The Girl No One Knew (1)
Nicole M Laster


She stood silently infront of the castle. Everyone was inside the HogWarts castle, eating. The sorting was done, and Dumbledore little speech was through. Now they were eating. She could even hear them all the way outside, forks clanging, people talking merrily. She lowered her head, and twisted her cap forward, so that it hid her eyes. Looking at the carriage drawn by what she thought were lizard horses, she shrugged her jacket on, and started into the castle. As the doors opened for her she saw that house elves were already taking the trunks to their respected dorms. Upon seeing her, they dropped what they held, and scurried away. She turned to the next set of doors, and they opened for her, as if welcoming her to the school. Once they were fully open, she stood there, looking out amongst the five tables of students and teachers. The noise had suddenly dropped as every ones eyes stopped on her. She lowered her head, hiding in the shadows of her cap, and stuck her hands into her pockets. Then, she started walking forward to the staff table. Stopping infront of it, she braved a look up at a very intelligent looking man, who sat wisely on his chair. His fingers, long and spindly were crossed and a soft smile played somewhere under his long beard of white.
"Hello, and welcome to my school; HogWarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry." he said politly.

"I know what school this is. But I donít know who you are. I was told a lady called Mrs. Umbridge was under command at this school,Ē the girl said quietly, not looking up.
"Well, I am afraid there has been a mistake. For you see, Mrs. Umbridge *was* the Head Mistress of this school, but, she decided to retire early, due to, some problems while I was gone." the man said and there was many whispering behind her.
"What is your name? You are under command of this school then." the girl noted quietly.
"Why yes, I am Head Master at this school, and they call me Albus Dumbledore." he said.
"Albus is Latin for white or wisdom..." she said, still in a quite tone.
"Why yes, Albus does stand for that, but please call me Professor Dumbledore." he said.
"Yes." she answered.
"Now, shall you be sorted? Sit on the stool, and put on the hat." Dumbledore said politly, motioning behind her. She turned around and saw that someone had placed an old and wilted hat on a three-legged stool.
"No. I Cant." she said even quieter still, and turning to face him.
"And why not?" he asked, still politly.
"Because I would have to take off my hat. I donít want to. No one needs to see...." she trailed off and gulped.
"To see what?" he asked.
"I cannot say. I will not take off my hat,Ē she said defiantly.
"As you wish, now take a seat where you wish and we shall sort you later in my office. When the feast is over, please come to professor Mcgonnagale," he motioned on his left, where sat a lady sitting straight with glasses on the tip of her noise and a tight bun on the back of her head. Professor Mcgonnagale peered down at her and smiled slightly, something that cheered her up a bit, but not a lot. She was still scared half to death. "Professor Mcgonnagale will then show you the way to my office, and tell you the password." Dumbledore finished. "Now, chose a table to sit at, and we shall continue the feast." she turned around and looked at the tables. On the far left of the hall, farthest from the door sat people that looked menacing. Next to their table sat a table of bubbly looking people, sometimes glancing at each other, or whispering and giggling. Next to that table, sat a table with people who looked full of themselves, very educated you might say, sitting up right and looking attentively at her. The last table sat nearest to the door, where people sat, some looking bored, some sneaking food into their mouth, others plan out talking and sometimes giggling. She took a step toward that table, then looked at all the other tables. Then she started to an empty place at the end of the table, in a corner.
Many people watched as she walked to the space, and she heard whispering loud and clear, but to other people, not to obvious.
"Typical. Does she know harry potter is at that table?"
"Gryfindor always get picked. So typical."
"Awe well, maybe next time ehh?"
"Oh its that damn potter. One look at him and its over there is it? Weíll see about that."
The whispers where coming faster and louder now, until Dumbledore stood up and stopped them.
"Now that thatís settled, welcome our new guest! Now, tuck your selves back into this delicious feast!" with that, there were many 'ayes' on that, and the noise came back full blasted.
As the feast was closing, people called prefects called kids called first years to them, and they left the hall. Soon, only a few people were remaining, among them, sat the girl in the corner watching it all. Every one had seemed to forget her. So she sat there and watched until the lady called Mcgonnagale walked up to her.
"Follow me please." Mcgonnagale said, and she stood. They walked out of the hall, and up a marble staircase. Down that hall and a turn left, then right then up another staircase.
"So, whatís your name?" asked Mcgonnagale politly.
She didnít answer, just kept her head bowed, and kept walking. There was no further talk until they stopped infront of a gargoyle.
"Kisses." Mcgonnagale said loudly, and to her surprise, it jumped aside and another marble stair case spiral up. They stepped onto the staircase, and a minute later jumped off it infront of wooden oak doors. Mcgonnagale knocked, and Dumbeldoreís kind voice answered.
"Ah! Come in! Come in!" he called, and Mcgonnagale opened the door for her. She stepped in, and the door closed behind her. Taking a quick glance around the room, she saw that there were many sleeping portraits on the wall, many of them. A desk along the wall under the portraits held many weird objects that twittered and whistled like mad. Then she looked at Dumbledore who was sitting behind a paper-covered desk, his long spindly hands folded like before.
"Yes, yes, sit down." he said motioning to a chair before him. She sat down and looked at her hands folded in her lap.
"May I ask what is your name?" Dumbledore asked her.
"No. You can not know my name,Ē she said, wringing her hands now.
"And why?" he asked.
"Because it would be dangerous. Very dangerous. I was told never to give my name. Those who knew it, would die." she said.
"And why do you say that?" Dumbledore asked again, now his voice held a hint of curiosity.
"Because it is the truth. That is why. Ē She said, starting to get very nervous.
"Okay then letís talk about where you came from?" he asked.
"Iím from America,Ē she said quietly.
"And what are you doing at HogWarts?" he asked.
"I...I" she stuttered.
"You can not tell me or those who know will die?" he asked. She nodded.
"Well, can you tell me who will be doing the killing?" he asked, actually leaning forward.
"Lord Voldemort." she whispered.
"Well, all other information will be confidential." Dumbledore said calmly. "Now answer this question for me? Why didnít you take off your hat when you talked to me?" he asked.
She sighed unevenly and looked up at him, staring into his deep bright blue silver eyes then slowly took off her hat. Golden brown hair fell down to her shoulders, and two ears flicked up. Two cat ears.
"Your-" but Dumbledore was cut off.
"Iím half demon,Ē she said quietly looking at anything but his face with her cat like eyes. ďI know.Ē
"Itís all right, I understand. I once had a pupil who was a werewolf. But, just to make sure, you donít transform every full moon do you?" he asked a bit jokingly. She sniffled and nodded her head.
"Every full moon I change into a very surreal cat demon. Though I donít hurt anyone...unless Iím hungry." she frowned and looked back at Dumbledore as tears started rolling down her face. "Its terrible. I woke up one morning with blood all over my face, a full memory of what happened. At least werewolves donít remember anything they do." he voice cracked as she started crying silently.
"My dear, the worst thing that happens is waking up one morning, and not knowing what you did, or not having any memory of what happened. This is a gift you had since birth. Werewolves are more vicious; they go wild at a sight of human and can not control their feelings for the taste of blood. You on the other hand can control yourself." Dumbledore said soothingly and softly.
"No. It does better not knowing anything that happened. Because when I woke up I was laying over the body covered in blood. I was terrified. It was a little boy. I was afraid; whom could I tell? Who could I go to? If I didnít know what happened, I wouldnít have run away. I wouldnít have ran toÖto him." she sobbed.
"Itís hard I know..." Dumbledore tried to soothe.
"No! You do not know what its like! He made me a slave! He sent me here to collect information on some army! Do you think I want to help him? To hurt all these people?" she yelled at him, and the snoring pictures seemed to stop snoring and listen.
"You are right, I do not know how that feels, but I know I can help you..."he started again.
ďI told you, you can not help Me." she snarled, whipping her tears away. "No one can help me. I am already risking your life, and mine."
"But, I can protect you from him. As long as you are here with me, he can not harm you. I will make sure of that. But you need to meet me half way." Dumbledore said to her seriously.
"So, you can help me?" she said looking at him hopefully.
"Voldemort can and will be stopped some day. He can not always control you. That I can help you with; youíre being half demon, I can only meet you half way." Dumbledore told her, and she nodded.
"Now, your a witch?" he asked, and she nodded again.
"Well then! You must be sorted!" he waved his wand and the sorting hat and three legged stool came whooshing to a stop in the middle of the circular room. She stood up, lifted the hat onto her head and sat down onto the stool.
"Hmm, strange one you are! Daring, yet very sly, smart you are very very smart. Raven claw? But that daring side is most! But wait! No....Slytherin? Or GryfindorÖyou choose my dear!" the hat whispered in her ear.
"Um, IÖI donít know,-"
"Well choose! Gryfindor for brave and daring, Slytherin for sly and cunning! Choose!"
Suddenly, a flash back of when she looked around the great hall filled her head.
*The sly and cunning.... That was the one table with the sneering folk? * She thought.
"Oh yes, I hate to say it, but Slytherin hasnít a good name nowadays..."
*Then, on the other side of the room, brave and daring, they really didnít care to be watching me and Dumbledore talk or not, doing there own thing, they were Gryfindor? *
"Oh yes! Very popular around the school lately! Harry potter is in Gryfindor..."
"Harry Potter...I heard that name some where...put me in Gryfindor." she thought determinedly.
"Very well!" said the hat. "GRYFINDOR!" it boomed around the room. She stood up and took the hat off, placing it back on the stool.
"Well, itís settled. Your bag will be in the dorm room in Gryfindor tower. I will have a house elf escort you their, im sure Dobby will be pleased." Dumbledore said, a bit pleased him self. As soon as his sentence was done, there was a cracking pop and a house appeared on Dumbledore desk, and bowed.
"Dobby the house elf at your services!" he squeaked, bat like ears flapping wildly
"Yes, Dobby, can you take miss...well if you can not tell me your name, what do we call you?" Dumbledore asked.
"Call me Misty. Misty Balta." Misty said.
"Very well then, Dobby take Miss Misty Balta to the Gryfindor common room please." Dumbledore said.
"Yes sir! Follow me please Miss Misty!" Dobby said and jumped down from the desk, scurrying to open the door. Misty went to the door and turned around.
"Remember, NOT A WORD. I do not want this to go around, especially by portraits, whose news travels fastest." Misty said, and put on her cap, letting her hair stay down before walking out of the room, the portraits on the wall eyeing each other warily, wandering what gave them away.
"So, miss Misty, you new here?" Dobby asked as they walked down the hallways.
"Yes. I hate to be a burden, but who made those cute little hats your wearing?" Misty asked, looking at the three newly woven very neatly woven hats of pink purple and red.
"Oh! You likeís them? Miss Hermione Granger is making themís!" Dobby said gleefully. "But, Dobby likes socks best ma'am, if you donít mind!" Dobby said apologetically.
"Why is that Dobby?" Misty asked, really starting to warm up to the little house elf.
"Because Harry Potter set Dobby free from wicked master with sock in his third year at HogWarts miss! He is a truly wonderful person!" a glassy expression went over Dobbyís eyes and face and Misty couldnít help but giggle.
"Oh! But mister potter did more then that miss!Ē he reassured,Ē He survived the dark lord!" Dobbyís voice suddenly dropped and Misty gasped.
That was where she heard the name before! Lord Voldemort!
~*~Flash Back~*~
"You need to go to HogWarts this year! Find out what you can on Dumbledores army!" Voldemort hissed at her. They were in a dark room, lit only by a dim fire.
"But why? Why is it so important?" misty asked.
"Because! It is not only the boy who lived that I want revenge on! But Dumbledore! Harry potter," he spat. "He made a mockery of me not once, not twice, but four times!" Voldemort yelled in rage.
"But my lord, he has now lost the one thing he cared for the most! His precious god father!" Bellatrix hissed happily, even in the dim light, Misty saw her grin evilly.
"That isnít the point! We only got rid of a mere bug! Potter is gold! Kill him and Dumbledore; and the whole school of HogWarts will fall! And when thatís over, Iíll start killing muggle bornes and muggles! Iíll be the most powerful wizard EVER! "Voldemort cackled evilly, a laugh that sent chills through her spin.
"You are right, I am sorry master, forgive my foolishness." Bellatrix said, bowing slightly.
"Forgiven. Now you sin, go and pack your bag." Voldemort said. When Misty didnít move, he raised a hand and squeezed a fist.
The sleeve on Mistyís right fore arm crimped as if someone squeezing it. Her arm started to sizzle and Voldemort squeezed his fist harder.
"Ahhh! Okay! Yes! Sin packs her bag!" Misty cried out in pain, and scrambled from the room, not daring to touch her stinging arm.
~*~End Flash Back~*~
Suddenly, Misty awoke with a sharp jerk and sat up on the cold stone floor. Professor Dumbledore was standing over her with a very worried expression on his face, and Dobby was clinging to his leg. Misty groaned and rubbed her head. She stopped and her eyes widened.



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