Project S.T.A.R. (1)


*Warning: This story contains extreme violence and offensive language. This story deals with the future as I view it, not to intentionally offend anyone. Other than that, enjoy...

Project S.T.A.R.
(Special Tactics Agents of the Resistance)


100 years in the future.....

The world has changed. World population has just crossed it's ten billion mark and overcrowding and poverty is at an all time high. Nature has lost it's battle as thousands of species have become extinct or destroyed for the benefit of man. Destructive waste products and pollution have literally wasted away the ozone layer. Scientists worked 25 years testing and preparing an immense, world wide, manmade biosphere that surrounds the whole earth 200 miles above the ground. Three times the size of Earth itself, the biosphere has two main purposes: Repel the dangerous rays of the ozone layer, and also to protect the earth from asteroids. 60 years ago an asteroid the size of Hawaii came rushing from outer space at a speed so fast that NASA didn't catch on to it until it was about 72 hours from impact. Nuclear weapons were prepared to launch but could not because the asteroid was already breaking into the atmosphere. In a matter of hours, it was en-route to crash into the Pacific Ocean. Evacuation was a very hard task that brought on widespread panic and hysteria. The entire west coast and most of the midwest was evacuated with the asteroid clocked in to crash in mere hours. Everyone didn't escape. When it did crash, all underwater life in a 600 mile radius was destroyed and a gigantic tidal wave bore down, obliterating everything until stopping at the Rocky Mountains.

The eastern United States was now as populated as ever. Cities were stiff with overcrowding. Small towns were now turning into big areas. But it still wasn't enough. Not for the U.S., not for anyone in the world experiencing overcrowding. But then, a solution came up. NATO notified every head of every country in the world for a meeting of distress. There they put all differences aside for the best decisions of the free world. At the meeting, they came up with the biosphere plan. They also created the idea of metropolination. A new word added to Webster's dictionary, metropolination means " to come together". The idea was to expand city areas with other cities (ex. New York and New Jersey. Using metropolination, these cities would combine by building more city areas and residential areas until the gap between them is filled. In other words, to become one.). The idea was a big hit. Poverty percentage dropped, millions of jobs were there for the people who needed them. For once, the world was working together. In about 20 years the boundaries between major cities was filled forever. Technology was getting better and better by the day it seemed. Everything was growing rapidly. But, so was CRIME.

By the end of the metropolination era, CRIME was bigger than it had ever been before. It was now the #1 killer of Americans. Not some disease like AIDS, which was cured years ago. Not road fatalities or drinking or cigarettes, but CRIME. From petty thievery to flawless plans, CRIME was killing innocents by the millions each year. It was an unstoppable force, the police seemed like a pushover to the geniuses of CRIME. This is the soul reason the Anthrax co. was created. The Anthrax corporation was a shady organization of unknown, yet brilliant scientists. The same who were over the famed Area 51 in Nevada. Anthrax had a solution to CRIME. Their plan to stop CRIME was downright evil, but it would prove effective.

About 11 years ago, Anthrax selected 100 human embryos for "scientific testing". These abandoned humans were from saved abortions, secret human clones, and frozen embryos. Then, Anthrax started growing them. When the humans were developed enough, Anthrax inserted a powerful microscopic chip in their brains, which was designed for many uses, which you will learn later. When they were "born" the addition of the microchip gave the kids an over the average IQ. They were geniuses. They were then put up for adoption soon after birth. They were adopted quickly, none were left. The Anthrax officials told their adoptive parents about the children's high IQ and that they were going to be making special Anthrax schools all over Antopolis for people with such a high IQ like the child or children they adopted. They won the parents over when they said the private schooling would be free of charge. They didn't say anything about the microchips. Schooling in the future was a bit different from the schooling of the past. When the students reached middle school, they had to live in the now advanced schools for 4 days and then have a three day weekend at home. Schools now had clean bunks and bathrooms for students. The special schools for the kids used state of the art technology that Anthrax created from its alien research at Area 51. Things like the brain stem lobe, which students put over their eyes and when they pressed a button, they learned their entire lessons in less than a second. It took regular students the whole day. During the rest of the time the experimental kids spent in their early years at the Anthrax schools, the Anthrax teachers taught them little by little of what the kid's purpose was and what they would have to do. This special brainwashing technique was preparing the children of when they would turn 11 and start their grisly tasks that the scientists had given them life for. By the time they were 10, the Anthrax children were intelligent, strong-willed, and strange. They had a seriousness that kids their age would never have. They were mature before their time. When the children would turn 11 years of age, their microchips would activate, taking over the children's lives and freedom. Before they were born though, Anthrax had pre-chosen one city to test their children on. One city was richer, bigger, and dangerous than any other. Anthrax chose the city of Antopolis, the biggest metropolination city in the world. Over 300 miles wide spanning from New York to Washington D.C. and a population of over 425 million, CRIME was a super factor here. The 100 children were spread out over this 300 mile radius. Twenty children each went to the five Anthrax schools in Antopolis. At age 11 they would start the planned destiny that Anthrax had given them.

These 100 children would be given a fate that would carry them for the rest of their lives. The Anthrax co. cared nothing about feelings, as long as the job got done. The kids would fight CRIME with the advanced alien technology that Anthrax had developed. They named it Project S.T.A.R. .The children would be forced to use this for the twisted and warped visions for the sake of mankind. They would have no life of their own at all, only mindless slaves used as pawns in a war against an unstoppable force, CRIME. This is the legacy of one of them who dreamed of freedom. This is his story...

Present Day...

I was drifting in air. All around me strange shapes and floating pink clouds twirled and danced in midair. I tried moving but all it did was make me stop floating. Then I was falling without felling the rush of adrenaline or the gravity snatching me to the ground. Fuzzy animals laughed and sang while they drunk liquor and- Suddenly the fuzzy clouds and the intoxicated animals disappeared to reveal my bedroom. Just a dream. Someone was shaking me. "Felix, Felix. Time to wakeup birthday boy." said my mother. My name is Felix Alvarado and today is my 11th birthday! I sat up groggily and yawned. "Mom, just a few minutes, pleeeeease???" She nodded sarcastically. "Nope sleepyhead. You know that your school wants all of you there early to start with the big all day party they are giving you guys. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?" Who really cares? All they do is talk anyways. I thought as I climbed out of bed and struggled towards the bathroom.

After I had washed up and cleaned myself I treated myself to a Vita-bar. A Vita-bar was a revolutionary food source. Once eaten, a person would not have to eat for the rest of the day. Today I felt different though. Not because of my 11th birthday, but because I felt that something very important was going to happen. My mom and dad were sitting down debating about moving to another section of Antopolis. They had been considering it for the longest. "The crime rate here is terrible! It can be a good neighborhood one day and a gang warfare zone another!" said my father. My mother disagreed. "This place we live in is considered safe when compared to the other places. If only the police did their job..." but she was cut off by my father. "The police are nothing but assholes who only work for money. They don't protect and serve anyone but themselves." So many things were running through my head about this day. SOMETHING big was going to happen. I could feel it. Without thinking, I blurted out, "Um...why was everyone at my school born on the same day?" They were suddenly quiet. They stared at me as if I had a bullseye painted on my forehead. "Well,....that is the reason you go to that school. Because you are gifted." stuttered my Pop. That still didn't answer any questions. "Mom, what time was I born?" I said for no apparent reason. She looked at my father hoping for an escape. "Why do you ask dear?" she said, shifting on the couch. "I just want to know. What time was I born on this day?" I said slowly. She finally answered, "You.....and all the other students who go to your school were born exactly 12noon. Why do I want to know this? I asked myself dumbfounded.

It was a Monday, so that meant that I would have to go to school for 4 days and then come home early Friday afternoon. As I packed and double-checked everything, my parents came into my room. "Be ready to have a big birthday bash as soon as you come home son." my mom said. "But, before you go, we'll let you open just one." she said. I grabbed one of the 8 presents and ripped it open like a savage. My eyes widened. "This is AWESOME! Mortal Kombat 20 for Playstation8! With more gore than ever! Thanks guys!". A smile of appreciation crossed their faces and we all had a group hug. That was the last time I would ever have a childhood. Also the last time I would have any innocence at all.

I got to the school at about 8am. There was a lot of noise coming from the inside, which was unusual because everyone was always quiet. After I put my things on my bunk, my good friend Alex ran inside and slammed right into me, making us both fall. We looked at each other and just laughed. "What's going on?" I asked. He smiled. "It's a free day because of our birthdays! The teachers bought some cool shit for us! Everyone is in the gym now playing dodgeball! Hurry up!" he yelled as he jumped up and ran out of the room. As I put my gym clothes on I felt a shudder. My brain was still doing summersaults because of this day. Nothing but one day. Just one stupid day, why am I worrying myself to death over this? I shook my head. But I couldn't get it out of my head. Something big is going to happen, TODAY.

I couldn't shake the awful feeling. All through the day I was on edge. I tried to cover it up by pretending to be like everyone else. No matter what I did or how much fun I had, I kept looking at the clock. 9am. 9:30. 10am. 10:30. This went on and on until about 11:54am. Six minutes from the time we were all born... I had to tell someone about this. I couldn't trust the teachers. How can you trust anyone that doesn't even tell you their real name? We just called the teachers, teachers. I had to tell one of my friends. I looked around and saw Taylor. Taylor was a girl who was also a good friend of mine. She would listen to me. I ran through the crowd of partying kids searching for her. There! She was next to the digital 3D video games. I ran up to her. "Taylor! I need to speak to you!" I said. "Not now Felix, I almost at level 12!" Taylor was a technological genius. She never lost any kind of simulated game. Ever. Her stuck-up friends were crowded around her. They sneered at me. "Why don't you just leave jackass?" one of them said. But I was too nervous to listen to them. 11:56am. "Taylor come on!" I yelled, grabbing at her sleeve. "Felix I have never said this but, FUCK off!" she said as the machine lurched and twisted to make the gaming experience more real. The girls laughed. I snatched the 3D virtual eyepieces from her eyes and yanked her from the damned machine. "FELIX! STOP!" she said. But I kept my hold on her arm as I pulled her to a secluded spot. 11:58am. "What is wrong with you?! You have never acted this way before!" she practically yelled while snatching her arm out of my grasp. "Something big is about to happen." she prepared to walk away. "LISTEN TO ME! At 12 o'clock something is going to happen and I don't think it is any good!" she stood still staring at me. 11:59am. "Have you ever stopped to think, why was everyone here born on the same day? At the same time?" I said questioningly. She narrowed her eyes, "Where are you getting at?" she asked. "Everyone here was born on the same day, same exact time. 12noon today. Isn't that a little bit weird to you?" I asked. 30 seconds. She threw her hands up. "Felix this is the dumbest thing you have ever tried. If you have a crush on me then you could have came up with something a little more smarter." she said acidly as she walked away. No! I don't have a crush on you! Well, maybe just a bit... I thought frantically. 20 seconds. I sat down as everything suddenly went in slow motion. 15 seconds. The kids running around chaotically, doing whatever they want, however they want. 10 seconds. The teachers, all 100 of them standing, watching, waiting with smiles on their faces. 5 seconds. Taylor walking away from me, thinking that I have a crush on her. The digital clock read 11:59:59. Then-

FLASH! Suddenly I was dazed and confused. I teetered on my feet, struggling for balance. FLASH! I felt it again! A sharp pain inside my head! FLASH! A third time! I felt as if my legs had been cut off and I fell to the floor. I looked around to see all of the students being affected by the sharp flashes in their heads. They fell, ran into each other, some even lied still like me. I knew it! I knew something was going to hap- FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! "AHHHHHHHHHH! AH, AH, AHHHHHH!" I screamed. But I wasn't the only one. Students everywhere were holding their heads in pain and twisting and turning on the floor. I tried to move but I couldn't! My arms wouldn't move, my legs wouldn't budge! I could only lie there watching my friends and schoolmates shake and scream! Taylor! She was on the ground clawing and slapping her head like a demon had flown into her skull. FLASHFLASHFLASHFLASHFLASHFLASH! My brain felt like it was going to explode! I started frothing at the mouth and blood seeped out of my ears and eyes. All the while I could not move anything. I could not even close my eyes to get away from all the carnage I was seeing. I couldn't think straight. I couldn't see straight. I'm going to die. Was my last thought before I was knocked unconscious by one last flash! FLASH!

Suddenly, I was awake. All around me kids were on the ground unconscious or maybe worse. I still could not move, but I could control my eyes and eyelids. My face was soaked with my own froth and blood. Wha....whAt tHE heLL haPpeneD? I thought slowly and painfully. All around me kids started to wake and stir. No one could move. Whirrrr! I could hear a faint whirring sound coming from deep in my head. ThiS shIt is VeRY sCAry. I thought with fear. Then.....I could move! First my arms, then my legs, then my whole body. So did everyone else. I stood up expecting pain, but I felt normal. No pain at all. Suddenly someone started screaming again. "Ahhhhhhhhh! What happened! Leave me alone! Get out of my head! Ahhhhhhhh!" Then the girl suddenly started shaking and she fell to the floor and was in a horrible body spasm. Then she stopped and just lay there. Everyone looked at her. "Everyone, stay calm." came a loud voice. We all turned in the direction of the voice. In front of us was all the teachers and about 30 soldiers. They were dressed in all black and they had fully equipped machine guns strapped around their shoulders. "No one move at all or you will feel some more shocks to the brain." Said a gruff, dangerous looking man. He was about 6'4" and was very built and lean. Evil was too good of a name for describing him. He had a sinister look in his eyes, like a killer. He eyed all of us. "My of no concern to you. You may call me "the Minister". I am here to tell you of you purpose in life. To tell your goddamn asses why you are even on this god forsaken shithole you call Earth. Just watch and learn." he said as he signaled the guard over by the light switches. The guard moved aside a hidden compartment and pressed a black button. The ground now started to lower. Like one big elevator on a warship, the gym floor started to sink into the darkness below, containing all the kids, teachers, soldiers, and "the Minister". We went deeper and deeper and deeper.....

About a minute or two later, we were about 300 feet underground. But the further we went down, all we saw were offices and cameras and science labs. Also hundreds of computers and vaults. What is this?! This is supposed to be a school for gifted students! I thought frantically but I couldn't take my eyes away from all of it. This place was a fortress! Then the elevator came to a crunching lurch as it landed on the steel platform below. "Get off and march to the warehouse straight ahead!" yelled "the Minister". This place was like some kind of technological underground town. It was huge. We entered the warehouse. There were three floors, but they were all blocked off by a blue haze. An old, but able man was sitting in front of a computer connected to a 10 feet tall database. "the Minister" walked in front of us and talked to the man for a few moments. I was scared. The kids around me were shaking, some even with tears in their eyes. The guards surrounded us, machine guns drawn. A loud STOMP surprised everyone. "Listen up! You all need to listen to this man. He will tell you all you need to know. Anyone tries to escape, you will be shot." said "the Minister" as he turned and walked out of the warehouse.



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