Ghen-Lee The Blaze Warrior Chapter 3: Training With Wenshei (Elemental Advantages And Disadvantages)
Eric Johnson


      The sun returns to its superior position above the Earth as its rays sparkled the morning dew of Targoi. Outside of the area consist of a large lake with several quartz boulders that reflect off the sun's shine. Ghen-Lee glanced at his great-grandfather meditating on top of the quartz boulder, breathing heavily and calmly. The warrior walks around Wenshei trying to seek reason in this method.
  "I'm not understaning the purpose of meditation, Wenshei?"
      "The Blaze Art is a powerful technique, Ghen-Lee," said Wenshei, "Your energy, your chi, is a huge inferno of flames gushing throughout your entire body. These flames may be sealed and contained but forced out unwisely could lead to fatal results. Meditating pacifies the raging flames from within and teaches you how to use stronger levels of it without harming yourself." Ghen-Lee sits beside his mentor and imitates his actions. "let the fire from within moved slickly throughout your body--inhale its heat and exhale it smoke. Yes, I can feel your chi building Ghen-Lee. You must maintain meditation weekly, daily if possible until you are fully capable of performing techniques with ease."
  Ghen-Lee felt a gush of energy flow through his body; he felt that he tapped into a well of chi that was merely lying dormant inside his body. The intensity of it was evident but his cool and collective body ceases control of it. Ghen-Lee opens his eyes to see a dim red aura around him and his great-grandfather. "Is that my chi?"
      "The Blaze Chi, precisely! It is the energy that you've contained in your conscious. It's quite a pungent spark actually, rare in a Blaze Warrior of your age." Both of the auras within the warriors disappeared as Wenshei opens his eyes as well. "Remarkably that only took a few minutes. Now that we've maintained that, I shall give you a few lectures before we begin training."
  "Surely, you're joking!" moped Ghen-Lee. "Can't we skip that lesson and move on to the techniques?"
      "Unfortunately, that is not the Mokovaru method. The purpose is to teach you as well as strengthen you; to provide wisdom combined with power." Ghen-Lee sighed watching Wenshei hop off the boulder. He copies as they stared at the far-flung sky.
  "To begin with our lesson let me assure you that a Blaze Warrior is more than a fighter who uses his chi to shoot flames out of his body. A Blaze Warrior is an unique entity whose emotions circulate to its energy. Pain, lust, spite, love--all of these sentiments fuel the flames as you use them, they become one with your combustion. You emotions are quite strong, Ghen-Lee--however it is your pride that burns the most. Despite that you are a Mokovaru, you are not ashamed of it. The Blaze Chi enjoys this and this is how you're capable of doing the things at adolescence. Still your emotions can lead to your chi overcoming the body and possibly taking over--yet that is a rare incident. Do you comprehend?" Ghen-Lee nods as Wenshei porgresses closer to the quartz rocks. "Blaze is also one Art chained to a cycle of Arts from the Earth's enviroment. This cycle is the most powerful chain of Arts known to man; it is known as..."
      "The Elemental Cycle," answered Ghen-Lee. "The Blaze Art is part of the Element Art."
  "Nicely done," smiled Wenshei. He stops at the edge of the lake with the water splashing gently at his slippers. "There are millions of Arts--or special, supernatural martial arts that are granted by your chi. Wepjin Jopanin has access to them all and created these Arts for us through a book known as the Tome of Arts; to defend ourselves from harmful danger ahead. Some have use these attacks to their advantage, some have exploited it. Still an Art is beautiful regardless of the extent of use. As for an Element Art, there are many in this world you must know. However, I will only teach you of the Element Arts that provide advantages for your Blaze and disadvantages for it. Although, you and your Element alliances are not one in flesh and blood, you are one in spiritual form and enviromental essencce... examine the lake that is in front of me." Ghen-Lee gazed at the moving lake currents, he stared at his blurred reflection pondering into what his Wenshei was concocting. "A warrior capable of manipulating water or liquid form is called a Drizzle Warrior. A Drizzle Warrior can take the water out of this lake and use it to perform elegant techniques on you. Your Blaze will proved to be at a weakness when battling water. The flames of your chi are strong but can be drowned by the chi of liqid, remember that."
      "Then how do I overcome it?" wondered Ghen-Lee.
  "It is merely a matter of endurance and perseverance," said Wenshei. "Ultimately, water would triumph over fire. Yet the emotions that you use will tunnel more energy and eventually overwhelm your greatest adversary in the Element Art cycle!
      "The closest kin to the liquid water is the solid water--ice. A warrior is capable of controlling any cold climate and influencingice and snow is referred as a Frost Warrior. As you can see Drizzle and Frost are two diffrent Arts, but have one same solution. If you're capable of overcoming the passions from within and using that to draw forth your Blaze then there is no weakness at all. Merely a obstacle wating to be evaporated by the intensity of Blaze!" Ghen-Lee preserved his Wenshei's sermons; even after graduating what was suppose to be the greatest dojo in the world, he still had yet to learn the things that he should be learning. Nonetheless, his great-grandfather is here to do so.
  "So that's all the disadvantage?" asked Ghen-Lee.
      "Yes," said Wenshei. "Next we shall talk about the strong points for a Blaze Warrior within the Elemental Cycle. We shall start with the most obvious and favorite of mine." A strong whisk of air blew on their clothing as Ghen-Lee inhaled the fresh moring scent. Wenshei sighed delightfully almost tasting the air emitted from the sky. "Yes, how can you be envious of the warrior who controls the natural air currents to his needs? The Breeze Warrior, and with his ability to create and navigate the wind he is a useful counterpart to the Blaze Art."
  "How so?"
      "The flames can be created and increased by you. Your limitations are to that point until you fully mastered the Blaze Art. However, a Breeze Warrior can spread the flames by using the currents of the wind. So what starts a alittle spark, ends up becoming a huge inferno sweeping the land diligently. It is a sight to behold..."
  "I see," said Ghen-Lee.
      "Next Element Art is the most deadly and powerful counterpart to the Blaze. When Mother Nature reaches her maximum fury, thunderbolts rage from the sky. A warrior is able of using these electric waves from not only the heavens but from their body and any other object that contains electricity. They are called Shock Warriors and when unified with Blaze Warrriors, they are the deadliest duo ever connived!"
  "What makes that possible?" wondered Ghen-Lee. "I understand why the water and ice would have a connection. But fire and thunder are two diffrent thing."
      "Do not think outside the barriers of the cycle, my great-grandson. The electricity is capable of creating fire once impact. Another technique that can be used is transferring body heat to a Shock Warrior to allow powerful eletrical attacks or vice-versa. The possibilities are endless and fatal unfortunately."
      "Some variations of attacks can prove to take a lot out of your chi, sapping your life force and killing you. I would advise that the techniques you stir upon in your head should not be performed until you or a Shock Warrior mastered their Art." Wenshei scratches his gray hair wondering if he left anything out. "I believe that is all you should know of your Elemental Arts. Remember that there are more than just..."
  "What about Smoke Warriors," interrupted Ghen-Lee. "Sorry to blurt out, but I heard of Smoke Warriors. Wouldn't that fall under the advantage category?"
      "How could I forget about that Art?" queried Wenshei. "Um--no, the Smoke Art would not be an advantage of any sort." Ghen-Lee was left to perplexity; strangely enough he would think that fire and smoke would have the strongest link to each other. Why would the Smoke Art be a disadvantage. "Nor is it a disadvantage Element Art. Like the water and ice, their link is so strong that is practically impossible to overcome or defeat. Therefore, the Smoke Art is one of your Neutral Element Arts."
  "What's a Neutral Element Art?"
      "For starters, a Smoke Warrior is one that can direct gaseuos particles or just smoke. Because smoke and fire are so closely associated like water and ice the strengths of the two when against each other are practically parallel. It would be difficult to harm the Elemental kin ofo fire with smoke and vice versa of course. Surely I hope you understand?"
  Ghen-Lee nods, finally recognizing his mistake; he know that it'll take more thna Elemental attacks to defeat a Smoke Warrior. "So that's it?"
      "Yes, I can finally say so."
  "Then now we can focus on learning those techniques! Right?"
      "Unfortunately, no," said Wenshei, irritating his great-grandson yet again. "We merely just went over the pro's and con's of a Element Art when exposed around the Blaze Art. We shall go into the deeper depths of the Blaze Are late at night; you will arrive at this exact location once the stars have set. I've greatly appreciated your cooperation." They both bowed as thet return back to the village. Ghen-Lee once again processed Wenshei's words. Whether he wanted to learn this or not, he knows that this is an essential schooling. Although his muscles weren't getting the thrill of this sermon, his brain thirst for more knowledge as it could hardly wait for midnight.



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