Right Where I Left Off
Cara B Spencer


Chpt. 1: Catastrophic Ending

As the blood constantly spattered on the wall, I knew that I should have stopped the fight, but I couldn’t. What should I have done? I had to think fast before time ran out. I walked in the living room and before I knew it, my mom was on the floor; solid as a rock, all covered in blood. I screamed and shouted and cried until he neighbors could hear me. I suddenly couldn’t hear myself because my dad put the tape over my mouth so quickly. I tried to grab my mom, but my dad quickly pummeled me to the ground and started to choke me. Before he could squeeze harder, I kicked him in the groin. He fell to the ground in anger and hurt. Inside I was laughing, laughing at the fact that a man couldn’t finish me off. I got up slowly, trying to catch my breath. I ran up to the phone and called 911. Right then and there I panicked with fear, hoping that my father wouldn’t get up from the pain.

Chpt. 2: Beginning a New Life

“911, what is your emergency?” “Um, my mom is bleeding to death and I got choked by my father.” “What is your father’s name,” asked the operator. “No need for that, I just need you to come quick-hurry!” “Ok ma’am. Calm down. Can you tell me your name?” “My name is Brittney McAllister.” “What is your address?”
“3254 Burbank Dr.”
“Thank you ma’am, hang on tight we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

A few minutes after I called the police, the phone started ringing. Why would someone call me in the middle of a tragic situation? I picked up the phone, not knowing who it was to be.
“Hello?” “Hey Brittney, what’s up,” asked her friend Monica.
“Why the heck are you calling me right now?”
“Well, I thought I could talk to you at this time but never- what’s that noise in the back ground? Do I hear sirens? Did someone get hurt? Tell me please!!
“Oh my gosh their here,” I whispered.
            “The police are at your house, what did you?”
“This is none of your business. I have to go, bye!”

And with a click, I hung up. I heard people walking toward the door, so I jolted there to open it. Policeman, ambulance guys, and firefighters came rushing through. Some of them were working on my moms’ body and some were pummeling my father to the ground, slapping handcuffs on rapidly. I couldn’t look at what they were doing to my mom because I new that nothing would revive her and I knew I would start crying. As I was standing in the middle of it all, one lady in a black suit grabbed my hand and walked me into another room, maybe trying to get the full story on the situation. After a few hours of being interrogated, they told me to sit quietly and wait a few minutes so I did. During those minutes of me sitting, I knew that I was probably going to a foster home, so I got my suitcase out of the open closet and literally poured all of my closet into it; make- up, clothes, shoes, a practically everything in my room. Luckily, I found another suitcase to put extras in. As those few minutes drifted away, I had cleared my room of all my stuff. The lady in the black suit came back in. She looked around the room in shock.

“What happened,” the lady asked.
“What do you mean,” I said.
“I’m guessing you must have known that we are taking you to a foster home.”
“Guessed, I already knew.” “Perfect. Well, I’ll help you with your suitcases. You just go right ahead to the black car outside,” the lady said.
As I walked through the halls and out the door, I realized that I was forgetting an important someone, someone very close to me. MONCIA! What should I do? I won’t be able to call her or see her ever again. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?! My life, school, friends, my neighborhood, and my house is going to be left behind. Will I even have friends at the foster home? Will anyone like me? Ok Brittney, breathe. You are thinking way too much. Maybe I should just open the door to the car, sit down, and buckle up. I have a feeling this is going to be a long drive.

Chpt 3: The Children’s Foster Home

As I was sitting in the car, I looked out the tinted window, staring at the fast cars going by. I started to worry again. I know I should stop worrying, but it’s kind of hard to. She finally drove into an exit, back onto the traffic-congesting monstrosity. It wasn’t long until we came to a humongous building called “The Children’s Foster Home”. I was thinking, “I’m not a child, I’m a 14 year old teenager.” I hope they weren’t putting me with little rascals or grimlands or even annoying little blabber mouths. The car came to a stop. My stomach started to flutter with butterflies. You know what that meant. I was nervous as I don’t know what. I opened the door, stepping out onto the pretty black pavement. I started to walk toward the trunk like it was my mom’s car.

“Oh no sweetie, I got that.” “My bad,” I said ignorantly.
“It’s ok. Calm down.”

The brown haired lady was ticking me off with her “oh it’s ok attitude”. Anyway, my stomach was fluttering again as I started to walk toward the see-through double doors. I walked up the five stairs and opened the door. I step over to the side because I didn’t know which way to go. I followed the lady to the area that said welcome all patients. I’m like, this is not a hospital and I will not be treated like a hospital patient. I saw some chairs and sat down in them. They were actually kind of comfy to. I looked to the left of me toward the entrance and I saw the cutest boy in the history of the world. Make that, the universe. He looked at me and waved. Did he just wave at me? I can’t believe it. A boy finally made eye contact with me. I waved back; as usual. As I turned back to look at the welcome sign, a girl from across the room rolled her eyes at me. I was going to get up and say something to her. So I got up. But the brown haired lady stopped me so that she could take me to another room. I glared at her back with an even meaner stare. Then I looked at the guy that waved at me. He smiled and started waving again. I waved; again. As me and the lady were walking down the hallway, a man about my dad’s height said hi. I said hi back. We ended up in this small room with loads of teenagers sitting at individual desks. I was seated near this emo-looking girl with piercings all over her face. Eww! The lady handed me a form and told me to write down my personal information. I realized that I was already at the bottom of the form. It wasn’t that long. I got up and looked around, trying to figure out where I should turn in. A lady sitting at another desk pointed toward the spot were I should turn in my form. So I walked over to the other desk and gave it to the man. I went back to go sit in my chair and wait until the brown haired lady came back. Oh, here she comes.

“Come on sweetie. I’m going to go show you around and show you which room you will be staying in.” “Will I have a roommate with me?”
“Yes of course. Let me check my paper. You will have about five girls in the room with you. Their names are Chelsea, Catherine, Casey, Melinda, and Katie.”
“Awesome,” I said excitedly.
“Hey Brittney?”
“You can call me Mrs. Melrose.”

As Mrs. Melrose and I were walking around, the adults were staring at me and smiling. It looked like fake smiles to me. Some of the guys were looking at me as I walked by and started saying things, inappropriate things. That’s kind of nasty, rude, and of course immature. I could still hear them saying stuff, but I didn’t even bother to listen. Mrs. Melrose stopped me in front of the door where I was going to meet some of the most unforgettable named girls in the world.

Chpt. 4: Just like My Old Friends

I walked through the door and saw five bunk-beds, empty ones. Maybe the girls were out of their rooms. Mrs. Melrose and I sat down on what looked like my bunk-bed because it had confetti and a poster board saying “Welcome Brittney!” She was talking about how I wouldn’t see my father again and how my mom was in a better place. I already knew that before she came to my house. She also said that my house was being put on the market for selling. That wasn’t a big surprise. After we finished talking some more, she told me that she had to go. To tell you the truth, I didn’t want her to go. She reminded me of my mother so much. Mrs. Melrose started to get up as I was thinking. I had to say something fast before she had left.

            “Mrs. Melrose?”
“Yes darling?”
“I had a great time talking to you and you don’t know how much you mean to me.” “Thank you so much. I feel the same way about you, only different.” “How different,” I asked. “Well, you’re more than just a wonderful kid who has gone through so much. You’re like my only child to me, even though I’ve never had children before, but you know what I mean. Ooh, look at the time, I got to go. Have a great time. I will be back to talk to you some more if that’s ok.”

“That would be great. Well, I guess I’ll see you.”
“Bye,” Mrs. Melrose said.

She gave me a long, tight hug and walked away. I wanted to cry, but as soon as she walked out. I heard some girls at the door. I couldn’t cry in front of other people, it just didn’t work. The door opened and three of the five girls came through. They looked at me. I looked at them. One of the girls smiled, one of them laughed, and the other one just sat on her bed with an open book in her hand.

“You must be Brittany. I’ve heard so much about you. You will fit in quiet easily. By the way my name is Katie. The one sitting on the bed is Catherine and the other over there by the TV is Chelsea. Which means Melinda and Casey are out there probably flirting with guys. What jerks! Anyway, do you need help unpacking?”
“Sure. Thanks. I could use some help.”

I didn’t think she was going to help me ‘cause well, she looks like the typical cheerleader with long blonde hair, too much make-up, and way to uptight. She definitely didn’t seem like the type though.

“So, why did you end up here,” Katie asked.
  “If it’s ok with you, I really don’t want to talk about it.”
“No problem. If you don’t mind, I would like to tell you how I got here.”
“Talk away,” I insisted.
“Well, the reason why I’m here is because my parents did not want me with them. They decided they wanted to live alone in peace without any children. But I was like, why don’t you want me here. You brought me into this world. What could I have possibly done? My mom said that I demanded too much and was a spoiled brat. My dad said that he was 500,000 dollars in debt, which I don’t believe I did all of that. I mean, he must have done something else to have him in so much debt. To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to stay with them anyway because they didn’t give me what I wanted and they spent way to much time partying. I just don’t understand.”

Wow. What a blonde! As she kept yapping on about her story, I started to think about how my life could turn out with these people. Maybe it won’t be so bad. We finally finished unpacking my stuff and putting it away in drawers. This room looked like my own room, except much bigger. It had a 12 inch screen T.V., a mini fridge with snacks, a stereo system and two bathrooms. This foster home had way too much money to blow on these kids rooms. I couldn’t blow too much. My allowance money shortened after about a week each month. What a life.

“Hey, everybody, want to go to the lunch room before any one else? We might meet Chelsea and Melinda out there,” said Catherine.
           “Yes, “everyone said.

I can’t believe I actually said yes. Anyway, we all jumped up from what we were doing and headed straight to the door. I knew I was going to be the last one to get out because I had taken off my only designer wedges. I hurried to go put them own. While I was strapping them back own, my roommates waited for me at the door. They didn’t pout or tell me to hurry up. They talked like it wasn’t a bother for them to wait. I was shocked. Their just like my old friends. I finally got done with the straps and raced to the door. I closed it behind me as I walked out. The lunch room wasn’t even that far. It was right across our room. We ended up in the lunch room. There were a lot of people to talk to and tons of food to choose from. The food wasn’t even bad. It was better than my lunch at school. We sat down at the table and talked all the while. Casey and Melinda came to the table. They introduced themselves to me, told their stories, and even shared some of their snacks with me, just like my old friends. I never knew what it would be like around here. It turned out great. After we finished eating and chatting, we went back to our room. We got in there and the minute we took of our shoes, I started a game of Truth or Dare. It was fun. It seemed like we played for hours but it was more like 30 minutes. The girls and I decided to stay in for dinner because we had eaten so much at lunch. Once we finished our game, I did the honors of turning on a scary movie. Katie turned off the lights. We sat on the floor in front of the T.V. Every minute, we jumped at the scary parts, laughed at the funny parts, and didn’t even cry at the sad parts. I looked over my shoulder and Chelsea and Katie drifted off to sleep. I decided to go to sleep also because I was getting super tired. I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like.



Copyright © 2008 Cara B Spencer
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