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Robin was nothing like any other kid. He was the son of a very wealthy businessman.
He had everything, except his father.
Everything robin needed was available to him, even before he asked for it. When he was
just five years old, his mother left his father Mr. Richards for very clear and genuine
reasons. He was never home. He was always busy with his work, with his business. All
Richards wanted to do is, earn Money. He never realized that he actually never enjoyed
his wealth.
As time passed, Robin become more and more adamant, and as he was growing so was
his anger.
No one in the mansion really dared to face him or to say no to him. He got everything he
wanted, by all means.
Robin was loosing the interest in studies, that’s when his principal asked Mr. Richards to
meet him. It was dent to Mr.Richards' ego, he felt humiliated. How a principal of a school
can summon him.
He tried to avoid also mentioned his status to Mr. Charles who wasn’t interested any
which way, in letting Mr.Richards’ go, without meeting him personally at his office.
Mr. Richards, wasn’t happy about it. Finally when he couldn’t think of any other
solution, he decided to meet Mr. Charles at the school the next day.
That night after a long gap of three Months he asked for Robin from Mrs. Meyers, she
used to take care of the house, Mrs. Meyers mentioned, robin in his room.
As Mr. Richards was approaching his room, he heard loud music coming out of his room,
it was deafening. He entered in the room and was shocked to see. What a mess robin has
created. Robin was having all sorts of Music players and Musical instruments
everywhere. Nothing was at its place, everything was lying here and there, rather
It looked like, as if someone has rampaged into a Music store. He realized it was his fault,
robin was such a mess.
He turned off the music and for the first time in three months, he spoke to Robin, face to
face. To Mr. Richards utter surprise, robin was not even interested in knowing about his
father, or the reason for his little visit to his dungeon.
Mr. Richards asked robin,” What have you been doing robin? How is your school?
Robin replied, “I haven’t done anything dad, school is same old boring, fat teachers,
Boring principal. I don’t like it there.” Robin didn’t even look at his father.
He replied to all his queries carelessly. Finally Mr. Richards have lost his cool and yelled
at him,” You are lying robin. You are lying to me. You are not studying properly, you’ve
failed in your mid term exams. You don’t care about anything. Do You? About my
reputation, about my ..”
Before he could finish robin cut his sentence,” Oh! I am so sorry dad, I forgot off course
it has to do everything about your reputation. Then he just turned his back towards Mr.
Richards and turned on the music again at the same deafening volume, which Mr.
Richards couldn’t bear and furiously left from his room.
That night Mr. Richards couldn’t sleep and he realized that while he was earning money,
he has lost his little son somewhere. Which he couldn’t afford to, so he decided that night
to do something .What he was supposed to do, he didn’t know it but something must be
done, or else he will loose his son forever.
Next morning Mr. Richards woke up and got ready to Meet Mr. Charles, He decided to
make this meeting a positive one. He decided to take the suggestion from The Principal,
may be he can show him the way.
Robin has already left for school, Mr.Richards was ready to leave. The car was ready.
Mr. Richards asked the driver to take him to the school. Maverick High School, was one
of The Most reputed school in town. It was known for the discipline and high teaching
Mr. Richards was nervous, a feeling he had long forgotten, He felt butterflies in his
Mr. Richards finally reached the school, he sat in the car for sometime and prepared
himself for the meeting. He entered the administration building and reached the
Principal’s chamber. Knocked the door, the principal asked him to come inside.
They both shook hands and Mr. Richards introduced himself.
Mr. Charles asked him to sit.
For a moment there was an awkward silence in the room. Mr. Charles then cleared his
throat and said,” Mr. Richards, I called you today to talk about Robin. He is loosing
interest in studies, in normal conditions we try to understand the Real interest of a student
and then guide him accordingly, but in spite of all our efforts he is just a trouble for us.
Mr. Richards said,” I am sure with your help he will be better at studies. I know you are
trying hard but may be with time he will be better.”
Mr. Charles said,” No, I am not worried about his studies only. He is becoming violent.
That’s the reason I wanted to see you. He hit one of his classmate , few days ago, which
we let go, assuming that both the students may be equally responsible for the fight, but
two days ago he hit another student , had it not been the timely intervention by the
professor , he must’ve wounded him.
Richards was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. He thought,” when did his life
go so wrong? His only son is becoming a trouble for him and for others too.”
He asked Mr. Charles ,” What do you suggest Mr. Charles, I am really sorry for what has
happened but throwing Robin out of school can not be a solution. If you think, something
can be done, please let me know.”
Mr. Charles felt the pain in his voice, he thought for a while and said,” I think he needs
you at home or someone to turn to, I think he is missing you .It happens with kids, the
anger and frustration makes them violent sometimes, all he need is someone who should
guide him and make him feel loved.”
Richards said,” Surely I will try to be with him more often now, but what other
suggestion you have, do you know someone who can be with him most of the time and
can guide him.”
Charles thought for a while and said,” well Yes. I know someone. There’s a Lady Mrs.
bakers. She used to teach here few years back, she was very good with kids.
Unfortunately, her son died few months ago. She left the job to take care of him, but even
her best efforts couldn’t save him. I think she can take care of robin and it will be good
for her also.”
Richards thanked him and taken the contact of Mrs. Bakers. While his way back he
decided to meet her. He didn’t want to delay anything. He knew everyday robin is getting
away from him.
He reached at the given address. It was a small house, even the outside perimeter was
telling a sorry tale.
He entered into the main gate and finally dared to knock at the door. A lady in mid
Forties opened the door. She was little fat; age was clearly visible on her grey locks. She
looked at him, and asked,” Who is it?
Richards asked, ”Is it Mrs. Bakers?
She replied,”Yes. It is”
Richards started to tell his trouble with Robin and also asked her if she would like to take
care of his spoiled Son.
She thought for a while and then nodded her head.” Yes, I will take care of him.
Richards was more then happy to hear it, His face beamed with joy. He discussed the
benefits with Mrs. Bakers , which she happily agreed.
Richards decided to stay on another day, after postponing his business visit to France. He
wanted to be at home when Mrs. Bakers will come.
She came in the morning with her belongings around 9 AM. Richards introduced her to
everyone and then he called robin.
Robin didn’t hear him and even if he did, he didn’t bother to come down.
So Mrs. Bakers and Richards decided to meet him, in his room.
Richards knocked at his door then opened the door. As usual, robin wasn’t interested in
talking to his father. Richards introduced Mrs. Bakers to robin. He said, from now on she
will take care of you. Robin looked at him and yelled, “what do you mean, by taking care
of me, I am grown up I can take care of myself, I don’t need her or anyone else. Richards
said, “no one is asking you she will be here and you have to listen to her.
Then they both left. That day robin didn’t leave his room .Mrs. Bakers didn’t tried to
pursue him either.
The next day Richards left for his business meet.
Mrs. Bakers went to Robin’s room to wake him up.
He looked at her with anger, on that day there was only Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Bakers
were at home.
She was opening curtains of Robin’s room. He felt deep anger inside him. he felt as if
she was responsible for all the wrong things happening to him. He suddenly got up and
attacked her, before she could respond she was down on the ground. She couldn’t breathe
for few moments, she shrieked with fear.Mrs. Meyers heard her down at the hall. She
tried to run as fast as she could, but her age didn’t allow her to be fast enough. As she
entered into the room , she saw angry robin holding Mrs.Bakers down at the floor and
was looking for something , to hit her. Mrs. Meyers yelled at him, and ran towards him.
Her sudden reaction took robin off guard. He lost his grip on Mrs. Bakers, She couldn’t
get up immediately due to her weight, she turned and before she could get up robin was
again got the grip, and he wrapped his legs around her
She tried to break herself free but she was put down by her own weight. On the other side
Mrs. Bakers was trying to help her, she started to Pull Robin .But they both were feeling
helpless in front of a young sixteen year old teenager. Finally Mrs. Bakers got rid of
Robin’s grip and she rolled over and took a deep breathe. Put both her hand on her knees
and tried to get up, while Mrs. Bakers was still trying to keep Robin down, which she
couldn’t do for long.
He got up and ran towards Mrs. Bakers, he felt hate for her from the minute he saw her.
He wanted to vent his anger out, without thinking. Mrs. Bakers tried to hold him but she
failed, he looked around for in a fit of rage and opened his drawer. He found scissors
lying in there; he picked them up and attacked Mrs. Bakers. She saw him running
towards him with his raised hand and a scissors holding in his hand.
She trembled with fear and felt dizzy; she lost control over herself and held the door for
support. At that same time something hit her at stomach, she felt extreme pain for a
moment and then numb. She touched herself with her right hand, she felt warm, then she
looked at it, it was blood.
She fell unconscious on the floor. Robin was back to his senses now, he saw blood
oozing from Mrs. Bakers body. He realized what he has done.
He got scared and was shivering.
Mrs. Bakers shouted at him,” What have you done, robin? What have you done? Then
she picked up the receiver and called the ambulance.
Robin sat there, looking at Mrs. Bakers, his eyes were gone blank. His rage was taken
over by guilt, and repentance. He didn’t want to hurt her, he was too angry to assess the
outcome. He never wanted to take someone’s life. Never, not even in his worst dreams.
He was sitting there, looking at Mrs. Bakers. He was filled with remorse. He couldn’t
think, what will happen, if she will die. What if she had someone in the family, what if
she has a son like me. How he will feel. His eyes filled with tears, he started crying. Mrs.
Meyers sat near him, she held his hands, it was after a long time, that robin let her come
near to him. She wasn’t scared anymore. She told him that everything is going to be fine.
Robin wanted to believe it but he was still scared. They heard ambulance approaching.
Mrs. Meyers got up and after few minutes the medics were in the room. They took Mrs.
Bakers with them. Mrs.Meyers and Robin followed the Ambulance in a cab as none of
them wanted to drive or ask the driver to take them to the hospital.
Mrs. Meyers told the Police that it was an accident. They were convinced but still wanted
to take the statement from Mrs. Bakers, once she is awake. That day Robin and Mrs.
Meyers spent at the hospital, waiting for the news about Mrs. Bakers. By the afternoon
her surgery was complete and doctors told that she is going to be just fine.
That gave a relief to both Robin and Mrs. Meyers. They waited for some time, when the
doctor told them, that they can see her. As they entered into her room, the Police officer
accompanies them. Robin was scared inside, little drops moved down on his forehead.
The officer stared at him, as if trying to read him. He looked at Mrs. Bakers, who looked
at robin and then at Mrs. Meyers. The Officer asked her,” We want to take your statement
man, how you got injured?
She looked at robin, who looked completely pale, she replied,” It was an accident officer,
I hope My Friend Mrs. Baker must’ve told you .Now please excuse me I am not in the
position of answering your questions right now. I may do that a little later. Please do not
mind. Though the officer wasn’t too happy but he had to leave.
Robin took a sigh of relief, Mrs. Bakers looked at him, he couldn’t look at her. He felt so
ashamed of himself. What he was doing. What if something horrible must’ve happened?
Mrs. Meyers sat beside her bed and asked her, “how are you feeling? Mrs. Bakers said,” I
am fine now, I think I’ll survive. Then they both smiled and looked at Robin, Who was
flushed. He was so embarrassed and ashamed.
Finally he got courage and looked at Mrs. Bakers and said,” I am so sorry, I should’ve
done anything like that. I acted like a jerk. I don’t even know why I am so angry most of
the time. But that’s not an excuse for what I have done to you and yet you saved me. I
don’t know how to thank you, how can I even repay you.
Mrs. Bakers looked at him and she realized, He’s a new robin now, she was sure that the
things will be different now. She replied,” there’s only one way to repay me Robin.
You have to concentrate on your studies and promise me that you will never loose your
temper like this again. I know you are not a bad person. So I want you to just show
everyone, how good human being you are. Can you do that for me?
Robin had tears in his eyes at that moment and he immediately hugged her.
Mrs. Bakers smiled at Mrs. Meyers, and then said,” No, No, not so tight hug; you may
wear down my stitches”. And they all laughed.



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