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Alyssa B -
K B -
Nick B -
Rick B. Baber I'm a freelance photographer/writer, and part-time insurance adjuster, residing in beautiful northwest Arka...
Babe too trusting...
I Love You Baby -
C Bacchus -
Devin Backman Devin Backman works are like lights at the end of long dark tunnels. The stories begin light and go through...
Walter Bulmer Backtracker Please review my lyrics. It would help me out greatly, both the good and the bad. If you don't ...
Mark E Badams Always wanted to write a full actual song.
Mark Badams 16 year old who enjoys writing songs and poetry.
Rob Badger 16 years old.
Charity B Baez I have been writing since I was nine years old...this is the first time anyone has read my work....all fee...
Valerie A Bagayas -
Bagsby Black guy who likes his chicken.
Joe Bagtas -
Debbie Bailey I have been writing for 25 years and have won numerous writing awards. I have been published in various ma...
Gabrielle D Bailey -
Liezl V Baje Baje PLAIN
Rob Baked I play the drums and practice marketing with Arcadia Beverage Co. My interests in my twenty-fourth year of lif...
Colin Baker -
David Baker -
M F J Baker -
Tim Baker My name is Tim Baker and I'am 21 years old. I live in Adelaide Australia, but soon I leave for Europe. I have b...
Travis Baker Struggling musician/entertainer some college, from New York.
C Baldwin -
Jak G J G Balshaw I am a 16 year old amateur song writer. [email protected] - add me on msn.
J Balshaw I am a song writer and singer. My main inspiration is my girlfriend Lucie. I am 14 years of age, but I am alot ...
Ben-Ibn Balzac I enjoy writing short stories, science-fiction, and poetry. I enjoy reading the same, but my main interest...
Anna Banasiak I'm a poet and literary critic
Christie Bane The author is originally from California. She currently resides in New York, where she trains guide dogs, h...
Arnab Banerjee -
Philip Banik -
Serene Banks -
The F-Sixteens (Banzai Bitches) The F-Sixteens have 4 people.
Tomas Sancio B Baquiano Tomas Sancio is a Mechanical Engineer located in Caracas, Venezuela whos day job is software prog
Izabela Baranowska -
Michael G Barbieri Michael Barbieri is a recent Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Central Florida.
Dylan Barbour -
Jared Barcelos I am an English student, and when I'm not doing homework I like to write. I tend to dabble in creative no...
Randall Barfield -US citizen living and working in the capital of Colombia, South America. Teaches EFL and IELTS, and TOE...
Jessica Barker -
M B Barlow Eighteen but filled with imagination.
Donovan Barner 12 year old Jamal has devoted his life to the arts and has loved musci almost all of his life.
Colleen Barnes- Jones -
Shane Barnes Shane B just like to write to releive...
Steve Barney Writing poetry should come from the heart. The words should just flow out without hesitation, and without a ...
Katie Barnhill -
John Barnovsky I am a Christian who loves to read the Bible and science fiction stories.
Kellie Barqs The girl you wish you had in highschool. :-)
Aleisha Barr none
John Thomas Barragan I am a 22 year old film major at UCSC, I enjoy all forums of entertaining, poetry, hip-hop, music, a...
Matthew Barrenger -
Alexander Barrett 27 years old and lives in Washington state. Spent 4 years in the Navy.
Mark Barrett -
Paula Barta-Schielke The author, a single mother and divorcee, offers suggestions to men on how they can strengthen their...
Jessica Barth -
Jessica Barth -
Catherine Bartnik -
Emma Barton I am 17 and love to write. Please Please review so I know if I should keep on writtin and putting my work on
Hayley Barton I wrote this myself. I am a junior high girl who dreams of becoming a hollywood star. I love to sing, play ...
Bass -
Wanderer Bass -
Wanderer Bass -
Bastiani -
Amanda Bates -
Charlie Bates My name is Charlie Bates and I am a freshman at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I am going to be a psy...
Dawn Bates I'm new to this and it was written as a sort of therapy... Any feedback and guidance appreciated.
Scott Patrick Bates I'm a soon-approaching middle aged white male short story and poem writer. Have had nothing published...
Chloe L Batey I love reading my old stuff. It shows me how bad I really was. So I culled a little, getting rid of the tru...
Jasmine P Batey Hi! My name is Jasmine Batey, I was born in '94, so at the moment I'm 16, I enjoy writing poetry, lyrics ...
Jasmine P Batey Hi! My name is Jasmine Batey, I was born in '94, so at the moment I'm 16, I enjoy writing poetry, lyrics ...
Saira M Bathory Bio .. I am ��he 1 & ��n��y.....SAIRA B.♫♫♫(SINGER, S��NGWRI��ER ,P��E��,AR��IS��,Ph�բ...
Aurelia Bauer I am a budding young author and wrote this story between classes! This is my first, though hopefully not...
Russ Bauer I like writing about numerous topics. This was a story I thought up from some current events.
Bethaney Dawn Larock Bdl I'm Native American/French descent. I follow, and try to live like my American Indian ancestors...
Jack Beads -
Hannah L Beal -
Coco Bean -
Henry L. Bean Someone who likes to write on occasion. A typical, thoughtful person. That's me.
Katie M Beard -
Shane J Beard -
Tommi Beard -
Richard Dean Bearskin -
David Beattie Beats -
Hefley Beau -
Paul Dory Beaubrun Paul Beaubrun is a singer/songwriter in New York city. He has travel the world with his band Zing Expe...
Beverly Beauchamp Thirty-nine year old mother, who is going for her R.N.
Art Becaud A mad wife, insane kids, stupid dogs and hedonistic cats, ducks and gargoyles all share my life. What chance ...
BeckN -
Stephen Beck -
Eugene Beckett -
Eugene Beckett -
Timothy Beecroft -
Lloyd George Been Been YUSUF ALI ONE OF THE TOP WRITERS OF THE 18 ,19,& 20 century
Trivikrak Belagod -
Rebecca Beldam I am a student studying music.
Emily Jane Bell -
Jasmine A Bell I've been writing songs for 4 months and I love to sing.
Jim E Bell 42 yr old writer / father / romantic
Meghan L Bell I'm a 15 year old girl and my name is Meghan. I've been writing for about 3 years now, and I love it! I als...
Amanda L Bellamy Amanda has written a number of one act plays and radio plays since 1995. Several have been performed and
Stephen Bellamy Stephen Bellamy has been involved in the performing arts for many years, acting directing and latterly wr...
Shell Belle -
Mary Belletatto -
M P B Bellingham Mandy
Bryson A Belloir -
Ruby Alexandra Beloz My Name is Ruby Alexandra Beloz. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca in 1953. I am a Quality Engineer and ...
Ghost Ben David -
Big Evolence Benevolence age 16, in uk
Santo Benincasa Just a older man trying to do something
Chloe Bennett My 10 year old brain wanted to write a song in bed on my own my mum in bed my dad downstairs watching the f...
E. L. Bennett -
L Clayton Bennett I'm a computer consultant and ex-Air Force pilot. My interests are flying, programming, writing novels,...
Shawna Benson -
Joan Bentley A 22 year old college senior, I finally started writing a little over a year ago, just because I suddenly fo...
Robert Benton -
Tj Benz -
Ben -
Sarah Beresh I am just me
Elicia Marie Berg A college student, studying English.
Bernadette -
Maria Camila Bernal -
Sara Bernal Born in Brazil, sometimes I use my time to translate my poems.
Michelle Bernard -
James C Bernthal Fifteen year-old writer and actor from Norfolk, England. You can follow my exploits here: www.jamescber
Lauren Berr I am 14, and I enjoy writing songs from the heart! =)
Antony Berrios ...[B]eneath US the earth is trembling. Where can we place our fulcrum, even assuming that we possess the ...
Christina Berry -
David C Berry -
Katelyn Berry -
Leigh Berry I live on Cape Cod, MA and this is my first attempt at a short story.
Danielle Bertram -
Peggy J Bertrand -
Russell Berwick I am 51 and live in Austin Texas. I enjoy writing and playing music.
James Best I own a tattoo shop in pickering ontario and have these lyrics for songs with the tunes in my head I don't pla...
M Betette -
T.C. Beto -
Ashtin Beus -
Jacson A Bevens I am a 20 year old from Bellingham, WA with a passion for writing and intimate expression.
Matthew Mark Gill Beverly Hills A girl that has everything, and you will never get your wish as the dream has just begun.
Amarjit Bhambra -
Amarjit Bhambra -
Narinder Bhambra I have been writing poetry for the past 20 years. I wrote my first poem in school. That same poem got ...
Saranjit Bhambra I am on my interest about writing about my childhood memories with regards to my Nan
Amarjit Bhambraaa -
Bhambra -
Brahamrishi Bhargava -
Srija Bhattacharjee NONE
BhattacharyyaS -
T Bianafka -
Gabrielle R Bicker -
Rachel Biddlecome -
David Bidge -
David William Bielefeld -
David William Bielefeld We spent my childhood chasing sports. My father, brother and cousins were also athletes.
David William Bielefeld Talks about high school years and relationships with friends, and girls..
Marydon Bigora -
Nicole Bills I'm 19 and live in Detroit, Michigan. I work as a nurse aide and go to college to become an RN. I like to wr...
Rachael E Bills I'm creative, funny, but also can be serious. I'm intelligent (so I'm told) and like to show my perspect...
Bilo -
David Aoloch Bion South Sudanese poet
Maggie Birchwire
The Birdman I am understood to be very optimistic and compassionate. I love to think deeply about life and the aspects i...
E Birdsong I live in Dallas, TX. I write about real people in real situations. The darker the room, the brighter the fl
Daniel Birnbaum First, let me say the most important thing. I would love to hear your comments. Now, a piece about me. ...
Ciaran Bissett Im the lead singer ,lyricist and Rythm guitarist on new band,Whifflefit
Matthew Bissonnette -
Rubin Biswas I am poetry lover. God is beloved love is sweet truth ...
Bk Kinsel -
F Black 19 years old uneployed
Nick Black -
Stephanie Black A 16 year old female. Goes to Hartford Union High school and enjoys writing.
Talia-Marie Black my name is talia and i used to write song lyrics alot but then i gave up until i came up with "this is ...
Gs Blackshaw Enthusiastic about writing fiction and achieving publication. Writing several novels at this time.
Salisha R Blackwell -
Matthew Mark Gill Blah What no life I thought so..
Byron Blake BB - say it with a smile. The illustrious Byron Blake once again glimpses our pages with delight. His websi...
Karissa Blanchard I write a lot of poems, mainly about heartbreak. But really depends in what I'm feeling.
Derzhi Bleek -
Louise Akiko Blencowe I am 16 yrs old I began songwriting from the age of 8 I have been singing since I was three I lov
Diana Blizzard I am a 24 year old wife, mother and Education major at Indiana University. I write poetry and short stori...
B J Bloch The Author of: "Confronted with Death" "No Team to Root for" "Another Senseless Killing" Dr Benton Bloch i...
Babie Blue -
Ray Blue I surf. I like surfing the net. Coffee?
Blue Wolf i am singer song wiriter
~Blythe~ 18 year old female from Australia, who badly needs to stop writing about relationships!
Eyelish Bob -
Tripp Bobay I am just a guy that sometimes has lyrics pop into his head. I write about my life experience and how I view ...
Bob -
Nevine Boccara Nevine Boccara went to a girls school in Northern Ireland, a public school in Canada, and an international...
Nicole M Bohnsack All I can really say is I love to write, listen to music (AC/DC especially) and play my guitar(inspired...
Amber Bolin i am 16 and am a sophmore in high school
Gary Bolstridge Interested in human interactions and the damage/euphoria they can create. Love is one of the strongest of...
Jerry Pat Bolton On April 2, 1939 on a cold, rainy night near Burton's Mill in the southwestern part of Arkansas I drew ...
Lil Bonafide I'm a 15 year old lyricist.
Kristin Renee Bond My name is Kristin, I write to express the things that go on in my head. I am a cheerleader and I play...
August Bondi I'm not a writer, I'm a business major, so go easy on me! But let me know what's going on. This is my firs
James Bondjamesbond -
Wynn Bonner
Shidatoi Bonnywhitney all we do is ckurve em dere aint nuttiin else 2 it hit us upp on dat aim flow miszbrooklyn13 nd mzp...
Danae Bonomini -
Boonze -
Evan C Boornazian I am currently a 15 year old male who attends school. I am an athlete and enjoy participating in events...
Visut Bootsripoom -
Dorothy Borden -
Louis Borgo -
Gene Boris -
Boris Merner fac tot posibilul ca, pe masura puterilor mele, limba romana sa-mi daruiasca tot ce are mai frumos si mai e...
Elide Bors Elide Bors lives in Romania, in a little house in a mountain town. As she used to be a dancer in her youth, sh...
Gerald L Bosacker I am author, Gerald Bosacker, a prolific poet and short story writer who is woefully undiscovered by t...
Sandeepan Sb Bose Angelwithfirewing -
Abdelilah Bouasria My name is Abdelilah Bouasria, and I am a native of the beloved land of Morocco. After primary and sec...
Jasmine Boucher -
Jazzy Boucher I'm a regular person who is trying to let my voice be heard!
Jasmine Boucher I am a normal girl who loves to do various things. Just trying to find my way through this world. Who kno...
Glenn Boudreau -
Manley Bowen -
Mark Bowen I'am 15 and I Lve myfooty and to pout on sonny billz!!!!
Charice L Boyd I'm a junior in high school and I love to write. I am currently thinking about majoring in journalism. W...
John Mark Boyd I am married with two children. I am 33 years old. We live in a small town in Tennessee. I like to play sp...
Noah Boyd -
Terence Boydon -
Brian Boyer Doc -
David Boyer -
Lilli Brachman -
Matthew Braciszewski My name is Matthew Braciszewski and growing up for me was never easy. Growing up in my family was on...
Darby M Bracken -
Oliver Thomas Coles Brackenbury Truly one of the world sexiest aspiring 17 year old writers from Britain who now lives in...
Adam Bradley A mid twenties male writer who lives in Chicago
Aurora Braganza I enjoy writing song lyrics, poetry, essays, short stories and have completed one book. I'm Involved with...
Shaneka Bragg -
Caster V Brainwynn -
Kinsler Brandon -
Caitlin N Brandt -
Brandt -
Lee Branham -
Christian C Braniff I am 14, and love writing, i write mostly love songs, and personal/inspirational quotes
Jonathon Brannon Jonathon Brannon was born in Las Vegas,NV and resides in beautiful Southern California. I love writing...
Brannon -
BransonA -
Christina Breck 5th grade student
Adam Brelsford -
Morgan A Brennan -
Georgette Q Breslin -
Greg J Brey -
Roxi Bri I'm Romanian, I grew up reading science-fiction, and so I became an addict.
Rita Brian -
Eric Bridges A wannabe writer who is young and in hopes that somebody will like his stories.
Brie And Brittney these authors are the best writers ever!!!!!
Chelsea P Briggs -
Kc Briggs -
Bri Q Brisee -
Chris Britt- New
Mark Brittan Mark G. Brittan. PT English tutor at a local community college; PT Sports Stringer at a local newspaper; 27...
Rod L Bro
Katie Brock It is not what u write or how u write, it is that you write.
Carole Brogden Hey, I am a 17 year old freshman at Texas State University. I am majoring in Interior design but im not a ...
Rrebecca S Brookman Rebecca Brookman
Cecil Brooks -
Davin Brooks The story told by me, The way I see it.
Davin Brooks -
Ryan W Brooks -
Brotherman -
Andrea Diane Brown My name is Andrea Brown and I'm an 18 year old high school senior from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm g...
Ashley E Brown Ashley Brown is 16 and is currently a sophomore in high school. She doesn't know what she wants to do when...
Alex S Brown A lover of just about anything living in Gary, Indiana.
Alex Brown Alex Brown was born in England. Before becoming a writer, he was a financial executive. Earning a Ph.D. and Do...
Daniel Brown Hey I'm 17, and I live in Champaign, Illinois. I've been thinking about writing a story like this for a whil...
David W Brown -
Darren W Brown -
Emilee Brown -
Giselle Brown -
Jack M Brown 19, studying Mathematics at Southampton University.
Jessica M Brown A college student with graduation in site. Has lived around the country. Likes people and doing new thi
Jodie Brown Just cos...
K Brown -
Mhairi R Brown I'm a young girl, who seems to be unlucky in love. I have an upbeat personality and write songs and poems ...
Matt Brown -
Sue Brown Sue lives in Oregon and writes both short stories and poetry.
Tiffany Brown -
Katrina Browne -
Sylvia Browne Love it? Hate it? Review it. I don't get offended easy, so don't sweat it.
Browserman -
Jonathan Brucato As a high school senior, this has been my first bit of work. Ever.
Ed Bruce -
Brueske -
Hannah Brumfield -
Chauncey Brummell -
Shannon Bruyette -
Lizzy Bryan What's to like about me?
Reid Bryansmith -
Gabby Bryant I'm an avid writer and artist. I love photography.
Laura Bryant I am me, and that is all I will say.
Mickey Bryant I am a thirty six year old optimistic, mental health counselor. I also have my own web based web site publi...
Jess Bubbles Hey im Jess, im a pretty outgoing person and i love to be silly and have fun, but when the time calls for it...
David L Buchanan David Buchanan currently resides in the northwest Suburbs of Illinois. He serves as a church organist in...
James Buchannon British, spent most of my life living in Plymouth. the rest of it living in Spain.
Sarah Buck F Buck -
Thomas Buck -
Richard Buckner My name is posted allready, So I'm from Mississippi, I love life, children, In general most people. I wou...
Budha -
Ovidiu Bufnila One of the prominent Romanian contemporary writers, Ovidiu Bufnila is a fine and quite prolific stylist, w...
Vivian Bui name is vivian . love to write !
Brad D Bullard - 16 years old trying to get a start
Preston K Bullard 1. Who are you? Me? Who? Little old me? Why... I'm Preston Kendall Bullard... And, what, pray tell, do...
Brynn Bullington I'm only 13 and I wrote this song from experience. sorry if there is miss spelled words because im not t...
China Rose Marie Bullock Punk-pop song writer/In band, Void Unless Sealed with Jessica.
Dwight Bullock BIOGRAPHICAL DATA NAME: KVillekidd PEN NAME: KVillekidd BORN: August 31, 1959 PLACE: Kirbyvill...
Walter Bulmer Singer songwriter
Matthew Mark Gill Bum http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent
Kalli Bunch -
Christopher Ryan Bur -
Dennis Burayidi Adventurous songs
Ashley Burdett I'm 19 and I currently a student at a local college. I'm pursuing a degree in biology. Despite my affinity...
Hayley Burdett I'm a sixteen year old student. I live in a suburb outside Philadelphia. My hobbies consist of writing, re...
G Burke -
Heather Burke I'm a single parent that enjoys writing in my spare time. I currently live in FL.
Zack L Burke -
Delmar Burkett Delmar Burkett born and raised in Flint, MI. Have been writing since his teenage years. Also, he is an act...
Gregory W Burkett Student of enlightenment since the age of sixteen. Graduate of Loyola University of Chicago. Born in Wa...
S Burkhead Amateur writer currently enrolled in Advanced Composition course in community college.
Kaye Burland 15 year old girl from england. bit of a day dreamer!!
Jeff Burleson -
Sara Burling High school student in Louisiana.
Elizabeth Burnett -
David Burnside -
Ali Nicole Burton I had to do this essay in English 11 for a "test" and I was reading some of the others and thought I'd ...
Ellie M Burton -
Ellie Burton -
John Burton A troubled mind with a purpose in life to find out the answers to questions.
Burton -
Christopher Ryan Burzachiello I love God!
Jennifer Marie Busby My name is Jennifer. I live in Beasley, Texas. Its a small town that doesn't even have a highschool....
Harry Buschman I am an octogenarian, a veteran of WW II with a very good memory.
Ari Bush -
Edward Bush Jr I have a lot of ideas, just have problem getting them out because I'm just plain broke!
Melissa Bushman -
Guitar Butcher -
Mandi Butkovich -
Charles Butler -
Lala Butler ~Name Lex ~Nickname Lala ~Age 16 ~Hometown Miami FL ~Race mutt (a lot of things)
Tamsin Butler -
Buxtonlove -
Krista Lee Buynak My name is Krista Buynak and I am 17 years old. There isn't much about me that is very different from t...
Marie Buzzy I am a teenager who loves to write. Give me something creative to write about, I'll blow your mind. Give me...
David B Doc Byron Just a wild and crazy guy!!
David Doc Byron -
Doc Byron -
Reginald F Byron -
Kennth Bryant -
Baran Bulkat
Phil Bowman
Reuben Gregg Brewer
Kyle Mae Burtts
Sandi Elizabeth Brock
Victor Burke
Linda Marie Brainard
Wily Boy
Jenine Boisits
Kyle Bridges
Anthony Beckman
Janet Buckley
Maggie Birchwire
Trevor Balena

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[September 2015]
60 Seconds (Poetry) - [72 words] [Mind] [September 2004] (HITS 3246, REVS. 73)
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Airbourne Without Wings (Poetry) Stop taking control of your life, you live in a world without rules.. [149 words] [Psychology] [June 2004] (HITS 2282, REVS. 2)
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Cassius The Leg, Part Three (Short Stories) Cassius had faced death at least 17 times, but his life was more under threat than ever before?? [543 words] [Erotic] [November 2003] (HITS 3014, REVS. 3)
Cassius-The-Leg (Short Stories) A true story of a young squirrel's fight against repression and a day that would mark the end to social distinction! [648 words] [Adventure] [August 2003] (HITS 3136, REVS. 2)
Cassius-The-Leg, Part Two (Short Stories) After an encounter with wild shop owner Dargeta, our young furry friend is in recovery after a double fernespian transplant... [369 words] [October 2003] (HITS 2771, REVS. 1)
Cleo Bryce (Nine Angels In-Patient Z356) (Poetry) Dedicated to Cleo. A severe pain ran through her and we know why. Sorry I couldn't be your Angel and help more. Tsunami personality 7. [119 words] [July 2013] (HITS 1508, REVS. 0)
Crave! (Poetry) A hungry poem. [92 words] [Art] [November 2003] (HITS 2451, REVS. 1)
Crying For Tears (Poetry) Prediciments are what you make them, no-one can change your life but you, accept it. [165 words] [Motivational] [April 2003] (HITS 2543, REVS. 4)
Dawn Of Dead Dreams (Poetry) A 17 year old man dies in 1915 on the peninsular. His war has finished. His life has been fought in vain. [239 words] [Mind] [September 2006] (HITS 2309 2322, REVS. 0)
Devastation (Short Stories) A one man journal piece, in the events after the end of the world.... [432 words] [Mind] [August 2003] (HITS 2767, REVS. 2)
Devastation 2 (Short Stories) The journal piece of the only women left after the end of the world. 34 year old Emily Carter's diary shows us the total wipeout of the human race. [448 words] [Fantasy] [April 2004] (HITS 2746, REVS. 1)
Devoted To Losing You (Poetry) - [183 words] [Mind] [March 2007] (HITS 2304, REVS. 2)
Dirt (Poetry) A poem about an old friend who I miss speaking to. [82 words] [Teenage] [March 2004] (HITS 2632, REVS. 3)
Divine Misunderstanding (Poetry) Anti-Semetical poem about God. I have my opinion, and my free-will, as do you!! [137 words] [Spiritual] [April 2006] (HITS 2070, REVS. 0)
Doctors Feel Pain Too. (Poetry) - [146 words] [Romance] [July 2006] (HITS 2139, REVS. 1)
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Dream Catcher (Catch Me) (Poetry) - [148 words] [October 2012] (HITS 1785, REVS. 0)
Drunk Pen (Poetry) Breaking up, getting drunk. Is there hope in all that anger? [91 words] [Self-Help] [May 2012] (HITS 1381, REVS. 0)
Empty Shards (Poetry) - [118 words] [Architecture] [March 2006] (HITS 2030, REVS. 0)
Ending Fear (Poetry) A poem about feeling's that sometimes make us weak, and our ability to confront them through the power of word's. [145 words] [Suspense] [August 2005] (HITS 2365, REVS. 1)
Enter... (Poetry) Open your eyes at first light, see the open window, fly through it! [84 words] [Spiritual] [March 2005] (HITS 2467, REVS. 3)
Envy Yourself (Poetry) This poem generates the mind with sub-standard questions that more often than not, don't get answered. [93 words] [Mind] [January 2004] (HITS 2438, REVS. 2)
Eternal Putdown (Poetry) - [84 words] [May 2013] (HITS 1140, REVS. 0)
Ethical Opera (Poetry) A moment where things can turn, where things can leave you, Do you ever lose faith!? [116 words] [Art] [February 2004] (HITS 2510, REVS. 1)
Extinct Since '44. (Poetry) A poem expressing my concern at God. [82 words] [Mind] [March 2005] (HITS 2562, REVS. 0)
Faith Is A Wall (Poetry) A light in the darkest hour. [92 words] [Spiritual] [March 2005] (HITS 2159, REVS. 0)
Fake Thing (Poetry) - [131 words] [March 2006] (HITS 2282, REVS. 2)
Falling Without Faith (Poetry) A real remark on how things are in the world.... [86 words] [Psychology] [May 2003] (HITS 2494, REVS. 1)
Feeling Close, Feeling Near (Songs) - [136 words] [Relationships] [September 2005] (HITS 2600, REVS. 0)
Flatlines (Poetry) - [107 words] [September 2015] (HITS 1029, REVS. 0)
For Gods Sake (Short Stories) - [3,948 words] [Spiritual] [January 2007] (HITS 441, REVS. 0)
Free Sin (Poetry) A poem short in words but big in heart. [30 words] [Mystical] [September 2005] (HITS 2028, REVS. 0)
Generate Our Generation (Poetry) A stab in the eye with the old rusty fork?? [151 words] [Mind] [November 2003] (HITS 3335, REVS. 1)
Granite Miles (Poetry) A poem about my Home City of Aberdeen in Scotland. [129 words] [Biography] [October 2006] (HITS 2066 2076, REVS. 4)
Gripping Grave (Poetry) A dark, edge, of a poem...Welcome it, share it, fall in to a deep abyss and let it be your companion. [83 words] [Popular Fiction] [July 2005] (HITS 2345, REVS. 2)
Hard Perception (Poetry) - [111 words] [January 2014] (HITS 1149, REVS. 0)
Her Wishing Well (Poetry) She wants to live in the dark, in an alternate world. [89 words] [Romance] [July 2012] (HITS 1793, REVS. 0)
Hidden Secret (Poetry) - [68 words] [Relationships] [May 2004] (HITS 2307, REVS. 3)
Hoar Kettle (Poetry) - [67 words] [September 2012] (HITS 1225, REVS. 0)
Hoi, Hoi, Hoi, (Short Stories) A pitiful attempt at re-creating something that resembles The Clockwork Orange. Oh well here it goes... [286 words] [Art] [September 2003] (HITS 2603, REVS. 0)
Holes In Pockets (Poetry) Not what you think. [74 words] [Comedy] [May 2005] (HITS 2140, REVS. 0)
Hollow For Fools Gold. (Poetry) Another random poem, I feel confused with life at the moment, so this is the result! [117 words] [April 2003] (HITS 2513, REVS. 3)
Honest Angel !! (Poetry) A tribute poem to a part of me that died when someone I loved did the same? Don't mean to be depressing, but hey! [102 words] [Spiritual] [May 2005] (HITS 2405, REVS. 2)
Hurt...... (Poetry) Thank's? [165 words] [Relationships] [May 2004] (HITS 2690, REVS. 5)
I Am Your.. (Poetry) Welcome to my poetry....HATE/LOVE. [172 words] [Psychology] [January 2006] (HITS 2188, REVS. 0)
Immortal (Poetry) - [103 words] [Spiritual] [April 2004] (HITS 2560, REVS. 0)
Imprisoned Freeman (Poetry) - [84 words] [February 2009] (HITS 1590, REVS. 0)
In The Snow (Tonight) (Songs) - [284 words] [Romance] [March 2006] (HITS 2153, REVS. 0)
Indigo Blood (Poetry) A poem pretty much.... [81 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2627, REVS. 2)
Just Not Today (Poetry) - [121 words] [Mystical] [August 2005] (HITS 2334, REVS. 1)
Kissing My Mind (Poetry) A tragic love poem. [131 words] [Romance] [January 2006] (HITS 2275, REVS. 2)
Kleidoscopic Sky (Poetry) - [35 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2365, REVS. 1)
Late Call (Poetry) - [107 words] [Spiritual] [March 2005] (HITS 2491, REVS. 0)
Legends Fall. Jokers Crawl. (Poetry) - [162 words] [Mystery] [January 2007] (HITS 2255, REVS. 0)
Life Must Proceed (Poetry) ? [46 words] [Mystical] [September 2004] (HITS 2361, REVS. 0)
Little Sizes (Poetry) A wee poem to pass the time. [19 words] [Fantasy] [August 2003] (HITS 2146, REVS. 0)
Living In This Prison (Poetry) A poem about a life not to unfamiliar to yours.. [64 words] [Psychology] [October 2003] (HITS 2436, REVS. 1)
Lucky 17th (Poetry) For the women I love dearly. [139 words] [Romance] [April 2003] (HITS 2966, REVS. 1)
M. E. (Poetry) A carpet ride.... [98 words] [Fantasy] [August 2003] (HITS 2372, REVS. 0)
Magnetism (Poetry) Not sure what this is about, just random poetry. [94 words] [Mystery] [July 2005] (HITS 2580, REVS. 0)
Mending October (Poetry) - [62 words] [November 2003] (HITS 2312, REVS. 2)
Mind Control (Poetry) - [52 words] [June 2012] (HITS 1394, REVS. 0)
Miss Volcano (Songs) A song about a HOT girl I'm in love with.. [173 words] [August 2007] (HITS 14419, REVS. 0)
Mountain Top (Poetry) Memory is a book, or a string of poems. It is a field of love and a pit of hate, a rhapsody of pain or a grain of remorse. [168 words] [History] [March 2005] (HITS 2203, REVS. 0)
Muse From Above (Poetry) A slap in the face for everything... [165 words] [Mystery] [May 2005] (HITS 2141, REVS. 0)
My Love Life? (Poetry) A protest poem at my love life, or the lack of it?? [1 words] [Self-Help] [November 2003] (HITS 2658, REVS. 9)
My Weapon, My Weakness (Poetry) A turmoil of poetry. [92 words] [Motivational] [May 2005] (HITS 2432, REVS. 3)
Neo-Communism. (Poetry) My bank just p*ss*d me off, and so I write... [147 words] [April 2003] (HITS 2475, REVS. 3)
Night Dream Believer (Poetry) - [145 words] [Fantasy] [April 2005] (HITS 2566, REVS. 1)
Not Here (Poetry) - [174 words] [Mystical] [October 2012] (HITS 2506, REVS. 2)
Now And Never (Poetry) - [53 words] [Biography] [September 2005] (HITS 2011, REVS. 0)
Off The Top Shelf (Short Stories) About a dream I had that let me see what kind of future we all face... [967 words] [Science Fiction] [January 2005] (HITS 3805, REVS. 2)
One Sight At Dawn (Poetry) A forlorn poem mixed with a blend of jaded jealously. [53 words] [Psychology] [January 2005] (HITS 2357, REVS. 0)
Open To You (Poetry) This is kinda an experimental poem, sorry if it's not for you.. [31 words] [Mystery] [July 2004] (HITS 2603, REVS. 1)
Open Water (Poetry) - [58 words] [Mind] [September 2006] (HITS 2031, REVS. 0)
Pitifull Vengance (Poetry) Mixture of darkness and spoiled greed. [89 words] [Architecture] [January 2004] (HITS 2198, REVS. 0)
Poetry 101 (Poetry) My 101st title. Woo Me. [78 words] [June 2006] (HITS 2174, REVS. 2)
Power To Live (Short Stories) - [82 words] [June 2004] (HITS 2571, REVS. 0)
Pre - Society (Poetry) - [134 words] [January 2006] (HITS 2076, REVS. 0)
Pushing You (Poetry) A poem about how love can dissappear, leaving you mentally and physically weak, and about what you sometimes have to put yourself through, to be satisfied that the love has truly vanished... [85 words] [Relationships] [October 2003] (HITS 2440, REVS. 1)
Putting Me Down? (Poetry) Ex-Girl bashing.. [135 words] [Motivational] [November 2007] (HITS 1964, REVS. 0)
Quater Full, Three-Quater's Empty! (Poetry) One of those 'angry lash out at anything' poem's, I guess. [122 words] [Mind] [January 2004] (HITS 2503, REVS. 1)
Raspberry Fields (Poetry) A differant direction for me.... [95 words] [Mystery] [July 2004] (HITS 2893, REVS. 3)
Remote Control (Poetry) Dark, with a an edge of Political Satire in there somewhere. [87 words] [Nature] [April 2006] (HITS 2386, REVS. 1)
Rhapsody Of The Night Rain (Poetry) Evolve from a dream, awaken, see your love, but do not be mistaken. [458 words] [Romance] [October 2006] (HITS 2214, REVS. 0)
River Life (Poetry) A poem that cares... [105 words] [Popular Fiction] [July 2004] (HITS 2688, REVS. 2)
Rotting Deep Within (Poetry) Our poetic senses are once again enlightened by life's continuous thorns. [87 words] [Self-Help] [December 2003] (HITS 2570, REVS. 1)
Salt & Pepper (Songs) A song dedicated to D.G., you know who you are... [234 words] [Romance] [August 2005] (HITS 2599, REVS. 2)
Silent Fermentation (Poetry) The decay of day and the silence of night. [86 words] [May 2009] (HITS 1566, REVS. 0)
Still In Love (Poetry) A poem about my first love, and my last? [58 words] [November 2003] (HITS 2701, REVS. 2)
Sun Smiles On Morning (Songs) A song, I'm not ussually a song-writer, so all feedback is welcome.. Good & Bad�� [198 words] [Romance] [February 2006] (HITS 2312, REVS. 1)
Sunday School (Short Stories) A short story about Graeme, who at 9 makes the most out of Sunday School by obsessing about his French Teacher, Teresa. [3,592 words] [Humor] [February 2007] (HITS 475, REVS. 1)
Tears Are Your Gold (Songs) - [238 words] [Romance] [August 2005] (HITS 2925, REVS. 1)
The Bane (Poetry) A man who became the bane of my existance. [195 words] [February 2009] (HITS 1536, REVS. 0)
The Bus-Stop From Hell, If Not Deeper? (Poetry) Ok! so I was waiting for the bus the other day, and Ive never hated so much in my life. [221 words] [Humor] [June 2004] (HITS 2453, REVS. 2)
The Girl With No Face (Poetry) - [100 words] [August 2006] (HITS 2216, REVS. 0)
The Happy Hourglass (Poetry) Final Poem of 2006. [160 words] [Health] [December 2006] (HITS 1896, REVS. 0)
The Living Woman (Poetry) Firstly I am a man. Secondly, I wrote this having witnessed domestic violence from the past. Sometimes I just don't get it. I wrote the last 2 stanza's to give effect to the poem, they are not real!! I wish they were sometimes however.!. [182 words] [Psychology] [June 2006] (HITS 2206, REVS. 0)
The Misery Pool (Poetry) Swim or sink. [100 words] [Romance] [September 2007] (HITS 1699, REVS. 0)
The Need (Poetry) The alternative Vampire Poem. [92 words] [March 2009] (HITS 1701, REVS. 0)
The Newb. Part 1 (Short Stories) Since the banning of all nuclear weapons, new ways have been created of winning wars. Sasu was a soldier, but his dissapearnce left unanswered questions. The Newb is a creation of the government designed to win wars, with minimum bloodshed, and finance. [674 words] [Fantasy] [December 2003] (HITS 2862, REVS. 0)
They Say It, I Do. (Poetry) Hitman finishes his final hit. [159 words] [Action] [May 2006] (HITS 2047, REVS. 0)
Thief (Poetry) - [127 words] [Psychology] [May 2005] (HITS 2729, REVS. 1)
Thin Ice In A Thin Land (Poetry) Gracious yet slutty?? [97 words] [Fantasy] [August 2003] (HITS 2920, REVS. 2)
Thunder For Sale (Poetry) A slap in the face of everything this world sometimes stand's for... [166 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2838, REVS. 4)
Time To Play With Us (Poetry) - [206 words] [February 2009] (HITS 1564, REVS. 0)
Time To Think (About Time). (Poetry) - [64 words] [Biography] [May 2005] (HITS 2181, REVS. 0)
Time Trial (Poetry) - [70 words] [Mind] [March 2007] (HITS 1857, REVS. 0)
Tommorow I Laugh (Poetry) A physical view on somewhere I cannot explain. [171 words] [Mind] [March 2004] (HITS 3916, REVS. 1)
Tried To Forget (Songs) Another song... Again I would like as much feedback from music writers etc. to guide me in my errors!! Thanks. [211 words] [Mystical] [October 2005] (HITS 2616, REVS. 0)
Under My Sea (Poetry) A little poem to pass some time. [38 words] [Popular Fiction] [May 2005] (HITS 2541, REVS. 6)
Under The Bridge (Do Not Cross). (Poetry) A poem about a man who is trying to kill himself, and his wife's attempt of saving him.. gone wrong! Ficton. [440 words] [Horror] [February 2006] (HITS 2281, REVS. 2)
Unspoken (Poetry) My first ever entry here. Don't laugh. [71 words] [March 2003] (HITS 2658, REVS. 9)
Useful Drinker (Poetry) Perpetual hangover. [122 words] [September 2012] (HITS 1359, REVS. 0)
Wait ! (Short Stories) - [797 words] [Thriller] [July 2004] (HITS 2876, REVS. 1)
Was I Wrong Louise? (Poetry) Questioning love! [184 words] [Romance] [October 2005] (HITS 2502, REVS. 0)
Weeping Walker (Poetry) [111 words] [Drama] [March 2005] (HITS 2388, REVS. 5)
What Book's Shall I Read? (Essays) This is more like a mini book review, and the title is something Im asking......carry on! [435 words] [Publishing] [June 2004] (HITS 2531, REVS. 0)
What Part Of You Is Me. (Poetry) - [144 words] [Relationships] [May 2006] (HITS 2416, REVS. 4)
When Are You Really Real?? (Songs) A poem about a wonderful girl that I am thinking about right now..... but for the wrong reasons. [262 words] [Self-Help] [October 2003] (HITS 2597, REVS. 1)
Wind In The Rain (Poetry) A softly gliding poem that floats without care. [116 words] [August 2003] (HITS 2813, REVS. 2)
Yeah, You Can Eat This. (Songs) A song, I not ussually a songwriter and I guess this'll proove it..all feeedback important.Thanks! [156 words] [October 2005] (HITS 2747, REVS. 0)
Zeigfried's Last Stand (Poetry) - [214 words] [Science Fiction] [June 2006] (HITS 2125, REVS. 0)
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Poetry) A sleepy poem to pass the time. [257 words] [Action] [January 2004] (HITS 2464, REVS. 1)
(A)L(M)Ight(Y) (Poetry) Read it, but don't love it. [113 words] [Mystery] [August 2005] (HITS 2390, REVS. 2)


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