The Authors

S T A C Y I Don't Know What Pseudonym Means i've already told you!
Linnae I I like to sing..and write songs..this is a bad one..haha oh well
Ibemeforever -
Mohamed Zainelaabdin Ibrahim I have passion to write poetry in english.
Matin Ibrahim matin: writer, composer, producer, publisher and studio engineer was born matin ibrahim mai to ibrahim mai ...
Whynot Ican passionate reader and writer
Arumvowitbuj Ihaceconava arumvowitbuj
B Ij Asian. 1st class degree in Computer Science with Business Studies.
David Ilks I am 19 years old, I am into writing song lyrics and short stories.
Zach Imwalle 16/m/0h
Uxuxocuke Inaridoo uxuxocuke
Inchara -
Phil V Infinite Greetings. I'm fourteen, going on fifteen and that's my excuse for any mediocore (or goodness forbid, BAD...
Dane Ingham -
IngramAE -
Mallory Iniguez Love poem i wrote at 16.In 2003.
Innis -
Deis Innovant -
Insane Man -
Wayne Insane -
Ip' lkl
Philip Ipsan A life weary songwriter who uses art as an escape from the hard realities of living in a modern world.
Mansoor Iqbal -
Irina Tsapenko Irish -
Arthur Henry Isaacson
Isabell -
Elimirunu Isatnasfol elimirunu
Ithilruin I am 14 years old and live in Australia. I love the english language and I love writing, although I don't finis...
Chris E Ivins -
Ngade Ivo -
Ivrsn -
Peter Izdebski I'd love to describe myself however nothing comes to mind. Actaully, as a matter of fact, too much comes ...
Les Izhmoore Who can guess which is first?
Erica Irvine

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Arthur Henry Isaacson
Engineer, Businessman. Father,Husband, Friend, Lover. Hobbies; Piano, writing, photography.
[August 2000]
After Love (Poetry) Sharing a bed with someone that no longer loves you. [121 words] [August 2000] (HITS 1995, REVS. 1)
Begin Again (Poetry) Taking a new direction in life. [312 words] [August 2000] (HITS 1782, REVS. 0)
Epitaph (Poetry) Why are we here and who will remember? [164 words] [December 2000] (HITS 1691, REVS. 0)
First Time (Poetry) First Lovemaking [41 words] [August 2000] (HITS 1778, REVS. 0)
Free At Last (Poetry) The agony of divorce or separation. There are no easy answers. Nothing is black and white. [80 words] [December 2000] (HITS 1840, REVS. 2)
I May Not Be (Poetry) Examination of Perception of Existence. [140 words] [August 2000] (HITS 1694, REVS. 0)
In A Cardboard Box (Poetry) Memories stored away but not discarded. [111 words] [December 2000] (HITS 1588, REVS. 0)
New York 91101 (Poetry) Aftermath of World Trade Towers Attack. [106 words] [September 2001] (HITS 1769, REVS. 0)
The War Within (Poetry) The emotional struggle of deciding to abort and its aftermath. [156 words] [December 2000] (HITS 1655, REVS. 0)
Tomorrows (Poetry) After the World Trade Towers attack. [162 words] [September 2001] (HITS 1954, REVS. 1)


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