Rapture (Unfinished)
Darrin Anthony Reay


               R A P T U R E !

               FADE IN:

               We are flying through the night sky. Two helicopters come
               into view, all filled with Special Armed Forces. We are then -

               INT. HELICOPTER - NIGHT

               One man inside of the helicopter - Steffen Cyrus, is loading
               his gun. He takes out a photo from his bag on the floor. The
               photo is of two men. One with a deformed left eye and the
               other is wearing a black robe and we can't see his face. He
               holds the photo up for his team to see.

                             (holds up a photo)
                         These are the men we are after
                         gentlemen. Charles Dumenza and his
                         brother Salazar Dumenza. These men
                         are the people responsible for the
                         attacks that are happening all
                         across the world. Our mission is to
                         capture or neutralize. Alive is a
                         bonus but is not necessary, so lock
                         and load men. Any questions?

                         Why is one of the targets wearing a
                         black robe? We can't see his face.
                         How do we know who to look for?

                         There has been no photo taken of
                         him without the robe. If we see
                         anybody wearing a black robe we
                         give them the chance to surrender
                         or we shoot. Any more questions?

               There is silence.

                                   STEFFEN (CONT'D)
                         Good. Let's go put an end to this

               Steffen then puts the photo back in his pocket and takes
               another one out. This time of a woman and a little girl.

               INTERCUT - The woman and the daughter are screaming, fire
               burns all around them.

               As we begin to fly over a city, Steffen stares out of the
               chopper, down at the city which is burning.
               Smoke rises higher than the skyscrapers and the sound of
               people screaming can be heard over to the noise of the
               helicopter blades.

               The chopper begins to lower down. It hovers over a small
               building and the Armed Forces lower a rope which leads down
               to the roof. They then begin to repel down.

               Steffen stands up, picks up the bag from the floor and puts
               it over his head. He grabs the rope and repels down to the

               EXT. ROOFTOP - CONTINUOUS

               All seven of the Armed Forces are on the rooftop. The ropes
               drop and the choppers fly away. Steffen walks to the edge of
               the building and looks down to the street. We zoom onto the
               street and we are-

               EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS

               Cars are burning, buildings are being set alight and
               civilians are being chased and hunted by some horrible

               The creatures have melted faces, they can run very fast.
               These are - The Umbra.

               One of The Umbra jumps on top of a civilian and bites a huge
               hole in the mans neck, killing him instantly. The Umbra then
               grabs the mans arms and rips them straight from their

               BANG! A gunshot can be heard. The Umbra looks up at the roof
               with the Armed Forces on and a bullet goes straight into its
               head. The Umbra disintegrates into ash.

               EXT. ROOFTOP - CONTINUOUS

               Steffen is looking through the sight on his sniper rifle he
               is carrying, smoke is coming from the chamber.

                         One down, a hell of a lot more to

               We zoom out from the top of the roof and we are now looking
               over the entire city. Every building has been destroyed and
               smoke rises from the streets.

               A huge explosion can be heard. Suddenly - a 747 plane begins
               to crash straight towards the city.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. FALLING - CONTINUOUS

               The 747 plane is crashing towards the city. People at the
               windows of the plane are screaming and terrified as they all
               fall to their doom.

               One hand smashed against the glass of a window. The skin on
               the hand is melting.

               A huge skyscraper comes into view. The plane heads straight
               for it.

               EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS

               The Armed Forces are now running through the street, putting
               bullets into the heads of every Umbra that they see. Once the
               street is clear of all the creatures, a rumbling noise can be

               All Armed Forces look up at the sky and see the plane heading
               into the skyscraper and BOOM!

               It crashes straight into it. A huge explosion fills the sky
               with fire and smoke and the skyscraper comes crumbling down.

               The Armed Forces run up the street, all separating as they
               run inside of different buildings, apart from two of them.
               Steffen Cyrus and his partner, Jake Tyler run into the same


               Steffen and Jake shut the doors behind them but the pressure
               from the smoke and dust outside blows it open, causing them
               both to fly across the room and straight into the wall.

               Dust and smoke fill the room while they are both knocked out.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               "RAPTURE, 2011"

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               It is dark. It is cold. It is stormy. Rain lashes heavily
               onto the ground and heavy winds sweep through the land,
               blowing through branches on the old, scary looking trees that
               stand tall right in the heart of Rapture.

               A castle can be seen in the distance. It is old, run down and
               its windows are smashed, its rocks are crumbling and its
               large wooden doors are full of cracks.

               A silhouette of a person comes into view. Walking slowly and

               We zoom in to reveal a man-

               Robert Smith.

               Robert is carrying a flashlight in her hand along with a
               leather briefcase in the other hand. He continues to walk
               through the forest, alone and afraid. The sound of animals
               lurking in the trees cause him to jump and shake.

               A small cabin comes into view. On the outside it looks newly
               built. Robert walks towards it.

               INT. CABIN - CONTINUOUS

               Robert enters the cabin;

               Inside the cabin it is empty, all apart from one wooden table
               that sits in the centre of the room. Robert walks over to it
               and places down the flashlight along with the briefcase. He
               takes off his jacket and places it over the briefcase.

               The sound of moans and cries of pain can be heard coming from
               a room to Roberts right. This catches his attention and he
               begins to slowly walk to the door.

               Before entering the room, Robert closes his eyes and he lets
               out a big sigh.

               INT. BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS

               In this room, there is only one bed in the centre of the
               room. A young, blonde haired boy lays asleep on the bed. This
               is -

               Henry Smith.

               Robert walks over to the bed. Looks down at Henry, who is
               tossing and turning and sweating. He picks up a towel from
               the floor and wipes the sweat away.

               Kneeling down next to the bed, Robert attempts to wake him up
               by gently tapping Henry on his shoulder.

                         Wake up son.

               He does not wake. Again he attempts to wake up but taps

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         Come on son, wake up.

               There is a slight moan. Then Henry opens up his eyes slowly
               and stares at his father, who is smiling.

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         Hey there buddy. How are you

               Henry sits up on the bed.

                         I feel awful daddy. I feel so bad!

                         Hopefully that is going to change
                         soon. Remember my friend Charles?
                         He is coming over and he is
                         bringing over a special drug that
                         himself and his brother have
                         developed. They both believe that
                         this will cure you.

               Henry pulls his blanket over his head, frightened.

                         No daddy! No more drugs, please!

               Confused, Robert sits on the edge of the bed and pulls down
               the blanket then wraps his arms around Henry.

                         What's wrong? Why don't you want

                         I am just so scared daddy! I am
                         scared of needles and drugs!

               Robert sighs.

                         I know you are son. Everybody is
                         scared of something in their life,
                         do you want to hear something what
                         my father, your grandfather told

               Henry nods.

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         He said to me 'Son, you can't let
                         your fear define you. You must face
                         it and confront it. You are scared
                         of the dark and that is
                         understandable but tonight, i want
                         you to get into bed, turn out your
                         lights and sit there for a moment.
                         Sit there in the dark and say to
                         yourself "I am not afraid".
                         Then once you have confronted it,
                         you can beat it!'
                         Now i want you to do that, Henry. I
                         want you to confront this fear and
                         you will be able to beat it!
                         Promise me?

               Henry smiles.

                         I promise.

               He then laughs.

                         What's funny buddy?

                         You were afraid of the dark!

               Robert laughs also.

                         Of course! I used to believe their
                         were monsters lurking in the dark.

               Robert stands to his feet, grabs his sons hand and helps him
               up to his feet and then both of them make their way out of
               the bedroom.

               INT. CABIN - CONTINUOUS

               Robert and Henry enter the living area. A strange noise and a
               shadow from outside the window catches Roberts attention, he
               turns with caution.

               As he walks over to the window to check it out, there is
               nothing there. Just the darkness of the forest and the heavy
               rain lashing down.

               Then suddenly, loud banging at the door can be heard. Robert
               freezes on the spot, fear in his eyes as he stares at Henry
               who is terrified.

               There is another loud bang.

               Robert panics, but then a voice coming from outside can be

                         Robert, it's Charles. Open up this
                         god damn door will you?

               There is a look of relief on Roberts face as he begins to
               laugh. He walks over to the door.

               As Robert begins to slowly open the door - BANG! It flies
               open and Robert gets knocked straight to the ground - a
               strange man has barged into the cabin with a gun.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         Where is it?

               Robert, laying on the ground with his hands up looks confused
               and afraid.

                         Where is.. Where is what?..

                         Don't act stupid with me! Where the
                         hell is the drug?

               Roberts eyes widen.

                         I don't know what you are talking
                         about, just lower down the..

                         DO NOT FUCKING LIE TO ME! If you
                         don't tell me where it is i will
                         put a hole in your sons head.

               Then suddenly BANG! The man drops to the floor with a hole in
               his head.

               Robert stares at the door. Standing there is a man in a black

               This is-


                         Not if i put a hole in yours first.
                             (to Robert)
                         Hey there, Robert. Sorry about
                         that! This villager has been
                         seeking out the drug to save his
                         wife' life.

               Charles is also carrying a leather briefcase. Robert rises to
               his feet as Charles enters the cabin.

                         Man am i glad to see you! But why
                         not save his wife? I'm sure there
                         is enough of the drug to save her

                         Because she is dying from internal
                         bleeding. The drug won't fix that.
                         It only fixes those who have organ
                         failure and diseases such as cancer
                         and polio. Like your son for
                         example, this drug will cure should
                         cure his heart disease with no

                         It should? I thought you said it
                         was a sure thing!?

                         This drug has not been tested on
                         humans yet. We are not sure if it
                         will work but we are pretty
                         confident that it will. We tested
                         it on animals and it worked like a
                         charm. Just have a little bit of

               Charles walks towards the wooden table and carefully places
               his briefcase down next to the one that is already there.
               Something catches Charles' eye - Henry hiding behind the

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                         Hey there kiddo. Don't be afraid.

               Henry stands up and rests against the table.

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                         So are you ready for this?

               There is silence. Henry stares at his father then stares back
               at Charles and gives him a very unconvincing nod however
               Charles ignores it.

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                             (to Robert)
                         Open up that briefcase that i just
                         brought with me and there should be
                         two vials and a syringe in there.
                         One of the vials should have the
                         number 1 engraved onto it. Take it
                         out and hand it over to me, along
                         with the syringe.

               Robert walks up to the briefcases and opens one of them up.
               There are two vials inside and a syringe just like he said.
               The syringe is however quite small. The other vial has the
               world "Dumenza" engraved onto it.

                         Dumenza? That's a weird name for a
                         drug isn't it?

               Charles begins to laugh.

                         We named it after mine and my
                         brothers second name.

               Robert then takes out the vial with the number one engraved
               onto it and hands it over to Charles.

                         Is this the syringe you want? It
                         looks a little bit small for a

                         Yep, that's the one i want. It is
                         the only fucking syringe in there!
                         And it is small because you only
                         need a small dose of the drug.

                         Listen you obnoxious little shit.
                         Don't talk to me like that in front
                         of my son!

                         Calm down. Just hand over the
                         syringe and lets get on with it.

               Robert takes out the syringe and passes it over to Charles.

                         What is this first shot for?

                         It's to make the heart ready for
                         the drug. It stimulates all the
                         organs including the heart and
                         there is no chance of his body
                         reacting against it. However if the
                         worse comes to worst, we inject him
                         with the Anti-Dumenza and it will
                         wipe out the trace of the Dumenza
                         from his body.
                             (to Henry)
                         Come over here mate.

               Henry walks towards Charles and kneels down in front of him.
               Charles grabs his arm and inserts the syringe into his arm.
               Inside of the syringe, a strange looking egg forms inside the
               syringe before entering Henry' body.

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                         Once we see him getting cold
                         sweats, we inject him with the
                         Dumenza so get it ready.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Quiet. The room is empty and the walls are covered with large
               painting and golden cases are scattered all around the room.
               A large golden throne sits in the middle of the room.

               Two militia enter the room and walk up to the throne.

               A man who was hidden out of view - stands up from the throne.
               He is wearing a hooded, black robe and we can't see his face.

               This is-


                                   MILITIA #1
                         They have all arrived sir. They are
                         all ready.

               The man speaks. His voice deep and scary.

                         Good. Charles should be back
                         shortly with the drug so begin to
                         prep them for conversion and i will
                         be down in a while.

               The militia nods his head and they both leave the room.

               We pan around to the front of the throne. The seat is see
               through and we can see a machine. A glass tube sits in the
               middle and five smaller tubes come off and lead into the
               ground below.

               Salazar walks towards two large double doors and opens it up.
               We are now-


               On a balcony. Rain continues to pour down heavily and we are
               overlooking the entire island. A large forest, a village and
               a lake can all be seen.

                                   SALAZAR (V.O.)
                         Pretty soon the entire population
                         of earth will become mine. Those
                         who try and stop me will be
                         eradicated from existence. The time
                         of the Umbra have arrived.

               We zoom down from the balcony, into the dark forest and onto
               the cabin. We are-

               INT. CABIN - CONTINUOUS

               Back inside of the cabin.

               Henry is laying on the floor and is beginning to suffer from
               cold sweats.

                         It is time for the Dumenza.
                             (to Henry)
                         This injection will be injected
                         directly into your heart Henry. Now
                         there is no need to worry as the
                         substance i just gave you will have
                         numbed your body and you will not
                         feel any pain.

               Henry pulls up his T-shirt, crying. Charles takes out a black
               marker from his pocket and draws an X where his heart is.

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                         Here it goes.

               Charles stabs the needle straight into Henry' heart. He
               screams out in agony as Robert holds him down to stop him
               from shaking.

               After a lot of screaming and pain, Henry stops and there is
               silence. After about ten seconds, Henry stands to his feet
               and smiles.

                         Daddy, i think it is working. I
                         feel so much better!

               In excitement, Robert hugs Henry and then kisses Charles.

                         I bloody love you Charles! You are
                         my life saver!

                         And mine, literally!

               Charles smiles and stands up, he places the Dumenza and the
               syringe back into the briefcase and puts both of them next to
               the door.

                             (to himself)
                         Just wait for it.

               After a lot of hugging and celebration, Henry drops to the
               floor then begins to shake uncontrollably.

                         What the.. HENRY!?

               Robert grabs Henry and holds him in his arms.

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         Quickly Charles, hand over the Anti
                         Dumenza. This stuff is going to
                         kill him!

               He does not get a reply. Charles begins to laugh as he walks
               for the door.

                         Did you really think that you were
                         going to leave here alive? You are
                         nothing but two test dummies. We
                         needed a lab rat to see if this
                         drug works and you were the only
                         person stupid enough to let me try.
                         Your son will soon become like the
                         creatures my brother and i longed
                         to create. You don't have such

               Charles takes out a gun and points it at Robert.

                         What the hell have you done?

                         I have turned him. He will become a
                         monster, an animal. An immortal
                         shadow walker. An Umbra. Once the
                         drug has taken its full effect,
                         Henry will become one of the many
                         of the most powerful hunters this
                         world will witness.

               Henrys eyes begin to go bloodshot.

                         I am going to stop you, Charles.
                         You are evil. I am going to kill
                         you! I will not let my son become a

               Charles looks at Henry and sighs.

                         The drug works. We know that. But
                         lets have it your way!

               He then points his gun at Henry, pulls the trigger - BANG!
               Heny is dead.


               Robert bursts into tears, picks up the empty vial with the
               number one engraved onto it and throws it straight off of
               Charles' head, causing him to stumble back against the door.

               Then he races towards him, knocks the gun from his hands and
               begins punching him none stop and so fast like rapid fire
               until Charles is knocked out.

               Robert then stands up, walks over to his sons dead body.

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         I should have listened. I am so,
                         so, so sorry!

               Robert picks up the gun from the floor and points it at
               Charles' head and shoots him straight through his left eye -
               but he isn't dead.

               Charles wakes up and his eye begins to heal. Then he stands

                                   ROBERT (CONT'D)
                         I thought... i thought this drug
                         hadn't been tested?

                         It hadn't been tested on humans. I
                         am not human. I was made by Salazar
                         in the castle. I am one hundred
                         percent pure Umbra.

               Charles dives on Robert, takes the gun from him and takes out
               the clip, inserting a different one into the gun.

                                   CHARLES (CONT'D)
                         I think i have changed my mind. You
                         do have the luxury.

               Charles presses the trigger but instead of a bullet coming
               out, a small needle shoots out, injecting Robert with the

               Robert then begins to shake. His eyes go bloodshot and then
               his skin begins to slowly melt off. He becomes crazy and then
               stands up as the conversion takes its full effect.

               Robert converts into an Umbra. Eyes red, melted skin.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. BUILDING - NIGHT

               Steffen wakes up. The room is now filled completely with dust
               and smoke. He crawls over to Jake who is still knocked out
               and attempts to wake him up, he fails.

               As it is getting harder to breath, Steffen picks Jake up and
               carries him up a large flight of stairs which leads to the
               second floor.

               EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS

               Coming out of the smoke and dust are lots and lots of Umbra.
               They run inside of the buildings that the Armed Forces are

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. BUILDING #2 - CONTINUOUS

               An Armed Forces shoots at the Umbra, straight through the
               head killing all that comes through the door. After they stop
               entering, he runs away out of a door.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Steffen has reached the top of the stairs with Jake on his
               shoulder, he is just about to enter a room when he hears a
               loud screech coming from behind him.

                         Oh shit!

               Steffen runs into the door, lays Jake down against the wall
               shuts the door. Putting a cabinet in the way to keep it
               locked. He then points his gun at the door.

               BOOM! Banging on the door begins to happen. The door shakes
               and just when it is about to come off its hinges, the banging
               stops. Then the screeching can be heard again. The sound of
               ripping can be heard.

                                   STEFFEN (CONT'D)
                             (into comms unit)
                         Alpha to HQ, we have a man down and
                         are being pursued by the Umbra.

                                   HQ (O.S.)
                         HQ to Alpha, we are sending in
                         reinforcements. Make your way to
                         the rendezvous point. HQ out.


               The banging starts again. Then a large, sharp object smashes
               through the door and destroys it into tiny little pieces.
               However it is not an object - it is his arm. It has mutated
               into a large sharp blade.

                                   STEFFEN (CONT'D)
                         What the hell!

               Steffen shoots at it but the Umbra deflects the bullets off
               of his arm.

               The Umbra charges at Steffen, pinning him against the wall
               trying to stab him.

               But then - BANG! BANG! BANG!

               Three bullets shoot through the Umbras head. All just missing
               Steffen - Jake has woken up.

                                   STEFFEN (CONT'D)
                         About ten seconds ago wouldn't have
                         been to bad Jake.

                         Sorry, i was a little preoccupied.
                         Y'know, being knocked out and all
                         that. What do we do now?

                         We have to make our way to the
                         rendezvous point and wait for
                         reinforcements. Let's go.

               Steffen and Jake walks out the door that leads to a balcony.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET #2 - CONTINUOUS

               Calm. The street is quiet and there is no smoke there and no
               Umbra. The other five Armed Forces have regrouped and are
               walking perfected formation. One in the front, two behind and
               then another two behind them. The two at the back are facing
               behind them, cautiously.

               Smoke in the background can be seen, rising high.

               The Armed Forces make their way down the dark street,
               checking every alley way they come across.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. HOUSE - CONTINUOUS

               Civilians are looking through their letter boxes and windows
               at the Armed Forces.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. ROOFTOP - CONTINUOUS

               A strange figure can be seen on the rooftop of a house at the
               end of the street, staring down at the soldiers. We zoom in
               to reveal - Charles. He takes out a phone and dials.

                         I have them in sight. What are your

               A voice replies. Deep and scary - Salazar.

                                   SALAZAR (O.S.)
                         You are to kill them. Do not let
                         them get to their destination.

               Charles hangs up the phone and walks out of view.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET #2 - CONTINUOUS

               The soldiers reach the end of the street and come to a dark

                                   ARMED FORCE #2
                         You want us to go down there?

                                   ARMED FORCE #1
                         Yes, it is the only way to the
                         rendezvous point. Switch on the
                         flashlights and lets advance with

               All of the Armed Forces switch on their flashlights and one
               by one begin to enter the valley.

               In front of them, a shadow comes into view and stands there -
               Charles. The soldiers stop walking.

                                   ARMED FORCE #1 (CONT'D)
                         YOU THERE, LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!

               The sound of skin ripping can be heard. Skin on his arms peel
               off, then suddenly his arm turns into a gun.

               BANG! What looks like a large ball of blood fires in the air
               and it hits Armed Force #1 on his arm. His skin and clothes
               melt. It is ACID!

                                   ARMED FORCES #2
                         OPEN FIRE!!

               All of the Armed Forces open fire at Charles, hitting his
               upper torso but it does no damage. Charles then fires another
               ball of acid at Armed Force #1 and this time hits him in his
               face. His skin slowly peels off from his face, his eyes start
               to melt and he screams in pain. In complete agony, he
               attempts to pick up his gun but he can't.

                         You will not reach your
                         destination. Your blood is mine.

               Lots of Umbra jump from balconies above them, attacking and
               kill them all, except for one.

               Armed Force #1 is barely alive, breathing heavily as he gasps
               for air.

               Charles walks up to him.

                                   ARMED FORCES #2
                         What the hell... what the hell are

                         We are the Umbra. The beginning of
                         the end of the world.
                         The new race of humans.

               Charles shoots one more ball of acid at Armed Force #2 and
               watches as his face slowly melts off.

               Charles' arm mutates back to normal.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. - NIGHT

               We are flying over the city, again fire rises from it and
               then the only building untouched comes into view. The white

                                   CYRUS (V.O.)
                         Do not let them enter the building.
                         We must protect the President!

               We zoom into the white house and we are-


               At the front doors of the white house. Lots of secret service
               are keeping it shut. One of the secret service - Cyrus Smith,
               is reloading his weapon.

                         How many of them are out there?

                                   SECRET SERVICE #1
                         A lot, i don't know how much longer
                         we can hold out here.

                         You need to do everything you can.
                         We can't let these monsters take
                         over the white house. Now i am
                         going to go check on the President,
                         hold your ground!

               Cyrus runs off down the hall.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The President is in the oval office. Secret service are in
               the room with him and are forming a ring around him.

               The windows to the oval office smash, Umbra jump in and the
               secret service shoot them. More and more jump in until they
               are overthrown and killed.

               The President backs away towards the door but trips.

               One Umbra walks up to him and we see somebody familiar -

                         President! You and your country
                         will burn!

               The Umbra throws a needle at the President and it sticks into
               his neck. Then - BOOM!

               The door to the oval office blows open, knocking the Umbra
               back. Cyrus runs through the door, shooting each of the Umbra
               in the room.

               Once they are all dead, he runs to the president and lifts
               him up - his eyes are bloodshot.

                         Sir? What's wrong with your eyes?

                         The.. son.. of.. a.. bitch..
                         GOT ME!

               The President knocks Cyrus across the room and straight into
               the wall.

               The President begins to convert. His skin melts and he turns
               to Cyrus - runs towards him.

               He is on top of Cyrus and tries to kill him but Cyrus manages
               to push him away and then picks his gun back up - points it
               at the President.

                         Mr. President, i don't want to do
                         this. Back away!

               The President continues to walk closer to him.

                                   CYRUS (CONT'D)
                         I mean it. Back away or i will

               The President jumps at Cyrus. Cyrus pulls the trigger and
               shoots him straight in his head. The President of the United
               States is dead!

               Cyrus looks down at the Presidents dead body and drops his
               gun. Backs away.

                                   CYRUS (CONT'D)
                         What have i done?

               Cyrus runs out of the oval office.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The doors to the white house are nearly broken down. Cyrus
               comes running around the corner.

                                   SECRET SERVICE #1
                         What's the situation, sir?

               Cyrus doesn't reply.

                                   SECRET SERVICE #1 (CONT'D)

                         The situation. I have just killed
                         the President of the United States.

               All of the secret service freeze. Draw their weapons and
               point them at Cyrus.

                                   CYRUS (CONT'D)
                         Guys, take it easy! He had been
                         converted, there was nothing i
                         could have done!

                                   SECRET SERVICE #1
                         YOU COULD HAVE WAITED FOR A CURE!

                         By the time someone had created the
                         cure, he would have been long gone.
                         I have served him for 12 years. How
                         do you think i feel? Now put that
                         gun down unless you are going to
                         use it.

               There is a slight silence and pause. The secret service all
               lower their weapons and carry on blocking the door.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. WAREHOUSE - NIGHT

               A young boy comes into view, wearing desert clothes. He walks
               over to the side of the room which has a crack in it. He
               stares through the crack and all he can see is a never ending
               land of sand.



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