The Chronicles Of Jack Arixxus
Willie Travis Jr




Four male Theopians,dressed in long white,and blue
garments,stand in the center,of six vertical Emerald
slabs.The wind playing through their garments.Images
of various parts,of the world,appear within the slabs
smooth surface.

The tallest,and oldest,of the four Theopians,turns
towards his small,audience of three.The lines around
his eye,along with the whiteness of his beard,showing
signs of his many years.He leans on his Emerald staff.

                   ELDER THEOPIAN

My students.Future Sorcerers of Theopia...take heed.
Some call this place,"Hill of the Shardstones".Our
people call it,"Shibboleth".It means "Sacred place".
From this place,one can look into,other realities.
Some have said,that one can see..the past,and even
the future.

The three Theopians listen,intently as the old
Sorcerer speaks.

                   ELDER THEOPIAN

Not many know of this place.None yet,even know it's
true purpose.

                    1st THEOPIAN STUDENT

Master Akaron,who built this place?

                    MASTER AKARON

No one really knows.According to our legends,long
before our people,built our grand cities,or even
mastered the art,of crafting Emerald,it is said,
that a group of travelers,hailing from a distant
land,stopped here.


                     MASTER AKARON

And here,they built what stands,before us today.It's
true purpose,lost to time.

As Master Akaron,is talking,one of his students,approaches
one of the large,vertical Shardstones.His P.O.V- Inside
it,he views a world of unparalleled beauty! He reaches out,
touching the slab,when suddenly the image dissapears!

Suddenly,the young Theopian,is brought out of his thoughts,
by Master Akaron's,stern voice!

                      MASTER AKARON

Vojaxaron!Did you have a question?


Yes,Master.Why can one,not enter these other worlds?

                      MASTER AKARON

Travel through the Shardstones,is impossible.No power
exists on the surface world,that has the capability,to
break through the barriers,protecting each of the other

Master Akaron,walks over to Vojaxaron.Placing his hand,
on Vojaxaron's shoulder.

                     MASTER AKARON

To even attempt,such a thing,would have devastating
consequences.For every action,there is an opposite
reaction.Always remember that,my Student.

Master Akaron turns towards,the rest of his students.

                      MASTER AKARON

Well,my students.That's all for today.It's time,we
head back.

Suddenly,a huge Emerald Triangularium,appears over
the Hill.A thin transport Disk,made of Emerald,
descends from the,ship's underside.Quickly descending
towards the,Four Theopians.

Master Akaron,along with his three students,step onto
the transport disk.Leaving Vojaxaron,staring at the
Shardstones.Master Akaron calls,out to Vojaxaron:

                        MASTER AKARON



Yes master!At once!

Vojaxaron joins the others,atop the transport disk.Together
they rise,into the Triangularium.Afterward the huge ship,
speeds over,the snowcapped Mountains!


The great Emerald City,sets sprawled over a lush,green
meadow.Beneath the light,of the three,great moons.


Robed Theopian Men,and Women,walk to and fro about,the
great Emearld Hall.Some train against each other.Having
telepathic bouts,with each other.While some concentrate,
on levitating objects:large and small,with their minds.

Amidst them,we find Vojaxaron.Locked in a telepathic
bout,with a fellow student.Where the two,try to force
each other,backward!Suddenly Vojaxaron,sends his partner,
sliding backward!Slamming into the wall!


Very good,Vojaxaron!You win again!

Vojaxaron,helps his friend up.


I am sorry,Nik'kel.Are you well?


Yes,i am fine.But i sense,that you are not.You seem troubled about
something.Is everything alright?

The two take a seat.Watching,the other Mage Apprentices,


Today,when i looked into,the Shardstones at Shibboleth,i
saw a world of infinite beauty.For a short time...i
beheld paradise.For a moment,it seemed that i could just,
step right through.


Travel through the Shardstones,is impossible.You heard,
what master Akaron said.


Impossible? Nothing is impossible,Nik'kel.There has to
be a way,to break through,the protective barriers!


There is.

The two Theopian apprentices,look towards the direction,
the voice came from.The two bow,to the Older mage.

                 OLDER MAGE

Sorry,but i overheard your conversation.There is a way,
to break through,the protective reality barriers.The
power,which i speak of,does not exist on the surface
world.But beneath the sea.

Vojaxaron listens to the old Theopian.

                 OLDER MAGE

This power resides in a Gem.Called the Gem of Loch,nor.
It rests,in a great,undersea Kingdom.The inhabitants of
the city,are thought to be,long dead.No one really knows
for certain.

A spark appears,in Vojaxaron's eye.


Interesting.One day,i shall find,this Gem of Loch,nor.
I shall,break through the reality barrier.And i shall
behold paradise,once more.



Long,long ago,before the time,of the celestials,it was
a time of darkness.The world was covered,by a great murky
sea.In this world,lived a large horrendous creature.Called


The black waters,play over the wet,slick skin,of the
monstrous,dark creature.An eyelid,of the creature opens.
Revealing a large black eyeball,surrounded by a sea of


But the Creature felt,it's time running out.For the
great Celestials had appeared.The great sea,was shrinking.
Continents were forming.Which gave rise,to the first,
surface dwellers.Out of jealousy,the Creature,along with
it's progeny,attacked the surface dwellers!

EXT.BEACH-ELONIA.10,000 Years ago

Thousands,of Amphibious Men,armed with spears,rush towards
an army,composed of thousands,of Octopuss like men!The
two sides fight!


Soon,the surface dwellers numbers,began to multiply.
Eventually,the creature was defeated!Driven back into
the Sea,by a sacred weapon,called the "Gem of Loch'nor"
Which was said,to be given to them,by the Lord of the


The large creature,falls into a great black abyss,in
the seafloor!


With the aid,of the "Gem of Loch'nor",the creature was
imprisoned,within the abyss!Where it would,slumber for
ages!Eventually those,who defeated the creature,became
ocean dwellers themselves.As time went by,memories of
the creature,and it's dark era,began to fade.Soon
Knowledge,of the event,passed out of memory,and thought.



Leaving the Ocean dwellers,their culture,their deeds,along
with their great undersea cities,lost to time.And knowledge
of the "Gem of Loch'nor" forever lost.It would remain,in
it's great tower.Guarding their world,and the surface world,
for all time...or so they thought.


                     (THE GEM OF LOCH'NOR)




The far north.Snow capped mountain peaks,dominate the land
scape.Their great peaks,piercing the heavens.


A group of fur clad individuals,approach the cave entrance.
They number around,eight or nine.All carry wepons.Broadswords,
daggers,and crossbows,are all held,at the ready.They proceed,
into the cave.


Upon entering the cave,they remove the hoods,of their fur
coats.Revealing all of them,to be Human.All except,for one.
From his hairy face,and stocky build,we can see,that he is
clearly a dwarve.

The rest seem,to be men of Nothern stock.Tall,and with Blonde
hair,and long unkempt beards.Except the one leading them.He
is clearly,from the southern Desert Realms.Tall,dark,and
sturdy built.Appears to be,in his early thirties.

They quietly,continue down the passage.Upon nearing the end,
of the stalactite,lined passageway,they hear great voices!
Echoing down the passage.The leader of the group,raises his
hand.Signaling the rest,to stop.After listening,they continue


The group of men,come upon a great hall.Where they find,three
great ICE GIANTS,laughing and talking around,a fire!While
feasting on game! They are surrounded,by mounds of Treasure!

The men's eyes grow wide,as they behold,the mounds of Rubys,
and Gold Coins,surrounding the Giants!The Dwarf,moves in close
to the dark skinned man.Whispering low.


The old man,told no tale,Jack! There's plenty treasure,to
be had,in here!


Yeah.But now,we have to,get around those three.


What do you suggest?


We wait.When they fall asleep,we sneak in,nice and quiet.
Then,we fill,our bags with loot.

The Dwarf,and the Northern men,all agree.

Sometime later,the three great,Armor,and fur clad,Ice
Giants,are knocked out.Their great snoring,filling the
entire cave.

Jack,and his eight companions,enter the hall,of the
sleeping Giants.They walk carefully,and quietly as they
can.Being careful,not to awaken any Giant.Jack's Sword,
the Dwarve's Axe,and the Northmen's Swords and Crossbows,
are all held,at readiness!

The nine slowly walk pass,a slumbering Giant.Setting erect,
with his horned,helmed head,drooped down.Drool drains from,
his mouth,and onto his,breastplate.

Suddenly,the Giant moves!The nine companions,freeze in their
tracks!The Giant raises,it's large hand,and rubs it's nose,in
it's sleep.Afterward,returning it's hand,to the hilt,of it's
great Axe.Thankfully,the Giant,remains sleep.

Jack,and his companions,continue around,the sleeping Giants.
Upon reaching the treasure mounds,they begin filling,their
leather bags,full of gold,and all sorts of precious stones,
and rubys.

After filling,his bag,Jack looks towards,the others.The
Northern Men,are greedily filling their bags!Seeming to
forget,all about the slumbering Giants!Suddenly,before
anyone can react,one of the Northen Men,is smashed to a
bloody pulp,by a Giant's great fist!

The rest stare,at the North man's pulverized Corpse,in
horror!And to make,matters worse:all three Giants,have
awoke from their slumber!They rise to their feet.Towering
over the intruders!



Jack,and the Dwarf,bolt for the exit!The remaining Northern
Men,heft their treasure bags,and follow behind!Suddenly a
Giant steps in front,of the exit!But Jack,slides between,the
Giant's legs!The Dwarf,following close behind Jack!

Upon exiting,the Hall,Jack and the Dwarf,continue running
down the,Cave Passage!While back in the:


With,their only way out blocked,the Northmen,put up a
valiant fight,with the Giants!But their fates,are


While Jack,and the Dwarf,are running down the Passage,
the Northernmen's,last screams are heard,echoing down
the passage way!The Human and the Dwarf,emerge from
the Cave passage!


Jack,and the Dwarf,quickly board the ship!Where they are
met,by a Rat-like man.Jack speaks to the Rat-man.


Kleeg!Raise the Anchor! We're getting out,of here!

Kleeg begins drawing,the Anchor! Jack mans the Helm!
The Ship,slowly begins to move,away from the Icy Banks
of the Inlet!


Two Giants,emerge from a Cave,overlooking the icy sea.
One of them,spots the small Ship,and points! An evil
grin,appears on the others face!


The Windwalker,sails across the,ice berg populated
sea.Jack stands at the Helm.Where he is joined,by
the Dwarf.


Close call,would'nt ya say,lad?


They,don't get much closer,than that, Brom.

Suddenly,they hear a whistling sound!They look up,only
to see,a large Boulder,flying towards the ship!The large
Boulder,just misses the Ship,by inches!Sending a great
plume of Seawater,rising into the air,above the Ship!


Maybe i spoke,too soon!


The Two Giants,are busy lifting Huge Boulders,over their
heads,and hurling them,at the escaping ship!


The Windwalker,is taking heavy damage,from the speeding
Boulders!The Ship rocks violently,as Brom(The Dwarf)and
Kleeg(The Rat-like man)brace themselves,against the Ship's

Jack,does his best,to control the Helm,as the Large
Boulders,continually bombard the area,around them!
Suddenly,a large Boulder,slams into the Ship's Hull!
Creating a large hole,in the side!Sea water,begins
flooding into,the Ship!

The Ship,is taking in Water fast!It begins to sink!
And to make matters worse,the Giants are still,
bombarding the area,with Huge Boulders!Things look
grim,for the three Companions...

Until suddenly,a Emerald Vessel,appears in the air,over
the sinking Ship!Jack,Brom,and Kleeg,stare in awe,at the
strange Vessel!

Afterward,what appears to be,a Tall Man,with only One
Eye,in the center, of his forehead,appears on the Main
Deck!He wears long garments,and carries an Emerald Staff!


Who are you?!


Greetings.I am Vojaxaron.Mage of Theopia.It appears,
that you,are having a, very bad day.


Ya think?!


This day,does not have to end,badly for you Human.There
are other alternatives.

                     JACK what?

Brom cuts in:


Don't trust him,Jack! He's a Mage!They're always wanting,
something in exchange,for something!


And how true,my clever Dwarve!I do want something,in
exchange for something!And it's simple:if i help you,
you shall help me,in return.


And if we,don't?

Suddenly,another large Boulder,speeds towards the
ship!Striking a bit closer,than the last one did!
Causing the ship to,rock violently!


Well,if you do not,that's your decision.I cannot force,
you to do anything.I suppose,i could leave you three,
to the mercy,of your friends,up there on the cliffs.They
do seem,rather eager,to finish their job.Or,you could
help me,and live.So i leave the decision,up to you,my
good Captain.What's it's going to be?

Jack thinks it over.Afterward,he agrees.


Good.Then we have,come to an agreement.

Vojaxaron,extends his Staff,over the large hole,in the
floor,of the Maindeck.Causing the Seawater,flooding into
the ship,to freeze!Turning into a thin,solid sheet of


There! That should keep,your vessel afloat temporarily.
I have summoned,a brisk wind,to carry you across,the

Suddenly,a brisk wind,comes about!Filling the sails!
Which begins to carry,the ship,across the sea!


We shall meet again,in Gorath.Until then,Human.

Vojaxaron bows,and disappears,off the maindeck!After
ward,his small Emerald Vessel,speeds away! Vanishing
over the horizon!


The Windwalker,sails across the sea.Heading towards
the great city,of:


Which sets beneath the light,of the three great Moons.
It's lights visible,from far across,the sea.


Jack and Brom,exit the Windwalker.Jack turns towards Kleeg,
who is standing at,the gangplank.


Kleeg.Stay with the ship.Make the necessary repairs,that
are needed.

Kleeg nods,and scurrys off.Jack and Brom,proceed into the


The two walk down,the bustling cobblestone,streets.Leading
through a maze,of four to six story,brick buildings.


Well,the Sorcerer said,he would meet us,here.Where is he?


Don't know,and don't care! If ya need me,i'll be in there.

The Dwarf,shuffles off,across the street,to a pub.Jack


Apparently,Brom has found,some of his,Dwarve brethren.They
sit,and stand around,a single table!Laughing,singing,and
slamming beer mugs together!Causing the contents,to spill

Jack,sets at the bar.Having a drink.Suddenly,an old man,takes
a seat,beside him.

                   OLD MAN

Quite a day,you've had!Would'nt you agree?


Yes.But how,would you know? Do i know you?

                   OLD MAN

You have forgotten,me already? We were supposed,to meet


You're that Sorcerer! What was your name?

                  OLD MAN

Vojaxaron.At your service,sir!


But,you're Human?


I have many guises,my curious human.This one allows,me to
move about,more freely.


I see.So,here i am.What do you want,of me?


I have been observing you,for sometime.You are just,the
kind of individual,that i require.Someone bold,and curious.
Someone who,will stare death,in the face...and laugh!


Ok.I get the point.What is the job?


Simple.You will travel,beneath the sea,to a majestic kingdom.
Where no surface dweller,has ever set foot.And once there...
you shall steal,the Gem of Loch'nor.Sound interesting?


Beneath the will i get there?


Leave that to me.Can you do it,Human?

After thinking a bit,Jack responds.


Yes.But,what will,i get in return.


More treasure,than you,can ever imagine.


When do we leave?

Vojaxaron smiles.


We embark at dawn.Good night Human.Until tomorrow then.

Vojaxaron leaves the bar.Briskly walking towards,the door.
Jack calls out after him:


I have a name,you know! It's Jacksillus.


Jack and Kleeg,stand on the maindeck.Brom emerges from,
the sleeping quarters.Stumbling onto the main deck,joining
the others.


What a night,i had! My head still spins!


Now,where is that Sorcerer?

Suddenly,a voice comes from,behind them.


Looking for me?

The three turn,to find Vojaxaron,standing behind them!
Still,in human guise.


We've been waiting for you,to arrive! How did you,get


You forget.I'm a Sorcerer. Well,ready to embark,on our


The Windwalker leaves,the dock,and heads out,towards the
open sea!


The Windwalker sails across,the deep blue sea,beneath the
glorious noon sun! Kleeg is at the helm. Jack approaches
Vojaxaron,who is standing on the deck.Enjoying the sea


So.Where are we heading?


I will tell you,when it is time,Human.For now,enjoy the
sea breeze.


My name is Jack.Jacksillus Arixxus.Not Human.


The Windwalker sails across,the sea,for many days and nights.
By day,Jack mans the helm,while Vojaxaron stands staring out,
the sea.Kleeg,the rodent man,leans over the Ship's hull,catching
leaper fish!Eating them raw.While Brom watches,in disgust.After
many days,and nights of sailing,one day,Vojaxaron commands them
to drop anchor,in the middle of nowhere.


What now?

Vojaxaron raises his staff,towards the heavens.Suddenly,his
Emerald vessel,appears over the Windwalker!But this vessel,is
a bit larger,than the previous one,they saw earlier.This one,
nearly dwarfs,the Windwalker!

Suddenly,a smaller Emerald vessel,drops into the sea!First
going under,then re emerging,on the surface! It's top section,
slides back.Revealing three seats.Two in front,one behind.


Whenever,you are ready,gentlemen.


You're not coming?


No.I shall remain here.Where i shall,await your return.


Kleeg.Remain with the ship.

Jack,and Brom,climb into the Emerald Vessel.Taking a
seat,before the emerald console.


How do i sail, this thing?


Sail(laughs)Place your head,in the sensor ring.

Jack places his head,on the head rest.Suddenly,an Emerald
ring,slides over Jack's forehead.


Now relax,your mind.Think of the direction,that you wish
to travel.The ship shall respond,to your every thought.
Farewell Human,and my good Dwarve.

The Emerald Vessel,top section,slides close.Sealing Jack
and Brom inside.The vessel delves,into the :


Where it speeds,towards the dark depths,of the sea!While
inside the:


Brom stares at this,strange new world in awe!


It's like nothing,i ever imagined!

Suddenly,Jack and Brom,eyes stretch wide,as they speed
towards a gigantic,whale like creature!The Emerald vessel,
is speeding directly,towards the large,slow moving creature!
Seconds away,from impacting with it!Jack quickly resumes,his

He brings,the small,sleek vessel,speeding up,and over,the
large sea creature!


Whew!That was close!


The small ship,continues speeding,towards the seafloor!
While passing through,great schools of fish!Comprised of
thousands,or perhaps millions,of individual fish!

After traveling downward,for so many thousands of feet,the
sun's rays,filtering down,from the surface dissapears! Now,
they are speeding,towards the dark recesses,of the ocean!


As the two travel,into the dark depths,the interior of the
vessel,lights up! Suddenly Vojaxaron's face appears,in a
small Emerald Orb,on the control console!


You are doing well,Human. Stay on your present course.You
shall be nearing,Acetaluvia shortly.


Suddenly,the compact vessel,speeds towards a huge undersea
metropolis!Which seems,to be surrounded,by a large air bubble!
The lights of the great city,light up the entire sea floor!


The Emerald Ship,penetrates the magical protective bubble.
Afterward,Jack sets the ship down,on the:


The top section,of the compact Emerald vessel,slides back.
Jack and Brom,hop out of the ship!Setting foot,on the dry

Jack and Brom,look up.Great schools of fish,along with the
great,sea monsters of the deep,swim overhead.High above the
protective bubble.And beyond them,lies the great undersea
Kingdom!It's great towers,rising high above the seafloor!


Suddenly,Vojaxaron's face,appears within the small Emerald


Human?! Human! Where are you?!

Jack lifts the Orb,off of the console.


You know,i have a name.It's Jack.Not Human.And i'm right


Yes,yes.Now,hold the orb,out before you.

Jack does as instructed.Allowing Vojaxaron,to see the
great city beyond!


Ahh...there it is.In the highest tower,of the city.



In that tower,is where the Gem of Loch'nor is kept.Human!
Keep this Orb,in your possession.I shall speak to you,again

Vojaxaron's face dissapears.Jack places the Orb,inside his
waist pouch.Brom stares at the,unbelievable great city.


Where no Dwarf,has gone before.


Well.Lets get started.We've got work,to do.

The two,Dwarf and Human,begin their walk,towards the great
undersea Kingdom.


The two companions,walk along the city streets.While recieving
scrutinizing stares,from the fishlike,inhabitants.

The Streets of Acetaluvia,the great undersea Kingdom,are
bustling with activity!Merchants sell their goods,as
Amphibious beings,of more than one species,move about!

Some walk,while some ride strange creatures!Indigenious to the
sea!Suddenly,the two,are stopped by a fish like woman.


Pardon me,are you two,from one of the,neighboring realms?
Zelvia perhaps?

The two,look at each other.Not knowing how to respond.


Yes!We are tourists,from Zelvia!


I knew it!You Zelvians,are just so eccentric!

She laughs,and walks away.Jack and Brom,continue walking.
While still recieving,scrutinizing stares.Suddenly,they stop
before the base,of a :


Two Guards,armed with staffs,stand on both sides,of the
main entrance. Jack and Brom,looks towards the top,of the
tower.There is a continous green glow,emanating from the
top!While a group,of Manta ray,like creatures circle around
the top!


We have to,get inside that temple,Brom!


But how?


We watch,and wait.Things have to quiet,down soon.Even down
here.Once that happens,we make our move.Come on.

Jack and Brom,continue walking,down the street.Trying to
fit in.


Vojaxaron,sits on the maindeck.Staring up,at the starfilled,
nightsky.While Kleeg,has a midnight snack.Feeding on raw,
leaper fish.


Jack and Brom,watch as a procession,of robed figures,proceed
into the tower.


That's our way in,Brom.Come.

The two quietly yank,two of the robed and hooded figures,from
the last part,of the procession line.They drag them,behind a
building.Licks are heard afterward.

Jack and Brom,who are now attired,in hooded robes,join the
procession,of robed,and hooded figures.Walking as the rest:
arms folded,and heads dropped.They proceed,into the


And proceed,up a long,winding flight of stairs.Everything
is going,just fine,for Jack and Brom,until suddenly,
Vojaxaron's voice blares,out from the Orb,is Jack's pouch!


Human!Human,where are you?!

Suddenly,the robed figures,all turn and look,back at,the last
two,robed and hooded,individuals at the very,back of the line!
One in front,of Jack and Brom,points and shouts:INTRUDERS!

Jack grabs the robed individual,and gives him a right cross!
Sending him tumbling,down the stairwell!Afterward,the rest of
the robed individuals,rush towards the,Human and the Dwarf!

They fight! After defeating a dozen,or more,of the robed fish
people,the two companions,hurry up,the great flight of winding
stairs! With Vojaxaron's voice,still blaring from,the Orb,in
Jack's pouch!


Can't that blasted Sorcerer,ever shut up?!

Jack brings the Orb,out from his pouch! Vojaxaron's face,
appears within it!


Ah!There you are Human! How goes your progress?


The sound of your voice,nearly got,us killed back there!Don't
call me anymore.I'll contact you,when im ready!

Jack retreats the Orb,back into his pouch.The two continue,up
the winding stairwell.


A group of Guards,find the robed individuals sprawled across,
the stairs!One of the injured robed,Fishmen directs,the Guards
upstairs!Now a dozen,or more guards,armed with staves,rush up
the winding stairwell!


Further ahead,Jack and Brom,are still running up the stairs!
Brom is winded.He begins to slow.Jack looks back.


Come on Brom!We're almost to the top!


Keep going!I'm right behind ya!

Jack continues up,the stairs! Suddenly,he emerges from the
stairwell,and into the:


Where he finds,a robed Fishman.Kneeling before a glowing,
green Gem!Resting on a cushion,supported by a limestone
pedestal.The elongated,arched windows,of the room,provide
an excellent view,of the surrounding Metropolis.

Jack stares at,the magnificent glowing Gem,in awe!


The Gem of Loch'nor.

The robed Fishman,looks at Jack.Who is slowly approaching,the


Who are you?!What do you want?!


Relax,i'm not here to harm,anyone.I'm just here,for the Gem.


No! You must not remove,the Gem!You'll endanger the surface


Brom,the winded Dwarf,is finally nearing the,end of the
winding stairwell.


Almost there...

Suddenly,Brom hears many footsteps,rushing up the stairwell,
behind him! Brom continues,up the stairwell!


Jack is still,listening to the,old robed,fish-like man.


If you remove,the Gem,you shall awake Xa'mandu,the great
one,from his eternal sleep!Once awake,he shall wreak havoc
on the surface world!You must not-

Suddenly,Brom bursts into the room!Interrupting the fishman!


Jack!Ya better hurry,cause we're about to,have company,real

No sooner,than Brom finishes his statement,the footsteps are
heard nearing,the top of the stairwell! Jack grabs the,Gem of
Loch'nor,off of the limestone pedestal!


Sorry,old man! But i've got a job,to do!

The Fish like Guards,reach the top,of the stairwell!Where they
are met by the Dwarf!Who is standing ready,for battle! Brom shouts
to Jack:


Jack!I'll keep them,busy! You find a way out!

Brom leaps!Putting all of his weight,into it,as he crashes
into,the Guards!Sending them,along with himself,tumbling
down the stairwell!


The robed Fishman protests,as he follows Jack around the room!
Who is searching,for another exit!Other than the windows!
Suddenly,Jack finds a exit!Two to be exact!

He finds two sets of stairwell exits,blended in with the,
colors of the smooth limestone floor! Jack is about to,proceed
down one of,the stairwells,when suddenly,he is met by a group,
of armed Guards,rushing up the stairwell!

Jack,bolts for the,other stairwell exit!Same scene as before!
Dozens of Fish-like,armed Guards,are rushing up the stairwell!
They quickly, enter the Gem room!

                    ROBED FISHMAN
                   (to the guards)

Kill him!Kill the surface dweller!

Jack quicly places,the Gem of Loch'nor,in his waist pouch,
and quickly brings,his curved Broadsword,from it's sheath!
Jack and Amphibian Guards fight!He fights off,Guards left
and right!

After sucessfully,blocking,and countering,most of the Guards,
attacks,he soons finds himself surrounded!And outnumbered!
The Captain of the Guards,addresses Jack:

                     GUARD CAPTAIN

Return the Gem,and surrender!

While Jack,stands surrounded,he notices the large,Manta ray,
type Creatures,outside!Which are flying around the Gem room!
The Guard Captain,repeats his command!

                     GUARD CAPTAIN

Return the Gem,and surrender!



At once,all the Guards rush towards Jack! Jack bolts for
the great arched window,behind him!And leaps out!Landing
on the back,of one of the flying,Manta ray like creatures!

The Creature speeds away,from the tower!With Jack mounted
atop of it!Leaving the angry,Guards behind! Jack hangs on
for dear life,as the Manta ray like creature,speeds around
the towering structures,of the great City!

The Creture puts itself,in spins,and even does Loop-de-loops!
But somehow,Jack manages to,hang on!Jack manages to,bring the
creature,under some control!He turns it around,and has it fly
back towards,the tower!


Brom,along with a,dozen or more,ampibious Guards,tumble down
the stairwell,and into the:


Pedestrians on the street,stop and stare,as the short,stocky
Dwarf,and the Fish like Guards,rise to their feet!The Guards
are slowly moving,in on Brom!But,the Dwarf,stands ready!His
legs planted firmly!


That's right,Fish faces!Anytime you're ready!

As the Guards,are about to move in,on Brom,suddenly Jack,
mounted on the Manta ray-like creature,swoops down!Distracting
the Guards,long enough,for Brom,to hop on!


They're lucky you came!I was just,getting started!

Together,the two companions,take to the air!The Manta ray,
speeds them across,the Metropolis,towards the outskirts of
the city!

Suddenly,Brom looks back,and spots a dozen or more,Amphibious
Guards,mounted on Manta ray,like creatures!Coming up fast,on
their rear!And are armed,with energy staves!


Uh,Jack...we've got company!

Suddenly,the Guards begin firing their Energy Staves!Bright
green,pulses of Energy,streak past Jack,and Brom,as they are


Hang on,Brom!

Jack evades their stave fire,by having his mount,weave from
side to side!Suddenly,Jack has the creature,descend towards


Where they fly,low to the ground!Speeding over,the strange
growth,covering the Seafloor!With the mounted Guards,in hot
pursuit!Steadily firing,their Energy staves!

Bright green pulses,of Energy,are flying all around,Jack and
Brom!Energy Blasts,even strike the seafloor!Sending rocks,and
sand,flying into the air,behind them!

Suddenly,Jack spots the Emearld Vessel,resting on the seafloor!


There's our ticket,out of here,Brom!

Jack brings the Manta ray,like creature,down to the seafloor!
Jack and Brom,hop off,and run towards the awaiting,Emerald Vessel!
With energy blasts,still flying over their heads!Just missing
them,by inches!

They leap,into the compact:


The sensor ring,slides over Jack's forehead!The top section,of
the Vessel,slides close!Shielding Jack and Brom,from the Energy
Blasts,striking the ship!

The Small,Emerald Vessel,rises from the seafloor!Suddenly,it
accelerates towards the,approaching group,of mounted Guards!
Causing them,to disperse!Afterward,the Vessel does a u-turn!
Speeding towards,the protective bubble shield,which protects
the city,from tons,upon tons,of seawater!

The small,sleek,Emerald Vessel,penetrates the bubble,and speeds
back into,the open depths,of the sea!Heading back,towards the


A robed,and Crowned,fishman enters the Gem room,along with
his personal Guards.The robed fishman,who we saw earlier,
bows before the King.

                   ROBED FISHMAN

Forgive me,my Lord.A surface dweller,stole the sacred Gem,of
Loch'nor.I tried,but i could not,stop him.Please forgive me.


Fault does not rest,with you Priest.You are not,to blame.

Suddenly,a SEAQUAKE,rocks the entire City!The King strides over
to the great,elongated,open windows,of the Gem room.Staring out,
across the Metropolis.


But,for his actions,woe be to the,surface world,and those
who inhabit it.For Xa'mandu,the great one,has awakened!


A great moan,emanates from the,great Black Abyss,in the
seafloor!Streams of large Bubbles,are seen,speeding towards
the surface,of the abyss!The "Great one",is Awakening from
it's long slumber!


Jack presents the glowing,green Gem of Loch'nor,to Vojaxaron!


The Gem of Loch'nor.Long have i dreamed,of this moment.And now,
here it is.


Vojaxaron.When i was down there,i was told,that by stealing the Gem,
i would awaken,a creature called,Xa'mandu.The Great one.Who would
rise from,the sea,and destroy the,surface world.Is this true?


Great One? Xa'mandu?(laughs)attack the surface world?!Preposterous!
Just superstitious beliefs,of the natives!I would have thought,that
you,out of all humans,would not believe in such things.



Suddenly,a green light,leaves Vojaxarons Ship,and envelops


Of the Windwalker!Beaming aboard,a large Emerald Chest,laden
with treasure!Brom the Dwarve,runs to the Chest!And begins
tossing up,Gold coins,rubys,and all sorts of other treasures!


HA HA!! We're plenty rich!!


There.Your payment.Just as i promised.Well,i shall be underway.
Farewell,my good captain.

Suddenly,Vojaxaron teleports off,of the Maindeck,and back into,


Afterward,it speeds over the sea!Vanishing over the horizon!


Jack and Brom,are still on the Maindeck.Brom rolling around
in treasure!While Jack stands,watching dark clouds,form


Well!All's well,that ends well!Would'nt ya say,Jack?!

             (staring up at the black clouds)



The city sets beneath,the cloudy night sky.


Brom is celebrating!Surrounded by shapely Women,fellow
Dwarves,and countless others!While he downs,mugs of ale!


Jack,and Kleeg,set on the maindeck.Jack staring out at,
the sea.While Kleeg,feeds on raw leaper fish.Suddenly,
Jack rises from his seat.Staring at the harbor.


Great Octopuss,arms rise out of the sea!The Great arm,wraps
around a ship,in the Harbor,and crushes it!

Jack and Kleeg,watch in horror!


The Priest,told no tale!By the gods!What have i done?!


Vojaxaron stands in the center,of the Six vertical,Emerald
Slabs.He holds the Gem of Loch'nor out before him.Suddenly
a green light,leaves the Gem,and penetrates one of the Shard

Opening a doorway,into the Paradise world,of which he saw,
long ago!Vojaxaron walks towards,the doorway,in the Shard
stone!He looks back,at the other Shardstones.And sees images,
of Gorath,being attacked by Xa'mandu!The large Octopuss like

The Kingdom's navy,trys to defend the city,from Xa'mandu,but
are fighting a losing battle!The Creature's great arms,wraps
around whole ships!Breaking them in half!

Vojaxaron,looks down.He is having a battle,with his conscience.
He looks back,at the other Shardstones:Paradise awaits.And in
the other:Destruction awaits.

Suddenly,Master Akaron,steps out from,among one of the

                    MASTER AKARON

Vojaxaron.I knew i would find,you here.


Master Akaron!What are you doing,here?

                     MASTER AKARON

I know what you,have done,Vojaxaron.You have broken,one of
our most,solemn oaths.To never interfere,with the outsiders.
You must repair,the damage,that you have caused.You must
return the Gem.


Will i be punished?

                      MASTER AKARON

Yes.You will be judged,according to our laws.But,in the
end,you will have redeemed yourself.

Vojaxaron looks down.Master Akaron,places his hand on,Vojaxaron's

                      MASTER AKARON

You have been,like a son to me.Honor the things,that i
taught you,all those years ago.Do what is right.Return
the Gem.


The city is in chaos!People run in fright,as Octopuss men,
which are being spawned,by Xa'mandu,run rampant!Attacking
people,and turning those who,they bit,into one of them!


Jack,armed with,his curved broadsword,fights off dozens,
of Octopuss men,who are climbing,out of the sea,and onto
the maindeck,of the Windwalker!


The Octopuss men,have invaded the Pub,as well!Brom stands
atop,the barcounter!His great axe,held at the ready!While
the shapely women,take shelter,behind the bar!


That's right! Stay behind me,ya shapely Beautys!I'll
protect ya!I eat Octopuss thingys,for Breakfast,lunch,
and Dinner!

Brom leaps off,of the Barcounter,and into the crowd,of
Octopuss men!Working his great Axe,vigorously!It's blade
sinking into their flesh!


Xa'mandu's great Tentacled arms,wrap around the mid-section,
of the Tower!Bringing it tumbling down!


Jack is busy,fending off,attacking Octopuss men,when
suddenly,a Ball of Energy,appears on the maindeck!
Sending Bolts of Lightning,out in all directions!Frying
every Child,of Xa'mandu,on the Ship! Jack stands amazed!

Suddenly,Vojaxaron appears on,the Maindeck!


Vojaxaron!The Gem!You must return it!


Yes i know.I shall return it,and answer,for my crime.
Wish me luck,Human.

Vojaxaron disappears!Leaving Jack standing alone,on the
Maindeck.Watching as Xa'mandu,along with it's tentacled
progeny,destroy the city!


Vojaxaron appears within,the Gem room.He places the Gem of
Loch'nor,back on it's pillow.The Robed Fish Priest,enters
the room.

                     FISH PRIEST

The Gem!You have returned it!


Yes.I must save the,surface world.

                     FISH PRIEST

You already have.

Suddenly,a beam of Energy,leaves the Gem of Loch'nor,and
speeds towards the Surface!


Xa'mandu is still,busy wreaking havoc,on Gorath!When
suddenly,a great green,beam of Energy,emanating from
beneath the sea,strikes him!

Xa'mandu lets out a great scream,as the beam of energy,
penetrates it's skin!Suddenly,a green light,evelopes
Xa'mandu's entire body!The light begins to,pull the
Creature back,into the sea!

In doing so,it's tentacled Progeny,begin to shrivel up,
and die!Their victims,change back,into Humans!Afterward,
the Citizens cheer!

                    1ST CITIZEN

The Gods have saved us!


The Great Xa'mandu,falls back into the Great Abyss!Where it
shall resume,it's long slumber!


Jack,stands aboard the Maindeck,of his ship.Watching the
sunrise.When suddenly,Vojaxaron appears on deck!


Vojaxaron!You did it!Xa'mandu is gone!


Yes.i did,what was right.And now-

Before Vojaxaron can finish,his statement,he is teleported
to the:


Where he stands,in the center,of Seven elder Theopians!
All seated on Emerald Chairs.

                    1ST ELDER GRAND MAGE

Vojaxaron,son of laxus,and Sorcerer of Theopia.For breaking
your oath,of non interference,we of the high council,have
decided that you shall,be stripped of your Staff,and your
Ship.And can no longer remain,among us,here in the Emerald
city.Until you have,redeemed yourself,you are to roam,among
the outsiders.Have you anything,to say,for yourself?


No.I accept my punishment.


Jack,Brom,and Kleeg,stand on the maindeck,staring at the
battle ravaged city.When suddenly,Vojaxaron appears!But
something is different,about him.He seems somewhat diminished.


Vojaxaron.You have returned.Missed us already?


I have returned.But i return,a different man.Stripped of
my staff,and ship,i was.And sent back here,to live among
the outsiders.


So,what now,Sorcerer?


I shall have to redeem,myself.I shall regain,my staff,and
my ship.And the,i shall be whole,once more.


Well,this shall be interesting.You'll see what life,is
like for an..."outsider".For what it's worth,you're
welcome to remain,aboard the Windwalker.I could use,
someone with,your expertise.

Vojaxaron thinks it over,as Jack extends his hand.The
two lock arms.


You are very gracious,Human.


And Vojaxaron...i have a name.It's Jacksillus.Jacksillus
Arixxus.But you,can call me,Jack for short.

Vojaxaron smiles,and nods.Kleeg mans the helm.


So,where to now,good Captain?

Jack looks across the sea.deciding.


Kleeg.Set a course,for the East.


And what's east?


Arabul.I hear there'e plenty,of treasure,to be had there.

Brom ears seem,to prick up!


And Ale?


Tons of it!


And women?


More than enough.


Then,what are we waiting for?!By all means,get underway!

Jack grins.Together the four:Jack,Brom,Vojaxaron,and Kleeg,
sail across the sea,into the sunset!







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