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Brandon C My Song
C Crawford Written while on an oil rig, after a 12 hour nightshift.
Shannon C. The story that I wrote, "Deep Cutting", is based on the movie "Secret Cutting", which premieres on May 30, 200...
Javi Ca-Bad-As -
Joel Cabrera Joel Cabrera is a hip-hop artist.
Joel Cabrera -
Juanita Caicedo -
Cailean Darkwater I'm a young, inexperienced writer who focuses on works that enrich the world I live in, helping myself ...
Rebecca A Caine Rebecca Caine, 13 years old born 26/11/91 lives in lockyer valley Australia
Caine Caine is not only a rapper but an entrepreneur from Vancity that capitalized on hustling. Teaming up with The Game'...
Caitlynn Anne -
Lawrence Anthony Calabro -
CalbayR -
E Rocco Caldwell
E Rocco Caldwell -
Vanessa Caldwell I am a 17 year old high school student. I am a senior. I love writing and I am looking for a way to impr
Shari Calkin I am fairly new at writing, but I love the freedom that comes with being able to express myself.
Mickey Calvert I like to write poetry when I can and also I like hanging out wit my friends and hanging out wit my boyfri...
Calvin Scott I am an instructor of Speech at a mid-western university. I love to teach, act and read (especially Shakesp...
Emma L Cameron -
Will Cameron I'm a thirty six year old from Glasgow, Scotland.
Brianna C Campbell -
Gabriel Campbell -
Joe Dan Campbell hi my name is joey campbell I write poet short stories plays and some stuff that can be movies. I write ...
Josh Campbell -
R Campbell I am currently hard at work in the Tech field, but my interest lies in reading, writing, and watching good mov
Tim A Campbell I am a student at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. I major in History, and minor in Political Science...
Tom Campbell My name is Tom, and by trade, I'm a computer technician at a local community college. I've been reading Scie...
Jaime Gambit Campos Urban poet from the streets of southeast Houston, currently attending Houston Community College-Cent...
Erin Canavan I'm a 3rd year University student studying Special Education, but I love to write as much as I can as often
Candi Leigh I live in Missouri with my husband. I graduated a Community College and this is my first book. I would love t...
Matt M Cantelon Matt Cantelon is a freshman at Linfield college and is interested in theatre arts, political science, and...
Hopii Canterfield My apologies if my work comes off as yet another sappy teenage story, but that's my life. I'm an etern...
Anthony Dean Capotosto A musician/poet from New York City.
Nelly B Capra Nelly Capra is Italian, from Genova, Italy. She moved to the United States eight years ago. She is been in ...
Steve Captain I have read and studied over 100 scripts, and written two. I have also read numerous books about writing sc...
Caramel -
Alberto Cardozo -
Lisa Cardwell -
Matthew Mark Gill Care http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent Caring for the special people in your life. Living the happy
Robbie Cargill It's a secret. OOoOooOoOo.
CarineC -
Kira Carlee -
Robert W Carlomagno I am a former Navy and Merchant Marine sailor and an Army brat. IF YOU READ A STORY, I WOULD APPR...
Nicky C Carlson -
Nancy F. Carlson Im Nancy Carlson I live in south Saint Paul with my parents and am going to the local high school. I h...
Jacob Carlsson -
Carl Hi I'm Carl.
Donna Carmona A middle-aged lady that likes to share ideas, listen to music and read books.
Fernanda Carolina -
Anthoni Caron Hello I am Anthoni Caron I live in Canada, Quebec I just turned 29 on june 27th, I like writing poetry beca...
Bryan Caron -
Z E S Carothers 17 yearold, passionate, inspiring writter. Thats all I want to do when I grow up, WRITE.
Chris Carpenter -
Karmin Carr known as AxelIngleson over on DeviantArt
Ted Carr -
Francesca Angelique Carrillo -
Francesca Carrillo -
Juliana Carrillo -
Carr -
Kenneth Carter none
Maggie Carter Maggie is a thirteen-year old student, who enjoys field hockey, skiing and hanging out with her friends. Sh...
Samantha Carter 16 years old. Relatively moody, very curious and nosy. Always looking for all the answers. Do I necessari...
James Cartwright -
Lucybee Cartwright Texas senior lady, wife of one, mother of 3, grandma of 8. Loves reading, gardening, most all animals ...
John Caruso -
Briony Carvalho just me
Antonio Casanova Aerospace engineer who hasn't missed a minute of Richard Mercer's 'Love Song Dedications'
Mark Casey I am writing. I am trying.
Shanice Casey Motivational song
Dre Cash i'mma rapper with yung treyy babbyy.
Matthew Mark Gill Cashola http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent The good life.. become a friend..
Tyler Lester Cassin cool
Cass -
Andree M Castillo likes to read,write and surf the net
Ramon Castillo Ramon -
Mattia Castorino -
Fei Castro An artist (I love to draw) who dreams to be an idol one day. Member of Midnight Halation.
A Elyse Casttell -
Mary Anne Caudill Just a plain ole girl
Kurt Caulfield -
Zach Causey been writing for years just trying to get feedback on songs and work with other inspiring song writers.
Cc -
Carlos Ceballo Student at Monarch High trying to get a good grade
T Q Cebula I am a 33-year-old newspaper reporter and freelance magazine writer in western Massachusetts. My interests inc...
Tijana Cekovic -
Celestial Space -
Edwin Centeno 16 year old in high school
James Chaarvarsh -
Tracy Chamberlain -
Tyrone E Chambers Young Black Male.
Cynthia Chan I am 15 years old. And I've writing songs for my band for a long while. Relax x
Rachel Chan 20 year old short fiction junkie. Eats, shoots, and lives fiction. Existentially worded.
Cara R Chandler I'm a teenage girl & I hope that someday my talents will have a positive affect on the world.
Shruti Chandra Gupta Shruti dug out a masterís degree in English Literature after which her passion for fiction writing f...
Diana Angela Chang
Alexis Chapin I'm a young author, hoping to prosper in the writing world. Feedback encouraged!
Hope Chapman -
Justin M Chapman 17 years old never published anything.
L Chapman -
Natasha Chapman -
Christianne Charles I have been writing since my childhood. Nature has often been a major inspiration for my works. I al...
Ben Charlesworth -
Camryn Chase -
Sally Chase -
Samuel James Chase 16, Northampton, England. Currently studying English Language and Literture at college. Mates would ha...
McHael Chastain -
Catalina Chavarro A 14 year old girl.
Michelle Che I'm not usually this dramatic, honest. only when the chronic depression decides to kick in
Harvey Cheatham 16 year old senior in high school
Swish Checkley -
Check a human
Misganaw Chekole -
Pandian Chelliah -
Alice Chen I love to write and reading
Mark Chenery -
K P William Cheng An English Literature graduate. Works and lives in Hong Kong.
Sam Chenton -
Thomas Cherian Writing is something which gives me a release to random ideas floating in my brain...
Alina Grigoryan Chestnut -
Sam Cheton I'm 12 years old I love to sing and dance and this is the 5th song ive written
Kutibah Chihabi -
Nathan Chikoya Nathan Chikoya is a Christian singer song writer from Central Africa, Zambia.
Tyler A Childs -
Chelsea Chilton -
Avelino B Choc i'm a passionate songwriter.
Luis A Choc I am a writer. I spend time brainstorming and always find myself writing...
Luis Choc -
Hifsah Choudhry I am a girl and I love writing songs.
Mustahsin Chowdhury -
Christcross a well misunderstanding night wielder of confusing character.
Gregory J Christiano I was born in NYC 1947, lived in the Bronx till I got married and moved to Jersey in 1979. I was ra...
A C Christine I'm a 19-year-old college sophomore. Major still pending. I will most likely settle into an English or Crea...
Christmas Bare -
Matthew Mark Gill Christmas The true meaning we share Christmas..
Brandon D Christopher Brandon D. Christopher is a novelist and journalist living in Los Angeles, CA. 'Dirty Little Altar ...
Dylan Christopher -
Staci Christophers -
Ann Chu -
Francis James Chudley Hi my names Francis Chudley I am 15 years old and this is one of my pastimes. My favourite book is ...
M I Chulkova -
Lashawn I Church -
Fred Cipriano Fred Cipriano has had much critical acclaim and is planing on writing an entire series of adventures involv...
H Wood City -
Lexi Claire Lannerty -
David Clark David Clark is a real great guy. Ive known him for a about ten minutes now and he hasn't tried to hit on me ...
Hannah V Clark Female who hurts everyday from a broken heart.
Leslie Clark Young and been through what one might call hell, and slowly finding the light.
Wanda Clark -
A Clarke -
Hope C Clarke Hope C. Clarke is a publisher and author of fiction horror and romance of the new Millennium. She unsparin...
Michael Clates 15, blonde hair,interested in poetry...duh, and I like to read.
Matthew Mark Gill Claus http://matthewmark46410.tripod.com The real Santa and then some making dreams real!
Reborn Clayborne -
Scotty Cleary Im 12 years old. I play with a band called Negative 5. Im a newfie (Newfoundland) Canada. I like to write s...
C L C Clellan A young 19 year old girl who writes songs for fun and has for years.
Carmen M Clement -
Clement -
Denise Clement This is my humble first attempt at writing. The Hysler family history from was found by searching the vast...
C L T Clement Le Tallec Clement lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has been writing for 6 months.
Michelle Lynn Clements -
Vanessa E Clemmons -
Clllivee -
Clooney -
Coats -
Staci L Cockill -
Maurice Codourey Swiss Author, Text Teacher/Coach (german), Advertising Professional with own small publishing office - w...
E Marc Coe -
Deon Coetzee I was born in South Arica and started writing early. After school I fell victim to the savage travel bug and...
Susan Brassfield Cogan Author of MURDER ON THE WATERFRONT, Read a review from OVER MY DEAD BODY: http://www.overmydeadbod...
Regardless Devon Victory Coherst Coherst Live Regardless Devon Victory is a published author from Dayton Ohio, who has pa...
Chris Coklow -
Brandon Colcleasure -
Lamar Cole -
Mason Cole Mason Cole is an Oklahoma author, 17 years of age. He attends the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics ...
Sarah-Louise M Cole 14 year old girl who likes 70s and 80s bands
Sarah-Louise Cole 14 year old girl who likes 80s and 70s bands
Deborah A Coleman Deborah is a spiritual freelance writer of the eternal truths of life.
Dennis Coleman d.ennis is a writer that had brought joy to the hearts of nearly a dozen readers.
Deborah Coleman Hiking is a favorite past time living in the Pacific NorthWest. After one hike I wanted a deeper experien...
Sondra Collard Sondra Collard is a stay-at-home empty nester in a small Arizona town. She amuses herself by crocheting af...
Turtleshells Collection i- -love to write things like songs and stories - i like playing sports - i am funny, nice and a
J Colleen -
Sorcha Colleran 17,lives in Ireland.Still learning-still growing.Always exploring.Tries to write from the heart.
Terry Collet -
Emily M Collett This is a song that inspired me by a show
Terry Collett -
Terry Collettt -
Collett -
Jody Collier Jody Collier is a grandmother pursuing her Ph.D. in andragogy (theory of adult education) at the University ...
Annmarie Nicole Chante' Collins -
Blake A Collins Currently working in Singapore until the end of 2011 as a bored electrical engineer, it was not until my ...
Chassidy D Collins Please please I want to hear your reviews. Good or bad, anything is helpful.
James Donaldson Collins James Donaldson Collins is an artist, specialising in pet portraits and landscapes. He lives in t...
James Donaldson Collins James collins is an artist and writer living in the Scottish Highlands with his wife, daughter an
James Collins -
Patrick T Collins I am like a plugged toilet, I won't let the crap go away until you deal with it yourself.
Patrick Collins I am a 15 year old writer from Indianapolis, Indiana. I write poems, books, and songs. But my greatest pa...
Ramon Collins Collins lives on the NE edge of the Mojave Desert. Heís often seen running with scruffy coyotes on the de...
Collins Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. A devout Catholic and film enthusiest. My interests range from Tarantin...
Brandon Gregory Ryner Coltress I majored in Philosophy. I finished college in November of 2006 at the University of Alab
Felicia Colvin -
Isabelle Comeau -
Maria Commevous I just write for my happines i guess mostly my thoughts
Rini Compere -
David Con -
E. M. Conary I have returned to college after serving twenty years in the U.S. Navy. I enjoy writing fictional pros...
Caitlin Conaway Seventeen-year-old American girl who seeks definition through history. I like reading and, to a lesser ex...
Nicolette Cone My name is Nicolette Cone and I am 14 years old. I am an American living in the Philippines. This is my fi...
Kerry Connell I wrote this for my Daughter, she's 13 and 18 isn't to far away.
Leon Connell Good Day, I am an aspiring songwriter; believe it or not, today I came up with a song in my head and wrote ...
Mary Conner -
Amanda Connison "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - mark twain
Gwendolyn F Conrad I love to sing in the choir at church a lot, the song is I come to the garden a long. This poem make m...
Constant Ngozi He is a burgeoning Nigerian author. he has works of prose, poetry, play. he has publications in websites a...
Daisy Conway -
G Geoffrey Conwill Fledgling writer of many genres gets back at it.
Ashley Cook I am a young female writer living in Los Angeles. I have my BA in Creative Writing and will be going to Grad ...
John Christopher Cook -
Melissa M Cook My names Melissa, 24 years of age. Born and raised in a small town outside of Canton, OH. I love anything ...
Cecelia Cooke -
Paris Cooks (non fiction)this is a brief description of chapter 3. between 1-365 are the narrators will mostly appear in ...
Paris Cooks Why is a folk called a Folk? is up really up? is down really down? in this short essay "Behind the Dark" Trut...
Mark S Cooper -
Kevin Cope I'm over 30, under 40 and wish to remain that way.
Diane Copeland I'm 36 yrs old... I live on the Oregon coast and I have been writing for five years now. I write poetry an...
Enrique Copete -
Abigail I Copuyoc A woman in touch with herself in the now but searching for her past and future. Hailing from the Philip...
Abi Copuyoc A twenty three year old writer wannabe from the pearl of the orient, the Philippines who is learning all the ...
Rohan Corea Rohan Corea is a young poet in London
Corey -
Katherine A M Corkery -
Jack Corley -
D Corona Young and ambitious writer trying to become recognized in the world.
Sam M Cors Hi im Sam Cors and im 14, im also the only girl wrestler in my home town of Ohio. Some of my poems are about m...
Alexander Corsmeier "Dolls of Ink" is a new, upcoming industrial band from Cincinnati, Ohio. With only one member in this...
Cosmic Bull A soul, lost after losing the one true thing that was ever loved.
Kevin Costello
Charles Cotterman -
Johnson Courtney I dunno, me? well theres me!
Kye Covell I enjoy writing, reading, theology, martial arts and fencing... I write because I can't imagine not writing......
Under Cover -
Ted Cowell I'm the horror face you make, kind of like before you get into a car wreck.
Wranglers Cowgirl Im' 13 and thats asll im telling a'll
Judy K Cox This is one of my first stories ever written. I wanted to get a feel of what it was like to write and express ...
Sarah Coxe -
Carrie (D) Craft I am a 28 yr. old female that is very passionate about writing. I write everything from poetry to short ...
Joni Craigie I've been writign lyrics for 4 years and want to go on and be successful as a lyricist.
Jadon A Crain I'm a 16-year-old living in Nairobi, Kenya. I write songs for my band, Haggis. I also write short stories
Jackolai Craiut burnttoacrisp_IOUfootinmouth.
Ian Cramer A versaholic , with a wry eye . In short , I`m a rhymer.
Sendria Crandall I'm a Navy Brat who enjoys reading, writing, music, and some RPGs.
Adam C Crawford I am a U.S. Army Officer currently deployed to Afghanistan with a passion for writing. I wrote this stor...
Edward Crayley Edward Crayley, other titles
Crazy Clown Proud founder and president of Crazy Clown Productions (c)
Creature Of Death -
Matt Crenshaw -
Norman Allan Crew writer of melancholy country songs
Cassandra K Crews -
Mg Crisci M.G. CRISCI Stories that entertain. People you'll remember. Literature that matters. Manhattan-born M.G. Crisc...
Katie Elizabeth Crismore I began writing short children's stories at the age of seven. We had to enter a writing contest ...
Amber L Cross - I live in Vermont. I am 16 years old. I have been writing lyrics for only two and a half years. Someday, ...
Yuzuki Cross -
Dylan Crow Dylan is a 21 year old male from central california, who has found that writing stories music and poetry as we...
Crowley -
Wade Crowther Brown hair eyes very cool
Benjamin Crump -
James Angelo Z Cruz -
Jennifer Cuartas I am a normal girl, my friend wants to be a song writer/singer and she convinced me to write a song.
Bobby Cude Writer of "Quick-Step", "South Beach Undertow" as well as "South Beach Undertow II". Screenplay editions also ...
Brandon Cummins Me & my keyboard.
Shane Cupp I've always wanted to write but never could find the time... This was my first attempt in a long while.
Curious -
Drew Michael Current Drew Michael Current writes short play and movies from his one bedroom appartment. His writings are...
Sam Curry this song i wrote yesterday, im 11 so if it sucks, u know
Clark G Curtis I've been a part of the electronic media as a writer, producer and talent for over 20 years. Several years...
Lindsay Curtis -
Guyanasweetheart Cutie dashana
Derrick Cutter -
Zach Czaia Zach Czaia, other titles
Edward Crayley
Josie Caruso
Donald R Correia
Nica Coelho
Samantha Carter
Ronald Coleman
Lovette D Carter
Miriam Campo
Zach Czaia

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Diana Angela Chang
I am a happily married mother of two beautiful intelligent children who is focusing on writing lyrical poetry to compose a book that inspires readers to overcome any circumstance in their life. I have a criminal justice education and 9 years experience in the field. I am a voluntary life coach to youth and addicts with mental illness and am currently pursuing that degree to become a professional in the field.
[October 2017]
[email protected]
A Familiar Magnet (Songs) For those who are mutually attracted to those you are not supposed to be I suppose. Maybe it's familiarity is in reality a past life duality. [167 words] [Romance] [October 2017] (HITS 616, REVS. 0)
A Feather Of Your Wing (Poetry) This is a poem for a few of my professors Jonathan Nery, Brent Kagawa, Lee Shelko, and John P. Contini the program director. I came from a crooked mile with only 8th grade education straight to your criminal justice classes. I felt I did not belong. I was facing personal trials and your words of enc... [179 words] [Motivational] [September 2017] (HITS 549, REVS. 0)
A Monster And A Masterpiece (Songs) A song dedicated to all those girls who were sexually abused by their dad or a family member. It entails a long journey of forgiveness and learning to love one's self. [555 words] [Motivational] [October 2017] (HITS 591, REVS. 0)
A Turtle, An Introvert (Poetry) My therapist encourages me to write my lyrics and poetry by giving me assignments. This assignment was based on a photo card she had given to me. On it two turtles in the sand and two red sailboats out at sea. I wrote this one in fifteen minutes because I correlate animals to psychology and symbolis... [260 words] [Animal] [September 2017] (HITS 552, REVS. 0)
An Undying Love (Poetry) This is a poem about two people who fell in love, had a baby and when all was good, suddenly the whole world came crashing down on them. They managed and stayed together but it changed the whole tone of their undying love. [440 words] [Relationships] [September 2017] (HITS 542, REVS. 0)
Asphault (Poetry) A young woman is brutally attacked by 5 men and was almost sexually assaulted when an off duty officer came and saved her life. But since that night she is unsure of her life and who she is and everything in it. She cannot yet process correctly what happened. It also wreaks havoc on her body. [184 words] [Drama] [September 2017] (HITS 582, REVS. 0)
Black And Blue Legislative Body (Poetry) This is a poem for all of Hawaii's political leaders and those of great influence. This poem is about the need for a stand your ground law in one of the highest statistics of domestic violence states. Hawaii, spread this like a disease until our senators are reading this. [243 words] [Crime] [October 2017] (HITS 562, REVS. 0)
B.O.B- Beyond Our Beings (Poetry) For anyone who has a higher functioning brain and extra sensory abilities which can be instead called a mental disability. We silently know better that it exists, our scans show it so but they like to label that of which they do not know. So how is humanity to grow if the answers cannot be accepted ... [292 words] [Mind] [October 2017] (HITS 573, REVS. 0)
Crooked Mile (Poetry) A troubled teen comes from a broken family , living in the ghetto where her skin color makes her a target. So she begins criminal behavior when she is bullied at school and forced to fight led her to being arrested several times. She gets expelled, moves to another ghetto and fails to go to school e... [332 words] [Drama] [September 2017] (HITS 581, REVS. 0)
Help Me Help You (Poetry) This lyric depicts a couple that has been through so much together that it stole them away from each other. Here one spouse is reaching out to the other to open up and reunite their love so they can start the healing and happiness. [280 words] [Relationships] [September 2017] (HITS 564, REVS. 0)
Hunny I'm Here To Stay (Songs) This is a testament to loyalty. She is indeed in love, always has been and promises to always be. [264 words] [Romance] [September 2017] (HITS 621, REVS. 0)
I Need Someone Like You (Songs) Two best friends who grew up together separated at 18 when one left Hawaii and got married moving to Oregon. They have been letting years go by hardly trying to keep a consistent connection because it is easy to say I will call them later, which then turns into days, weeks and even months. When they... [202 words] [Relationships] [September 2017] (HITS 626, REVS. 0)
I'll Be Right Back (Poetry) A poem for those who live with a critical, negative person who is relentlessly pushing your buttons for personal entertainment. Walk away, don't stay. [214 words] [Drama] [October 2017] (HITS 562, REVS. 0)
Invisible Battles (Poetry) This is a lyrical poem that refers to depression, mental illness and addiction as a daily battle while others do not see these battles as personal accomplishments. [313 words] [Motivational] [September 2017] (HITS 573, REVS. 0)
Keep Your Light On (Poetry) This is an inspirational message to those in troubled times to remember their light and its ability to spread like a wildfire when used properly and consistently. [167 words] [Motivational] [September 2017] (HITS 553, REVS. 0)
Messiah (Poetry) This poem was composed after years of self discovering and researching science, religion and culture. It is amazing what you can find when you dig a little deeper and pay attention to the small details that in fact change the whole integrity of the bigger picture, one that no one seems to agree upon... [525 words] [History] [October 2017] (HITS 589, REVS. 0)
Meth Cases- A Yes Or No Basis (Poetry) Do not turn your back on this tragic epidemic that needs our attention and added some divine intervention. Here is a bit of what I know about them, they that are outcasts, that are forsaken. Meth abusers are reachable. New methods are teachable. [480 words] [Psychology] [October 2017] (HITS 546, REVS. 0)
Preconceived Notions (Poetry) For those trying to overcome anger, there may be a few people who purposefully continue to give you this label despite your growth and we anger monkeys know, that can itself make us angry. Keep your head up and don't let them get to you. [154 words] [Motivational] [October 2017] (HITS 543, REVS. 0)
Science Compliments God (Poetry) This poem is about science and how it compliments religion. Some people are led to believe you have to believe it is either or. This poem says why we shouldn't have to choose. [382 words] [Scientific] [October 2017] (HITS 530, REVS. 0)
Soles For The Soul (Poetry) This is for an addition to your gift of giving therapeutic shoes to someone or for a marketer to pick up to help build their brand! But everyone can relate, so enjoy the read :) [227 words] [Business] [October 2017] (HITS 572, REVS. 0)
Somethings You Need To Know (Poetry) For my two beautiful children! Just a few things you should always remember. [113 words] [Self-Help] [September 2017] (HITS 549, REVS. 0)
The Dripping Water (Poetry) This is a poem for anyone who can relate to disassociation or feeling like arson to the establishment of your trauma is the answer. Like when Jenny in Forest Gump when she throws rocks at the house she grew up in. [394 words] [Mind] [October 2017] (HITS 589, REVS. 0)
The One That Got A Way (Songs) It's about that one person that could have been but time or circumstance would not let it be. [234 words] [Romance] [September 2017] (HITS 630, REVS. 0)
These Walls (Songs) When the reasons for your partners distance is unknown and you feel all alone. [92 words] [Relationships] [October 2017] (HITS 621, REVS. 0)
Twice Abandoned (Poetry) For all those daughters who had absentee dads or just disappointing ones. This poem is about a girl who never had a good father figure despite having two dads. [330 words] [Drama] [October 2017] (HITS 551, REVS. 0)
What Is Missing? (Poetry) Feeling a hole in your life, a void? Maybe the answer for you is God. [183 words] [Spiritual] [October 2017] (HITS 581, REVS. 0)
Who Is Who To You? (Poetry) This is a poem that defines what a real friend means and to inspire those who like myself, lacked having such a special person to call a friend in their lives. [393 words] [Relationships] [September 2017] (HITS 523, REVS. 0)
Witnesses Of The Light (Poetry) For all photographers and those who are called to witness sunrises and sunsets. How lucky we are. #luckyIliveHawaii808# [144 words] [Art] [October 2017] (HITS 536, REVS. 0)


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