The Girl Noone Knew.Book Two.The Adventure Begins
Nicole M Laster


CHAPTER SEVEN A Talk About Elf Island, and a Travel Around The World ................. The year started to pass too fast for their liking, but Saeko thought it was going unusually slow, and told them her thoughts during dinner right before Winter Vacation. “I think that the school year is going awfully slow.” She committed as she refilled her plate with Jell-O chocolate pudding. “Slow?” Harry sniggered in disbelief. “I think it is going way to fast. I barely have any time to finish all that stupid homework that Trelawany gave us.” Ron scowled but gulped down the last of his cider. “I actually quite agree with Saeko.” Hermione said none chalantly as she sipped her own hot apple cider. “It does seem to be going by slowly. Either way Ron, that work you had about two weeks to Finnish, so don’t complain.” Hermione scolded him. “I can’t help it, we need more practice! If we get pummeled by Raven claw after Winter Break, then even if we beat Slytherin, we will lose the cup to Slytherin anyway! And if Slytherin doesn’t get it, Hufflepufff surely will!” Ron scowled deeper and poured himself more hot apple cider, now ignoring his own plate. “I think that being captain is starting to get to you Ron.” Harry said concernedly, patting his back. “Naw you think so?” Ron scowled, gulping a few swigs of his cider and coughing a few times before sobering up and picking at his food. “Well the good thing about this is, we will have some time over break to come up with some strategies and learn more about the Ravenclaw team, and then we can have a few unscheduled practices,” Harry shrugged “besides, this might do you some good Ron, for a while anyway. Until then we have a lot of work to do.” Saeko sighed in almost an almost hopeful way. “Man, I wish I were on the team.” She sighed again “just to getup into the air and get every thing out of my brain…the feeling of rushing air past my ears. I miss the feel of a nice cold broomstick in my hand…” she sighed wistfully again and sipped her hot apple cider. “You used to play Quidetch?” Harry said in amazement.” “Yeah, I was a Chaser, fastest in the school and best on my team. I was even captain for a while.” She told them in a bashful way. “What happened?” asked Ron now interested. “They voted me out. Said that I was working to hard and if I didn’t take a break soon I would break myself.” She shook her head sadly. “I told them that Salorian would beat us if we didn’t get our act together, and I was half right. With a fool of a Vincent now our captain, we fell out, literally. He was our Keeper and half way in the game he fell off of his broom, said something of a Bludger hitting him in practice a while back while I was still captain. Ha, yea right probably got his robes caught or something. Anyway, I tried to play both spots as keeper and chaser and that’s literally impossible to be in two places at once. So we lost, 368 to 270.” Saeko was the one who scowled that time. Just as Harry was about to suggest her go flying with them, an owl flew in from the high rafter windows and dived straight down at Saeko. It stopped so fast that hats were blown off, with an exception of Saeko’s; she kept hers secure at all times. The eagle owl dropped a parchment and chirped slightly in a manner that pronounced most of the owl was eagle. After nipping Saeko’s finger softly, the eagle owl flew back up to the high rafters, pecked a quick hole in one window and flew out at the night sky. Another owl just as fast and slick as the owl that gave Saeko’s letter to her flew into the hall. With a screech of a wail the hawk owl dived down to Draco who was just about to take a gulp from his cup. The hawk owl kicked the drink from his hand, screeched something awful at him, and pecked him on the head before throwing down a letter at him. After its burden was gone, the hawk owl did a flip in mid air, its golden wings flashing in the candle light before it took out after the eagle owl through the broken window. Saeko memorized the very night angular script that said her name on the front of the parchment; To Sin Saeko gulped and stood up, swigging down the rest of her hot cider before sweeping out of the hall, quietly motioning for Harry, Hermione, and Ron to follow her. She didn’t need to tell Draco or Dumbledore. As soon as the party was outside the Great hall, Saeko said three words to them all. “It’s from Voldemort.” “Hurry, to my office, before unwary ears hear us.” Dumbledore ushered to them to follow him as he made his way swiftly to his office. Once every one was seated, Saeko opened her letter and read it out loud to them all; Dearest Sin, If you have received this, then you know I am most upset. What you provoked in the forest was not anger, but sadness. You can be most useful to me, and I have protected you from something dreadful. But I find that you want to be dreadful. I warn you, although Unions taste good when boiled, They are just a burden unsoiled. Heed my warnings little girl, What you may find might make you hurl. Beyond each sunset lays another path, Of which you are not yet ready to pass. Over the Seas and under the Forest Is something you may find Dearest. Of which you seek is not all gold Keep your back against the wall. I am warning you little girl, What you may find on Elf Isle May make you hurl. Saeko looked up from the letter and looked at Dumbledore as if he had the answer, but he did not. So she asked any one who would listen. “What does he mean, ‘of which you seek is not all gold keep your back against the wall’?” she questioned. “I do not know I am afraid.” Dumbledore heaved a heavy sigh as Draco unfurled his own letter. Then with out question he read it out loud like Saeko did her letter from Voldemort; Dear Son, As much as I love you, you have made me angry beyond words! How you can side with that Half-Breed is unknown to me. How you can betray me, your father, and the Dark Lord himself is also unknown! You’re future master! You’re future lord! As much as I want to believe it, it can not be true. You are not ready to join our Lords horde of Death Eaters. Not yet. You must learn that Loyalty is better then any Half-Breed can give! I want you to stay at Hogwarts this Christmas Break; I want you to prove yourself worthy to be among us Death Eaters. Son, do not fail me as your Father, do not fail our Name, the Malfoy’s and do not fail my lord, your hope to be future lord, Lord Voldemort. I yet have Faith in you son, and I believe you will not fail our Family name. The League in which we believe in will prevail! Mud Bloods will fall! The Ministry will fall! Muggles will fall! And most of all THE DARK LORD WILL SUCCED!!! Yours Truly, Father Draco stopped reading and looked up. “We have enough problems as it is already with out my father harassing me into Voldemort’s Horde of Death Eaters.” He scowled and folded the letter back up. “Alright,” Harry shrugged off Draco’s family problems and moved back to their main problem. “we need to figure out this letter of Voldemort’s. What does he mean?” “I am sad to say it is one of those riddles that we will only figure out along the way.” Hermione sighed rereading the letter three times through. “My mother and father used to give me all sorts of treasure hunt riddles.” She explained. “Well then, if what Miss Granger here says is true, then all we have to do is go along with it.” Dumbledore answered her nodding to them all. Harry suddenly breathed heavily and sat up gravely, before speaking. “Sir, I think we found where Voldemort is keeping Saeko’s name, and I think it has a lot to do with the poem he sent her.” Saeko nodded her approval also. “Yes, we didn’t plan on telling you so early on, but I think now is best. On Fire Mountain, located on Elf island, by the Japan Islands, sir. We also think that many a beast prowl there and we would like your advice as the counselor you are.” She said, picking her words carefully. Dumbledore nodded slowly. “Yes, yes I know where Elf island lays.” He said slowly. “And I think you are wise to ask for my help. For you will need it to get there. First we must travel by secret. We must be as discreet as possible. Even though Voldemort knows we are coming to get Saeko’s name, he does not know when. And the element of surprise is with us. This also means that we must travel as muggles…or I must say you must travel as muggles. The Floo networks are being closely monitored now that the alarm of Voldemort returning has been raised. Also that and you must act as family, on vacation for the summer.” Dumbledore stopped and looked at Hermione who looked itching to say something. Hermione bit her lip nervously and launched right in. “well, sir, I had that same thought. But, er, if you look at it this way, traveling as muggles we might, er, stick out more. Especially in foreign places. So, I was thinking, maybe it would be best to get there somehow by flying by plane and stopping only when we must. Taking a private jet plane would help plenty too.” Hermione breathed deeply and shoved her hands into her pockets nervously, as if anticipating something. “Why, miss Granger! That’s a fantabulous idea.” Dumbledore reassured with his cheery homely voice. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief and Saeko heard just softly, ever so softly, Ron whisper to her “Herm, just calm down, Dumbledore aint gonna bite your head off! Besides, we’re safe with him.” Hermione nodded fiercely as if forcing her self to believe what Ron told her. “Hermione,” Saeko interrupted Dumbledores speech as he talked about different places they would have to stop at. “Is they’re something the matter?” “Uh, yes actually.” Hermione gulped loudly and shivered. “There’s, there’s, there is a, a, a, cold hand on my shoulder.” She gulped and Saeko felt her go rigid with fear. Saeko looked behind where Hermione sat in her chair. Unlike every one else, who didn’t see a thing standing there, Saeko’s demon cat eyes saw standing and smiling, a man with dark black rugged hair falling down his shoulders. He was very handsome and looked around her age, and very strong. He looked at her cheerily and smiled at her. “Hello! Great day to wander the castle, wot?” Saeko shivered at the sound of his voice; warm and full of anticipated energy. His very ghost eyes shining with laughter and his pale skin shining as if in warm candle light. He moved his hand from Hermiones shoulder, and walked over to infront of all of them. “Whoa…” Saeko breathed standing numbly from her chair. She and the ghost where the same height and they looked in to each others eyes. “This is…whoa…you’re a…. Oh my…. Ghost!” she stuttered as he grinned broadly at her. “I say, took you long enough! What did you think I was? A bally well invisible live person that only you, half demon, could see?” CHAPTER EIGHT The Meeting of Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron “What Saeko? What is it? What do you see?” asked Draco standing up and nearly walking into the ghost; if it hadn’t been so nimble Draco probably would have. “He, it, him, he, you, he, he…” Saeko stuttered off and coughed off her shock shaking her whole body before speaking again. “There is a ghost in this room Professor Dumbledore….”Saeko turned and addressed Dumbledore politly. “I say, I am not just any ghost good young’un! Im Sire Silverunzalid wot! King ‘o the Fortress Silver Fox! And a great sailor if you would believe it! Sailed on the bally good Silver Tiger I’ll have you know!” Sire Silverunzalid said haughtily. “I’m, er, im, im sorry sire Silverunzalid sir! Er sire!” Saeko stuttered still shocked at the teenage boy who, in her eyes, was really quite handsome. “Silverunzalid….!” Dumbledore cut into little chat and stood up on his feet in surprised merriment. ”My gracious!” with out saying another word, Dumbledore shuffled out from behind his desk and went to one of the desks on the wall, picking up a very interesting instrument. He tapped it with his wand a few times, muttering something as he walked back to behind his desk. He pulled down on a lever and twisted a knob before putting the twittering instrument on the top of his desk. “I say! What in the bally name of trifle is that!” sire Silverunzalid said amazed. “I…I don’t know.” Saeko answered feebly. Just as the words left her lips, smoke started to come from a small opening in the instrument. The smoke encircled sire Silverunzalid until he was heard coughing his brains out. Dumbledore turned off the instrument and they all watched with batted breath as the smoke cleared. Hermione and Saeko’s eyes grew wide with shock and surprise, as did every one else’s, but the way Saeko’s face shined made Draco put a hand on her waist. For there, standing just a few minutes ago pale and white as a ghost stood somebody who was young and handsome and…alive! “I say wot! What’s the big idea of puttin’ smoke round me old man! I say jolly well bad form wot!” Sire Silverunzalid cursed and whipped his clothes angrily. He stopped suddenly and stood up, noticing he had feet as well. “I say! Ghosts don’t carry dust on them wot! What in the name of blizzards is goin on!” he said more surprised then the rest looking at his young and healthy hands and feeling the hair on his head. “I say…. This is bloomin hair on mah head! And…I’ve got feet again! And will yah look at that wot! I aint flyin round the jolly well old room wot wot?” Sire Silverunzalid looked at Dumbledore suspiciously. “I say sah, your little thingumabob did this to me wot wot? Jolly good form yeh’ve got their sah! Jolly well good form sah!” Sire Silverunzalid was practically dancing on the balls of his feet with excitement. “I say wot, how did yer transform me from a spirit, to a human again? Bloomin impossible tis said! ‘Ow did yeh do it sah?” “That’s a secrete I will hold with my self, a secrete of great importance.” Dumbledore said mysteriously, but eyeing the broken contraption sadly. “it was a good ole piece of rubbish…ah well, I can always fix it.” He muttered to himself going back to the thing at hand. “Now, sire Silverunzalid, the reason I brought you from where ever it was you were, because I had a question on my mind.” “And wot jolly ole chap may that be? What’s troublin yah sah?” Said the irrepressible young man intently, taking an outrageously courteous bow. Saeko risked a few giggles before sitting back down in her chair, Draco waving his chair to him and sitting beside her. “Well, this is a long story. One I think that I should not bother you with in such a manner of night. Tomorrow, Saturday morning come back to my office. I am placing you in Gryfindor so that Mr. Potter, and Weasly and Misses Granger and Balta will watch over you and make sure you do not go, ahem, amiss.” Dumbledore said politely, standing up. “Right ho ole chap! Exactly what I was thinking wot! But, er, one question if you may.” He said sweeping a hand over his unruly mess of black hair. “Go on.” Dumbledore nodded respectfully. “Er, what’s a Gryflinagondor?” He said, politly confused. The pictures in the portraits sniggered at the young man softly, some whispering to each other. “Ahem, a what sire?” Dumbledore asked politely back. “Oh no never you mind ole one! Ferget I ever said it wot! If yer pictures are gonna snigger and point bloomin fingers at me all night, I don’t think I wants to tell you!” Silverunzalid said haughtily. “as you wish. But Sire Silverunzalid…” Dumbledore began, but the irrepressible young man, his pride still twanged by the portraits, snapped at him. “What is it that you want bally long’n’silver bearded one!” he snapped at him crossly, glaring hate at the once again silent portraits. “What shall we call you? We can not say your name openly in this time of times, so we need to call you something else.” Dumbledore said calmly. “Er, oh,” he said apalogizingly. “Sorry I went a bit rough on yeh there wot! Uh, call me Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron! Or Ssan for short. That’s me whole bloomin name can yer b’leave it? Me mother says I was born in the middle of a hurricane on the good ole Silver Tiger. Eh, me father says I was born in the good ole Silver Fox on a nice sunny day with not a cloud in the sky!” Ssan laughed aloud. “Always bickerin they were.” “if that’s your full name, then who’s name is Sire Silverunzalid?” Asked Hermione suddenly. “‘Twas my fathers’ name mate.” Ssan shook his head grievously for a moment. “Got thrown over board by a great big fellow named Gurt. O course I threw him right over with my father so they could fight down there!” “Alright, if we have all had a enough talking for one night, I will allow Weasly Potter, Granger and Balta escort you to the tower Ssan.” Dumbledore hastily breaking in. “now I bid all of you a pleasant night!” he called after them as they walked out the door, Draco still with one hand on Saeko’s waist. They walked half way to the portrait in silence, each one with their own thoughts. Then they split up with Draco, who took a short cut to his common room after giving a swift hug to Saeko, thinking no one had seen. As they walked into the Gryfindor common room, Ssan glanced around briefly. “Wow, great place you Gringlywatchacallamathingy’s got here!” He bounded up to the comfiest couch in the common room and plopped down. “Ah! Nice couch too! Haven’t sat in a couch this long since before I could remember! Mmm, and can you feel that nice cold breeze? I think I smell a hint of Winter Roses!” Ssan breathed in deeply, his narrow solid chest inflating widely before he exhaled and thought for a moment, the four friends sitting next to him on different arm chairs around the small coffee table infront of the blazing fire. “Wait a bally minute. Why is the windows open at this time ‘o night?” Ssan suddenly blurted out casting a glance around. “I don’t know….” Ron sighed lazily and slumped down. “Maybe someone was hot and wanted some fresh air…maybe Crookshanks wanted out…or something…”Ron yawned hugely before blinking numerous times. “Ron! Why would Crookshanks want out a window this high up?” Hermione asked him incredulously. Harry sniggered as Ron gave her a lazy answer. “Maybe he wanted to chase after a butterfly, or was catching a fly on the window and the latch fell and he just went…sssssssph…” Ron made a hissing sound and slapped his hand on his leg. “Ron!” Saeko scolded as Hermione gasped in horror at the idea. “‘Scuse me, but wots a Crookynaks?” asked Ssan. “Crookshanks is Hermiones cat.” Harry explained between his muffled chuckles. “Oh my gosh! What if he did fall out a window! Oh no!” Hermione jumped to her feet and ran about the common room checking all the windows. “But, they are all closed?” Saeko said a bit puzzled. “Maybe the swift air is coming from yon window?” Ssan pointed to one of the upper windows out of their reach. “But…but how am I going to get all the way up there?” Hermione cried out in distress sinking back down in her former seat across from Ron. “Not to worry marm! I c’n reach yon window in a leap or two!” Ssan said jumping up and giving a very courteous leg of a bow, waving an arm wide. “Be back in the twitch of an ear wot wot!” with that said, Ssan jumped up right again and looked about him as if sizing it all up. Then to the four friends’ amazement, Ssan Jumped on top of the small coffee table top. He winked at them all, gave another outrageous leg, and jumped on top of Hermiones armchair. Almost tilting it over, he jumped off of that and grabbed the balcony of the stairs. Hanging just by one arm, he swung there for a few minutes before he was ontop of the fireplace’s wide mantelpiece. It was so wide in fact that he had enough room to give another outrageous bow before sizing in his situation again. Licking his lips and rubbing his hands together, he squatted down and gave a large jump, snagging one of the beams of the tower with one hand. He grunted loudly before swinging in a large circle and was sighted to be sitting on the pole with ease. “See! Haven’t twitched yer ear yet have ya? Ha! Thought so!” Ssan called down, his voice echoing loudly down to them as he caught his breath. He stood up a few seconds later and walked along the beam to the open ledge window. He stepped onto the ledge and peered down, whistling. “S’long drop from up here mateys! If a cat had half a brain, he would still be smart enough not to jump from this height!” Ssan called down to them. Waiting for an answer that did not come, Ssan looked down once again and gaped. “How can they be fallin asleep on a feller with great talents wot? Blinkin bad form I’d say! The ole ground wallopers! J’st don’t understand these things eh!” He scowled to himself and jumped down ontop of the mantel with ease before jumping back onto his spot of the couch he had clamed. “A fellow might as well wait fer brekkist wot, wotwot!” he murmured to himself before dozing off himself. The next morning, Saeko and Ssan were the first ones to wake up. Saeko went to wake up Hermione, while Ssan woke Harry. “Come on, up yer get me laddie! Time for brekkist! The numbah one meal o’ the day!” Ssan said pulling Harry on his feet. “What? Oh… I’m up, I’m up.” Said Harry, yawning as Ssan followed him up the stairs to wake Ron and to dress. When the friends met down in the common room again, Ron and Hermione where carrying luggage and all where dressed. “Well! Now that we jolly well are dressed, time to break our fast, eh wot! Wot, wot!” Ssan said energetically. “Just show me to the blinkin dinning room me buckoes an I c’n do the rest from there! As long as I got some food on me plate and a nice good tuck infront o’ me!” Ssan said pushing them to the portrait hole entrance. Ssan stopped pushing them and bowed to the Fat Lady who blushed again. After that he began pushing the four friends along the hallways to hurry them up, all the while complaining loudly about how his stomach was killing him. “Come on mateys! Put some feet in your walk and some air in yer lungs! March! Left, right, hup to three four, left right left, left right left! Come on! Me ole Granmam could walk faster ‘en you lot! Infact, my stomach would be already there if he knew where to go an had feet!” He berated, shoving them along at a brisk pace. “Oooh, me poor stomach! Haven’t eaten in so many ears wot, and a good lot like you are goin to let me starve! Oooh!” He groaned. “Stop your belly aching! We’re here.” Ron growled as they stopped infront of the great oak doors. “Wonderful! Come on wot! What are we bloomin doin out here when there is a blinkin good tuck in there? Wot wot! Let’s go in an have a look see! Wot! Wot, wot! Wotwotwot!” Ssan said, looking very cheerful as the great oak doors opened for them. Ssan’s mouth literally dropped open when he saw all the food on the tables just then. Practically drooling he stumbled to the closest seat, thank goodness it was a Gryfindor seat, and started piling the biggest plate with as much food as he could fit on it. Then, rubbing his hands eagerly as the four friends sat down, he winked at them all and began eating with an intense speed; tasting one thing at a time. The things he liked most he went back to three to four times. From porridge to soup, from desert to beginning course every thing disappeared. Anything in his reach disappeared and reappeared, over and over again, as if he was testing how fast the house elves could send it up when he was done eating it. When he was finally finished, they only had two minutes to say good bye to Hermione and Ron. “Bloody hell! I bet the house elves are getting tired with the way you’re going Ssan! I never seen someone scoff so much food in just…one hour!” Ron said shaking Ssan’s hand fiercely. “You should be careful more Ssan, some of that stuff could have been, er, just watch your self.” Stuttered Hermione as she shook his hand. “nice meeting you, Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron.” She said politely. “Er, please miss, just Ssan.” Ssan said blushing lightly as two first years giggled at his name. “any ‘ow! That was a wonderful tuck! My regards to the cooks eh mateys!” Ssan said, quickly changing the subject. “Oh yes, as long as I have been at Hogwarts, mind you only 4 months, the food is ever great and never lessens!” Saeko agreed whole heartidly as she hugged Ron and Hermione both. “Have a good Christmas you two.” She said smiling at them. “Thanks Saeko, g’bye harry! See you after break eh? Get some rest mate! You need it.” Ron said patting Harry on the back. “Thanks Ron.” Harry said pushing his glasses back up the ridge of his nose. “Have a nice break. Tell Ginny, your mum, dad, Fred and George said hi, and Bill and Charley if they are there.” He said before turning to Hermione. “Have a good break Hermione! It’s going to be quite around here for a while, no bickering.” Harry smirked as Hermione smacked him on the arm smartly. “G’bye to you too harry. See you all after break! Bye!” Hermione and Harry waved as they climbed into a carriage, and then where drawn off to Hogsmead Station. “Now, hows’a bout you three show me around the blinkin castle wot wot?” Ssan said as they turned back into the castle. “I don’t think so.” Draco said suddenly infront of them. “Remember, Dumbledore said straight back to his officer in the morning. We have a lot of work to do. “Awe, come off it Draco! You’re starting to sound like Hermione! I think I’ve heard enough nagging for one semester.” Harry sighed walking past him and waving a hand. “Wait Harry, Draco’s right. We do have a lot of work to do. Come on, let’s get back to his office.” Saeko sighed, grabbing Harry’s hand as he let it fall. Harry groaned as Ssan led the way. “Alright, fine…” he sighed. Upon reaching Dumbledores office, they heard many voices in side. “Hey…it sounds like the order is having a meeting!” Harry whispered as they stood at the door listening. “I’m sorry Dumbledore, but we can not allow six underaged children travel half way across the world in search of something we could obtain easily!” came Mrs. Weasley’s voice. “I will not allow it! I am in charge of them at the moment! And my child is with them!” “I’m sorry to agree with Mrs. Weasly Dumbledore,” cam lupin’s voice. “It all seems absurd if we let them on their own, going somewhere where only about three will make it back alive. I say we go with them.” “Aye! I second that thought! Especially since Voldemort is involved!” came Mad Eye’s voice, floating through the wood. Murmurs of agreement passed through the room and the three stood stalk still as Ssan fidgeted around. He was unused to being talked of and hearing what others had to say. “I understand all of your concerns, but this is more or less not our fight this time. It is an old score that lies between Voldemort and us, yet we are not getting younger. We aren’t as swift or as quick witted as 6 young ones such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, Saeko, and Ssan. If we were to send these six youths, it will surely mean the death of them. But that is of their decision to make.” Dumbledores voice came to them calmly and out raged yells followed. “We can’t let Voldemort take Six youthful and helpful ones away like this!” “We must help them!” “It will be the death of us all if they fail, we can’t allow that!” “The whole world will go out of order and Voldemort will rule us all!” “Aye just as he promised! He will swipe out all of the muggles!” “We can’t allow six unaided children to go and face him!” “Not only muggles but muggle borns!” It was at this time Ssan, who’s pride was fairly hurt at being underestimated, kicked the double oak door open with such a force if it weren’t for magic the door would have collapsed in. “I say!” he roared out silencing them all with a swift glare. “How dare you all underestimate us like that wot wot! I am bloomin Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron! Son of Sire Silverunzalid who was ruler of the blinkin Silver Fox Castle and has sailed more dangerous miles then you all have walked in the Silver Tiger wot! Wotwotwot! I ruled in his stead for more then 3 bloomin years, and I died in a battle that lasted another 3 years! Do not underestimate me laddie bucks! Land-walloper, scoff-stealers! You all are slug stealin, frog-frightenin, berrie-pickin, land-wallopers! Why I oughta…oooof!” Ssan made for the closest person near him, who was Charley, the blood wrath shining in his eyes. But before he could get there Saeko jumped infront of him and dealt him a right blow in the chin. “Calm yourself!” she screamed at him, a flicker of her own blood wrath showing for a trace of a second. “Calm down Ssan. There is no reason to go around and start war in Hogwarts with 10 grown witches and wizards aided with nothing but teeth and fists.” Saeko told him sternly, whipping blood from his chin apologetically. “Sorry about that, I had no other choice really.” She apologized. “No…your right miss Saeko. I acted a right fool of a Natron just then. Blinkin hardest punch I ever felt matey! And first time a misses ever punched me one on the chin wot wot!” Ssan said suddenly chuckling. “Ahem.” Dumbledore cleared his throat and Saeko turned around biting her lip. “Oh im dreadfully sorry Professor sir.” Saeko said nervously. “we were just coming on your word sir. We were going to plan the trip remember?” Saeko said and then it all happened again. People broke out in a rage. “You are not going to go!” “Its to dangerous!” “Voldemort will kill you!” “You’ll all die! Including us!” “We will not allow it!” “Stop your squabblin an let the professor speak ya seed-peckin bird-brains!” Ssan’s deep hollow voice boomed over the room silencing it at once. “Thank you Ssan.” Dumbledore said politely as he offered them seats and Harry closed the door behind them. “Now, I agree with Ssan here. You are underestimating them all. Remember Harry Potter, who had to endure Voldemort for 7 years. Remember Ron and Hermione who helped him through it. Remember Draco, who had to live through it almost all his life,” Draco murmured out the corner of his mouth “Psht...All my life.” as Dumbledore went on. “And remember Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron, who has dealt with evil of this sort long before any of us where known to exist. We have underestimated them to the likes of a mere infant, one who can not defend themselves, when in truth, they are more then able to defend themselves; they are able to defend and work with others, they are able to take offensive other then defensive. Not only that, but they are able to stare down the throat of the enemy.” Dumbledore finished and every one roared and clapped their approval. “But how are they going to get to Japan, much less Elf Island and into the Fire Mountain?” asked one of the portraits on Dumbledores oval walls. “By posing as muggles.” He said simply. “Voldemort won’t be able to track them, and he won’t know when they will arrive.” “But once they are on Elf Island…?” asked Mr. Weasly. “Once on Elf Island they will head straight to the mountain. Being magical, the magical force of the Island should keep them quite covered. But Voldemort will still be able to find them, if he doesn’t use magic.” Dumbledore replied. “But we all know that there are a lot of magical beasts on Elf Island, some that arrant even marked run free with out us knowing. What if they run into something that we never before encountered ourselves?” Asked Bill. “Good question. I have reason to believe that Miss Saeko, is teaching them the art of self defense…?” Dumbledore turned his gaze upon Saeko and she puffed her chest with pride. “Yes, I am.” She said proudly. “And I would like to say that our sessions are going quite well. Right Mister Lupin?” Saeko looked at him and winked broadly. “Oh yes. If I didn’t know them already, I would hate to be on their bad side.” Remus said smiling. “But it might call for more then self defense! They might have to slay a Beast at one point or another, because if they don’t it will keep coming back! Am I not right?” called out a portrait on the wall cheekily. ~*~ “Oh that is just Horrible!” Hermione gasped out as Ssan finished telling his part. “What is more horrible Hermione? Killing or being killed?” Ron asked gravely. Hermione sat gnawing on her lip for a few minutes and Harry groaned. “Oh come off it Hermione! Do you like the thought of being killed by some kind of evil magical beast with fourteen pairs of eyes one large hammer hand and two great feet and a big ole mouth to top it all off with great sharp teeth, or would you rather rid the world of it and live?” He asked moodily. “Well since you put it that way…I would rather live then be eaten alive by something that dreadful.” Hermione sighed and sat back. “Hey you two go easy on yourselves. We don’t know what is out there all right? We don’t know if Harry’s fourteen paired eye big mouthed monster could be as big as my pinkie, or as harmless as a butterfly.” Saeko said cutting in sharply. Harry sighed apologetically. “Yeah, your right. Sorry Hermione. It’s just this is all getting to my head…with Serious gone…” Harry sighed deeper and laid back in his big fluffy arm chair. It was three days after Christmas vacation and they were all, all six of them, where sitting in the Room of Requirement talking it all out. As they sipped hot cocoa and hot apple cider, in this case Ssan was drinking something called October Ale, they all talked about what had taken place in Dumbledores office after Ron and Hermione had gone home for the break. “Well, after the portrait had spoken about slaying beasts when we might have too, they all looked at me. Mad Eye moody,” Ssan started again, putting his cup down and reaching for a bowl of candied chestnuts, something he had introduced to the House Elves [Harry showed him where the Kitchens where] who where quite fond of candied chestnuts. “Then spoke out. “You’re a seasoned warrior,” he said wot “why don’t you teach them how to handle a sword? Wands will be of no use for them. The beasts hides will be damp with magic.” Ahem, wot wot, so I says sure! I can teach them how to swing a sword until their hands fall off and they grow a bloomin new one wot!” Ssan said grinning at their astounded faces. “Javelins, swords, daggers, sling shots, how to polish armor, clubs, bows an arrows, I know them all wot! I says, an I do! Handled them in the war doncha know! Of course then I says we will be needed the equipment first so’s I can teach them! Can’t teach them with anything! And you know what good ole Professor Dumbledore does next?” Ssan stopped dramatically and they leaned forward to show them they were listening though it was no great news to them. They could only guess why he was so excited. “He gets six of his quills off of his desk an throws them in the air wot! Then, he waves his little stick around,” Hermione interrupted him but he kept on going “wand Ssan, it’s a wand.” He shrugged it off easily, not about to ruin his mood. “And pop! There in the air is six blinkin brand new swords! The size of yer arms they where laddie bucks! Beautiful hilts of soft leather and Diamonds and Ruby’s and all sorts o’ gems in the hilts of them swords wot! I tell yer, twas the most beautiful sight I ever seen!” Ssan stopped off there and picked up one of the swords on the table they were surrounding. “They had our blinkin names on them and everything! The swords are sharper’n’sharp mateys!” Ssan started to hand out the swords as Draco continued. “After making the swords, he started making all of the other kind of weapons Ssan had said, each one looked brand new and in great fit, ‘wot wot’!” Draco imitated Ssan’s voice perfectly and they all chuckled. “Wow!” Hermione cut in as Ssan handed her, her sword. It was heavy, heavier then anything she had ever held before, but she held it with dignity as it shined in the soft blue glimmer of the room. “Jade, ruby, diamond, qourts, pearl, gold, wow!” She breathed. All their names where written in gold at the Hilt just as Ssan had said. When he was done passing out the weapons to their rightful owner, he stood up proud. The slingshot was through his belt at his back and hung down on his leg, the bow was over one shoulder and the arrows over the other. A mail shirt that looked charming on him he wore, and he held the sword lightly clamped In his hand, his face shinning. “I say! It is nice to feel fit for war again wot wot!” Ssan said grinning from ear to ear. “There is other gear, helmets, shoulder pads, the like, over in that corner. But I like to travel light.” He winked at them all and swung his sword expertly in a circle over their heads, making a whooshing sound as steal sliced through air at wind breaking speed. Saeko stopped his sword from going any farther by blocking it with her own with a raised eyebrow, standing up infront of him. “We aren’t going for war Ssan. Just to retrieve something, and if possible, destroy the foe on our way in or out. But not for war.” She reminded him. “I say, your right aren’t you me matey wot wot!” Ssan said, and in a few moments time he twisted his sword to the side and sent Saeko’s sword flying across the room. He shouted out with horror as he saw the sword heading straight for the wall, knowing that the sharpness of it would be dulled by the hard rock. Out of the wall appeared a soft looking but dense pillow. The sword sank its length into the pillow and they all sighed with relief. “Phew,” Ssan said walking to the sword and pulling it out patting the walls of the room fondly. “We may not be going for war Saeko me girl, but we are headed for it. Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, the war is uninivitible. It will come. I can feel it in my blinkin bones wot.” Ssan passed the sword back to Saeko and she sheathed it quickly. “The war will come, but we will stay out of it.” She said and they both sat down. They all sipped their drinks warily, unconscious to someone who had heard all of their conversation who was hid in a corner. “Burr, ha! The warr! The waaarr! Chidup humm hurm the waaaaaaarrr! Ahem hem burr ha!” the small robin fluffed its feathers about it, its two bulging eyes blinking and blinking, a smile of some thing was shown and then a hole appeared in the wall behind it. Then bulky robin and was gone. The war. CHAPTER NINE Practice of War The blue Robin twittered madly as it heaved itself through currents in the wind. Though it could barely fly, it felt happy in knowing something that was useful. Finally tiring herself, she sat down in a nearby tree. She still wasn’t off of Hogwarts grounds, but that night was rather chilly and gusty. Winds would throw her back and then snow got into her big bulging eyes. She preened her feathers into place and put her head under her wing against the weather. What she didn’t see was a girl running across the storms to get into the forest. Saeko had nearly forgotten if it wasn’t Dumbledore who reminded her in a speech at dinner. “I would like to announce that every Christmas Full moon we will hold a feast, in honor of a brave person called Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron, who died long ago in a battle of Hearts. Let us congratulate him now for his victory!” Dumbledore held up his goblet and the whole student body followed his lead, though they didn’t know who Ssan was, he was out of his mind with pride, and happiness, nearly bursting to the brim of it all. Then hastily Saeko stood up after Hermione had whispered in hushed tones. “Oh no! Saeko it’s a full moon! I totally forgot! Hurry before the moon shines!” Hermione, Ron, Harry and Saeko looked up at the enchanted sealing. “My que to leave! Congrates Ssan! Bye!” She stuffed a huge chicken breast into her robes and ran out of the hall as every one began cheering for who Ever Sindler Sealeaf Alfonda Natron was. “Hold a trifle and wait a tuck Saeko me ole matey! Where are you off to wot?” Ssan called out after her, but the great oak doors where already slamming shut behind her. Now Saeko was caught in the storm of Hogwarts History running for the place people would have cowed away from with a steaming hot Chicken breast in her robes and half a honeyed scone in her mouth. The sight was quite humorous. But it was any thing but humorous for Saeko. She felt the familiar prickling all over her body and choked on her scone with a yelp. Already her legs where bending painfully and she was forced on her hands. The chicken breast fell from her robes and she started to crawl out of her robes, careful to not rip them if it got to cold with shaky hands. Sighting the tree with the robin in it, she ran to it and banged her head forcefully on it. Then she blacked out. ~*~ Coming around, the winds had died down and snow was drizzling every where. Her fur was iced over and her whiskers hung limp with icicles on them. Her nose was frozen solid and she had to force open her eyelids. Sitting up and shivering she looked about. It was still night time, the moon shone with radiance at the winter wonderland she had collapsed in. weary clouds where drifting heavily off in the distance and right by her foot in her robes was a chicken breast bones, and a robin. Blinking she wondered if she had sighted wrong. A robin? Eating chicken breast? She crawled over to her robes and poked the robin fitfully until it twittered madly and looked up. “You aren’t a robin.” She acknowledged smartly. “Nono, merobin. Yisyis merobin. Backto sleepysleepy halfbreed. Heheheh sleepysleepy halfbreedy!” the robin twitted happily and pecked at the bones. “if you don’t show yourself, I will pick at you.” Saeko put up an index finger and a claw long and sharp came forth. The overly large bird twittered in panic. “Robins don’t eat chicken! Come on! Your no robin!” Saeko reached forth and grabbed the robin; one of its wings flapping at her hand as it tried to get away. “Oh don’t try it you little ruffian. You know, we are learning about human transformations in Mcgonnagales class. Maybe you would like to talk with Head Master Dumbledore? He was once a teacher…he could tell me what you are.” Saeko licked her lips and put a claw at the twittering creature’s fat neck. “But then I can eat you an get my chicken breast back.” “Nono! Pleaseno eatyme! Menorobin! Pleaseno eatyme! Eeeee hiccup” the robin shrilled out hiccuping. “Oh I won’t eat you now I know you aren’t a robin. Now Dumbledore has to deal with you.” Saeko said as she shrugged on her robes. “Mehighinquisitor! Hiccup! Younodo thistome! Hiccup! Putmedown!” the bird shrilled out again. “If I put you down you wont be able to get back up. And stop squeaking like that its giving me a headache. Here, chew on this.” Saeko picked up a small chicken bone that still had meat on it and stuffed it into the robin’s mouth. That immediately shut it up. “Friend!” came a neigh behind Saeko that was so loud she jumped forward a few steps and nearly choked the robin to death. “Oh, you scared me!” Saeko said turning around and breathing a sigh of relief at the young unicorn. “Well will you look at you! All silver gray and shinning! Beautiful horn you got!” Saeko complimented winking. The young unicorn shacked his head from side to side to show off his main also. “Back in the forest, long time ago, my mother helped your friend?” he asked walking forward to her. “Yes, your mother did help me and my friend. She’s beautiful.” Saeko complimented again smiling as the young unicorn pranced around her. “I told her that you would need help so I asked her to go and watch! She helped!” he stopped and peered at the fat robin in Saeko’s hand. “What’s that?” he asked a hint of disgust in his voice. Saeko shrugged. “I think it’s a very fat lady with big bug eyes and a large appetite for chicken breast. Though I’m not sure.” The young unicorn laughed aloud, his voice dripping pure happiness. “well lets find out!” he pointed his horn at the robin, a small white orb appearing at its tip. “Wait stop!” Saeko said lifting the robin up just in time as the white orb went skidding across the grounds, pounding into the Hogwarts walls and disappearing. “Why?” asked the young unicorn confused. Saeko smiled at him fondly and they began walking to the great main doors. “Because, Professor Dumbledore would like it unharmed, and unspoiled. That also means keeping it the way it is.” Saeko grinned at the robin that cowed back chewing on the little bone. “That and I bet her real form is hideous.” “Hehe.” He laughed prancing up the steps of Hogwarts. “Thanks for warning me. I would have nightmares!” he joked and they both laughed. “Alright, back to the forest for you! It would be a weird enough sight already with a demon walking about Hogwarts, but a Unicorn and a demon would freak people out.” Saeko laughed rubbing his back as the doors slowly opened for them. “Alright, come back before dawn!” he called as he bounded across the grounds like lightning, the forest enveloping him as she waved her bye. Then she turned around and headed into the castle. Sweeping into the shadows she hid for a while before sprinting up the corridor like a shadow fleeing the sun. In a matter of seconds she was riding the spiral staircase to Dumbeldore’s office. She knocked twice and entered before Dumbledore could open his mouth. “Miss Balta! What a pleasant surprise!” he said, sounding quite surprised himself. “Well, yes.” She admitted. “But I had ran straight into a storm.” She began and he nodded, noticing the icicles stuck to her whiskers. “And I passed out. When I next awoke, well, this little frog blue bird had gobbled up my chicken breast.” Saeko held up the little robin that chirruped pitifully. “Mewas hungryme! Cannot helpmyself!” it wailed. Saeko shut it up with a squeeze of her claws. “So, after I knew it wasn’t a robin, I brought it straight here to you Professor Dumbledore.” “But, Saeko, how did you know it was not a Robin?” he asked suddenly and Saeko tapped her whiskers lightly. “Because, I can understand all sorts of beasts.” She smiled and threw the bird ontop of Dumbledores desk. “Talk.” She ordered and the bird started to chirrup things out hurriedly, its big bug eyes always questing around for a means of escape. “Meanperson keepsme likethis, threatinsme togo findcatgirl! Tellme bringinformation backtohim! Ifme notdo, mestay birdychirpchirp foralltime!” the bird said breathlessly plopping down heavily. “Meishungry!” it complained then. “What did it say?” Dumbledore inquired, looking perplexed. “Er, it is a bit confusing, its language I mean. It speaks words three in a time, like meamhungry, or wantfood.” Saeko explained. ”It said, uh, that someone mean threatened it to come find me, and bring back any useful information or it would stay like that forever.” She said slowly. “Yesyes smartgirl! Makemebetter?” the bird chirruped happily. “I don’t know. Professor, can we make it its self again?” Saeko asked. “We don’t know whose side it is on.” Dumbledore said thoughtfully. “Where did you come from?” Saeko demanded. “mecamefromministry!” the bird chirruped loudly. “Er, what was that?” Saeko asked. “Mecomefromministry!” the bird chirruped again. “The…what was that?” Saeko asked again. “Ministry!” it nearly screamed at her. “The ministry!” Saeko breathed and Dumbledore stood at once. “Who did this to you?” He demanded. “ItwasFudge! Fudge!” The bird wailed. “Fudge?” Saeko said confused. “Fudge!” Dumbledore whispered almost to himself. “Fudge!” the bird chirruped again. “Thank you Saeko, but you can leave now. If I need your help, then I will call for you. Leave the bird.” He added and Saeko licked her lips hungrily. The robin wailed a pitiful chirp and stumbled behind a mug of hot coffee. “Alright.” Saeko said and looked out the window. The sun had about one hour until it rose. “Bye, I should go back to the forest.” She said and was out the door before they could blink. ~*~ Later that same day, Saeko was telling Ron, Hermione, Ssan, Harry and Draco what happened. “My cheeks still feel frozen solid.” She shivered as they sat in the Room of Requirement. “Here, have some more hot cider wot.” Ssan said jumping up and handing her a cup carefully. “Thanks Ssan.” She said sipping gratefully. “Now what do we do?” asked Hermione. “Well, I think Ssan should still be teaching us some new moves.” Harry said standing up with his sword. “Right. We will have to learn as much as possible while we still can. A week after summer vacation and we will have to start our journey to Japan.” Hermione explained standing up with her bow and arrows. “Alright then chaps! What shall we do first wot wot? Perhaps rock slinging laddies!” He said picking up his rock slinger. They followed suit and the room got larger for their benefit, at the end of it the wall changed to the color of bright red. “Alright bucko’s, that wall looks nice and chalky wot! Sling your rocks at it and it should mark where you threw wot wot! Ready, set, sling!” Their rocks flew thick in the air, each marking the red wall. “Alright wots! Stop there, steady in the ranks wot wot!” Ssan commanded and the sling stopped. He walked across the room and looked carefully at the wall. “Nice bucko’s nice! Now, let’s see to those javelins wot!” They practiced through out the day, each one becoming more aware of how dangerous their weapons could be if swung or flung in the correct way. It was past midnight when they finally decided to stop and take a break. “Now, lets see. Hermione and Harry aren’t quite well with the Swords, but can still use them. Hermione can throw a javelin better then Ssan.” Saeko was telling them as they ate candied chestnuts. “And Harry can throw about 10 rocks in ten seconds and hit the target. Ron and Ssan seem to be the only ones good enough to wield a sword, but we all know how to only when need comes. We all know how to use daggers, but barely anyone but me can use a long bow or small bow with arrows. So, Harry gets the best sling, Hermione gets the best Javelins, and I get all the arrows and a bow of my choosing, while we all use the swords and daggers assigned to use.” Saeko finished and picked up the long bow and the small bow, after putting all the arrows in her pack. “Now that we know what we are good at, lets practice some more.” Ron said, standing up with his sword. “Not so fast, I think we should practice with the things we are worst at so that we can get better at them incase we really need to use them.” Hermione said pushing him back down. “Right, so I need to practice with bow and arrows, Hermione needs to practice with a sword, Ron needs to practice with a Javelin, and Ssan needs to practice with rock slinging.” Harry said handing over his pouch of rocks and slinger to Ssan who sighed. “Not so good at t he ole slinging device chaps.” He said standing up. “But I taught you how to use them and you did jolly well wot! So why not, let’s get the rock rolling!” Ssan said licking his lips from the candied chestnuts. After that was said they went on practicing for the rest of the night. CHAPTER TEN Long Days, Short Weeks, Shorter Months



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