Armageddon: The Odyssey Of The Guardians (1)
Willie Travis Jr




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Erubus is mounted on a great black Dragon,riding amidst
the clouds!Surrounded by hordes of winged Demons!
Suddenly the Great Black Dragon,begins to descend!The
Dragon sets down,on the Desert Floor!


The winged Demonlord,Erubus dismounts.He outstretches
his great clawed hand,over the Desert sands!The Sands
begins to rise!Suddenly huge black spires,thrust out
of the sand!Rising into the Air!As the great,Ominous
black spires,continue rising,soon they are,revealed to
belong,to a Gigantic Black Fortress!

The Great black Fortress,rises out of the Desert!Casting
a great shadow,over the Desert Floor!As Hordes of the
Demon lords winged Minions,circle above it! Flying about
it's great spires,like Carrion Fowls!After the Great
Black Fortress,is finished "Growing",Erubus,the Demon
Lord,proceeds up it's massive black ramp.Leading into
the Fortress!


The Demonlord stands over a Viewpool.Made of the same,
black material as the Fortress.He waves his great clawed
hand,over the pool.Suddenly images of the realms,of
DARK FOREST,VOTHINIA,and the frozen sea,of VALORATH,
appear within the Pool's Surface!Erubus speaks into the
Pool,with a voice fit for a god!




Beneath the hanging Stalactite,of their Catacombs,the
wet-pointed nose-pointed eared-bow-legged,green Goblins,
stand gawking at Erubus transparent Horned Face!As it
levitates above them,while speaking!


Great frozen,Collossal Monuments,stand upon the Ice
covered Sea!All of them clad in armor,and armed with
great Axes,and Maces!As Erubus transparent horned
Head,is seen above the group,of titanic statues!



Suddenly,the Ice surrounding the great Statues begins,
to crack and break apart!Now we realize,that the Statues
are not statues,at all!But ICE GIANTS!Their great cries,
reverberate across the frozen sea,as they burst out,of
the remaining ice,covering their lower extremities!

The largest of them,(who is the obvious leader)has a
chestlong,white Beard,and armed,with a great BATTLE
AXE!He begins to move off,across the Ice!The rest of
the Titans,do Likewise!Following their leader!

The same scenario,is being played out,all across the
Various realms,of Elonia!In HALDORATH,high above in the
Treetops,the Gnomes,watch from the safety,of their tree
Bridges,as a long procession of Orcs,march out of Dark
forest!Their Crude Boots,and Shoes trampling over the
fallen,Colorful leaves of the Forestfloor!Carrying their
crude Swords and Spears!

In VOTHINIA:That what is left,of the Vothinians grand
Army,marches out of Vothinia,upon Erubus behest!Teams of
Horses pull Cannons across,the Hilly uneven Ground!Their
great Hoofs,plowing up mud.

And in :


Sand swirls about,upon the Dry,Rocky,and Barren Wasteland,
of Daggorah.As Thousands of Mysterious Dark Robed,figures
slowly proceed across the Desert!Their facial features are
virtually hidden,by the Hoods,of their leather traveling,
cloaks!All that can be seen,are their glowing green eyes!
All of them carry,long Swords,in their waist and back

In the midst of them,huge Giants,whose arms are wrapped,in
worn black leather Strappings,carry large wooden Platforms!
(four Giants are on each side)of the Platforms,on which
there are four to six seated,dark robed individuals!Their
faces completely hidden,by their black silk scarves.More
Giants,follow behind them.Armed with gigantic Warhammers!
The mysterious robed,figures along with their Giants,slowly
progress across,the barren landscape!


Godon sits in front,of a fireplace.Writing in a journal.
He stops for a minute,to stare out the window,at the
snowfall.He resumes writing.

                    (over writing)

A lot of things have changed,in the last few days.There
seems to be a change,in everyone.Especially in Aradeus.
Since he has attained,the Sword of Light,he has become
more withdrawn.more focused.I believe that somewhere,
along the way,he will play a pivotal role,in the coming


                   (resumes writing)

As for myself,i am still Godon.But i must say,during
my time of journeying,with my three fine companions,
i have done much,and seen much.But most importantly,
i have learned much.I have seen peoples,places,and
things that i would never have imagined,back in
Haldorath.But now..for the first time,in my life,i
am afraid.

I have seen evil.And the things,that it's practitoners,
are capable of.Now there is a war coming.One that will
decide the fate,of everyone and everything.If i will
ever see my home again..and those that i hold dear,i
do not know.Will any of us,come back?It is not known.
But in the case that i..or "we" do not return,i hope
that somehow,somewhere,someone finds this journal.So
that our deeds,rather sucessful,or a failure,may be

Godon signs his name,and shuts his book.

Fade to black.



Fade in:


Masons are busily,repairing the Battle ravaged Palace.
While inside,there is a heated debate,raging between
the rulers,of the Four realms!As Eon,the winged Ancient
levitates above them.Sultan Hasheed,and Queen Taramis,
are also present.

                 KING LIGHTAXE

If our four Kingdoms:Harraliah,Elvinia,Arboria,and
Oleddon unite,we shall have a better chance of
defeating,Erubus,and his legions!

A bearded Man,wearing a crown,stands up.

                 HUMAN KING

Yes,but to lose,would mean our doom.If we are destroyed,
along with our armies,it would leave our people,
defenseless!Who would be left to guard,our borders?!
The Rangers of Vallachia?! They are too few.I say your
proposal,is too risky!To march upon Arabul,is
preposterous i say!

The Ruler of the Dwarves,stands up.

                 DWARVE KING

We just can't sit here,and do nothing,laddie!We must
take the battle,to Erubus!

The Elvinian King addressess,the Human King.

                 ELVE KING

Please,King Odono,tell us,of your proposal.

                  KING ODONO

Well,it is simple,King Amrod,and King Banehammer.
We let Erubus hordes,come to us.Our Defense,shall
become our Offense.And when we have,weakend his
forces,than we attack!With our combined might,we
will drive the Demonlord's,forces back!


Your logic is flawed!What you propose is suicide!We
have already beared the onslaught,of Erubus Demons,
along with the Vothinians!And we barely escaped,with
our lives!King Lightaxe assessment of this situation,
is correct.We must unite!It is the only way.

                   KING ODONO

And this,coming from a Sorcerer.Tell me,Tormellon..
what would you know,of battle?You who would beleve,
that four "Guardians" could stop the Demonlord,from
being released!Tell me,Sorcerer,where are these
"Guardians" now?!

Everyone in the Throneroom,is quiet.King Odono

                  KING ODONO

I will tell you,where they are!They're dead!

Queen Taramis,seems to be injured by,the
unsympathetic Kings words!He turns towards Eon:

                   KING ODONO

You! Ancient!Tell us your thoughts on this matter!


This battle must be decided by Mortals.I cannot
interfere,this time.

King Lightaxe,rises from his Throne.

                    KING LIGHTAXE

I have made my decision.Oleddon shall march for

The other Monarchs concur!

                   KING ODONO

Fools! You will all be marching,to your dooms!

                   KING BANEHAMMER

Well,if that is,to be our fate,then so be it.


There is a hub of activity,outside the walls,of Oleddon.
As the great armies,of the Dwarves,Elves,and Humans,are
busy shouting orders.Taking down Tents,and preparing
the horses,for traveling.

Zaranian Warrior Women,are busy,as well.Taking down their
tents,and preparing for war.


A Zaranian woman,walks towards a tent,which bears the
winged,Goddess symbol,of Zarania,on its Entrance.She


Where she finds,Queen Taramis,having her armor placed,
on by,Jasiah.A compact,but sturdy built,blonde,with
piercing blue eyes.

                   ZARANIAN WOMAN

My Queen,everything is prepared.Your Horse,awaits.

                   QUEEN TARAMIS

You have done well.

The Zaranian Woman Bows,and exits the Tent.Leaving
Jasiah,and Queen Taramis alone.


You seem very distant,this morning,my Queen.Is everything

                   QUEEN TARAMIS

I believe Ilutar,becks for me,Jasiah.I feel that,this
shall be,the last time,i stand before you.

Jasiah stands silent.Her eyes troubled,by the queen's


You,must'nt say such things,my lady.It is bad luck.

                   QUEEN TARAMIS

Do not find yourself,troubled Jasiah.I have lived,a
full life.I am quite prepared.Ilutar has calmed,my
spirit.I just wished,i could have laid eyes,on my
Daughter,once more,before she called.

The Queen slides,her Sword in her Scabbard.And strides
towards,the Tent's exit.

                   QUEEN TARAMIS

Jasiah come.Pick up your feet!

Jasiah straightens her posture,and joins her Queen,at
the tent exit.

                  QUEEN TARAMIS

Come.Let's show this Demonlord,what Zaranians can do!

A smile appears on Jasiah's face,as they both exit,the


King Odono,along with his surbordinates,sit mounted
on their horses,atop a hillside,outside of Oleddon.
Watching as the massive armies,of Oleddon,Elvinia,
Arboria,and the Armies of Queen Taramis,and Sultan
Hasheed's,proceed across the lush green hills.Heading
for the conquered lands,of Arabul!


The Great Mountain:Taranthalas,great peak extends,into
the heavens.Dominating the landscape.Towering over the
Village,of Stonehuts below.As the Ogre citizens,go
about their daily routines,in the snowfall!


A bearded Aradeus sits,all alone in a small stone
hut.The Fire in the Fireplace crackles,as he sets,
staring into the fine Sword Blade.Aradeus P.O.V-
By way of the Blade,he sees images,of great armies
comprised of various races,all converging upon a
Great,Towering,Black Fortress!Situated in the

Suddenly Vajiic enters,and addressess him.Breaking
his concentration.


Aradeus,all of the Ogre Clans,have arrived.They await
your,presence outside.

Aradeus exits the Stone Hut,behind Vajiic.Only to see
a large crowd,of Ogre Warriors,gathered around the
Small,Stone Hut,In the Snowfall.Aradeus turns to


There's not enough of them,Vajiic.I have seen the
Armies of Erubus.I must go back,before the Emerald
Throne.Empress Jadestar,must be made to see,the
necessity of our cause.


But they are ready,to march now!All that they require,
is your word.


They would be marching,to their dooms!We would be
outnumbered.I must go.You must lead them,in my

Vajiic objects,as he follows Aradeus,back inside


Where Aradeus begins,slipping on his Chainmail,Sword,
and Daggers!


I do not believe,that this is the,best course of action.
You should reconsider.


Aradeus and Vajiic,exit the Hut,and proceed towards,
their horses.Aradeus climbs onto his mount.


Vajiic,i need you and Alonna,more than ever,right now.
Lead them south,to Arabul.I shall rejoin you,before
the great battle.

Aradeus gallops off,across the snowcovered landscape!
Leaving his companions,and the Ogre Village,behind!
Alonna,and Godon,approach Vajiic.


Vajiic,where is Aradeus going?


The mysterious dark robed figures,have arrived at Erubus
Stronghold:the Fortress of Darkness.Their Slave Giants,
lower their wooden platforms.Allowing the robed figures,
to get off.Twelve,dark robed individuals,quickly proceed
towards the Fortress Great Entrance.


The Great Winged Demonlord,sits on his Black Throne.
Light filters in,through great Cathedral like windows,
as the Twelve mysterious robed figures,stride into the
Throneroom.Where they drop,to bended knee,before the
seated Demonlord!

One removes it's hood.Finally allowing us to see,what
they are:And to our surprise,it's a beautiful female
Elve!Black skinned,long flowing raven hair,and with a
pair,of beautiful,glowing green eyes!


We pledge ourselves,to your cause,my Sovereign.

Erubus smiles.His great white Canines,glint in the


Welcome my children.Soon the three great celestials:
Thiris,Torillus,and Primus,shall usher in my
reign,over this World.And then together,we shall lead
our Armies,against the realm of Asraelyn.Once i have
taken the Throne of Light,my rule shall go,unchallenged..

The Demonlord's great laugh,reverberates through,the
Dark Throneroom,of the Fortress!


Aradeus,on his mount,gallops across the snowcovered
landscape.Beneath the light,of the three,beautiful
great moons!Suddenly the Ranger,brings his horse,to
a halt.As he scans the landscape.

            (scanning the horizon)

Where is it?

After scanning over the white,icy horizon,and finding
nothing,he pulls the magnificent,Sword of Light,from
it's Scabbard!The Sword illuminates the entire area,
before him!


Sword of Light,illuminate that,which i seek!

Suddenly,the grand Emerald City,of THEOPIA,appears a
distance away,over the snow covered landscape!Setting
beneath the light,of the three,great Moons!A smile
crossess,the bearded Ranger's face.


There you are!

He slides the Sword of Light,back into it's Scabbard,
and gallops towards the,extraordinary city of Emerald!


Aradeus strides through the great Emerald Doors,of the
throneroom!And proceeds,towards the Emerald Throne,on
which Empress Jadestar,is seated.Two Guards,armed with
lightning staves,stand guard on each side.

Behind the Empress,the grand transparent,panoramic
Emerald Windows,provide a breath taking view,of the
surrounding,well lit skyline,of the Emerald city!The
city's buildings,are carved into all sorts,of magnificent
geometrical shapes!Towering into the air,at fantastic

                  EMPRESS JADESTAR

You again?Why have you,come before me,this time human?


I have come here,in an attempt,to have you join our
cause.The Demonlord's forces are many.Ours are few.
March south with us.Together we can defeat him.

                  EMPRESS JADESTAR

As i have stated before,Ranger:we shall have no part,
in this affair.The problems of the outsiders,do not
concern us.


These walls of Emerald,will not protect you.You are
not safe.Erubus will come for you,also.Alone,you are
no match for the Demonlord!

                  EMERALD JADESTAR

Enough of this idle banter! The answer is no!Besides..
only he that weilds,the Sacred Sword,may lead us into

Aradeus pulls the Sword of Light,from it's Scabbard!
The Sword's blade,fills the entire room,with
it's glorious radiance!

Behold Empress Jadestar!The Sacred Sword of light!
I have ascended,the steps of the Crystal Tears!And
endured the icy winds,of Taranthalas!And Now i bear,
the Sword of Light!

Aradeus strides toward the Empress,while holding,the
Gleaming Sword,out before him!The Guards attempt,to
approach and subdue,the Ranger,but are stopped in
their tracks,by the Swords Radiance!


Gaze,into the Blade of Light,Empress!Behold what,the
Demon lord,has planned for this World!

The Empress Eye is locked,on the Sacred Blade!Her P.O.V-
Images of destruction,on grand scales,flash before her

                   EMPRESS JADESTAR

Enough!I have seen,enough!

Aradeus returns the Sword of Light,to it's Scabbard!

                    EMPRESS JADESTAR

So much Destruction.So much Death.How could anyone,cause
so much willful destruction?


You have seen,what Erubus has in store,for this World.
Now will you,join us? Will you fight,with us?

The eyes of all those,present in the Throne room,are
fixed upon Empress Jadestar!Awaiting her reply!The
Empress rises from,her Throne.

                     EMPRESS JADESTAR

I give you my word,as Empress of Theopia,that you shall,
have our full allegiance.Our Troops,shall prepare

Aradeus smiles,and returns his Blade,to it's Scabbard.


Aradeus is lead,down the well-lit corridor,by a tall,
attractive Theopian Woman.She comes to a stop,before
an Emerald Door.The Door slides up,revealing an Elegant
Bedroom!She turns and addressess,Aradeus.

                     THEOPIAN WOMAN

Your Bed Chambers,my lord.

Aradeus enters the Bed Chamber.Everything is made of
Emerald.All except the Bed.The Ranger walks over,to
the large Panoramic Window,and stares out at the,
strange luminous bands of light,playing across the
starfilled nightsky.Aradeus turns towards,the Theopian
Woman and addressess her.


What do you,call this phenomenom?

                    THEOPIAN WOMAN

You mean the Lights.We believe them,to be the,spirits
of the Ancients.Traveling to Abboleth.



                     THEOPIAN WOMAN

My people believe,that is the place,where the life
essence goes,after death.In our tongue,it means:
Resting Place.


I see.


Will that be all,sir?


Yes.Thank you.

The Theopian female bows,and exits the room.Leaving
Aradeus staring,out the window.

Later that night,Aradeus is lying in bed,asleep.
Suddenly,he is awakened by,Disembodied Voices!
Which are calling,his name!He gets out,of bed,
and walks to the window.Staring at the Aurora
Borealis!Where the Voices,seem to emanate.

The Disembodied Voices,seem to draw,Aradeus to them.
Like a Moth,to the Flame.

Moments later:


Aradeus,who is dressed,in Chainmail,and Leather
Traveling Cloak,tears across the,Snow covered
landscape,on his Horse!Galloping towards the
Aurora Borealis,lights!

After riding for some length,of time,he comes upon,
a large:


He hastilly gallops,down the Valley of Ice!Towards
the large Ancient Temple,which is partially covered
with Ice!Setting beneath the light,of the three great
Moons!Upon reaching,the Temple's grounds,he dismounts
his horse,and proceeds inside.


Aradeus draws his Sword,as he proceeds down,the Ancient
Hallway.Which is lit,by glowing stones,which are embedded,
within the Stonewalls,of the Ancient Hallway.He exits,the
Hallway,and enters a :


The Room is large,round,and made of great,stone blocks.
There is a large Pedestal,in the center,of the room!
Aradeus slowly proceeds,up the steps,to the top,of the
Pedestal.Suddenly,great swirling Lights appear overhead!
Aradeus P.O.V-As he stands,upon the Pedestal,he begins to
make out,Winged shapes,within the lights!

They're ANCIENTS!But somewhat different!They are more,
transparent than,normal Ancients!Now he is surrounded,
by twelve Spectral Ancients.Silently gazing at the
Ranger,while levitating around him.


Who are you?

A spectral ancient,floats forward,and responds with an
icy voice,that fills the entire room!

                   1st SPECTRAL ANCIENT

We are the remnants,of our former selves.Millenia ago,
we were,valiant Warriors,of Asraelyn.But we were slain,
in the last great battle,with the Lord of Darkness.Our
physical bodies,were destroyed.Our Essence remained
here,in the mortal realm.We,the twelve of us,last of the
Arubrim Cherubs,have been awaiting your coming.We are
responsible for,summoning you here.


But,why have you summoned me here?

                   2nd SPECTRAL ANCIENT

You,are not yet ready.


Ready? Ready for what?

                   1st SPECTRAL ANCIENT

For the final battle.To face Erubus now,would mean
your doom!


I have attained,the Sacred Sword of Light.What more
is needed?

                   1st ANCIENT

You must join,with us.With our essence,instilled within
your vessel,only then will you,have a chance of
defeating,the Lord of Darkness.But beware,once we are
one..the process is irreversible.After the Battle,is
over,you cannot remain here,upon the mortal plane.We must
move on.We must return to our home realm,of Asraelyn.Do
you understand?

Aradeus stands deciding.Afterward,he makes his decision:
To join with the Spectral Ancients.The Twelve Ancients
gather around,the Ranger of Vallachia!


Suddenly,a bright light,can be seen,exiting the
Temple's entrance,and pouring outside,onto the
snowcovered ground!


The Elder Ogress:Sha'olath,and the other elderly
Ogres,along with the Women and Children,stand in
front,of their Stone Huts.Watching as the long
line of Warrior Ogres,trail out of the Village.
Some on foot,while some are mounted,on great
wooly beast!

The Ogres,slowly march pass,the Huts.Carrying
their great Battle Axes.Following Vajiic El Hajiic,
Alonna Zonn,and her Saddlemate,Godon,through the
falling snow.Heading off for war!


Suddenly,Tormellon appears in the Desert.The Wise old
Sorcerer,slowly proceeds up,a great incline of sand.
As he reaches the top,he beholds a massive BLACK
FORTRESS,setting all alone,in the Desert!Casting a great
shadow,over the land!

Hordes,of great winged Demons,swarm about the towering
Spires,of the great Black Fortress!While below,massive
Armies of Orcs,Giants,and Vothinians,perform marching
drills,on the Fortress grounds!

Suddenly,a Winged Demon,catches sight of Tormellon,
and accelerates towards him!Just as,the Demon's Razor
Sharp Talons,are about to snatch up,the old Sorcerer,
Tormellon teleports away!


Tormellon reappears in a large Tentcamp!Populated
by thousands of,Alliance Soldiers!Walking to and fro,
conversing with each other.Tormellon hastily proceeds
through,the conversing Soldiers!


We find King Lightaxe,seated at his desk.Writing in
a parchment.Suddenly Tormellon,enters his tent.The
King turns,and addressess Tormellon.

                     KING LIGHTAXE

What are we up against,old friend?


Things look grim.Even with the forces,of the four Realms
combined,we are still outnumbered.

                      KING LIGHTAXE

I see.Grim news indeed.


But,the most disturbing thing,was what i felt,around
his Fortress.There was a strange,energy surrounding it.
Emanating from the very core,of the World!I do believe,
Erubus has something,very dark and destructive,in mind!
I must determine what.

Tormellon walks over,to the tent's entrance.Staring
out,at the Star filled,night sky.


I must see,to something.I shall return by Morning.

With that,Tormellon teleports,out of the Tent!


Tormellon appears in,his dark study.He lights
the wall torches,with a wave of his hand.Afterward
he begins,scanning over the Tomes,on the Bookshelves,
aligning the walls!Suddenly his finger,comes to
rest,on an old large,dusty Tome!

He pulls the large Ancient Tome,out from among the
other Books!The Tome,hits the desk,with a thud.He
hastily flips through,the Book's pages.Suddenly,he
comes to a page,depicting a six pointed star.
Tormellon begins to read,intently.


The Soldiers of the Alliance:Dwarves,Elves,and Humans,
are busily practicing,attack and marching drills,as
the Lords of the Four Realms,including Queen Taramis,
and Sultan Hasheed,are gathered around Tormellon.

Who is bent,over a table,laden with Ancient Tomes,
and maps.They listen intently,as the old Sorcerer
expounds.While pointing,to a diagram,in the open
Tome,on the table,before him.


Erubus Fortress,is built on this design:The Stygian
Star design.It is a natural conduit.

Angle on the Tome.


It explains,the great amount of energy,i sensed
surrounding,his stronghold!Long ago,practitioners
of the dark arts,discovered that this design,was an
efficient design,for harnessing large amounts,of
natural energy!But the downside is..that is also,
a self destructive one.

His small audience,listens intently,as he speaks


Upon the Energy's release,the conduit that harnessed
it,is destroyed in the process.And anything,in a
nearby proximity,is also destroyed.And with a conduit,
as large as this one,along with the Great eclipse,that
shall be upon us in a could, bring about the
end of everything,we know.

Suddenly,Sultan Hasheed speaks.

                    SULTAN HASHEED

Eclipse?What has that,to do,with the Demonlord's


Everthing.At times during,an eclipse,the Magical
Energies,of the world,are at their peak!At these times,
Magic is harnessed more efficiently.If this magic,is
released during,this celestial event,the resulting
effects,would be catastrophic!It would summon,untold
amounts of magical energy,from the core of the world.
The end result,would cause,the world to break,in half!

Everyone is silent.The Dwarve King,strides forward.

                    KING BANEHAMMER

How do we stop,him?

Everyone in the tent,falls quiet.All eyes are focused,
on Tormellon.


I do not know.Our only hope,may lie with Aradeus.


Thousands of Tents,populate the snowcovered grounds,
while thousands,of Ogres move about the massive
camps.Amidst,of the Ogre Warriors,we find Vajiic,and
Alonna,conversing with Toth,and the other Ogre Clan
Chieftains.When suddenly,they catch sight,of more
Ogre clans approaching,the Camp!Hundreds more!


Toth,who are they?


I sent forth messengers,to summon all of the wayward
clans,for the final battle.

The two Guardians,along with the Ogres,watch as a
large Ogre(which even "dwarfs" Toth)dismounts his
great,trunked wooly mount!And strides towards,the
Two Guardians,and his Ogre Brethren.

The large Ogre,comes to a stop,before Toth.He
addressess,him in their strange,native tongue.Toth
translates afterward.


We have their,full allegiance.They will fight with us,
during the final battle.

The surrounding Ogres cheer,upon hearing the news!


The Troops,of the newly formed Alliance,of Humans,Dwarves,
and Elves,are hastily taking down their Tents.While Field
Marshals,mounted on Horses,shout orders to their companys.
In the midst,of all this commotion,once again,we find
King Lightaxe,Tormellon,and the Monarchs of the Elve,and
Dwarven Realms conversing.

                       KING LIGHTAXE

Today,we march upon,Erubus Stronghold.I wish all of you,
the best of luck.

                       KING AMROD

Have you seen Eon?Will he and his kind,not journey with


No.They cannot interfere,this time.The outcome of this
battle,must be decided,by mortals.

                       KING BANEHAMMER

But without the Ancients,we won't have a chance!This
is folly!

                       KING LIGHTAXE

Yes,folly indeed.But we must go,nevertheless.

                       KING BANEHAMMER

Oh well,what am i frettin about? Today is a good day,
for battle!And if we perish,we shall do so,honorably!
Well,what are,we waiting for?Let's be off!

King Banehammer,and the other Rulers,exit the Tent.
King Lightaxe,and Tormellon,follow behind them.As
they are approaching,their Horses,King Lightaxe
addressess Tormellon.

                      KING LIGHTAXE

Well,old friend,the odds are against us.Are you ready
for this?


As i'll ever be.

                      KING LIGHTAXE

If we do not survive this,i want you to know,that it
has been a honor,to have called you a friend.

Tormellon,the wise old Sorcerer,turns to regard,
his friend,the King.


On the contrary.It is i,that should be honored,to
have met,such a fine,and honorable king,as yourself.
Were your father here,he would be proud.You are much,
like him.

The two men,mount their Horses.A Knight approaches,
King Lightaxe.


My lord,there are a thousand,or more Knights,approaching
our encampment.We believe them,to be of Harraliah!

King Lightaxe,Tormellon,ride towards the edge,of their
encampment.Only to see,King Odono:King of Harraliah,
leading thousands of Knights,(mounted,and infantry)
towards their encampment.

The other Monarchs,join King Lightaxe,and Tormellon,
as King Odono,along with his two Generals,ride up.

                  KING ODONO

Is there room,for one more?

                 KING BANEHAMMER

And after all,that ruckus,you made in Oleddon,you came
anyway! Bah! Humans! Who can figure them out!

King Lightaxe,rides up to King Odono.

                  KING ODONO

There's always room,for one more,lord of Harraliah.
We're going to need,all the help,that we can get.

Suddenly,a Knight approaches,King Lightaxe.


Your Knights stand ready,for marching,my Lord.All that
they await,is your order.

                  KING LIGHTAXE

The order is given.

In no time flat,the Armies of the Alliance,are
marching across,the countryside.Heading for
Erubus stronghold.


The tall attractive Theopian woman, strides down the
corridor.She comes to a stop, before an emerald door.
The door slides open,revealing an empty bed chamber!


The tall Theopian woman, runs into the Throneroom,and
quickly approaches Empress Jadestar, who is seated on
her Emerald Throne.Her two loyal Guards,stand on each
side of her Throne.

                  THEOPIAN WOMAN

Forgive my intrusion,my Empress.But the Ranger,cannot be

                   EMPRESS JADESTAR

I see. I would not have taken him for a coward.But
nevertheless, we shall march for war.For i have seen what
Erubus has planned,for this world.

Suddenly, Commander OVO,enters the Throneroom.Bows and
hails,the Empress.


My Empress,the entire fleet,of Triangulariums are ready.

                     EMPRESS JADESTAR

Excellent Commander Ovo! Well, lets be on our way,shall we?


You're coming too?!

                      EMPRESS JADESTAR
                   (RISING FROM HER THRONE)

Why of course, Commander.It's not often one,gets to witness an
event, of this magnitude.

The Empress leaves the Throne,and proceeds down the Throne steps,
and towards the great,Emerald doors.With her two loyal guards,
flanking her.Commander Ovo follows behind.


Pedestrians of the corridor,bow and stand aside,as the
Empress,her two Loyal Guards,and Comm.Ovo,proceed down
the sunlight filled corridor.


But Empress,maybe you should reconsider.You are safe here.
None of us, may come back,from this battle.

                     EMPRESS JADESTAR

Nonsense! I shall not turn back.I have made my decision.

The Foursome exit, the Emerald corridor,and walk onto a:


Where dozens of large pyramid shaped,Emerald Triangulariums,
levitate over the reflective,Emerald Field.Forming a perfect
line of symmetry.

The Empress,her two loyal Guards,and commander Ovo,step
onto a large,thin sphere,made of Emerald.Which levitates
them up,into a port,on the Triangularium's underside.

                    EMPRESS JADESTAR

And besides Ovo,i have faith in your abilities as a
Commander.Who better to ride with,one of our best
Commanders, than the Empress?

Commander Ovo, is uttered speechless!


As you wish, your highness.It is an honor to, have you


The Empress and Commander Ovo,enter the Command Chamber.
The crew of the Command Chamber,bows as the Empress,takes
a seat, in the Command Chair.

                    COMM. OVO
                  (to his crew)

Take us out.


Upon Ovo's command, the entire fleet of Triangulariums,
quickly speed away! Vanishing over the horizon!


The massive Armies of Erubus,which are comprised, of
Demons,Orcs,Vothinians,along with a dozen or so,Ice
Giants,stand in battle formation,on the Fortress grounds!
The Vothinian regiments,ready their cannons,while the
northern Giants,stand patting their,Axe Blades,in


The beautiful Dark Elfess,stands on the balcony,overlooking
the desert.She catches sight,of the vast armies,of the
Alliance,approaching across the desert!She smiles and walks,
back inside the Fotress of Darkness.Her long leather cloak,
trailing behind.


The Elfess strides into,the Throneroom,towards the seated


My lord,they are approaching.

Erubus grins.


Good,let them come.


The combined armies of the Alliance: The Elves,Humans,and
the Dwarves,stand in formation,in the desert! Erubus great
Fortress of Darkness,looms before them!A Knight gallops
up to,King Lightaxe,who is seated upon his mount.


The Cannons are prepared. The knights stand ready, my lord.

King Lightaxe,scans the ranks,of his army,as well as those,
of his allies. Everyone is ready.Queen Taramis,Sultan
Hasheed,King Amrod,and King Banehammer,all stand in
anticipation,of the coming battle.

                    KING LIGHTAXE

You may give, the order to Fire.

The Knight gallops back,to the Cannonmasters!Giving the
order to fire!

ANGLE ON CANNONBARREL LINE: The line of Cannonbarrels fire!
Cannonballs leaves the barrels,flying towards the Fortress
of Darkness!


Cannonballs tear through the ranks,of Erubus Armies!Killing
demons and orcs indiscriminately!Suddenly the Vothinians,
retaliate,by firing their cannons! Now, there is a mutual
exchange,of Cannon fire, by both sides!

Lightaxe's great steed, rears up,as he shouts,to his men!

                     KING LIGHTAXE


At once,the armies of the Alliance,are rushing across the
Desert,towards Erubus Armies!The Commanders of the opposing
armies,gives the order,to attack as well! Now the two sides
are both,rushing towards each other!



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