Life Is Relly Hard
Saranekha Saravanan


If I was a superhero, what superpowers will I have? Or maybe shall have? Well, being a superhero is not easy. You have to keep on doing positive things. Well, there are also a lot of different and unique types of super powers and it will always work. The first one is cleanliness. Cleanliness is a type of super power that helps to keep everyone happy and sickness free. It is important to keep the community clean and you yourself have to be clean too. Being lean is not only looking smart, but feeling smart too. Like, did you brush your teeth this morning or, taking a cooling bath with soap and water, eating a balanced breakfast. These are all types of ways for anyone to keep clean and healthy. You can also help by cleaning up your bedroom and your home like arranging the books properly in the bookshelf or keeping your study table as clean as a library. Never throw your books or scatter your rubbish on the table. You also have to make up your bed every day after you wake up. Making up your bed is a really important because it is not descent for your friends to have a sleepover party in a dirty room. Everyone loves a clean and healthy environment to stay and live in. I bet you donít like to sleep in a dirty bed, am i right?
Next super power I am going to talk about is Kindness. Kindness is a power like no other. If you are kind, then you are a great superhero and if you want to be a super hero you must be really kind of people or not people will not like you are rude and me myself I donít like rude people. I bet you donít like it too. People who are unkind are always forgotten and people who are super kind are never forgotten in our lives. If you want to be a good superhero then you have to be kind. Being kind is like thinking of others before yourself and always put others first and you are second. Let me test you if you are kind, there is a child begging on the street and you are hungry. You have only $10, will you give it to the beggar or take it all to yourself. If it was me then I would have spilt the money to two $5 and give one to the child and buy myself an ice-cream with the other $5. Pretty simple, right?
 Now next power is about honesty. Now this is very important and I want you all to have it. You have to be honest with your mom, dad, brother, cat or anything and even to be honest to yourself. If you lie to anyone then it means that you are lying to yourself. It is wrong to lie and everyone hates it, but some children still lie to their parents when they do something wrong. It is ok for your parents to scold you but you can never lie to them. If your children lie to you then, would you like it? No! I wonít and I assume that you donít too. Everyone lies, and there are some lies which are called the unforgettable lie. My unforgettable lie was the time I cheated on an exam and didnít get caught at all. I was astonished and my mom never found out about it and I kind of feel guilty and wish that I never cheated in the first place. If you cheat that means you are cheating yourself. Never lie or you will regret it.
 The next one is knowledge, which everyone wants, likes, loves, admire, adore, search, wishes, and a lot of people beaten up their child for it. Well, it is important, it is not a must to have it because jobs such as engineering and phone repair men all needs skills, skills is a very important thing to achieve. You need the experience and certificate. Knowledge is never the main thing to achieve in life. You can still try harder and do baby steps. Like if you get a C then aim for a B and then you aim for an A and thatís how you do your improving. Never have high expectations. Ok, good. Look, I want to tell you about how my experience is about middle school. I was just a kid when I first join in and got bullied by a lot of people and some people even call me a pig. But I didnít care, I continued to study hard. I studied and studied, but I got bad results and my dad caned me for that and said that if I didnít pass this year, then I would be locked up in my room with no food at all and only be provided with water. I am really scared and I am actually studying and studying. I still got terrible results and I was locked up for 50 weeks and was forgotten by everyone and on my 12th birthday, my parents finally the doors and hugged me non-stopped and my dad told me that he would never do a thing like that again.
Look kids, I know that many teenagers suicide because of their exam results or maybe stress, but letís avoid that topic because it is a very scary topic which many teenagers are involved in this complicating matter and I really hate it. It is all because of the parents pushing them to the exams and they think that if they fail then they had failed their life. That is wrong. They had never failed their live at all. Well always believe in yourself and always have faith in your heart. Follow your choice and not others. If you like pink, then like pink, if you like blue, then like blue, if you like orange, then like orange. It is all the same. There is no right or wrong with your decision. If you like to be a nurse then be a nurse. If you want to be a business man then be a business man. I know that many of your parents want to be a doctor, but it doesnít have to be that way. You can always be anything you want, you donít have to follow your parents or anyone elseís opinion and just follow your heart. Your life is in your hands and you are the only person who can control it. Make good decisions and be a superhero. As I said, a superhero should be clean, kind, honest, and knowledgeable. Remember, to do a good a deed day. I want to tell you a story; this story says that there is this girl a name Lucy is late for school, but she still helps the old woman cross the road safe and sound and help to carry a bag full of stones and donate all her pocket money to a beggar on the street.
Now, that is awesome. Now, look at yourself; do you think youíre pretty? Well, I am pretty even though my friends call me a pig. You have to love yourself no matter what you look like. Even if your friends call you a bull. Remember to love how you look and donít do some silly plastic surgery to change how you look. You have to forget it and continue your way of living and donít depend on otherís to live. Just love yourself just the way you are. Here is a quote I want to tell you ĎIf it is wrong then it is wrong even though everyone is doing it. If is right then it is right even though only one person is doing it.í After that quote I hope you learnt lesson. Loving yourself no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, why you are, when you are and how you are. A right is a right and a wrong is a wrong no matter how many doing it. If it is wrong to steal then it is wrong. Even if half of the class is doing it. If saying good morning to your mum or dad is right. It is right even though one person the class is doing this so love yourself and hope to see you in my next essay. Bye, bye! See you later you alligator. I hope to see later and Bye! I hope I have save your wonderful day. I hope you have understand about loving yourself and learning on how to be a superhero. As I repeat to follow your heart and try to talk to your parents about this matter. If you are really stressed out then donít hesitate to call your parents and tell them about all of this. Ok. I think that is enough talking and typing because you might be ready to fall asleep and donít pay attention so yeah, think about what I had said and take care.



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