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 fade in:


Two well dressed men,step off the train.They are
met by two men dressed,in Safari gear.

                   1st safari

Welcome to Kenya,Mr.Hallesby,and Mr.Cooke!


Wallace and Ohenry!So good to see you again!

The three men hug and shake hands,all except Mr.


So tell me,Mr wallace,how is the weather here?


It is devilishy hot down here,Mr.Hallesby.But
you shall find out all too soon,once we are out
on the Savannah.


Come on chaps,let's get to the camp.We have
food and the finest,of wines,there.


 Yes,i am rather eager to discuss strategy
 on our game hunting.

The men laugh,all except for Mr.Hallesby.


How did i ever let Cooke persuade me,to come

The men proceed towards a T-Model car.


The four men drink and converse,around a table.


I tell ya chaps,theres big game to be
had here.A man can make a name for him
self,in this wild,and untamed country.

Cooke places his empty wineglass on the table.


I am told that you hired a great,tracker.
Can he lead us to the best spots?


I assure you Mr.Cooke,the best in all of
Kenya.We are the best,so we hire the best.


So when do we leave?


Tomorrow Mr.Hallesby.Tomorrow at dawn.


The four men head towards the jeep,in full safari
gear.Their Rifles are slung across,their shoulders.
At the jeep,they are met by a tall African man.


Hallesby,Cooke,this is our guide,Mr.
Obo.Well,lets get going,shall we?

The four men get in the jeep.The African sets on
the hood.They proceed down the dusty road.


We embarked on our journey.The four of
us,along with our native guide,Mr.Obo.
Little did i know,that this would be a
a hunting trip,that i would never forget.


Mr.Ohenry,the plump,mustached,Englishman,views a
large bull Elephant,grazing on the Savannah,through
the scope,of his Rifle.He squeezes the trigger,the
round leaves the barrel.The great creature collaspes.


Nice shot,wouldn't you agree chaps?


Indeed,laddie.What do you think,Mr.

Hallesby answers with less enthusiasm.



Cooke whispers to Wallace:


Forgive Mr.Hallesby.He was in the war.
It left the poor chap,with a complex.

Wallace nods.Ohenry rejoins his companions.


Come on chaps.Lets go collect the prize.

They claim the prize:The dead Bulls Ivory Tusks.Leaving
the rest to rot,in the sun,as they continue the hunt.


Over the following days,from sun-up til sun-down,the
hunters gunshots reverbrate across the great,grassy
plain.Varietys of animals,fall from the hunters guns.
Everything from Elephants ,rhinos,hyenas,to ziraffes.
Their collection of Ivory Tusks grows considerably,
large.After many sucessful kills,they decide to head
back to the camp.


The hunters celebrate,with fellow gamehunters,from
neighboring tents.Mr.Ohenry walks over to Mr.Hallesby,
who is standing at the tent's entrance,admiring the
night sky.


Beautiful night,is it not,Mr.Hallesby?




I take it,that you don't like hunting,am
i right,Hallesby?Feeling the thrill,of the
hunt.And the climax of the event,making the
final kill.These things you don't approve of?


I have nothing against hunting,out of necessity.
But done in excess,i feel is a crime,against nature.


Crime?By god man,they're animals!They were put in
our domain!We do with them,as we please!

Ohenry storms back inside,rejoining the party.


I should have never came.

Later that night,after the party,the four set outside,
smoking their pipes.


Chaps,before i leave this great country,
i must have one more trophy,i must have
the king of the Savannah..a Lion.After
this one final hunt,we can go home.

The four men agree.


Ohenry,Wallace,Cooke,and Hallesby, head towards
the Jeep.Where they find Mr.Obo awaitig them.


Lets get underway,Mr.Obo.


No.I am no longer your guide.Keep
your money,whiteman.There has been
to much death,the Gods are angry.

Ohenry,Cooke,and Wallace,stand dumbfounded.


Nonsense man.I'll pay you more.




The tall,african guide walks away.Wallace calls
to him,to no avail.


No Wallace.Let him go.We don't need him.The natives
are superstitous.I have a better idea.


A young Goat is chained to a grounded stake.
The four hunters,wait quietly atop the stands.
Suddenly,the kid begins to cry out,and yank at
it's chain.


It comes.Get ready.

Suddenly a lion enters the clearing,sniffing
out the goat.The hunters realize the "Lions"
odd features:Its head is of a Lions,the body
of a goat,and with the tail,of a serpent!

The hunters are appalled.


What the devil sort of thing is it?


My god..Its a Chimera!




A Chimera.Its a creature out of Greek myth.It's not
supposed to exist!Do you know what this means?

Before anyone can answer,Ohenry squeezes off a shot.
Due to his excitement,he misses!The Chimera sprints
away!Hallesby grabs Ohenry.


What are you doing?


Let go of me Hallesby!Back home they,ll
pay a fortune for such,a creature!And i
intend to claim it.You won't stop me,
Hallesby,now let go.

Hallesby lets go of Ohenry.


Come on chaps!To the Jeep!

Moments later, the Jeep races across the night
covered Savannah,after the Chimera.The creature
runs into an area,populated with thick,shrubbery.
Wallace shines the spotlight,on the area.


Its in there somewhere.We are going
in after it.Wallace,you stay in the
Jeep,keep the spotlight on our backs.


Ohenry,Cooke,and Hallesby proceed through the
thick shrubbery.Cutting as they go.Once out,
Ohenry spots the Chimera,running away,a
distance ahead!

Ohenry immeadiately raises his rifle,aims..
and squeezes the trigger.The Bullet leaves the
barrel.The Chimera falls!The three men,slowly
approach,the lying creature.Ohenry keeps his
gun trained,as he circles it.


Chaps!We've made the find of the
century!Think how much,they will pay
back home,for such a-

Ohenry stops and realizes,the spotlights of the
Jeep,are no longer visible!The three men are all
alone,in the night,on the grassy Savannah!Cooke
calls out:


No answer comes.Suddenly,something in the darkness,
moves around them!


What was that?!

Before anyone can answer,many forms rush out of the
darkness!The three men,are overtaken,and knocked


Hallesby wakes up,lying face down on the ground.He
realizes that he and his uncounscious friends,are
surrounded by a number of Hoofed,and clawed feet

Hallesby wakes his friends,and gets to his feet.
Only to realize,that the feet,do not belong to
animals!Ohenry and Cooke,get to their feet,and
take in their surroundings.Only to see themselves
surrounded by : A number of Creatures out of Greek


Cooke,Hallesby..where are our guns?

Hallesby gestures his head toward,a smooth stone
before them.Which their weapons lie on.Suddenly
a proud centaur,strides up onto the smooth stone!
He gazes down at the three men!


Tell me..o did you come to be here?Why do
you bring death,into our lands?And why did you slay


Androcles?!I assure you sir,we are not murderers.We
are game hunters.If we have committed,an offense,we
are deeply sorry.

A member of Pan Species(a Satyr) grows curious about
the Human Weapons.Ohenry watches the Satyr,lift a
Pistol,off the stone and begin to sniff it.


You refer to him as Game?!Androcles..a dear friend
he was.His mate is beside herself,in grief.We came
here to escape,the Barbarous ways of men.To live
out our days,in bliss.Is there no peace,for us?!

The small Satyr ventures too close,to Ohenry.The
plump,Englishman,strikes the Satyr,and retrieves
his weapon!Ohenry quickly cocks his Pistol,and
begins to back away!


Back!! Back i say!! I have heard enough of these,
blasphemous lies!And in the beginning,God made the
Heavens,and the Earth!And Man was put in Domain,of
all the-

Before Ohenry can finish his statement,a Manticore
lunges at him!The Hunter,manages to get,one shot off..
but too late!The Lion-like Beast,great Canines tear
into Ohenry's throat!

Ohenry kicks once!Before his body goes limp.The
Manticore drags it's victim,a short distance away.
Where it,and others of it's kind,begin to feast
on Ohenry's corpse!


Your weapons have improved much,since my time among
men.We are not so barbaric,as you believe,O men.We
do have a sense of justice.A murder has been,committed,
and now you must be judged,according to our laws.

The crowd begins cheering!


You are condemned to undergo the.."Blood Hunt".
Your point of entry,lies in that direction.Upon
reaching it,you will have earned,your freedom.
That is if, you survive the Hunt.Your weapons
shall remain here,with us.But we shall be fair..we
shall grant you a headstart!

The Centaur picks up a Rifle,and scans it over.


What do you call,this weapon,O men?


It's called a "Rifle".


Rifle.I like that.Know this o men,once this Rifle
sounds,the hunt has began.Now it is you,that are the
hunted.If i were you,i would get started.


Brothers!The hunt has began!

At once,all of the creatures,take off after,Hallesby
and Cooke!


The two men run across the great grassy plain,beneath
the scorching sun!


We ran and ran.We ran as fast,and far as our legs,could
carry us.It was reminiscent of a fox hunt,back home.
Except that now..we were the foxes,and they were the hunters.
Morning soon turned into noon,which was when,my friend,
Mr.Cooke,begin to tire,and fall behind.

Hallesby turns to help Cooke along,when he spots a nunber,
of Minotaur and Centaur shapes,rushing over the Savannah,
towards them!


Come on Cooke!We've got to keep moving!


My legs feel,as if they are about to fall off,Hallesby!
I just need to take,a breath or two.


As i continued to scan,our environment,i caught sight
of a wooded area,ahead of us!


Alright,but we will rest in those,woods ahead.Now come
on!We must hurry!


Cooke collaspes on the forest floor.Hallesby scans their,
new surroundings,while Cooke lays,on his back panting.


You stay here,and rest Cooke.I am going to get a closer,
look at those pursuing us.I shall return shortly.

Hallesby quickly moves off through the woods.Leaving
Cooke alone.Hallesby takes position behind a tree,and
watches as Centaurs and Minotaurs,armed with Swords,and
Axes,approach the woods!

A bit farther back in the woods,Cooke has taken off his
boots,and is busily massaging his feet.When suddenly,he
hears a beautiful song,being sung by a feminne voice.

He slips his boots back on,and proceeds further into,the
woods,towards the direction of the voice.After walking
a bit,he finds the source of the voice: A Beautiful raven
haired woman,in a long dress,dancing around a lake!She
smiles at Cooke seductively.


Come dance with me.

Her voice hypnotizes Cooke.His legs begin to carry,him
towards her.Meanwhile,Hallesby returns to the spot,where
he left Cooke.Only to find Cooke...not there.


Cooke?! Cooke where are you?

Hallesby scans the soil,and discovers Cooke's boot
prints.After following the tracks,for sometime..
he spots Cooke!Wrapped in the arms,of a ravenhaired
Woman!His body hangs limp,as her teeth sink into,his
jugular.Draining him of his life blood.

Hallesby runs towards them.As he does,the woman drops
Cooke,and burst into a new song!Bringing Hallesby to
his knee's!He struggles to get to his feet,as she
approaches him,singing and twirling!

As she draws near,Hallesby notices a Skeleton laying
beside him,dressed in Greek Armor,and still clutching
it's sword,and Shield.The Woman stops a few feet,in
front of Hallesby.Blood trickles down,the side of her
mouth,as she smiles.

Come.Dance with me.

Hallesby manages to free the Sword,from the Skeleton's
hand.As he comes up,he thrusts the sword,into her
Abdomen!She lets out an earsplitting scream,and falls
to the ground.After thrashing a bit,she expires.

Hallesby notices that her legs,are not those of a Human.
But those of a goat's Hindlegs!He walks over to Cooke's


Sorry that i cannot,give you a proper burial,friend.
Forgive me.

Hallesby walks over to the Skeleton,and takes it's


I think i'll be needing this,more than what you

Now armed with a Sword,and Shield,Hallesby hastilly
proceeds through the forest.


A short time later,the Centaurs and the Minotaurs,
arrive at the lake.Where they find,the body of a
Human(Cooke)and of a Woman.A Minotaur examines
Cooke's body.


This Human was killed by the Siren.Judging from the
tracks,it seems that his companion,killed her,and
afterward ran off,further into the that

The leader of the Minotaurs,raises his Axe,and brings
it down,decapitating Cooke's head!He then raises it,
above it's horned head,shaking it triumphantly!He is
joined in celebration,by his fellow Minotaurs.Four
Centaurs are angered by this display,and approach the

                     1st Centaur

You have no right to it's head!Anyone of us,could
have slain the Human!It could belong to us!


Back off horse!!It is ours!

The Minotaurs and the four Centaurs fight!The rest
of the Minotaurs,and the Centaurs,continue through
the forest.A short time later,two Centaurs,armed
with Bows,are puzzled by tracks,that lead nowhere.

                     1st Centaur

These tracks lead nowhere.

                    2nd Centaur

He could not have gone far.He's around here somewhere..
but where?

Suddenly,Hallesby leaps off a treebranch,and onto a
Centaur!Before the Centaur,can respond,he brings his
Sword,down behind the Centaurs cavicle,killing it

The other Centaur turns and fires,an arrow at Hallesby!
Who deflects it with his Shield!He then closes the
distance,sucessfully avoids it's front hoof blows,and
stabs it,in the Abdomen!

Suddenly,a Minotaur rushes towards him!It's great axe,
held high!Hallesby grabs the Centaurs Bow,fits an arrow,
and fires!Bringing the Minotaur down!Afterward,he hastily
continues through the forest!

A short time later,a group of Centaurs,and Minotaurs,come
across the slain corpses,of their brethren.


This is no ordinary prey.It will be wise not to underesti
mate this Human.

As Hallesby walks,something unseen stalks him.Watching his
every move.Hallesby..sensing himself being watched,stops and
scans his surroundings.He spots nothing.The Human continues
through the forest.

A short time later,he comes upon a raging


Hallesby stoops down,and fills his flask.As he brings the
flask up,to take a drink,he hears a low rumbling,growl
behind him!He turns around,to find a huge MANTICORE,
standing before him!

Hallesby goes for his sword,but too late!!The Lion-like
Beast,fires a spike from it's Scorpion-like tail,into
his hand!Hallesby backs away slowly.He brings his Shield,
up before him,expecting the Manticore,to lunge any minute!

The Manticore is about to move in,for the kill...when
suddenly, a Griffin swiftly lands behind Hallesby!

                   ( narrating)

Now i found myself,in quite a predicament.Aside from
being hunted by angry Centaurs,and Minotaurs,now i
had become a potential meal,for not just one predator..
but two!Could things get any worse?

Hallesby stands still,as the two large creatures,begin
to circle around him!He rolls out of the way,in just the
nick of time,as the two beasts,leap for each other!As he
rolls to his feet,he is struck by the Griffin's wing,and
knocked into the river!

He is carried downstream,by the swift moving currents of
the river!Hallesby realizes he is heading,towards a drop
off!He trys to hang on,to the jagged rocks of the river..
but to no avail!He is taken over the edge,of the waterfall!

Fade to Black.

Fade in:

Hallesby hauls himself up onto,the riverbank.Coughing
up water.Once to his feet,he pulls the spike,from his


Miraculously,i survived my trip over the waterfall.But
now,there was another pressing matter at hand:The Day
was fading,and Night was approaching.I had to find


Hallesby scales up the side of the Cliff,and enters a:


He scans the interior of the cave.


Luckily the cave,was not occupied.I had found shelter,
before night fell.

Hallesby sets down on the cavefloor.He tears off a piece,
of his torn shirt,and uses it to bandage his injured hand.


Now i found myself overtaken,by hunger.Daylight was
fading fast.So i hastily scanned the cavefloor.Lo and
Behold!I found mushrooms!

Hallesby pulls up the mushrooms,and rushes to the edge,of
the cave entrance.


With what little light that was left,i examined this
"Manna"of the wilderness.It appeared i ate.

After "Dinner" Hallesby rests beside the cavewall.


Afterward i fell asleep.The dreams that followed,were
strange and very colorful.Maybe it was due,to the mush
rooms,that i had consumed.Thankfully i had survived,the
night.I awoke early the next morning.

Hallesby rises to his feet,has a good morning stretch,
and walks to the,cave entrance.


As i stood looking through the morning darkness,i begin
to make out forms..many forms,approaching the base,of the
plateau!They were my old friends: The Centaurs!

Hallesby looks around frantically,for someway to evade,
the Centaurs!


It seemed that i was trapped.I could not go back,and i
could not go down.There was only one means,of escape:
I had to go up.I would have to climb,to the top,of the
Plateau!And i would have to do it,before sunrise!

Hallesby begins his ascent.One of the Centaurs spots,the
Cave,in the cliff wall,and decides to investigate.As he
nears the cave,bits and pieces of stone,falls from above
the cave!The Centaurs look up,and spot their prey:The
Human!Who is slowly climbing to the top.

They fire arrows at Hallesby,but amazingly,the Human
manages to reach the top,unscathed!


I had made it to the top.I was safe for the moment.But
now i saw something,strange before me...

Hallesby's P.o.v.-A great reflective wall of water,
extending from the ground,to the Heavens,looms before


I had saw nothing like it..ever!It resembled a thin wall
of water.But somehow,it was cohesive!Well,i did not have,
time to ponder it's properties..i proceeded towards it!

As Hallesby nears the reflectve wall of water,he hears a
low rumbling growl,behind him.He turns around,only to
see:The Manticore!Hallesby leaps through,the reflective


Wallace,who is dressed in his safari suit,stands beside
the jeep,conversing with a group of wildlife officials,
who are armed with Rifles.

                         1ST Ranger

So you say they just..dissapeared? Like Ghosts eh?


I'm telling you,they walked out into that area of shrubbery,
and they just,dissapeared!!

As Wallace is busy explaining,the events that occurred,the
night before..he catches sight of Hallesby,running across
the Savannah,towards them!


Look!! There!It's Hallesby!!

The Officials turn,and sees Hallesby,rushing towards them,
flailing his arms,and shouting!His clothes are torn,and

                         2nd Ranger

He shouting about something..what the devil is he saying?

The Officials P.o.v- As they walk out to meet Hallesby,
suddenly a large Lion like beast,leaps out of the
Shrubbery,and rushes across the Savannah!Heading towards
Hallesby,and the Rangers!





Hallesby drops to the ground,providing the Rangers with,
a clear shot of the target!The Rangers fire!The Manticore
falls!Deader than a doorknob!The Rangers approach the dead
creature,with caution.Their weapons still trained on it.
upon reaching it's carcass,they are appalled,by it's strange

They lower their weapons,as they inspect the slain creatures,

                          1st Ranger

By the virgin mary!What the devil is it?

Hallesby lays in the grass panting.As Wallace runs over
to him,with a gazillion questions


Hallesby!Where in gods green earth,have ya been?!Are
you okay?! Where's Ohenry,and Cooke?

Hallesby gets to his feet,still panting.


They didn't make it.

Hallesby looks back at the astonished wildlife officials,
standing over the dead Manticore.



I recounted to the wildlife officials,what had transpired,
on the Savannah,on that long horrendous day.Some were
skeptical,some were not.But they could not say,that i told,
a false tale.For the evidence,had layed before their very
eyes.The Manticore.It's now lifeless body,bore mute testament
to my story.After a few days of questioning,i was released.I
Later learned that this strange case,had been closed,and now
stamped "classified".What became of the Manticore's body,is
not known.

I returned to England shortly.I never went to Africa again.
It has now been over a year,since those events occurred.Now
as i think back,to that day..i am forced to rethink everything,
that i have ever learned.If these creatures out of Greek Myth..
creatures that never supposed,to have existed..flourished on
the Savannah,of the mysterious continent of Africa..then i am
compelled to question..What else in the realms of myth,and
fantasy,could exist in today's modern world?A world dominated
by man's selfish arrogance..and i come to realize...the
possibilities are endless.


Credits roll.














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