What A Bad Day!
Emma The Apprenticeserialkiller


“Where are we going Dad?” Skippy asked from the back seat of the car.

Dad put his foot down on the accelerator and ignored him. He was furiously silent and Skippy thought that he could hear his Dad’s teeth grating.

His mum turned around in the front seat to tell him to shut up. She stared at him. Her stare was cold. Her expression told him to shut up.

Skippy looked at the back of his parents’ heads. They were both extremely angry at him; But in a way they the right to be angry with him. He was a failure just like his brothers and sisters. That was what they thought.

Every time he was with his parents he felt nervous. He sometimes thought that they were servants to the devil. If he did something wrong, maybe they might sacrifice him to their boss. Skippy would tell Satan what he really thought of him then.

He never had done anything seriously wrong but everyone is human. He was stuck with his parents and there was nothing he could do about it until he was sixteen.

Skippy wondered what had happened to his brothers and sisters. Skippy knew that he had three brothers and three sisters. He had known four of them quite well.

Skippy remembered back to his fifth birthday. It was the birthday he would never forget.

In the bedroom he had shared he was sitting quietly in a circle with his two sisters and two brothers.

His eldest sibling, Cara had been fifteen and she had a part-time job. She had bought him a birthday present.

Skippy was over-joyed with his brown teddy bear. Everyone had cried. They did not have too many happy occasions.

His brothers were twins, they were only nine and his younger sister was four.

Two years ago they had lost a brother and a sister in a car crash when their parents were angry with them for stealing.

Skippy couldn’t remember them, he was only three.

The group of children hushed when they heard the hinges on the door creak.

“No, it’s mum and dad,” his younger sister was so frightened. Skippy and the twins huddled around their younger sister. They all hugged. One day they would be in a better place. Skippy clutched the brown teddy bear to his chest with his free hand.

Cara stood in front of the group to protect them. She was the bravest. The younger children looked up to her.

Their parents were talking behind the door.

Their parents always tortured them and all the children had their fair share of scars and deep wounds. Dad’s favourite method of torture was peeling off the top layer of skin so it bleeds. Mum’s was the scalpel.

The door slowly opened.

Mum stepped in followed by Dad.

There eyes were burning red.

Mum saw the teddy bear that Skippy was holding on to tightly.

“How dare you get Skippy a present, Cara,” mum yelled.

Dad stepped forward and pulled a butcher knife out of his jacket.

Mum stood and watched with death in her eyes.

Cara was still standing tall and brave. She just stared at her Dad and hated him. He had made their lives hell. If mum was by herself she was fine.

Dad put a hand around Cara’s throat and started choking her.

“Please…” Cara made a gagging noise.

Dad was calm. He held a knife in front of her face and thought about what he was going to do. He smiled.

“Take one last look at your sister and your brothers. And look at that teddy bear. Do you regret it Cara?”

Her face was purple and her eyes were popping out but she still managed to shake her head.

Dad shook his head still smiling. He jammed the blade into her eye and loosened the grip around her throat to hear her scream.

“Aaaaahhhhhh,” she screamed.

Skippy’s little sister vomited when she saw the bloodied eye and Cara’s blood smeared purple veiny face. The brothers covered her eyes and the four children huddled closer.

Dad gouged Cara’s eyes out and threw them at Skippy.

“Here’s a birthday present Skippy!”

Now Skippy was crying and vomiting.

Dad stabbed her in the gut and mum had her knife out and had a few stabs.

Cara was well and truly dead now as she fell to the ground.

The four children kept quiet. They did not want to die.

“Now let this be a lesson to you,” Mum gave the children her trademark cold stare, left the room following dad and closed the door.

The children cried over Cara’s dead body.

“Angel’s belong in heaven,” one of the twins sobbed.

“She was our angel from heaven. She was watching over us in this hell,” the other twin said.

Now Skippy remembered back to that day it did not sound like something two nine year old boys would say.

His fifth birthday had confirmed that his parents were demons and they were evil. They had killed his three eldest siblings. What kind of parent would kill their children?

Skippy watched the cars zoom past.

He had no brothers or sisters left.

He hated the day when one of the twin’s heads was chopped off. The twin that was left was so depressed that he committed suicide.

After that Skippy thought he was next but when his younger sister mysteriously drowned in the bath he was terrified. He was the one that had to wait for his death.

He was surprised that he had survived this far. He was fifteen, the same age as Cara when she died. He would die today. He was positive. He had nothing left to live for.

The car’s engine died. They must of arrived but he didn’t dare look out the window or move. He would get a painful beating.

All he wanted was a quick painless death but that was exactly what his parents couldn’t give him.

His mother and father got out of the car and got something out of the boot. Probably a mace or brick or something that hurts.

His mum opened the car door. She stared at him coldly, “Get out,” her voice made him shiver.

Skippy frantically unbuckled his seat belt and hopped out of the car.
As soon as he got out he smelt the ocean. The car was parked on the edge of a precipice. Skippy backed away from the car. It looked like the car was ready to go tumbling down the cliff face for a swim.

There were a few tourists taking scenic photos of the sunset on the ocean. They gave mum and dad strange looks but when dad pulled his axe out where the tourists could see it they were so frightened they ran to their cars and drove off.

Skippy had to laugh. If the tourists stayed they would be the ones with their heads getting chopped off or tumbling down the rocky cliff in to the water instead of him.

The family of three were alone now.

His mother and father stood in front of him now. His dad had his axe in hand.

“Skippy, you are fifteen now and you have not done anything worth while with your life. You help orphaned children and feed the homeless. What the hell is that! Why can’t you just die Skippy?”

“Well it’s not my fault I don’t kill people for a living,” Skippy screeched back at his father.

“YES IT IS!” dad screamed. “All of our children have been failures!”

“We tried so hard with you Skippy. We disciplined you and disciplined you until we just couldn’t be bothered,” his mother added.

Dad swung axe at Skippy and missed.

“Die Skippy, die!”

Skippy was dodging his dad’s axe well. Skippy did not want to die by getting his head chopped off like his brother.

Skippy and his father were now standing near the car.

“Why did you call me Skippy Dad?” Skippy stepped away from the car.

“Because you were such an ugly baby. You had horribly big feet. And you reminded us of a kangaroo,” Dad smiled at mum remembering.

Skippy laughed. None of his brothers and sisters had weird names.

Dad was angered by his laughter and he pushed the car off the sea cliff.

Skippy was standing on the edge of the cliff now watching the car tumble down into the wild waves. He already knew that was going to happened and he was not surprised.

Mum whispered to dad, “Let me.”

She ran forward and went to push Skippy off of the cliff but Skippy just stepped out of the way and let her fall.

The father and son heard the mother scream. Skippy didn’t flinch but father was twitching with rage.

“How could you Skippy? You killed your own mother,” dad’s voice was quiet.

“I didn’t kill her. She stepped off the cliff. You two wanted to kill me anyway.”

“I will definitely kill you now. Die Skippy, die!”

Dad copied mum’s move exactly. Skippy moved out of the way to let his dad fall to his death.

For a while Skippy watched for moving figures he would hate to go down there alive.

He hoped that his brothers and sisters still loved him. He would join them soon. He would meet his eldest brother and sister. He would be with the angels soon.

Skippy threw himself off the cliff thinking of brothers and sisters. They had been his only family. His parents had been nothing.



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