Tequila Nights
Garrett Hart


The strong smell of tequila and orange juice to mix with; her favorite drink. She swirls it around for fun then downs it like the champion she is. It always made her feel tingly inside and want to dance her heart out. She loved to look at her boyfriend with even bigger heart eyes than before as she was feeling it. She grabs his dick and takes him to the dance floor.

She was dressed as sexy as one can be; a form fitting dress, but with enough room for her to breathe in all areas and be comfortable in her own skin and body. Her accentuated curves, especially her butt all perfect just asking to be grinded on. He stands behind her and grabs her waist then the back of his head in disbelief of what was going on dancing on the sexiest woman.

The couple met in an unconventional way and did unconventional things at times, but nothing was unconventional about their chemistry. They could not keep eyes off one another. He constantly told her how in awe he was about how beautiful and sexy she was and she told him how handsome and sexy he was. It was a never ending cycle of heightened hormones and sensual vibes. Whether it was her blonde curls or his hazel eyes or her body of a goddess or his beard or her soft touch or his muscles, there was always something to turn one another on. Tequila just made it even stronger.

Never a dull moment between the two and when the dance floor was theirs, it was like no one else was there. The life of the party, all the looks they got for just being themselves making others wonder what was going on. Oh, just pure, healthy, and sexy love.

She threw it back harder and grabbed his hands to touch just the tip of her vagina. She was looking back at him wanting to kiss him in front of everyone and so he does. Not that “too much PDA” type kiss, but that “this is an appetizer for later” type kiss. The tequila starts to wear on them, so it is time to head home.

He cannot stop looking at her as he drives and she is giving him the look of “you want this or what?” He decides to place his right hand under her dress and starts rubbing her clit. She is sucking on her fingers leaning back in the passenger seat with her eyes rolling in her head here and there. She then puts his fingers around her labia to show how wet she is and he sticks a finger inside for a second and he squirms feeling the river she is making down low. She then sucks on his fingers and puts her eyes on him; yes all this while driving. They hit a stoplight, and he sucks on his own fingers in some sick, but slightly sexy way. He then decides to place his lips on her boobs licking all around her areolas and nipple piercings and turning her on even more.

After that fun in the car, they finally make it home. As soon as the door shuts, clothes start flying off. They go to take a shower after their long night, but tonight, they shower together. The water comes out of the shower head and both are cleaning up suds and all everywhere. Once it is rinsing time, the water was not the only thing wet. He decides to get on his knees and places his mouth where it surely belongs. His long tongue, slowly flicking her clit back and forth and side and to side. She holds on to the lone handle in the shower bracing herself for this sexual adventure he started on his own…or was it the tequila talking? He continues going down on her and is stroking his dick to get himself hard as the water continues to come down on them. He then puts his other hand near her labia and fingers her while still giving her those long slow tongue strokes to make her want it faster, but he decides to build her up on his pace and not go too fast.

Now he is hard and they switch positions as he stands up and now she is on her knees. She places both hands on his big, thick, hard dick and goes up and down on it while swirling her hands and tongue around it simultaneously. She looks up at him as he is loving the view she provides him and the satisfaction her mouth brings. He pulls her up after some time by her hair and says “turn around.” Ever so quickly does she turn around for him and replies with “yes daddy.”

Being so wet from earlier and the water still raining down, he slips in his dick fairly easy and pulls her back, so she is arched back and feeling that tight grip he has. He starts off slow still gripping her hair to pull her back and sweetly kisses her tongue and all like a story book movie kiss. He has his other hand placed on her boobs squeezing them tight and says “you are going to want to hold on now,” as he penetrates faster and deeper than before. He lets go of her hair and decides to grip her waist pounding away as the smack of her ass against his pelvis and his ball sack smacking her underside combining with the wetness on both of them provides a loud noise. Both of them moan in satisfaction as she says “go even faster and harder,” her favorite way to have sex. He happily obliges and the smacks get louder and louder as do her cries of “daddy” and “fuck!” and even places one hand on her clit to rub her at the same time until she cums.

She is feeling the soreness already and to recover they dry off under the sheets together. He turns her body around and they start to 69. “Dessert tastes awfully good right now,” he says as he thoroughly enjoys pleasing her and making her squirm. It is hard for her to even concentrate sucking his dick with no hands as the after effects from before affect her going down on him so much that she places her head on his pelvis for a couple seconds taking it all in unable to bear it. He stops eating her out as she tries to recover.

She has an idea pop up in her head and says hold on one second,” as he lays there confused, but excited of what she was about to do. She comes back looking the same nothing in her hands or anything and she comes back to lay down, but she had a trick up her sleeve…well in her mouth that is. She was hiding an ice cube and she put it on the top of his chest as he is trying to settle down with the freezing temp hitting his warm body. She kisses him passionately and starts to run the ice cube in a zig zag motion down his chest to his stomach and then around his most sensitive area. She rubs it on his dick as it is throbbing from earlier and he squirms from the cold substance on him. She goes back down on his dick with no hands all mouth and tongue and the sensation he feels is amazing; something he has never felt before. She stops then tugs on his ball sack with her lips all over it ball by ball. The ice cube is placed on his lower stomach again and around his pelvis and on his dick and she puts it in her mouth and goes back to sucking him off; an even greater feeling than before and he cannot control himself as he moans ever so loudly.

The tequila still has them oh so warm regardless of their shower and foreplay with ice. The guy knows she wants him to take control more so he does as he flips her over and pins both arms down making out with her and kissing her neck. He puts his dick smooth inside of her as her eyes go into the back of her head once the tip is in and inch by inch he slowly puts it in making her squirm like never before as his eyes are locked on hers and he bites down on his lip. His slow, smooth strokes make her uncontrollable and loud. “Be loud all you want no one is going to hear your screams of satisfaction.” His dirty talk made her want to kiss him and hold the back of his head as long, deep strokes with his big dick are hitting her spots so good inside.

He pulled out for a second admiring what was in front of him with her golden skin glistening, nipples perky with her shiny piercings, and that oh so supple pussy of hers looking at him begging for more. “Hold on one second.” He came back with handcuffs and a paddle. He handcuffed her to the bed posts and went back inside for more. “Now you have no control and you will take this big dick however I please.” That deep voice of his turned her on as her heart was pounding fast and she felt like this could be heaven. He puts her on her side still tied up and penetrates while on top still to get a different angle. She is trying to rid herself of the handcuffs it seems as she cannot take it, but like he said, however he pleases now. Her screams are almost piercing loud as her eyes are watering a little and her satisfaction has reached new heights. He smacks her ass hard with the paddle “Keep being that loud and moving that much I’ll smack your ass again.” She wants to be smacked again, so she acts up on purpose and a loud thump on her now bright red ass.

He removes the handcuffs off the bedposts, but decides to use them in a different way; on her hands only behind her back. He puts her on her stomach and slips his dick inside and the loss of any type of control makes her squirm even more, but she does not mind it. He pulls out a butt plug as well to double penetrate her in and out the plug goes of her ass and his dick going at the same rate inside of her pussy. She has never been double penetrated before, so this was a slice of something new she wanted more of with him. He really puts it into her as she screams into the pillow hands still tied behind her back and she can barely keep an arch in her back. He takes off the handcuffs and says, “It felt good punishing you. Now you can return the favor,” as he dangled the handcuffs in her face as tears were running down after taking that big of a beating.

To her delight, it is her time to shine and give him what he deserves; pain and pleasure. She handcuffs his hands above his head to the bed post and gives him some foreplay with her gentle kisses down his happy trail and finally onto his dick. He grins in excitement of what is to come. She grabs a blindfold and puts it on him. Now with only the senses of touch, taste, hearing, and feeling left, his imagination will do some work like she is on him. She gives him slow gagging on his dick as he moans out. The gurgling and sound of her choking on his dick makes him want to cum, so she stops to wait as she goes up to his ear and says, “don’t cum just yet, I need it inside of me.” She sits on top of his dick sideways; a new position for both of them and it feels so good for both parties involved. Bouncing up and down and riding his dick around town so to speak.

She then goes full reverse cowgirl as he is still blindfolded and handcuffed unable to control his body twitching and the heightened heartbeat from her sensual behavior. Throwing it back at him as she looks up at the ceiling, eyes nearing the back of her head moaning. He moans right back, “You better fuck the shit out of me.” “Oh I will.” She is giving him her all and it is hitting her g spot ever so perfectly she cums and screams out loud “I love you! I love you! Oh my fucking God I love you shit!” She takes off the blindfold, tugs on his earlobe with her teeth and says, “I want you to see and feel your masterpiece when you cum inside of me.” “I have been waiting to caress your body again and give you what you have been waiting for.”

He smacks her ass and puts her on her side to spoon fuck her. Slowly slips inside as she barely has any energy left as he fucked the actual life out of her and her pussy is throbbing from his dick pounding her down to nothing. “Momma ain’t raise no quitter” and she takes his dick as he goes to slowly penetrate her insides and again she feels like she is going to cum and moaning so hard while trying to forget the pain inside. He cannot stop staring at her perfect ass that is shining because of his sweat on it and the reverberations of her ass from his pelvis. He kisses her while still fucking her and she places one hand on her boob and the other on her hair to pull. She loved that feeling and as she is about to cum he starts moaning louder than before, “uh, uh, UH, UH, fuck yes baby fuck!” and they both cum at the same time. A blissful finish for both of them as his cum drips out of her vagina and he is convulsing after his big orgasm. She felt his orgasm at the same time as hers and that combination, especially after her other orgasms prior, put her in a place she has never been before. She cuddles him as they kiss each other and fall asleep. That taste of tequila in the back of their throat as well as the taste of each other…



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