The Odyssey Of The Guardians (1)
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Long ago,a great evil entered our world,which
threatend to destroy all that was good.This evil
was known as the Demons!

Fade In


Large winged Demons rampage through a burning
village, killing the frightend, fleeing villagers.


The Demons were lead by their master, Erubus, The
Lord of Darkness. An evil being of immense power,
that wished to see all life on Elonia perish. He
launched an assault, on all the races, of Elonia.
It was to be the dawn of a new age... THE DEMON

Ext-destroyed kingdom-night

A once great kingdom, lies in ruins. Great Dragon
like Demons circle in the air above, its smoldering


No one could stand alone against the might of
Erubus, and his Demon hordes. Until one day,angelic
like beings, only known as the Ancients, brought
the races of Elonia together, to form an alliance.

Ext-Battlefield -Day

The unified Armies, of all the races of Elonia,
stand in formation, on a great, green, plain.
Thousands of Demons, of all shapes and sizes,
rush across the lush plain, towards the forces
of the Alliance.


Erubus forces were defeated,and driven back.But
soon there came time for the final battle. The
battle against Erubus, Lord of the Demons. So
the Ancients presented the Alliance, with an
almighty weapon, called the seal.


The Armies of the Alliance stand in formation,
beneath a red dusk sky. The great dark demonic
form of Erubus, looms before the great army. It
is the final battle between light and dark.


On that day, an Epic battle was fought, In the
years to come, it would be remembered as the
great war. On that day the Seal was opened.
Erubus and his armies were sucked in.


Demon's fly past the soldiers, and into the
Circular metallic structure. Erubus is
the last one to be pulled in. He claws and tears
at the ground, as he is slowly being pulled into
the Seal. Before the ground gives away,Erubus


You cannot defeat me! I shall return! And
on the day of my shall all

Erubus is pulled into the great Seal. The Seal's
great Iris doors shut. Imprisoning the Demons
forever. The soldier's rejoice.


Things went back to normal on Elonia. The Ancients
left, and the "Great seal" was made lost. But
before it was hidden, it was locked with a crystal
key, called the Crystal of light. The key's
location was safeguarded for centuries. But now a
Servant of Darkness seeks to claim it, and release
the Demons of old.

Title appears:

The Odyssey Of The Guardians

Titles End.


Women clad in armor, fight hordes of intruding
Vothinian (Snakemen) troops, on the palace grounds.
Due to superior numbers, the Vothinian troops gain
ground. They begin ramming the palace door.


The Queen quickly places a glowing crystal in a
small traveling chest. She quickly gives the chest
to a tall, ravenhaired, armor clad woman.


Alonna, the Vothinians must not obtain the
Crystal of Light. You must leave for oleddon
immediately. Once there, seek the wizard
Tormellon.He will guide you from there.


But what about you mother? I just can't leave
you here.


I shall be fine daughter.The Goddess watches
over me,and our home.Go,time is running out.
The Vothinians must not capture you.

They quickly embrace each other. The Vothinians
knock down the palace doors. The Vothinian troops
enter the throneroom! Four Vothinians armed with
crossbows, surround the Queen! The rest begin
searching the throneroom!


Search the Throneroom! Search everything!

As the soldiers search, a large armorclad Vothinian
enters. He wears two great swords on his swordbelt.
Two wicked bonespikes protrude from his forearms.
The soldiers come to attention,as the Large
Vothinian approaches.


Lord Caliban. We have found nothing.

Lord Caliban,scans the Queen,over.


Bring her. Torch the palace.


Yes my Lord.


The princess rows her canoe across the sound, toward
the mainland, as she watches flames engulf the palace
of Zarania.


Vothinian troops lead their shackled Zaranian
prisoners onto their awaiting warships,and bears
them away, over the sea.


The princess, on horseback, gallops across the lush
green countryside, towards a great city, surrounded
by defense walls.


The princess rides through the crowded streets
towards a magnificent Ivory Tower.

Ext-Ivory Tower-Oleddon-Day

Alonna dismounts her horse on the tower grounds.
And proceeds towards the entrance. She is met at
the door, by a robed individual.


What is your business here?


I must see the wizard Tormellon. It is urgent.

The robed man bows, and welcomes her inside.


A tall man dressed in long black garments is bent
over a table, studying Ancient texts and maps, when
suddenly a Vothinian soldier enters, breaking his


Lord Morrabus. We have brought you the prisoner
as you requested.


Yes, bring her in.

Two Vothinian guards escourt the shackled Queen of
Zarania into the study.


Remove her shackles, and leave us.

The guards removes the shackles, and exit the room.


Welcome Queen Taramis. We have much to discuss.
Where shall we begin? Maybe you can start by
telling me, where the crystal of light is.


I will tell you nothing Sorcerer. The crystal
of light shall never be yours.


Come now, my dear Queen. This is getting us
nowhere.And my patience,is wearing thin.

By way of Sorcerey, Morrabus levitates the Queen
off the floor!


Your mind is so small and feeble. You will tell
me everything. I shall rip away every strand
of memory that you possess.

Morrabus telepathically delves into her memories!
His mind is flooded with images!Suddenly he comes
across what he seeks:


So, there is a princess! How touching,you gave
the crystal to your daughter! What's this?
Oleddon!She took the Crystal of Light to

Morrabus releases her. The Queen slumps to the


You have showed me more than enough, my dear
Queen. Guards!

Three Guards enter.


Take her away. Inform Lord Caliban, that I
wish to see him immeadiately.

The guards bow and exit.

Int-Study-Ivory Tower-Oleddon

Alonna stands before a crimson robed man, with a
chest long white beard. The crystal key rests on
the desk.


This is grim news indeed. I can see only one
alternative... the Crystal of Light must be
destroyed. But the decision is not solely mine.

He picks up the Crystal, admiring it's beauty.


I shall go before the King, and request an
assembly of the Lords of the four realms. Then
it shall be decided, what is to be done with
the Crystal. Come.


The Human, Elvinian, and Dwarven Kings Stride into
the throneroom, along with their Subordinates. The
crimson robed man enters. He carries a small chest
and a staff. Alonna follows behind.

The Kings and their subordinates seat themselves.
Alonna takes a seat among them. The robed man sets
the smallchest, on a table before the audience. He
bows to the King of Oleddon,King Lightaxe,who is
seated on his throne.


Everyone is here. You may begin Tormellon.


Welcome close friends and allies of old. We are
gathered here today, to decide on a matter that
concerns, all who dwell on Elonia. A new threat
looms before us. There are servants of Darkness,
seeking a small object of immense power, which
could bring about our doom.

Tormellon's words unsettle the audience. The Wizard
opens the small chest, on the table,revealing the
beautiful Crystal of Light.


Behold the Crystal of Light. The key that
locked the great doors of the Demonlord's
prison,the Great seal, eons ago. Now the
Vothinians seek to release Erubus, upon the
world once again. So now we must come to a
decision...what is to be done with the key?

The Dwarf King stands,and addresses the audience

               DWARF KING

      The key could be relocated.We the Dwarves of
      Arboria,could safekeep it,within our great
      halls,beneath the northern mountains.No foul
      snakes could ever penetrate our defenses.


     And i do not doubt your words,King Banehammer.
     But for every realm,there are creatures drunk
     with ill thoughts.If not the vothinians,some
     other creature,of malevolent design,would seek
     it.There is only one,solution...The Crystal of
     Light,must be destroyed

The audience is silent.


     The Crystal key,must be taken into,the land
     of Dagorrah.Once there,it must be crushed by
     the Hammer of Asbanicus.

A Human King stands up.

               HUMAN KING

     But it is said,that Giants dwell there.All
     that venture to that cursed land,never return.


     your statement is well taken,King Odono.These
     are perilous times.The key poses,to much of a
     threat.And to alert the public,would cause
     mass panic,and send an army,
     would draw too much attention.

The Elvinian King stands up.

                ELVINIAN KING

      What do you suggest we do,Tormellon?


      Someone must undertake a quest,to rid
      us of the key.But who?

From among the Elves,a dark skinned Elf stands
up,holding a staff.


       I Vajiic El Hajiic,Mage of Elvinia,
       shall undertake this quest.

And from among the Humans,two Men stand up.
One older,and clad in Knight's Armor,and
the other,more youthful Man,wears a long,
leather,traveling cloak.

                OLDER MAN

       And I,Kwal'Qu'onnis,Knight of Harraliah
       Shall join you.

                YOUNGER MAN
       And I!Aradeus,Ranger of Vallachia,
       Pledge my sword,to this cause.

       come forward,brave souls.

Vajiic El Hajiic,Kwal'Qu'Onnis,and Aradeus,
leave their contemporaries,and stand before


        Two Men, and a Elf. Is that all?



Alonna joins Aradeus, kwal quonnis, and Vajiic
El Hajiic.


        I Alonna Zonn, Princess of Zarania
        shall also undertake this quest.


        I stand corrected,two Men,an Elf,
        and a Princess. Good, you are now
        the Guardians of the Crystal Key.


Morrabus and Lord Caliban,lean over a veiwpool,
spying in on the events, taking place in the
Palace of Oleddon.


       There it is,Caliban.The Crystal of Light.
       the Key to ultimate power.Power that shall
       be mine. Caliban, prepare your men,we shall
       pay them a little visit.


King Lightaxe converses,with the visiting kings,
and their subordinates.Alonna strides up to King
Lightaxe,and addresses him.


      Forgive my intrusion, your highness,but I
      must have your word, that my mother,my
      people,will not suffer, all their days,under
      the cruel yoke, of the Vothinians.

King Lightaxe takes Alonna's hand into his.

                 KING LIGHTAXE

      Princess Alonna Zonn, you have my word
      that i, Drake Octavius Lightaxe,King of
      Oleddon, shall do all that is within my
      power, to see your mother,and your
      people set free.


      Thank you, your highness.

King lightaxe, and the visiting kings,along
with their subordinates, exit the Throneroom,
leaving Tormellon, and the four heroes alone.


      Well, i gues we should be getting

Suddenly Morrabus teleports into the hall along
with a squad of Vothinian Troops.The Vothinans
brandish Swords and Crossbows.
    Master Tormellon!The years have been kind to you.


    Morrabus! How dare you call me by that title! I
    could never have taught such a monster as you!
    you took the wisdom, that i imparted,and used it
    for your own twisted desires!


    Why Tormellon!! You injure me! After all these
    years, i thought you would be elated to see a
    former apprentice. But i guess it was inevitable,
    for like all true loves, it withered down the

Our heroes,draw their weapons, as the Vothinians,
slowly advance.

     Enough of this idle banter! Give me the Crystal
     of Light, and i may spare all of your lives!




     Very well.(To the Snakemen)Kill them.!

Our heroes and the Vothinians fight! By way of
sorcerey, Morrabus slams the Doors of the Throne
room, shut!


     Now, no one can interrupt our "business".

Tormellon and Morabbus fight! Lord Caliban'
the large Vothinian ,seems to have the ad
vantage, over Kwal'Qu'onnis, with his double
swordblows!But due to superior footwork, and
swordmanship, the old knight, puts Lord Caliban
on defensive retreat!

After a toe-to-toe magic battle, involving
everything from, Fireballs to Telekinesis,the
two Wizards come to a standoff! In a short
time,the Vothinians numbers, dwindle down to
only two: Lord Caliban,and one Soldier.


  Morrabus, it's over.Surrender!


      Fool! Do you think that this is the
      extent of my powers?

Morrabus raises his Staff, the Floor Cracks apart!
Death grinning, Skeleton Warriors, brandishing
swords, and shields, rise from the cracked Marble


   Destroy them!!

The Skeleton Warriors attack. Morrabus casts a
blindness spell over Tormellon. With Tormellon
out of the way, Morrabus proceeds toward the
Crystal Of Light!

Alonna rushes toward Morrabus, with her sword


       Foolish girl!

By way of Sorcerey, the Evil Wizard levitates
Alonna, off the floor, and sends her speeding
towards one of the Great Support Columns of
the Throneroom! Tormellon overcomes his blind
ness, just in time, to save Alonna, from impact
ing with the Great Column!He safely levitates
her down to the floor.

Morrabus lifts up the small chest.!


    Now the Ultimate Power is mine!

The two remaining Vothinians, rejoin Morrabus.
with a stamp of his staff, the Evil Wizard,
along with his minions, teleport out of the
Throneroom! Upon the Wizard's departure, the
Skeleton Warriors, fall and break apart!

Palace Guards burst into the Throneroom!
King lightaxe, and the visiting Kings,
follow behind.

               KING LIGHTAXE

     What happend?


     It was Morrabus. He has the key.


     And we have no way to track him.


     It appears that lost.


     Perhaps not Vajiic. There is someone who,
     knows the location of the Great Seal. He
     is called Snowbark Greenstem. He is the
     eldest of the Gnome council,of Haldorath.
     I am sending you there,at once! Upon your
     arrival, seek his counsel.

Tormellon raises his Staff, and Teleports the
four Guardians away.


     Farewell Guardians. The fate of our world
     depends upon your sucess.


Among the great trees, two young Gnomes, gather
sticks off of the leaf covered, forest floor.
One of the Gnomes decides to take a break.

            1ST GNOME

      I tell'ya Hoggy, one day i'm gonna
      leave this forest, and have


       HAH!You're dreamin Godon. You're
       never leaving Haldorath.

            GODON'll day.

Godon sighs, and resumes gathering wood.Suddenly
two Men, a Woman,and a Elf,appear out of thin air!
Hoggy drops his bundle of sticks,and scurrys away!
Leaving Godon behind!


       Are you Phantoms?


        I assure you, that we are quite
        alive.There is no need to fear us,
        we are friends.


         What do you want?

     We seek someone very wise. He is called
     Snowbark Greenstem.Can you take us to


      Well, i suppose i could.Follow me.

The young Gnome leads our four Heroes through,
the Forest.


Morrabus holds the Crystal of Light, out before him.
A beam of light exits the crystal, and extends over
the horizon.

Morrabus joins Lord Caliban, and his troops, at the
base of the hill.


Lord Caliban. I now know our path, prepare your
men. We shall need fresh horses, and many days
worth of provisions. There is a long journey
ahead of us.

Lord Caliban bows, and begins shouting commands to
his troops.


Godhood awaits.

Ext-Tree City- Haldorath-Day

Light faeries fly about the great Tree City,as
Godon leads the Guardians across a suspended log
bridge,toward's a Great Tree.


We are here,the Tree of the Elders.

Int.Tree of Elders -Day

Six Elder Gnome's sit on plush pillows. The seventh
pillow is vacant. The wood floor is glossy. Great
panoramic windows are behind the Elders.


Godon! You were told to gather wood for the
bridges! What are you doing back so early?!


Forgive me Elder Thistlebark.I was gathering
wood,but I met these four strangers, who
sought the counsel of Elder Snowbark.So i
lead them here.

Kwal Qu Onnis steps forward.


Forgive the boy. He did as i requested. I am
afraid that we are to blame for the boy's
disobedience. For this, we apologize.


Apology accepted. We are the Elders of the
Gnome Council.I am stembark.I preside over
the Council in Snowbark's absence.Tell me..
Who are you?


I am Kwal Q-

Kwal'Qu'Onnis is interrupted by a third Elder Gnome.


Your name is Kwal'Qu'Onnis. You and your friends,
are from Oleddon.Something was stolen from you.
The Crystal Of Light, it was taken by a Sorcerer,
who intends to release a great EVIL.And without the
Crystal, you have no way of locating the Great
     Seal.So,you came here,in search of Snowbark


Why yes! That's exactly right.But how do
you Know of this?


Your thoughts travel at random.They Echo very


You must forgive Elder Silvertwig He has the
skill to read and translate thoughts.


I am afraid that Elder Snowbark is not here.
He and his apprentice were kidnapped by a band
of Goblins, during their evening stroll.. they
were taken into Dark Forest.


Where is this Dark Forest?


Dark Forest is the older portion of the Forest.
It is where the Trees have grown so great,that
     they blot out the sun's Light. Gnomes that
venture there... are never seen again.


We must journey there. We must rescue Elder,
Snowbark and his apprentice. Can you tell us,
which direction it Lays?


Dark Forest lays west of here. But..I feel
to journey there now... would be pointless.
I fear that Snowbark and his apprentice...
are dead.


Elder Snowbark and his apprentice still breathe.
I can sense them. Their Lifeforce is strong.


Can you sense their location?


They are deep in Dark Forest,somewhere under
ground.Within the catacombs of the Goblins.
I shall serve as your guide.


Elder Silvertwig. This journey could be very


No harm shall come to me.

Elder Silvertwig closes his eyes.His head drops.
His Astral plane body lifts out of his physical body,
and walks over to the Guardians.


Come. Let's begin our journey.

Silvertwig and the Guardians exit the Tree of Elders.


Standing before Silvertwig and the Guardians are
thousands of Towering Great Trees. Their tops
are so great,that they block,Sunlight from
reaching the Forest floor.


We are here...DarkForest.A place of perpetual
night. This realm that we are about to enter
is filled with perils. Stay close, do not stray.

Silvertwig and the Guardians proceed into DarkForest.

P.O.V.-The Guardians step into a world of night,
leaving daylight behind them. Small aniamls scurry
out of their path. Silvertwig and the Guardians
proceed deeper into DarkForest.

Above on the Tree branches, sit's dozens of massive
black forms. Their Green slanted eyes stare down
ominously at the Intruders.

Vajiic searches the Tree Tops.


We are being watched.

Suddenly.. the massive black forms leap to the ground!
Surrounding Silvertwig and the Guardians! Terrifying
Growls emanate from them, as they slowly advance!

Vajiic El Hajiic fires blast's of Magic admidst
the creatures. The creatures scatter. Silvertwig and
the Guardians continue through the forest. They come
to a steep hill. They proceed up the incline.

P.O.V.-Once at the top... Silvertwig and the Guardians
spot a cave entrace on the other side.Two tall,slender
creatures, with Treebark for skin,stand guard at the


Elder Silvertwig, what sort of creatures are


Those are Forest walkers. I thought them to be
long extinct. snowbark is being held in there. We
must Gain entrance into that cave.


That can be arranged.

Alonna fit's two arrows into her bow. Aims..and fires.
Both arrows strike the Forest walkers simultaneously!
Both forest walkers fall to the ground.. DEAD.

Silvertwig and the guardians proceed into the cave.


Droplets of water drips from stalactite on the ceiling.
Burning torches align the walls of the cave passage.
Elder Silvertwig and the Guardians proceed down the

Elder Silvertwig staggers, holding his chest.




I have been out of body too long. come. We must

The Five companions hurry along the passageway.Until
they reach a cross section.


Which way?

Goblin voices are heard Coming from the end, of
one of the passageways! Their shadows travel
ahead of their voices!


Straight ahead. Hurry!

Elder Silvertwig and the Guardians scurry down the
passage ahead! The shadows and voices are revealed
to belong to wet-pointed-ear-pointed nose-bow legged


What is that stench?


What stench? I don't smell anything.


I could have sworn, I smelled...Humans,
and a Elve...


Humans and a Elve?! In DarkForest?! Hah!

The two Goblins proceed down the passage way. Elder
Silvertwig and the Guardians continue down
the passage way. Suddenly Silvertwig begin's
to fade in and out.


Silvertwig! What is happening?


I can stay with you no longer. I must return to
my body. Stay on this path. It shall lead to
Elder Snowbark. Farewell.

Silvertwig fades out. The Guardians continue down
the passsage way. Suddenly they encounter a Goblin!
The Goblin goes for it's dagger! It is met by an
arrow,between the eyes! The Goblin falls to the
ground dead!

The Guardians continue. They began to hear many
raised voices, ahead of them. Coming from the end
of the passage. They approach slowly. The voices
grow louder.


The hall is filled with dozen's of pointed-nose-
pointed ear disputing Goblins! A great iron
cage, containing two old, and one
young... sit in the midst of the arguing Goblins.


You will get what I say, you shall get! And
I say that you and your pack, get the table


We grow tired of taking orders from you! We
are tired of being told.. when to eat, When not
to eat! It's time for a new leader! It's time to
bash this one's skull in!



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