Dances (Poetry) - [143 words] [April 2007] (HITS 2014, REVS. 0)
Why To Regret? (Poetry) - [216 words] [July 2005] (HITS 2153, REVS. 0)
Wings Of My Soul (Poetry) - [168 words] [Motivational] [March 2005] (HITS 2178, REVS. 0)
With You I Feel Complete (Poetry) Another one that I wanted to become lyrics for a song. [140 words] [July 2007] (HITS 2284, REVS. 0)
Wonderful Dream (Poetry) Dreams come true. [161 words] [February 2006] (HITS 2420, REVS. 2)
Words Of Devotion (Poetry) - [104 words] [April 2005] (HITS 2154, REVS. 0)
X-Ray My Heart (Poetry) - [150 words] [June 2005] (HITS 2308, REVS. 1)
You Flew Your Love To Me (Poetry) - [174 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2340, REVS. 1)
You Loved Me From The Start (Poetry) - [146 words] [Romance] [June 2005] (HITS 2410, REVS. 1)
You're My Addiction (Poetry) - [103 words] [Romance] [April 2005] (HITS 2265, REVS. 0)
You're My Dream (Poetry) And will always be. [89 words] [Romance] [January 2005] (HITS 2548, REVS. 2)
You're Not Alone (Poetry) We never know how far a kind word can go, do we? [148 words] [May 2005] (HITS 2389, REVS. 1)
You're The Sunshine Of My Life (Poetry) When moon and sun walk hand in hand. [159 words] [Romance] [May 2005] (HITS 2458, REVS. 1)
You've Got Male:-) (Poetry) Just being silly myself. A satire to a darling movie. [268 words] [July 2007] (HITS 2150, REVS. 2)


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