Ucw The Marsander Story
Matthew Robert Stovell


UCW: The Story of Marsander

Date: January 23rd 1983 Location: London

  “Go on, finish him!” shouted the little boy sat infront of the TV as he saw the Element perform a great spinebuster on his opponent. The movement of the wrestling was taking the little boy into a dream world were he was a wrestler.
  He ran into the kitchen of his dull, gloomy London home. He stood in the doorway were his mother could see what he was doing. And right there he started taunting.
  “What are you doing, dear?” Asked his mother as he threw his arms in the air shaped in a cross.
  “I’m doing what they do on TV.” Said the little boy as he pointed at the TV. “I wanna be a wrestler.” Said the little boy as he made a punch into thin air.
  “Now Matt, why do you want to be wrestler? You’re only 7 years old. You shouldn’t be watching such things.”
  “I don’t care mum. I like wrestling. I wanna be a big wrestler who is liked by everyone. I wanna do all of that stuff.” Said Matt as he stepped over to his mum and sat next to her.
  “Well I don’t want you to be a wrestler, you might get hurt.”
  “I won’t get hurt mum. I’m gonna practise for ages. I’m gonna be strong.” Said the Matt as he jumped back up and started taunting again.
  “What are you doing?” Said Matt’s father who just came back from work.
  “Guess what I wanna do daddy!” Said the little boy as he ran to his father and hugged his legs.
  “A dancer by the looks of it.” Said the father jokingly.
  “No I wanna be a wrestler.” Said Matt.
  “Well get to bed you. And we’ll see in the morning.”
  “Ok, night daddy.” Shouted Matt as he ran upstairs taunting as he went.
  The father went into the sitting room were his wife was. He sat down next to her and put an arm around her. She was white in the face at the site that was infront of her. She straightaway hated what she saw.
  “Don’t worry dear, he’ll grow out of it. He’ll grow up out of the dream.” Said the father as he kissed his wife’s cheek.
  “I don’t want him hurt. I don’t want him to wrestle.” Said the wife as she dragged her face away from her husband.
  “He’ll grow out of it trust me.”

Date: June 13th 1987 Location: Los Angeles

  Matt’s obsession with wrestling increased over the years, what made it worse was his move to America were wrestling is a larger thing over there. Matt’s mother had left his father and the father’s new wife was American. When Matt was told he was moving to America he was standing at the airport waiting for his flight he didn’t even know he had. He was dragged away from friends just for his father and some women.
  At the age of 11 the love was still there and so was the dream.
  “Matt don’t you think that you should really grow out of the dream of wrestling and go with something that isn’t so barbaric?” Said Matt’s father as Matt came home from his new school. Matt’s love of wrestling was taking over him. He spent most of his lessons doodling in his books all kinds of moves and taunts that his favourite wrestlers were doing and what he wanted to do when he got there.
  “No Dad, I ain’t giving up this. It is my dream and you don’t need to stop it. Michelle likes my dream, she ain’t stopping me.” Said Matt as he threw his bag down to the floor.
  “Yes well, its affecting your school. You only get good reports in your art were drawing pictures are what you’re supposed to do, and gym, you get good grades at those 2 lessons and that’s it. You’re not dumb. You can do your classes.” Said Matt’s father as he stood up and walked over to Matt.
  “Just stop with this daydream. Please.” Said Matt’s father as he rested his hands on Matt’s shoulders.

Date: March 7th 1991 Location: Los Angeles

  “Matthew! Pay attention!” Came the loud high pitched voice of his teacher as Matt sat there looking out of the window, dreaming of driving past his school one day in a Porsche or something when he becomes a wrestling champion and show what he has become when his teachers say he was underachieving.
  “Sorry, what was that?” Said Matt as he shot his face round to face the front of the class, to see his teachers standing there facing him. At that moment Matt caught eye contact with his teacher and saw serious hate at that point.
  “Well if you bothered to listen, Michel was reading about the history of the South African tribes.” Said the teacher as she pointed to a small, fat kid sitting at the front of the class.
  “Oh, sorry” Said Matt as he looked at his book that was laid open infront of him. After hearing about a few words from Michel, Matt’s concentration left him again and he went back to daydreaming of standing in the middle of a ring with people cheering his name.
  At the age of 15 Matt had quite a big build and he was about 6’ 3”, which was tall, compared to a lot of people. The only people taller than him were on the basketball team.

  As Matt left his classroom at the bell he noticed a girl walk past his room. She was not that much shorter than he was but she was short compared to her crowd only this lot weren’t basketball players. This was the lot that followed a guy called Johnny. And this was Johnny’s girlfriend. Johnny was a seriously big guy in build, he played on the American Football team and he was one you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. He had loads of friends and they sort of had a rank structure. There was Johnny at the top with about 3 other people all as big and dumb as he was and then you worked your way down depending on how big and dumb you were, the bigger and the dumber you are the higher in Johnny’s lot you would be.
  Matt’s heart was taken at the sight of this girl. She had hair that was tied of a ponytail that fell to just past her shoulder blades. As she walked past Matt could see Johnny at the far end of the corridor. Matt’s heart fell when he saw Johnny, he knew that to go for this girl would be suicide and he would be in hot water if he made a move.

Date: April 24th 1991 Location: Los Angeles

  Matt had spent the past month thinking of this girl. “Who was she?” “What was her name?” These were questions that held at the forefront of Matt’s mind.
  Matt was walking down a street a couple of blocks from his home and saw that she was all alone. No one was near-by so Matt walked across the street to talk to her.
  “What’s the matter?” Said Matt as he stepped onto the pavement.
  “Does it look like something is wrong?” Said this girl as she stared at Matt for the whole time he crossed the road.
  “Well you do look somewhat depressed.” Said Matt,
  “What gave you that idea ya shit?” Shouted this girl as she shook her head causing her brunette hair to flail around her head.
  “Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were ok,” Said Matt as he stepped back slightly.
  “You better not be hitting on me, Johnny would beat the living crap out of you if he thought you were.” Said the girl.
  “Well I’m not hitting on ya.” Said Matt. “I just wanted to see if you were ok.” Said Matt as he looked around to see if Johnny or anyone else was coming this way and might see Matt with Johnny’s girlfriend.
  “I’m Matt” Said Matt as he held out his hand as in to shack hands.
  “I’m…” Said the girl as Matt felt a huge fist smack him in the back of his head.
  Matt landed on the floor face first. He rolled over to look up at his attacker.
  “Watch wot your doing you little shit, no one hits on my bitch!” Came the deep voice of Johnny. At that Johnny kicked Matt in the stomach. The pains rushed up Matt’s body to his mouth were something stopped the pain in its tracks. Matt’s adrenaline had an adrenaline rush, the pain in his stomach subsided and he boiled from the inside. He got to his feet were a faced Johnny.
  Matt had seen Johnny on occasions but he always looked taller than Matt was. He wasn’t, he was a couple of inches shorter then Matt was.
  As soon as Matt had got to his feet Johnny took another swing at Matt’s chest. Matt blocked his swing with his arm. Johnny stood there with his hand held out held away from his target, he looked dumbstruck.
  Matt saw this as a moment to strike. And he did, he struck Johnny in the jaw and caused it to break under the force. Matt had suddenly realised what he had done but it didn’t matter. The adrenaline was still running around his body, Johnny however was lying on the floor crying. Matt had actually caused the biggest guy from around the city to lay on the floor and cry.
  “Oh shit what have I done?” Said Matt as he looked at Johnny’s body on the floor.
  Matt looked at what was around him to see that the girl had run off. Matt thought that he had scared her and caused her to flee.
  “FUCK” Shouted Matt as he realised that he was now in serious trouble from Johnny’s friends.
Date April 19th 1991 Location: Los Angeles Park
  Matt looked around the park to see if there was anyone there that he needed to run from. Since his incidence with Johnny nowhere was now safe for him to go. He was now confronted wherever he went, it started with the littler people and then he started getting the larger people. He hadn’t been to school for 3 days because he wasn’t safe there, he sought sanctuary in lessons and after school activities but the teachers were scared of Johnny’s group and held no defence for Matt.
  Matt sat there on one of the swings as he looked around the park; the midday sun was burning on the back of his neck. No one was around that he could see there wasn’t even a car it was just silent. The only sound Matt could hear was his own breathing and the creaking of the rusting swing.
  “Matt?” came a voice behind him.
  Matt jumped off the swing and swung his body around to face the source of the sound. He found himself staring into the eyes of the girl that caused all of Matt’s fear.
  “What is it that you want?” Said Matt as he sat back down on the swing with his back to her.
  “Listen, I’m sorry for all of this,” Said the girl as she sat on the swing next to him, the creak of the swing told Matt she was there, “I talked to Johnny and he is angry with you and even with me for even talking with you.”
  “Well you ain’t been getting all this shit from him have you?” Said Matt, as he turned too look at her.
  “Well no, but I don’t won’t take any off his abuse, he’s calling me a slut and he’s know labelled me as one. I cant take it, I don’t know what I even saw in him.” Said the girl as she wiped a tear from her face as it rolled down her beautiful face.
  “Hey its ok,” Said Matt as he ran his index finger up her cheek to wipe her tear away. She smiled at Matt’s caring; she just sat there looking into his eyes.
  “I’m Kym, by the way. Johnny didn’t give me a chance to tell you.” She just laughed at her comment; Matt didn’t take offence and also saw the humour of the remark.
  “So what are you doing here?” Asked Matt as he turned to face the road infront of them.
  “Well I lost my temper with Johnny in one of my lessons and just shouted at him.” I got excluded from school for a week, “the fat cunt!” Said Kym under her breath.
  “Damn, well I’ve got to get back home, my parents at work and I cant be bothered to sit here all day till they get back.”
  “What you just bunking from school?” Asked Kym as she turned to face Matt again.
  “Yeah, well school ain’t safe for me anymore with Johnny and his bunch of shit’s, and my parents think I’m worrying to much ‘bout my situation and are forcing me out of the house in time for school.” Said Matt as he got up causing the swing to creak as it fell back into place.
  “Well my parents don’t know I’m excluded, they’d kill me if they found out so I need somewhere to go. Can I go to yours?” Asked Kym as she also got up off the swing.
  “Yeah why not, It gets boring with it just being me on my own.” Said Matt as he turned to face her.
  Kym probably forgot the word was ‘thank you’ but Matt didn’t complain all she did was throw her arms around him and kissed him.
  This was what Matt had dreamed of for what seemed like ages, it lit up his day, he had kissed the girl that he was fighting to get, literally.

Date: September 16th 1991 Location: Los Angeles Mall

    It had been about a few months since Matt and Kym had shared their first kiss and their relationship was going strong. They had some rough times with Johnny and his lot but then again Matt was public enemy number 1 for this lot and Kym had been labelled a slut so she wasn’t very popular.
  As Matt and Kym were walking out of a music store, Matt was confronted once again with Johnny only this time 3 of his biggest people was with him.
  “So you still insist on seeing this slut even though I told you to stay away from her?”
  “And what if I do? You label her as a slut and then you tell me that I cant have her, she ain’t yours anymore so I think it would be best if you just shut the fuck up about her.”
  “What did you just tell me to do?” Said Johnny as he cleansed his fist so hard you could hear his knuckles crack into place.
  “I told you to shut the fuck the up. Are you deaf as well as stupid?”
  Johnny’s mates were tensing up they were going to jump on Matt and beat him to pulp. But Johnny held out his arm signalling that they shouldn’t make a move on Matt.
  “Just ‘cos you broke my jaw you think you’re so powerful. I have control of loads of people, if you want them all after you then go ahead. I heard you stayed away from school ‘cos u were being confronted by some mates of mine. There are plenty of people here that I can order around.”
  “I wasn’t hiding from your mates. They didn’t scare me, I needed to think, I needed for you guys to get the fuck off my back!” Shouted Matt as he dropped his bags.
  “So you thinking of hitting me again? Well go on then. Want to act big and strong infront of your slut.” Taunted Johnny.
  “Don’t call her that,” Said Matt silently.
  “Sorry, I didn’t hear that. Call her what? Oh yeah. A SLUT!” Shouted Johnny so load that everyone nearby looked to see where that noise came from.
  At that the anger bubbled inside of Matt and he tackled Johnny to the floor, forcing his shoulder into Johnny’s stomach.
  “Get him you shits,” ordered Johnny as he lay on the floor clasping his stomach.
  At that the three that were behind Johnny walked towards Matt while drawing weapons from their jackets. One of them had a baseball bat, the other had a chain that he rapped around his knuckles and the other had a crowbar.
  “Kym get the hell out of her. Now, don’t jeopardise yourself, I’ll call you later. Now go!” Shouted Matt as he turned around to face Kym who was standing there scared of what Matt had just done. She turned and ran through the main doors and away to safety.
  “How can you talk to her on a phone when you’re in hospital?” Said one of Johnny’s mates.
  “Oh I don’t think I’ll be in hospital.” Said Matt as he stared at Johnny’s mates.
  The one with the crowbar ran at Matt ready to swing the crowbar at Matt’s head. Matt ducked under his swing and punched the guy in the stomach, the next guy with the chain came and managed to punch Matt in the chest, but with the adrenaline rush Matt felt very little. Matt grasped the guys fist on the second swing and managed to make him release the chain. Matt swung the chain and hit the guy in the back of the knee causing him to fall, and nearly break his knee. The third guy had the baseball bat and made a swing at Matt’s back. Matt took the hit and fell to the floor, he seemed to be unconscious but that’s what this big guy thought.
  The guy ran over to Johnny and tried to help him up to his feet but because he had dropped his guard Matt took this to his advantage and ran right into this guy forcing him to fall onto Johnny.
  At this part Matt ran for the door. He made it to the door to see that Kym was being forced into a transit van by a couple of guys. He ran to help her but one of these guys had seen him and pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Matt. At that Matt stopped running and let them continue, he watched in horror as his girlfriend was being abducted. He had to take a dangerous choice, whether he should try to save Kym and risk being shot or let her be taken.
  The adrenaline was still rushing in Matt’s body and he snapped he ran full pelt into the guys taking Kym and punched one of them in the head knocking him out cold. The other guy saw this and shot at Matt. All Matt could feel was the searing hot bullet break through the skin of his leg and embed itself into the nerve. His adrenaline rush postponed his reaction to this wound. He stood there grasping onto his leg that was bleeding furiously.
  “Matt!” Screamed Kym as she looked at her lover lying on the floor bleeding. She had a sudden surge of anger and kicked the guy in the back with her heels causing him to fall out of the vehicle cracking open his skull on the pavement.
  She ran out of the vehicle over to Matt where lay bleeding.
  “Someone get an ambulance! Now!” Shouted Kym at the people who came out to see what had happened. At that shout everyone started to panic as they realised that Matt was bleeding. Luckily a doctor was there at the time with his daughter.
  The doctor ran up to Matt and took off his jacket placing it on the wound trying to stop the bleeding. Matt’s head rolled over to look at Kym. She could see the pain in his eyes.
  “It’s not been a good day has it.” Said Matt faintly as he raised his hand to touch Kym’s face but he stopped halfway as he saw Johnny and his lot come out of the doors. They looked at him and Matt’s heart stopped for a brief moment of time as he though they would literally kick him while he’s down. But they didn’t they just walked on.
  An ambulance did arrive after a few minutes and Matt had been taken to the hospital quickly.

Date: September 18th 1991 Los Angeles Hospital

  Kym sat in the hallway of the hospital in the waiting room, she had been through a lot recently and it was starting to take its toll on her. She was shaking with dis-stress in the crowded noisy room.
  “Hey you ok?” Came the calming voice of Matt’s step mum Michelle.
  “Does it look like I’m ok? No 15 year old should go through this.” Said Kym as she started crying into her hands.
  “I understand what you’re going through but…”
  “You don’t understand! How could you, my boyfriend is in there” she says pointing at the surgery door” under going surgery because he tried to save me. God knows what they might have done if they had succeeded in abducting me. Then the same guy fights off 4 people who had insulted me and took the abuse directed at him. He is in there because of me. I think I might leave him. I’m causing him too much pain and suffering.” Said Kym as she his her face in her hands and wept.
  “Ok, so I might not know how you’re feeling but you shouldn’t leave Matt. It isn’t your fault that he is in there. He took the chances and he knew the consequences. He’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him and to leave him would break his heart.”
  At that a doctor came out of the room, he had a rather sad look on his face.
  “Are you Matt’s mother?” Said the doctor.
  “Yes I am,” Said Michelle.
  Kym knew straightaway that is was bad news before he had even sat down. The look on his face said everything.
  “Well good news is that we’ve removed the bullet from his leg but I’m afraid that he may not walk again until the nerves have repaired.”
  “And how long will that be, doctor?”
  “Well judging by the damage caused I’ll have to predict that he won’t be walking for about a year.”
  The shock came to Kym probably the most seeing as she was already feeling guilty for what has happened.
  “But it might be sooner?” Asked Kym. Tears were rolling down her face like the Niagara.
  “Are you a relative?” Asked the doctor.
  “I’m the person he was trying to save when he was shot. I think I have a right to know.”
  “He could be walking sooner or it may be later, it really is to early to tell. If the bullet as infected the nerves then I’m afraid he may never walk again.”
  “Can I we go see him?” Asked Michelle. As she stood up to stretch her legs.
  “He’s actually asking for you. So yes you can.” Said the doctor.
  Kym stood up and ran into the room so quick that she caught everyone by surprise including Matt. She wrapped her arms around him and cried into his chest.
  “Oh Matt, I’m so sorry. Its all my fault.” She continued to cry even when Michelle had entered the room.
  “Kym, its not your fault. I took the risk, don’t feel guilty. Ok? I’ll be fine. I didn’t want to lose you, I may not have seen you again if you were abducted and if I did God knows what state you’ll be in. They could have raped you or anything. I couldn’t let that happen. It’s my fault don’t feel guilty.” Said Matt as he run his fingertips through her hair while she continued to cry.
  “Oh Matt.” Said Kym as she brought herself up from her fits of tears and looked into Matt’s eye’s.
  “I love you Kym, and nothing is going to change that. Alright.” Said Matt as he stroked her fair cheek with his index finger.

Date: September 20th 1991 Location: Matt’s Home Los Angeles

  From now on Matt had to be dependent on other people, which was something that he was not used to. He needed help with almost everything, like going to bed; he can’t get on the sofa himself. He was moved downstairs so he didn’t have the need to be upstairs which in his condition was near impossible.
  “I really am sorry for what happened Matt. You must know that.” Said Kym as she came back into the room with Matt’s lunch.
  “Yeah, babe. I know that you’re sorry for this,” he says as he points to his leg,” but it was my decision to go for them and they shot me, I pushed them into doing it, by trying to stop what they were doing.” Said Matt as he picked his lunch from Kym and looked at it. His appetite had gone somewhat since the incident but that was good because he only ate the basic amounts and was starting to thin down.
  “It’s a shame though,” Said Matt as he looked up upon his brunette lover.
  “What is?” Said Kym as she sat down next to Matt.
  “I cant work out using my legs,” Said Matt with a smile as he bit into one of his chicken legs.
  Matt had been working out on a pair of weights that he bought the day he was shot. He had been working on his strength; it was really toping up what he already had. He already was strong as Johnny and his mates learnt.
  “You really are stupid,” Said Kym as she took of her jacket and placed it on the edge of the sofa.
  “Why?” Asked Matt as he watched her every movement.
  “You’re in a wheelchair and you can’t wait to get back on your weights. Shouldn’t you take things a bit slower?” Said Kym,
  “Well yeah but at least I’ve got my upper body done for when my leg is healed.” Said Matt as he placed his plate on a side table.
  “Well as long as you’re not over doing it, just take it easy. For me.” Said Kym as she got up and crouched my Matt’s side.
  “Alright, for you,” said Matt. They kissed and managed to finish just in time because Matt’s Dad had walked through the front door and could have clearly seen the two of them. That would have seriously embarrassed them both.



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