A Vampire's Mansion
Jay A Little


    As a group of friends got done trick-r-treating
they all went to the graveyard to eat candy and chill.
It was seven teenagers who like to have fun,Jason,Clair,
Max,Jenn,Eric,Jessica,and Tony.

  So as the group of friends talked about what was happening
happening in their life,Tony stepped in and started tell
everyone about the mansion on top of the graveyard hill.
When the story ended the group of friends knew the legend
of the vampire Vengence,who's parents were killed because
they were vampires and the legend said that if anyone goes
in the mansion and are inside at midnight that Vengence would
awaken and greet with revenge.So after the story Max asked
everyone if they were scared to see if the legend was true,
Knowing teenagers they all agreed to see if the legend was
in fact true.

  So the seven teens reached the mansion and it was growed
upon by vines and ir reeked of dead people or maybe that was
because it was a graveyard.Jason opened the door and at the
same time he looked at his watch,he told everyone that it was
11:55 and that they only had five minutes.

  As everyone entered the mansion the door slam but they all
agreed that it was just the wind,but suddenly as everyone look
around the house they didn't feel welcomed at all."one more minute"
Jason said as he reminded everyone of the time.Jenn started to show
her frightenessand try to leave,when she touch the doorknob something
got her attention.

  The clock had struck twelve midnight,everyone of the teen's heart
were beating scared and nerviously.The gongs were done and everything
seemed normal,everyone started smiling and they almost laugh as it all
stopped when they heard a bump coming from a door at the top of the
mansion's stairs.Jason made his way slowly up the steps,followed by the
rest of the crew as the banging behing the door kept getting louder
and louder.Half way up the steps a claw came through the door.The seven
teens backed down the steps.The door was ripped opened as this werewolf
type of beast came through it.

  The werewolf's eyes were like looking into fire as the teens saw as the
werewolf looked directly at them.The teens started to run as the werewolf
stood at the top of the steps looking down upon the teens as they ran for
the main door.When they reached the door they found out that it was locked
and when they turned around to see how close the werewolf was,it was gone.
The teens ran the first possible way they could run and they ended up in
the kitchen.

    As everyone stood in shock they caught their breath."So i thought this
was just a story"Max asked in horror.Tony breathed,"thats what i thought",
"we've gotta find a way outta of here"jason assisted,"Well the legend also
says that nobody ever gets out not even their soul",Tony answered."Well then
we're gonna be the first ones to do it"replied Jason,suddenly came a laugh
then a voice say the legend never fails.The seven teens shook in their boot
the girls couldn't even move Clair and Jenn were in tears.

  Jason then opened kitchen cabinets and any thing else that he could opened.
Then Jason pulled out a knife,"well legends can be changed right,come on are we
just gonna die in this hell hole are try and see daylight again"Jason said inspiring
the rest of the group as they started searching for weapons all through the kitchen.
"Okay me,Clair,and Jenn will go upstairs and Max and Jessica you guys stay on this floor
and Eric and Tony go in the basement and see if there is any windows"Jason took
charge as he worried about one thing and that was getting out.

  Jason,Clair,and Jenn started their way upstairs knifes first and scared out their wits,
as they passed the broken down door they noticed another door but this door was different
it had bats going around it's frame,they flew off as we got closer to the door when Jason got
in front of the door he stepped in something,when he looked down he saw blood gushing from
the bottom of the cracks of the door.Jason pushed opened the door and his and the girl's mouth
dropped as they seen a room full of humans,who were tortured,burned,cut to pieces,and the room
was painted in red blood,and the most shocking thing of all was that there was a coffin in the
middle of the room and the thing about it was that it was as clean as Mr.Clean.

  Jenn walked towards the coffin,"I really got to see if this vampire thing is real" She opened
the coffin,but it was empty.Suddenly a copse came shattering through the window.It was him,they
never seen him before but they knew it was him because of the firey red eyes,sharp claws,fangs,and
also the chill that went up their spine.'what do you want"sreamed Jenn,"YOU"Vengence spoke even
his voice made the teens scared.They all headed for the door as it shut behind them,then they heard
the most horrible screams they have ever heard and when they turned around they notice that Jenn
wasn't with them and then they look at the door,Jenn's finger tips were crushed in the door,and Jason
and Clair ran to a room at the end of the hall and locked the door behind them as they sat in the
corner of the room,Jason just sat there in terror holding Clair's head on his chest as she cried.

  Meanwhile back downstairs Max and Jessica were back were they started in front of the main door,they
had walked all the way around and have not seen a clue of any vampire or any other things."This is bull"
Max said as he started digging his knife into the main door then he realize that he could dig his way
through the door,so Jessica started helping him.Just finding the basement door Eric and Tony kicked
opened the door,"anybody home"he said kidding around and Eric was close behind so close that he was hold
a knife in one hand and a grip full of Tony's shirt in the other.Tony lead as Eric followed,then a light
caught both of their visions it was a window they both ran to it and cranked it opened,a moaning sound
stopped them as they got the window open."What was that"Eric said as they both turned in the direction
of the noise and when the noise was sought it was coming from a clan of zombies that were walking slowly
towards them.

  Eric climbed through the window but it wasn't that easy cause the window was little.Eric wiggled his legs
the rest of the way out,But by then Tony was in hand reach of the zombies.The closest zombie grabbed and
ripped a piece of Tony's skin from his back and then the zombie ate it.Tony layed his hand out the window as
Eric grabbed it and tried to pull him up,but when Eric had pulled Tony out all he had was Tony's hand,the
zombies had picked and pulled at tony til there was nothing but his bones.Eric was sad but happy that he
mad it outside he got up and went to the front door trying to open it."Hey Max is that you"Eric said as he
could hear jabbing at the door and plus Max and Jessica had dug a tiny hole in the door,like a peephole.
"Please get us out of hear,please"Jessica said as she broke down crying,"don't worry i'll be back with
the police"Eric responded.But as he turned around there stood a dark shadow about fifteen feet away.
"What do you want"Eric asked Vengence and he answered"I want your blood,soul,and the revenge for the murder
of my parents".

  "Well maybe they deserved it and maybe i'm not just gonna let you kill me"Eric spoke as he picked up a
five foot branch after realizing that he didn't have his knife.The eyes of the shadow lit up red and the
shadow appeared to Eric with a smile on his face and his fangs hangging from the rooftops of his mouth,
"You wish to fight me Well you have to get to me first"Vengence said as he started saying something.
"My servants,the clan....arise from being a dead man and make this man that is arose as dead as you are,
wake from your dirty grave where you have been,kill this man and put him in".The ground shook a little but
it didn't matter to Eric,he seen his friend killed in front of him,so he headed towards Vengence,something
stop him half-way there,a hand from a tomb had grabbed his leg he hit it off his leg and broke it off.But then
many more started raising and before Eric had notice he was in a fight for his life with zombies.Eric was hitting
and knocking body parts off the zombies as they were grabbing and ripping skin off of his body.After about
twenty-five percent of Eric's body was torn off he was about a foot in front of Vengence,as he try to swing the
branch at Vengence he was stopped half-way there and the branch had falling from his hand,and when he looked
down he saw that Vengence's hand was the whole way through his body.Eric could feel Vengence palming his heart,
as blood shot from Eric's mouth he spoke,"your gonna die tonight so i'll see you...",Eric was dead as Vengence
squeezed his heart.

   Meanwhile back upstair Jason and Clair had found a string hangging from the ceiling and when they pulled it,
it lead to an attic.But the weird thing about this attic was it was a graveyard for vampire hunters and the weirdest
thing was a heart in a glass jar with water in it and a tube put in it to make it stay alive.The most important
thing about this attic was that it had weapons like a crossbow,stakes and a hammer,and a gun with one bullet.So
Jason and Clair took all this weapons and looked for the rest of the gang not knowing that most of them was dead.

   "It's good to see you guys"Jason yelled down to Max and Jessica as they now had na face size hole in the front door.
Max and Jessica ran to Jason and Clair and when they got up there they ask,"whats all this"."Well this is our way out
of here we have to kill that demon".Jason took some of the stakes and gave Jessica the hammer and the rest of the stakes,
Clair was given the gun with one bullet and to Max the cross bow with five arrows."When he enters that door girls
y'all go to the top of the steps and wait til you can't wait no more and me and Max will try to defeat him with force"Jason commanded.

  Suddenly the front door was knocked in by a body who's neck was biten open and this body had a hole in its gut,"it's Eric"
Max infoed Jason,and followed behind the body was him,Vengence,"so are you ready to die"he was speaking to both Jason and
Max as the girls stood at the top of the stairs."I don't know are you"Jason replied as he ran toward the demon with a stake
in hand.Jason tryed to stab Vengence but was thrown into one of the walls.Vengence yelled as a arrow drove into his back,
then he turned to Max and Vengence was suddenly behind Max.When Max felt the presents of someone behind him he was already
falling down the stairs.Vengence teleported and was awaiting Max as he fell onto the bottom step,Vengence picked Max up
by his neck choking him,but dropping him as a stake entered his shoulder and another in his leg.Vengence turned around to
Jason and picked him up by his stomach while driving his finger tips into Jason.Jason then pulled out another stake and
drove it in Vengence's chest where he's heart was,but Vengence smiled and said,"I don't need my heart so its not there".
Max tryed again to shoot Vengence with the crossbow,but Vengence caught the arrow and stuck it in Max's hand,still having
Jason palmed in the air,Vengence cocked his claw back getting ready to murder Jason.BANG!!A loud noise went through the whole
mansion and just as it happened Vengence released Jason and started grabbing at his chest,not just grabbing but ripping at
himself suddenly he blew up in a firey smoke."What happen" Jason ask Max"i don't know."Well remember that heart in the attic
well it seems it belong to somebody who hasn't been using it"Clair said as see brought to Jason's sight the
heart that was in the glass jar with a bullet hole in it.




Copyright © 2003 Jay A Little
Published on the World Wide Web by "www.storymania.com"