The Sword Of Light: The Odyssey Of The Guardians (1)
Willie Travis Jr




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Fade In:


Beneath the light of the three great moons,large
winged Demons,swarm about the Ancient Temple,
like flies,around a putrid corpse.


Everything is still,and quiet,in the Sealroom.
Morrabus corpse lies on the walkway,extending
over the great abyss.Suddenly the corpse begin's
to move.The evil Sorcerer eye's open.

He stands up,taking in his surroundings.He runs
his hands over his abdomen,only to find a large
gaping hole,which is large enough,to see through!


What happened? where am i?

Morrabus memories start to come back,slowly.


I was slain.I am dead,but yet i live.How is
this possible?

Suddenly a God-like Voice answers his question!


You live through my graces.

Morrabus walks toward the source of the voice:
An ominous looking figure,with four great Ebony
horns,protruding from it's head!And a pair of
Leathery wings,extending from it's back!The
creature is seated on a Throne,before the open
doors,of the Great Seal.A massive Starfield
can be seen,through the Seal's entrance.


Who are you?


I am he that you sought,to enslave.I am
an outcast,I am the fallen son,of thy
Father,and he that,will see the Gates of


You are the Lord of Darkness..Erubus!

The Demon Lord sharp Canines,glint in the
darkness,as he lets out a great laugh.


What do you want,of me?


I sense much darkness,and hate in your,
vessel.I can almost taste it's,succulence.
Delicious.You have proven yourself,worthy
to do my bidding...and now i shall bless

Suddenly sharp pains shoot through the,Evil
Sorcerers body!Driving him to his knee's.
Morrabus screams in pain,as large Leathery
Wings,sprout from his back!


Rise my new disciple.

Morrabus rises to his feet.He runs his hands
over his Abdomen,and to his surprise,the gaping
hole,is no more.


There are those, that move against me,even as
i speak.They seek,something old,and arcane.An
object of great power..The Sword of Light.The
Sword that felled, my brethren,so long ago.They
must not obtain that accursed blade.There are
five of them-

 Morrabus interrupts.


Yes.I remember:The Guardians of the Crystal


You are to track them down,and destroy them.

A dozen or more large,Horned Demons,fly out
of the great Abyss below,like bats,leaving a cave!
They spiral about the room,before landing on the
walkway.Most of them,have four arms,with razor sharp
talons,and long forked tongues.But the largest of
them(the obvious leader)has six arms!


I place you in command,of my most elite..
the Nightmares.They will obey your every
command.Go now,and do not fail.

The newly resurrected Morrabus,great wings
propel,him off of the walkway,and up into
the air,where he is joined,by his new Demon


Morrabus and His "NIGHTMARES" exit the Temple,
and take to the air!Together they fly across
the nightsky,and vanish over the moonlit horizon!

fade to black.


             THE SWORD OF LIGHT

fade in


The Monarch of Zarania:Queen Taramis,and the King
of Oleddon:King Lightaxe,strides towards the great
doors,of the Throneroom.

            KING LIGHTAXE

It has been an honor,to have you as a guest,in
Oleddon,your are welcome,to stay
as long,as you would like.

            QUEEN TARAMIS

Thank you,for your hospitality,King Lightaxe.
But it is time,that my people and i,return
to our homeland.There is rebuilding to be
done,wounds to be healed.I have stayed,
long enough.Farewell,king Lightaxe.

As they approach the doorway,they are met by,


Greetings, your Highness.I must say,that it,
is an honor,to meet the mother,of such,a
courageous daughter.However,i feel things
may,not have bode well,for her.Erubus
has been released,which can only mean..
that she,and those accompanying her,were slain.

            QUEEN TARAMIS

Well,all any of us can do,is hope for the
best.I pray the Goddess,watches over her,
where ever that she may be.


Commander Vraxx,and the crew of the Vothinian
warship,stand in formation,on the maindeck.

           COMMANDER VRAXX(shouting)

Bring out the prisoners!

Five familiars are escorted onto the maindeck:
Aradeus,Vajiic el Hajiic,Alonna Zonn,Jacksillus,
and Godon.They all wear ankle,and wrist shackles.
The Vothinians guards,have their crossbows,trained
on our captured heroes.

Commander Vraxx,is handed a Scroll,by one of his
subordinates.He unrolls it,and begins to read aloud.


You are charged with ,conspiring to destabilize,
and destroy the Vothinian Empire.For this,the
penalty is.. Death.Any last words?

Release us at once,Vraxx!

Vraxx and his Crew,howl in laughter,at Aradeus


Preposterous.Extend the plank!

The Vothinian sailors,extend the,wooden plank.
The Vothinian guards,shove the heroes,towards
the plank.

             1st VOTHINIAN GUARD

Walk human!

Suddenly by way of Sorcerey,Vajiic breaks free,
of his Shackles!With a wave of his hand,the
four Vothinians guards,are repelled backward!

Afterward,vajiic breaks the bonds,of his

             COMMANDER VRAXX

Destroy them!

Vothinian troops rush towards them,with their
weapons drawn!Our heroes,evade and counter their,
movements.Well,all except Godon.He delves behind
some wooden barrels,and watches,from a safe distance.
Together the four heroes,outdo a dozen,or more
guards,and take their weapons!

Now armed with swords,they fight off Vothinian
troops,left and right!Vraxx,the cowardly commander,
pushes and shoves,his way through his men.Trying to
get out the path,of our heroes,who are doing a number,
on the Vothinian Sailors!Vraxx turns,and looks back
at the Melee:


Kill them!Kill them,you fools!

With a combination,of Energy and Magic Blasts,from
Aradeus and Vajiic,and Sword blows from,Alonna and
Jacksillus,the Vothinians numbers soon start to
Dwindle.Suddenly,the Elvinian Mage,summons up
strong wind gusts!Sending Vothinians overboard,and
into the deep blue sea,of Caralon!

Soon afterward,our four Guardians are the only ones,
standing on the main deck!Save for Commander Vraxx.
Jacksillus walks towards the Vothinian commander.

                COMMANDER VRAXX

You won't get away with this!


We already have.

Moments later,Vraxx goes flying overboard!He hits
the water, with a great splash!

Godon rejoins his companions on the Maindeck.


Good work guys!Well done indeed!


And where were you?


I..I was watching your back!

There is a moment of silence.


We must locate our weapons.


Yes,i'll look below.


Jacksillus,man the helm!Set a course north,for

Jacksillus mans the helm.The Warship slowly begins
to change course.The marooned commander Vraxx,and
his troops,watch as the ship slowly sails away.


Beneath the light,of the three moons,Armor clad,
Vothinian sentrys,patrol the Palace grounds.


The wall torches of the Throneroom,burn low.
A large Vothinian male,bearing a great Crown,
sits all alone,in the dimly lit throneroom.A
great broadsword,rests beside him.

Suddenly the walltorches flicker,as a rush of
air,enters the Throneroom! A disembodied voice,
begins to whisper,the large Vothinian's name.
The Snakeman is now alert.He grabs the hilt,
of his sword!

               LARGE VOTHINIAN

What trickery is this?!Who dares invade my


Hiss,come with me,and i shall show you power.
More power than you can ever imagine!


Power?I am Hiss!Sovereign of all that you
survey!My patience grows thin,show yourself!


Come with me,and all,shall be revealed.
Follow the sound of my voice.

King Hiss follows,as the voice leads him through,
the Palace!Up a flight of stairs,and onto a BALCONY.
Overlooking the Palace courtyard.Which is covered in,
a strange mist!


Behold true power.

The strange mist begin to lift,revealing a courtyard,
filled with Hordes of Demons!


Don't you yearn to regain,your kingdom's former,
glory? Don't you wish,to reclaim your lands,that
were taken from you,by the Humans?And To strike
fear,in the hearts,of all that oppose you?

               KING HISS

Yes,i do wish to see,my people returned to their,
former glory.Long have my people,suffered beneath
the shadows,of the Humans,and the Elves.But we are
powerless,to do anything about it!We are outnumbered
by those Cursed,Oleddonians,and their foul sorcerer,


I offer you the chance to obtain Vengeance,upon your
oppressors.Pledge your loyalty to me,and i shall,
bless thou.BEHOLD..

Suddenly the mist,begins to swirl around before,
the Snake King.Images of the realms of,Elvinia,
Vallachia,and Oleddon,appear in the strange vapor.


All the lands that appear before you,shall be yours
to inhabit!From the Elven realm,of Elvinia,to the
Desert wastes of Sirroco.Let them all bear your,
standards!You have only to do,one thing..

              KING HISS

What is this thing?


Bow to me.Pledge to me,your allegiance.

              KING HISS

But who are you?


I am the true god,of your people.To your forefather,
Pythonicus,i was the Deity known,as Jadite.To the
Elves,i am called,Xazirixx,the Trickster.I have many,
names,in many tongues,many different faces..i am all,
of these,and the same.I am the bane of all light..
Behold my true appearance!

Suddenly the Ethereal face of Erubus,appears in the ,
swirling grey mist,before the Snake king.


I am Erubus!The Lord Of Darkness!Join me,and know
true power!

King Hiss falls to one knee,and bows before the,
Lord of all the Demons.

             KING HISS

God of my forebears,ruler of the night..I am
yours to command.

Erubus sharp canines glint,as a wicked smile crosses,
his face.


The Jungle floor:Everything is still and Quiet.
Suddenly,a luminous being,with great wings appears.
It is an Ancient!With a great flap,of his wings,he
ascends into the air.Towards the Demon infested,sky

As the luminous being approaches,the demons take,
interest,and speed towards him!The Ancient sucess
fully,evades the incoming Demons,and accelerates
away,over the horizon!Leaving the Demons behind!

The Ancient comes to a stop,over the Desert city,


The city BURNS!It's citizen's run in fright,as
Giant wingless Demons,rampage down the streets,
of the burning city!The Ancient watches,as the
soldiers try to fend,off the invaders!But to
no avail!The once glorious city,is in it's final,
death throes.

Having seen enough,the Ancient speeds away!
Vanishing out of sight!


Our heroes:Alonna Zonn,Vajiic El Hajiic,
Jacksillus Arixxus,and Godon,are all,
lying asleep.Except Aradeus.Who gets up
and walks out,onto the:


The cool night sea breeze,rushes through his
garments,as he stares at,the three great full
moons.Suddenly,over the horizon,he spots great,
billows of smoke,rising from what,appears to be,
a burning city!Aradeus walks forward,to get a
better look,when suddenly,a voice overhead,breaks
the silence!


Your eye's do not deceive you mortal.The city that
you once knew,as no more.It's people are,
scattered,and subjugated.

Aradeus looks up,and beholds a radiant being!


Who are you? I thought your people,had all left
Elonia,ages ago.


I am called EON.Most of my kind,did leave.But a
small number of us,stayed behind.To safeguard,the
Seal.We feared that something,like this,would
occur.After long years,of perpetual vigilance,we
slowly became passive.And now..the world shall
pay the price,for our negligence.

Aradeus listens,intently to the Ancient.


Truly,the Sword of Light,is the only weapon,that
can defeat the Lord of Darkness.I tried to contain,
Erubus and his Legions,but he proved to be,the
stronger.The Demonlord has gained strength,since
his imprisonment,within the twilight realm.Our
presence alone,will not be enough,to quell Erubus.



You must seek the lands of Valoria,for mount
Taranthalas.Which lies deep,in the ancestral
home of the Ogres.There at the roof of the world,
you shall find the Sword of Light.

Eon begins to ascend slowly.


You must hurry Aradeus.Time is of the essence.
Farewell mortal.Our paths shall cross again.

The Ancient flys off.Leaving Aradeus alone,on the


The Warship sails toward,a Venice,Italy styled city.
Lined with four to six story stone buildings.


The great Vothinian warship,the Pythonicus,slowly
Docks in the Ship infested,Harbor of the great,
Seaport city,of Imica.The cobblestone streets,are
teeming with activity.Street merchants,pitch their
goods,as Humans,Tigrisians,and countless other races,
from known,and unknown realms,walk to and fro,about
the canal lined city.


Well,ladies and gentlemen,we've finally arrived.
Welcome to Imica.The most glamorous,and the most
decadent seaport,that i have ever known.

After the ship sucessfully docks,the gangplank is


I'm afraid that here,is where,we must part.


You're not coming?!


Afraid not kid.Maybe meeting you four landlovers,
wasn't so bad after all.I have a brand new ship!
Top of the line at that!I have everything,an old
sea dog,like me,could ever want!


It was nice,to have made your acquaintance,Jacksillus.
Kwal'Qu'onnis' had promised,you twelve thousand,in

Jacksillus interupts:


Hey forget about it.This ship is payment enough.
Farewell.I wish you all luck,on your quest.

Aradeus and Jacksillus lock arms.


Likewise.Farewell jacksillus.

Aradeus,Alonna,Vajiic,and Godon,exit the
Pythonicus,and proceed onto the Dock.


Hey princess,how about becoming my firstmate aboard
my new vessel?!We would make a good team!What do
ya say?!

Alonna turns,and proceeds towards the city.Her three,
companions does likewise.


Oh well..i tried.

Jacksillus mans the helm.The Pythonicus and it's new
captain,slowly pulls away,from the dock.And heads out,
towards the open sea.


Thousands of Vothinian troops,alongside hordes of
Giant Wingless Demons,stand in formation,on a great,
arid plain!King Hiss,and his Field Marshals,who are
dressed in full armor,sit on their mounts.Surveying
the troops.

              FIELD MARSHAL #1

The Demons follow orders perfectly,sire.They will
be very efficient,in battle.All that they require,
is your command,my lord.

               KING HISS

Good.Tommorow we march,for Oleddon.


The rays from the early morning sun,shine down
on the magnificent city of Oleddon.Bathing it in
a majestic light.As streams of refugees,from the
conqered Desert realms,file into the city.


King Lightaxe,and the wise old Sorcerer,Tormellon,
stand in front,of a great window,of the study.Staring
down at the refugees.As they file pass the guards,
stationed at the city gates.

                KING LIGHTAXE

Look at them Tormellon,so many of them.


yes.They have been pouring in,for two days,

                 KING LIGHTAXE

Soon we shall,run out of space.There is no way,
that we can contain,them all.


Once again we have become,a beacon of light,in
this hour of darkness.To shelter,and give hope,to
those who have,lost their's.

                 KING LIGHTAXE

I have a feeling,that before all of this is over,
all that we shall,have to rely on,is hope.

King Lightaxe strides out,of the Study,leaving
Tormellon alone.


King Lightaxe,Tormellon,along with the Ambassadors,
of the four Realms,sit in the Throneroom.The center,
of attention in the room,is a Tall Dark,Bearded,Man.
Dressed in Long regal garments.His voice,fills the
entire room,as he speaks.


                 BEARDED MAN

I implore you,all of you,ride back with us!Help us
free our people,and reclaim our Lands!Send forth,
your Armies!Together we can defeat,Erubus!I throw
myself,at your mercy!Please recognize our plight!
You must come to our aid!What is your answer?

The Ambassadors converse,among themselves,as King Light
axe,sits contemplating the matter.The Bearded Man,
stands awaiting their answer.Suddenly,a Winged,
and Radiant being,appears in the Throneroom!Filling
the entire room,with light!


An Ancient!


The answer is no,Sultan Hasheed.To ride to Arabul's
aid,at this time,would serve no purpose.But know that,
the hour to liberate,your people,and your Lands,shall
come.But that hour,is not now.

The Sultan bows,as the Ancient comes down
to the floor.


There is a pressing matter,at hand.War is coming.
The Vothinians,are marching towards your city!Along
with fifty thousand Demons!

                  KING LIGHTAXE

Fifty thousand?! How soon will they arrive?


By Daybreak.We have much preparing,to do.


Our four heroes,endure the frigid North air.As they
trek across,the uneven Forest floor.Godon walks,
alongside Princess Alonna.


So Princess,or should i say,your highness..if we
survive this quest,have you ever wondered,about
what you will do,after all of this,is over?


Yes.Quite often Godon.If my mother did not survive,
at the hands,of the Vothinians,the task of leading
my people,will fall to me.It will be up to me,to
lead,my people,into a better tomorrow.I pray the
Goddess,bestows her wisdom,upon me.That i may be
a good,and just ruler.


I feel that you,will make a great Queen.

Alonna smiles.


And what are your plans,for the future,young


I don't know.I guess after all of this is over..
i shall return home,to Haldorath.And resume my

Soon the four heroes,come up on a:


comprised of small,Stone houses.Everything is
still,and quiet.There is not a sign,of life,in
the Village anywhere.The Guardians proceed,down
it's narrow,and muddy streets.


This village appears to,be abandoned.


It is too quiet.Be wary.I sense great evil here.

They slowly advance,through the Village.Suddenly a
man,comes running down the street,towards our heroes!
His clothes are torn,and bloody!There is fright in
his eyes.


Please,help me!Help me please!

The man falls,to his knees!


You have to help me!please!


What happened here?!


They came during the night!They killed
everyone!Everyone is dead!I can still,
hear their screams!The Women,children..
they're all dead!They killed them all!!


You have to calm down.Relax.Tell us,who
came during the night?

As the frightend villager,is about to tell,
a sharp Demonic Scream,pierces
the air!


It's them!They're back!we're all dead!All
of us!We're all dead!!

The man frantically gets to his feet,and runs
away!Only to meet,his demise at the TALONS,of
a large winged Demon!



Aradeus,and Alonna draw their swords!Vajiic stands
ready!His staff in hand!And Godon:stands petrified!
Demons rush out,at the Guardians,from all directions!
Godon seeks shelter,as our Heroes,and the Demons,fight!

With Alonna,Vajiic,and Aradeus,fighting in unison,the
Demons numbers,start to dwindle!But dozens more,begin
pouring into the streets!Quickly advancing towards our
heroes!Alonna swiftly retreats her sword,and prepares,
her bow!


It's an Ambush!

Aradeus channels energy,up to the Blade of his Sword,
and begins,to fend off Demons,left and right!Alonna
picks off attacking demons,with her bow!Suddenly,
Vajiic goes into meditation!Rocks,rise from the
ground,and begin orbiting around his body!

Suddenly the rocks,shoot out in all directions!They
ricochet off the Stonewalls,of the houses,at high
speeds!Impacting and Killing demons,with each deadly
pass!Suddenly a Gigantic Demon,burst through the wall,
of the Stone House,directly behind Alonna!

But the daughter,of Queen Taramis,is alert!She fits
two arrows,on her bow,and sends them speeding,into
the Demon's vital organs!Before the Large Demon
collapses,green acid from it's wicked,maw,splatters
onto Alonna's breastplate!Burning it's
way through,to her skin!

Alonna screams,and falls to her knees,as Aradeus
runs to help her!At that very moment,in:


Queen Taramis,and her Warriors,are progressing across,
the countryside,when suddenly,the Queen,falls to her
knees,holding her bosom!Her Subordinates,rush to aid

                 1st SURBORDINATE

My lady,are you alright?!

                 QUEEN TARAMIS

Yes..yes.I am fine.A pain just shot,through me.The
likes of which,i have never known!


Alonna lies on the ground,uncounscious.Aradeus,and
Vajiic,stand guarding,their injured friend!Even as
they are surrounded,by dozens of large,black,leathery
Winged,Demons!The two Warriors,stand ready.waiting
for the Demons to attack!


 What are they waiting for?

Aradeus question,is soon answered.The throng of Demons,
part as a Winged and Hooded figure,wearing long black
garments,slowly approaches!The strange robed figure,
greets them with a bow.An Icy Voice emanates,from
beneath it's hood:

                 ROBED FIGURE

Well,well,well.What have we here?The little Ranger of
Vallachia!Along with a little Elf,a Gnome,and a
Princess!All alone,and so very far away,from home!Sent by
Tormellon,to try to stop me.Why you seem perplexed
Aradeus.Is this any way,to greet an old friend?


Who are you?How do you know my name?

The robed figure,removes his hood.Revealing himself,to
be our old friend: MORRABUS!


Impossible!You were slain,in Zaulta!


You look displeased to see me.This should be a
time to rejoice!How about we catch up,on
old times?

By way of Sorcerey,the evil resurrected,
Sorcerer,yanks Aradeus off the ground,and
suspends him in mid air!


Now lets see..where were we last?Oh yes!i remember..
I was about to kill you!

Again by way of his Dark Magic,he frees the Sword,
from Aradeus hand!The Sword begins a deadly spin,
before Aradeus!It's rotation becomes faster,and
faster!As the Ranger,is about to prepare for the
Death blow,Vajiic levitates a Stone,from the
ground!And sends it speeding,into Morrabus fore

The Evil Sorcerer's concentration breaks!Aradeus
falls,to the ground!


Aradeus,come quickly!

Aradeus grabs his Sword,and rejoins Vajiic.Godon
scurrys from behind,a pile,of wood.Rejoining his
two companions!Vajiic raises his Staff,Tele-
porting himself,and his friends away!

              (to the demons)

They must not escape!Find them,and destroy them!


There is a hub of activity,upon the walls of Oleddon.
Knights rush,to and fro,fortifying the walls,and pre-
paring Cannons,as King Lightaxe,and the Ancient,
observe from a Defense Tower,of the wall.


Everything is nearly prepared.Now i must take,my
leave of you.There are other matters,to which i
must attend.

                   KING LIGHTAXE

You are leaving?! Now?! But Your presence alone,gives
my Knights,hope!If you leave now-

The Ancient interrupts.


Fear not,King Lightaxe.I shall not abandon you,in
this dark hour.I shall return,at the time,of your
greatest need.Until then,Mortal!

Eon flys off,into the Heavens.Leaving King Lightaxe,
alone in the Tower,staring out over,the lush green
hills,of Oleddon.


A green,and peaceful,countryside.Everything is
serene.Until suddenly,a great white flag,bearing
two intertwined Snakes,is seen rising over the
hills!It's bearer is revealed to be,an armor clad
Vothinian!Behind the Standard Bearer,marches thousands
more of Armor clad,Vothinian Troops.Along with
Gigantic Demons.

Great Cannon wheels,tear into the Earth,as teams
of Horses,pull them across,the green Countryside.
King Hiss,rides admidst his Generals.A smile of
Anticipation crosses his face.As they slowly,
progress,towards Oleddon.


Our heroes have taken shelter,in the ruins of,
a once great Castle.Aradeus and Godon,kneel
beside Alonna,who is still lying uncounscious.
Vajiic returns,with a handful,of freshly pulled,
plants.He quickly applies,the plant's Juices,to her


I have good news,and bad.


what is the good news?


She has a very high fever.She will need help,or
she may perish.But,this salve,should comfort her


And the bad news?


The Demons are fast approaching,our immeadiate
vicinity.We must take our leave,of this place.



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