As Told By Me (1)


The Beginning

 “You know that rule that says the good guys always win and the bad guys always get what’s coming to em? Instead of a rule let’s call it a law, like the law of gravity, maybe not that dramatic but it’s supposed to be something that cannot be broken. I hate that law and some day I will break it.
By now you might be able to tell I’m not one of those people who’s stuck in some low paying going absolutely now were kind of job. Nope I’m apart of the percentage that would rather stick to petty theft, stealing cars, and what ever ells that would supply me with some kind of income.
I found out that when you think or are about to die you tend to think about the things you could have done differently, the time you could have spent with friends or whatever family wanted you to be apart of their life, but we’ll get to that later.
You might be wondering how I got this way, so I’ll start at the beginning, were most do. I must warn you it probably wont be what you suspect. I wasn’t abused, my parents weren’t divorced, and we weren’t poor. Now that we have everything clear I will stop babbling and start.
I was born in Manhattan New York, and was the youngest of three children. When I was 4 my brother was 10 and my sister was 6. My sister and brother were always fighting or were gone, so I spent a lot of time by my self.
My brother looked like my father (minus the flecks of gray hair). He was short with light brown hair and eyes. He was also very smart and very jealous. I remember one time I won a boxing match and we went out to dinner. The whole time he refused to eat and stared at me. We never had a good relationship.
My sister on the other hand was just a free spirit. Ever scene I could remember she just wanted to have fun. She also worked extremely hard at everything she did school sports everything. That’s probably why I didn’t see her much, but she was pretty cool when she was around (probably the only normal one of the family, I have know clue how that happened).
If you’d ask me now which parent I liked better. I wouldn’t give you that stupid speech about how I would never do something like that because it was just WRONG, ya right! Nope I’d probably say that I didn’t see enough of them to like one over the other.
My dad was some high priced liar sorry I meant “lawyer”. So he was always at work or out cheating on my mom. My mom was a FBI agent so she was always at work or, yep you guessed it cheating on my dad (ahh the perfect modern marriage). Now don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad parent they were just to caught up in their own lives to have the time for us kids. So in a way they were perfect for each other, they could get occasional companionship from each other yet were able to be alone and do their own thing, see what I said a match made in heaven.
You might be wondering about me. Well I had brownish/black hair, my eyes were a bluish/gray and I didn’t look anything like that rest of my family. I went to a privet school until I was more or less taken from my house (it was probably for the better, no I take that back it was for the better). As I was saying I was forced to go to a privet school, uniforms and all. The school was St. Cyril it looked like an old stone castle that you would see in a National Geographic. It even had black marble gargoyles and two angels holding swords, on either side of the gate. The school its self was run by pinched up nuns who I swore loved slapping kids on the wrist or head with a ruler.
It was also a catholic school so we had to have mass in the morning, and my last class was bible study. I hated that class, so I did something about it, I ditched.
I ditched about every day, and yes I did get in trouble for it. Because of this and other things I did I was in the principles office (head nun). I didn’t mind as long as I didn’t have to go to bible study it was ALL GOOD. She would give me her usual lecture that if I continued this sinful path I would lead a very miserable life, have an extremely painful death and eventually go to hell. I could only bite my lip to keep from laughing, to me this was just a bunch of bull shit to try and keep me inline, but as will find out it didn’t… oh well.
So as I said I loved skipping school and by the time I was 15 I would steal cars and sell them to chop shops. This was an o.k. Source of money, but it’s not for everyone. Even though I was only 15, sometimes I would get orders to steal certain cars. Since this happened about once every 1 to 2 months, I was able to meet a lot of powerful people (criminals).
Don’t get me wrong I went to school and I did get passed to different grades this was for two reasons 1st the teachers couldn’t put up with me for more than a year, and 2nd I could usually steal the answerers to their tests so school was no challenge.

The Job

Since I wore a pager every were I went meant I could get called for a job anytime.
I was sitting in writing and literature listening to my teacher babble on about some book. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt a buzzing at my side. So as naturally as I could I took the small device and looked at the number: 626-1974 I immediately knew who it was.
Rome odd name for a Russian, he was named this on account of his career (scamming, and well lets not get into that) started in Rome. He was about 45 with greasy gray hair and an over bit that made him look very un-happy. He was a corrupt cop that worked for the police impound lot. If a valuable came into the lot he would tell a man named mike green who would take the car and sell it to someone over sees.
Now here’s were I came in, they would need someone to steal the car, (me) and take it to widget dock were mike would have a container waiting. The jobs would only take a night and there was never a trail for the cops to follow. That didn’t matter, because who would think to look for a 15 year old auto thief especially one whose parents dealt with the law.
As, I was saying before I got buzzed, during class and needed to call Rome to see what was up.
“Uh Mrs. Pitkins.” I said.
“if you wish to speak Trent than you need to raise your hand, how many times must I remind you?” she said in her pretentious kind of way.
So I raised my hand and began to talk once more. “Like I was saying, um can I go to the bathroom?”
“It’s restroom and if you think you must.”
I quickly walked out of the room, thinking about the excuse I would have to make to get my things back. The hardest thing about sneaking out of St. Cyril would be the fact that they had security cameras on every door except the front door, which was right next to the office. It wasn’t hard to sneak out it was just easy to get caught. After I successfully left I had to walk three blocks to the nearest payphone outside of a 7 11.
“hello?” a rough Russian voice answered.
“Hey its Trent, what did you page me for?”
“Why don’t you meet me at Infamous Tim’s bar and grill, in lets say 20 minutes.”
“That’s half an hour away an hour away by taxi.” I complained.
“Well that’s not my problem now is it?” And with that he hung up.
Exactly 35 minutes later I arrived at Tim’s and found Rome talking to a tall blonde waitress. When the waitress left I slumped into the empty booth.
“Your late.” Rome said taping his watched.
I noticed he was still in his uniform and asked, “Are you on duty?”
“It’s my lunch break, anyways on to more important business, there’s a 670 Camaro at the impound lot. Mike has arranged to sell it Saturday so that gives you about two days. There’s a little problem though. “ He said as if he didn’t want me to hear it.
“Oh goody a problem, what’s wrong?”
“Well both days you have to steal the car are my days off.”
“Great just great you expect me to yet again steal another car without you there. Are you out of your mind? No way, I wont do it not --.” As I was saying this I was putting my jacket back on and preparing to leave.
“Sit back down you little twerp! If this was another job it would be different, but there’s too much at stake here. You turn this down I’ll throw your ass in jail so fast it’ll make your head spin. I don’t think your dad would like that very much now would he?”
He was right I couldn’t get arrested again. I had been arrested for attempted grand theft auto. See I was trying to get an electronic lock pick like the FBI uses but I needed a little more cash. So I went to a bad part of town saw a car sitting by it’s self and decided to steal it. Little did I know 2 cops were having a stake out in the building across the street, they had been trying to convict a known drug dealer but the thing they didn’t know was he was tolled they were going to be there and temporarily moved.
When my dad got a call telling him I was at the police station he lost it. I’m still not sure if he ever had “it” but what ever was left of “it” was lost. He left me there for a day, and during the car ride home all he did was yell, at home him and my mom yelled but he also hit me a few times, and said is I ever did something stupid like that again I was REALLY ganna get it. In the end I only had to pay a 500$ fine, and no jail time.
But coming back to reality. “Fine I’ll do it, what my cut?”
“2,000 and anything you find in the car.” With that he gave me a piece of paper with the dock number and time the car had to be there, and the thing that turns the alarm off.
“Why didn’t you just bring me the keys?”
“ Think about it kid they would notice a stolen set of key before they notice the transmitters gone. Now get lost!”
I don’t think I could have been madder. I made a up my mind then and there I wouldn’t get trapped into a job again.

* * *

Thursday night came ant the car needed to be at the loading dock by 6 tomorrow. If Rome wasn’t guarding the lot then I would usually pay a friend to distract the guard, while I climb the fence get the car and sneak out the back way, tonight was no different. I paid my friend Luis to distract the guard until I drove by in the car. I knew this time wasn’t going to be an easy steal; twice I stole a car when Rome wasn’t on duty and both times I almost got caught.
We arrived at the lot around 8 by taxi. Luis had several fake ID’s, (I had to supply him with) and was always apart of drama club, so he would be able to keep the guard busy for more then enough time.
“ So Luis are you ready.”
“Sure, lets get this over with my mom would kill me if she found out what I was doing.” He said nervously.
“Lighten up, live a little.” Trying to take pressure off a situation isn’t always easy.
“You two aren’t going to get into trouble are you?” Came the voice of the taxi driver.
“Nope were just going to party and he’s nervous. Isn’t that right Luis?” I said nudging him in the rib cage.
“ Uh ya right um party fun wee.” He stammered.
*Note to self NEVER EVER EVER bring Luis along again. I could already tell this was headed for disaster.
“Cabby stop here this is his Luis’s stop.”
“Sure no problem kid.” When he stopped Luis was so nervous he almost fell out of the car when he opened the door. “So kid where’s your stop?”
“Just drop me off at the back of this lot.”
He started to drive again. “How come you two aren’t getting out at the same spot?”
“what are you my mother? I’m going strait to the party and he’s going to pick up his girlfriend.”
“You didn’t need to be rude about it. Is this your stop?”
“Yep, sorry stressful day, you know how it is.”
“Kid, you wont know how it is until you get a job and a family, any ways that’ll be thirty dollars.” I got out of the car and handed him the money through the window. “Oh and kid, stay out of trouble.”
“Sure I’ll try.” I let go of the window and he drove off to pick up his next customer. For a moment I wondered if he had a family to go home to, and what they were like.
I checked my watch 8:11 Luis had probably been distracting the guard for a few minutes, and I was praying to god that he didn’t chicken out. I took my jacket off and started climbing the fence, when I got to the top were the barbed wire was I threw my jacket over it so I wouldn’t cut myself as I went over. As I was jumping off the sleeve of my jacket got stuck and ripped.
“Oh man,” I said aloud to know one.
I found the Camaro fire engine red at the back of the lot. I took off the backpack with all of my “tools” in it and pulled out something that looked like a flattened wire hanger out. Then I took it and slid it through the crack in the window and door, and then I would have to position it so it would pop the lock. Right when I did this the alarm went off; I fumbled around for the thing to shut it off.
Beep Beep, and with that all four locks popped up. Not only did I have to hide now because I set off the alarm but I felt stupid because I could have just pressed the unlock button.
In the background I could hear someone saying, ”Come out I know your there.”
“Excuse me sir who are you yelling for? I’m right here, can I get my car now?” I could tell who’s that voice was any were, Luis.
“Didn’t you hear something I could have sworn I heard something?”
“Nope I didn’t hear anything. I really need my car; I don’t have time to play games”
 “What’s that noise.” Said the foreign voice
“My ears must be playing tricks on me I’m getting way to old for this job. Follow me and I’ll show you everything you need to fill out.”
Yes, Luis did it he actually made the guard leave, yes. Since I was by the fence I decided to cut a whole in it with the wire cutters in my backpack, I hated this part of the whole thing it took a while and it was hard to be quit and cut a chain link fence. When that was over with I set the piece of fence by a car and then tripped over it, setting off yet ant other car alarm, and this one I couldn’t shut off.
“NO NO NO…” I pleaded.
Before I could realize what I was doing I felt my leg move towards the Camaro I jumped in the front seat and started to hot-wire it. Once more I could hear yelling but I was to busy concentrating to listen to it. Then I was face with another problem a police patrol car came out of no were and headed for the hole I had cut in the fence. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it if I was driving the car. So as the cops were driving towards me and the old cop was running I towards me I got out of the car and ran to the fence. I flung my jacket off and started climbing the fence at full speed. When I was over I could see one of the cops in the car get out and run towards me, I didn’t have time to think so I just ran. I ran into an ally that was littered with paper, boxes and trashcans. Which was an advantage for me (well have you ever tried to run and jump over garbage cans at the same time)? When I turned around to knock over a stack of boxes I could see that the cop chasing me was over weight and the patrol car wasn’t going to fit in the ally. Finally things were beginning to look up.
When the ally ended I had lost the cops, I decided not to risk them running after me so I went into something that appeared to be an abandoned building. It was to the right of the ally and there didn’t appear to be any cars near it, and nonchalantly I walked in. Once I was in my nostrils were over come with the smell of mold urine and dust. Another thing was that there was a very dim lighting. For a minute I just stood there trying to catch my breath and comprehend what had just happened to me.
I suddenly spin around and gasp at what I saw before me.


The Bull



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