Smith & Ronalds: The Shawdow In The Alley
Patrick Collins




It had now been a whole year since Trevor Edward Smith, David Anthony Ronalds, and Dr. Hector Jacob Stone rescued Sean Cook, Hunri Wung, and Robert Dickson from Anne Pierce, the ‘Killer Killer’. The six became good friends. They did not usually work together, but still saw each other often. On this evening, Trevor was on his way to visit Hunri and David at the local Applebee’s. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and the three detectives desperately wanted to get out and do something to cure their boredom. As he pulled into the driveway, he saw an unexpected face. Carrie Moss. She was disliked by most of the BPD over at Station 3, but Trevor was starting to gain a new respect for her. He just hadn’t given her much of a chance before. Trevor automatically spotted her trademark Silver Jeep Wrangler. She stood beside it with that amazingly expressive smile of hers. “So what up Mista Smith?” She said to Trevor as he got out of the car. “Hey Carrie!” He said. He was obviously trying to sound as friendly as possible. Her gangster accent was starting to penetrate his very sensitive nerves. Carrie approached him. “What are you doing here?” She asked him. Trevor was compelled to ask her the same. Every time he went out somewhere, she almost always seemed to be there as well. He always wondered why. It was kind of weird. Never the less, he answered her. “I came up here to meet Hunri and David for lunch.” He said politely. She nodded. “Cool.” She said. “You are probably wondering why I am here as well. Aren’t you?” Trevor hesitated for a moment. He did not wont to sound rude. Even to a potentially rude Carrie. “Yeah kind of.’ He said finally. She nodded ounce again. “You will learn in time.’ She said. She then got into her Jeep and drove off. Trevor just shook his head. He went inside of Applebee’s. A tall and skinny waitress came up to him. “Welcome to Applebee’s. Smoking or non?” She said to Trevor. Trevor walked up to her. “I’m actually meeting some people here.” He said. “Did a Mister Ronalds or a Mister Wung check in today?” The waitress nodded. She pointed to a seat in the non-smoking section. There was Hunri and David sitting over at a booth. There was an extra space for him. He went over to join them. They had a good time. Sitting and talking. It’s odd how David and Trevor met Hunri by finding him and his two fellow detectives tied together in a coma! They left later in the day and went back to their houses. Everything seemed just fine. Trevor could not ask for a better life. If he could not talk to his friends, he could always keep himself busy by trying to figure out Carrie. The next day he did not hear from Hunri, or the next. It eventually came to being months without word from Wung. He began to get worried. He called for a meeting at his house on Monday. After the days finally passed, they came. Sean’ car pulled up first he and Trevor began to talk about the rather serious issue at hand. They were beginning to get worried. “Its just is not like him to not talk to us in so long. I have known him for a very long time, he has never, ever, broke contact with me like this!” Said Sean. Trevor nodded. “I propose we look into this. Call up Bob. I will call up David, and Hector, we will meet up at Silver Town Bar & Grill, at 8:00, on Monday.”
With that, Sean left. The reason they picked Silver Town was because it was the original crime scene of the ‘Killer Killer’. the case of which eventually brought David and Trevor to meet: Hunri, Sean, Bob, and reunite David to Hector. As Sean drove home that night, he was passing a local alley. He heard chirping. He was scared at first, but it passed. then a dark man ran right in front of his car! “Holly Cow!” Yelled Sean. He then swerved around, almost hitting the man. The force of the turn made him jerk back and fourth, then his seat belt snapped, sending him right out the Right hand side door. His SUV crashed into a pile of garbage. “Hey pal! you don’t just run in fro..” Sean then noticed that the man was no ware in sight. Sean looked Right, Left, front and back, no sight of him. He sighed. He was stuck in a smelly alley, alone, he then got back in his truck, backed out of the trash, and then he almost passed out. He saw a terrible sight: a dead human body had fallen on his windshield, it was dried up, and it was a young Asian man. He was dressed in a gray suit. An I.D. hung from his front pocket. Sean read the tag and knew who it was: his dear friend, Hunri Wung. he jumped out of his car, he then franticly screamed for help. “Please! Someone! Help!”


Dawn: small, yet beautiful green hills were surrounding a long black box, with gold hinges, many people in black surround it, and this was the funeral of Hunri Wung. Trevor, David, Hector, Sean, and Bob were all there, it was a very sad occasion, many of Hunri’s brothers and sisters were there, including Mulan Wung, a detective, she often worked along side her dear brother, after the funeral an autopsy was made on the body, it revealed that Hunri’s blood had been sucked from him, how was not known, after the autopsy Hunri was cremated, and his ashes were thrown into Lake Michigan.
A month later, Sean and Bob resigned from the investigation in sorrow, but David, Hector, and as always Trevor, stayed on it, they rescheduled the meeting at Silver Town for a Friday August 16th, the days went by, finally, it came to Friday, then they all met up, as planed, sat down ordered a drink, and watched the magnificent view, which included a large almost bright silver waterfall, of which the four star resturaunt got its name.
The discussion was pretty serious that day. “How in the world could a man suck the blood out of someone, was he or she a Vampire?” Asked David, Trevor looked almost offended. “This is serious! This is no ‘Killer Killer’ case!” Yelled Trevor, angry. “One of our close friends was killed, and in a sick fashion, and I don’t know about you, but I personally, want to try my best to find out: Who? How? What? And I want to catch this sick maniac!” Hector and David sat there, wide eyed, David did not mean to offend Trevor, it was just the way he was, he was just a smarty pants some times. “Sorry Trev. I was just asking a question.” Said David, but Trevor was obviously mad at the Vampire comment, but he cooled down eventually. Later the conversation continued. “So,” Said Hector. “We have performed countless autopsies on Hunri, the only thing left to do is to go to the crime scene, and interview some of the occupants of the neighborhood, tell them if they remember any suspicious activity, and remember that Sean said that the reason he crashed was because he almost hit a man, but when he fell out of the car he was now are in sight?
Well that man is who we need to track down that guy, he is obviously the murderer.” So after dinner, they went to Indianapolis, to visit Sean at his apartment. The trip was not that long but for a little getaway from the intense lives the three lead, they stopped at a holiday inn. That night they managed to get a nice room or the three of them. It was not as relaxing as they had planned, all they could think about was the case. After they seemed to get no ware, Trevor tried to brighten the mood by telling a few jokes. they laughed at them. The night was more pleasant as the three swapped jokes.
The next they went to Sean’s house, he was out for the day, but they did not want to wait or even think of trying to go all the way back to Bloomington, then come back again, so they went to a nearby Wendy’s for a quick bite to eat. After having a burger, they went back and Sean was still not there, so they went shopping for new sun glasses, went back and he still was not there, so they stayed at a local Comfort Inn. They found their room, and got an extra fold out bed for Hector. “I am starting to get scared.” Said David. “But lets not talk about that right now, I am sure he will be back tomorrow.”
And with that they went to sleep, the next they awoke very energized, they went down stares, got some of the continental breakfast, then headed back to Sean’s apartment, when they got to his room, they saw blood tracks all over the carpet, leading to the welcome mat, they stopped there, the three looked in horror, as if they all ready knew what had happened, but they did not have one clue. “Oh no! Not Sean!” Said Hector, they followed the tracks back to the bed room, and there was Sean, he was alive, but his left arm was completely dry, and white, the blood had been sucked out of it, he was in great pain. “Trev, call an ambulance!” Screamed David. “Sean, are you all right? What happened? Who did it?” Sean then used what breath he had to say: “Su…blu…big…ba…lee…”
And with that he passed out. “Sean!!! Come on!!! Hector! Trev! Tell them to hurry!” But it was too late, Sean had lost too much blood, his heart stopped, and he died, David, Trevor, and Hector had lost another dear friend. It seemed like all they needed was a vacation to mourn. But that right was denied. They tried to keep an eye on Bob, and themselves, for one of them could be the next victims. When they got back on the case, there were very few new developments, the whole case was on the verge of just being dropped, but Trevor, David, and Hector would not let that happen, not in a thousand years, but even they would admit that the case was currently without hope, Darnel Clark, the commissioner, was going to flat out end the case but when the nearly all the workforce signed a petition to put it to a vote he gave in. They assembled twenty of the most respected police in the state of Indiana. Together they were to decide the fate of the case that had taken two precious lives. The results were pretty surprising; it was a tie between yes and no (See Bellow).


For the tiebreaker, they had to enlist the help of one more person: Bob Dickson.

It seemed like an eternity for him to make a decision. But the rest of them just had to wait it out. The next week, Bob still had not made up his mind, so David and Hector met ounce again at the Silver Town Bar & Grill, to discuss what they wanted to continue to investigate. It was a rainy day, the large waterfall at Silver Town Bar & Grill seemed to pour ten time more powerfully than ever Trev, Dave, and Hector had seen. It was as if it was furious. Inside the bar with the amazing view. the three men sat with wide eyes as the mammoth waterfall pounded the lake below, while the smaller waterfall did a small scale version of it. Trevor then broke the silence. “I am sick of waiting! Is there not anybody in this state that could decide besides him?” He said, angry. Hector agreed with the idea that Bob do the tiebreaker, Trevor did not. “Don’t be so impatient Trev. Bob is just grieving. He new both of them more than we do. This case is in his hands or none.” Said Hector. David took a stand. “I agree with Trevor. I mean no offence to you Hector, but this is taking far too long. This is a hard time for all of us but when an issue is important you have think quickly and smoothly as well. Grieving is for later, the fate of us and Station 3 is for now.” As David finished they all eventually agreed with each other. As the storm cooled down, the waterfall calmed down. It was as if the weather was measuring the tension of the situation, for the conversation was both cooling and calming down and turning to more humorous subjects. “A few years ago I was in my yard when I saw a woman and man who appeared to be running for their lives. I looked on, confused.” Trevor was saying. “Then out of no ware, a bunch of dogs, and I mean lots of dogs, run bye my house. Leashes dragging with no sign of an owner. The sound of their barking eventually drifted away. But then I saw a man who was running as fast as he could, and then he suddenly stopped, in tears. I asked the man: ‘Why are you so depressed?’ Then the man replied: ‘I have lost a large amount of dogs that I have been watching. I am being paid for this! I work for a for a program called BEING COOL WITH DOGS. Its a organization were people help lost and homeless dogs. I’m gonna be fired!!!’ Then I said: ‘ I just saw a whole bunch of dogs run down my street, they went in to a run down candy store over on Williamson rood.’ I said, guessing by my ears. The man thanked me for the ‘lead’ and ran off to the area I had described. In a few moments he came back, and with the same bunch of dogs he was looking for! He said to me: ‘Thank you so much! You are now officially cool!’ He then out of his backpack gave me a red shirt that says ‘I AM COOL’ on it. the now infamous shirt used to try and fool the ‘Killer Killer’!” As he finished the whole group was in laughter over the origin of the shirt. David then stated: “Ha ha. that cheers me up a bit. Do you remember that one time the I was...?” He was cut off when his cell phone rang; he gets it out of his pocket and answers it. “Hello? Oh no.” He then hung up. “Bob was found in his house with no blood in one leg. all sucked out like the others, and the other leg gone, almost as if it had been bitten off. A camera was found in his hand, the pictures would be developed soon.” They were all in serious shock, and in Trevor’s case: guilt.


The Evidence development room in the basement of the station was a very depressing place to be. Its walls were covered in photos of dead and/or severely injured people. But for Cedric Madison it was a way of life. His job was to develop the photographs of strong evidence on important cases. Today was the day that he was forced to do the hard job of revealing the fate of one of the best friends he had ever known: Robert Dickson, a hard working detective, and an extremely good man. This was a case that hit as close to home as a raging bull in his neighborhood for Cedric. Cedric was a pale-faced person, not very tall, he had really long hair tied up in a ponytail, and he wore a dark pair of sunglasses. All the sudden three men, one dressed in a blue jean vest and donning a Indiana Pacers hat, the one in the middle was wearing a clean room jacket and matching pants, and the last one was a tall man with a simple white T- shirt and sweat pants. “Hello. My name is Trevor E. Smith.” Said the first. The middle one said, “And mine is Dr. Hector Stone.” and the third said, “I am David Ronalds. We are here to see the developed images of the...” He pauses sadly, “... victim” Cedric looked just as depressed at this moment as David. He replied, “I have not yet recived them. They will be here in a matter of hours, ariving by helicopter.” Trevor looked puzzled. “Is it late? It was supposed to be here by now. I was informed by Carrie Moss that it had already arrived.” He said. Cedric smiled mildly. “Do you really think that Carrie is not just setting you up? I mean, Carrie hasn’t taken her grudges to that extreme but you never know.” Said Cedric. Trevor again looked puzzled. “Grudges? Against who?” He asked. Trevor had always known Carrie to be a troublemaker, but he did not know of her holding grudges against any one he knew. Cedric then gave an ‘Oh I should not have said that’ look. Trevor became tense. “Who?” He said. But an extremely large BOOM cut off his answer. They then rushed up the ladder and onto the roof. “Oh my...!” There was a helicopter blowing up and about to crash on top of the station! Then all of the sudden, a big red spark erupted out of the copter. The helicopter was fast descending upon the station. “Hurry Mr. Madison!” Yelled Hector. “It’s coming down fast!” At that moment Cedric, wasting no time, ran down the stairs and hit the fire alarm, then stole the PA from woman at the desk. “ATTENTION! EVERYONE IS TO EVACUATE AT OUNCE! THE SPECIFICS WILL REMAIN CLASSIFIED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!” He then slammed the PA on the desk and went back to the fire escape to insure everything was going smoothly, then went back to the top. “Come on Madison! Hurry!” Trevor screamed at the top of his lungs. It was no use though; the helicopter blades were too loud. Trevor realized this and panicked. The situation seamed to be hopeless. Then Trevor realized something. “Why hasn’t the chopper crashed bye now?” He whispered to himself. “It’s being controlled!” Without another word he ran down the stairs and searched and searched until he found a very skinny man drinking a glass of Pepsi Clear at his computer desk. “Mr. Christopher?” Trevor said to the man. “We need you to see if you can spot any irregular air waves in the radio system. If any thing shows up then stop it somehow! OK?” The man in the chair seemed slightly out of it. After a while he answered: “Uh... OK.” Trevor looked suspiciously at the can of Pepsi Clear in Mr. Christopher’s hand. ‘Pepsi Clear is not around any more as of a few months ago.’ He thought. He then eyed Mr. Christopher. “Let me see this!” Trevor then stole the can out of Christopher’s hand and sniffed it. He flinched at the smell. “This is Whiskey! What have I told you about drinking on the job? We need you now, and you’re as drunk as a street bum!” Trevor was so mad that he could have punched Mr. Christopher in the jaw as hard as he could, but he had more important things to do at the moment. “Carrie!!!” Trevor yelled. Into the room came Carrie like a bolt of lightning. Trevor noticed she had a fair amount of athletic talent. “Yes? What is it Mr. Smith?” She said with a smirk. Trevor would normally have told her not to call him ‘Mr. Smith’ but this was not the time to argue. “Carrie, Richard Christopher is drunk again, is there any other computer and/or radio wave expert in the building?” Carrie looked almost offended. “Yeah there is.” She said. Trevor was relived. “Who?” He asked her. She smiled. “Me of course!” Trevor swore under his breath. ‘This will be fun’ He thought. Back on the roof things were going even worse. The people there were just now realizing the fact that the copter was staying put. Hector however was keeping his cool. “Don’t worry! I am sure that Trevor has everything under control!” He said. He still had to yell because of the still loud chopper blades spinning above him. ‘Everything is going to be just fine.’ Hector thought. But then he heard something that broke his confidence. “AAAAHHHGH!” Everybody rushed to the direction of the scream. As they ran they saw several pale white severed human body parts. Many of them began to feel sick at the gruesome sight. Then they came upon a dried up and rotten half of a human body and a young woman next to it looking terrified. “Are you OK?’’ David asked the woman. “Y-y-yes. I th-th-think sssssso.” She said. David felt sorry for her. “What happened?” Hector asked her. It took her a while to answer him, for she was still shaking. “I saw a big spark come from the ch-ch -chopper and the-th-these body pa-a-parts fell over hee-he-here and I was alm-m-most hit by a part of the taill-l-ll fa-ff-fin.” David was about to turn and tell Hector something, but when he turned around he was no longer there. “Hec! Hector where are you?” He began to panic. “HEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled. Then he heard a familiar voice. “No need to scream Tony.” David spun around and saw that Hector was to his Left examining the dried up body. “Well it’s a good thing I’m here. Blood is my field after all.” He was cleaning off the body and taking off bits and pieces of ash to better see the place of suction. “Won’t be needing this.” Said Hector. He then through a small and beat up card board box over the edge. David rushed over to see if he could help him. Hector seemed to be able to read his mind. “No need for help here. Just go and alert Trevor about the incident. Go on.” So he then rushed back down the stairs and noticed it to be very quiet, he couldn’t figure out why. Then it came. KA BOOM!!! David covered his ears. Then he heard Trevor’s voice. “Oh shoot! Carrie!” David then advanced to down the stairs and found Trevor running at him. “Hey Tre...” David then realized that he was not running at him, but at someone behind him. He moved out of the missing Trevor by inches, Trevor showed no sign of stopping. So David followed him. Trevor ran as fast as he could, and when he got there David noticed that there was a person in the radio wave desk that he recognized: Carrie B Moss. “What is she doing there?” Asked David. Trevor was now looking murderous at Carrie. “Mr. Christopher was drinking again so I had to have her find an irregular radio wave and control it then land the helicopter.” David’s eyes widened. “You idiot! Why would you trust her with something this important?” He said. “I had no other choice.” Said Trevor. “She said she knew a thing or two about the radio system. Anyway, instead of landing the copter she just DROPPED IT!” David looked over at Carrie, she had her eyes widened and had her hands over her mouth, not even taking her eyes off the screen. “And what do you have to say Carrie?” David asked. Carrie turned and looked at them. “Um...oops?” She said. They both looked furious at her. Then as they were about to speak again there was another BOOM! They then heard widow-breaking debris hitting the ground. The three of them rushed up stairs to the roof. “What happened?” Asked Trevor. Hector came rushing to them. “The chopper crashed (‘We know.’ added Carrie flatly.) Then it exploded a few minutes later. If there was any evidence it is gone now.” He said. Trevor rolled his eyes. “Thank you so much Carrie. You nearly snapped this case in two, and guess what? We have to pay for you’re mistake!” He said. Carrie opened her mouth to say something but David cut her off. “Don’t mention it! Really! If it were my decision I would surely fired you from Station 3!” He said. “By the way, were is Mr. Madison? I want him to answer my question.” He then began to call Cedrics name. No answer. They all split up to look for him. Then as Hector was running he saw a man lying on the floor with a long stick coming out of his arm, and the arm it self was pale white and dry and so thin you could see the bone: it was Cedric Madison. “Mr. Madison, are you okay?” Hector said. He was half expecting him not to answer but to his surprise he did. “Call me Cedric.” He said weakly. “Yeah I’m okay.”


He was later rushed to the hospital in David’s Honda Imaxa. He was held in the emergency room for care of his severely damaged arm. It was latter revealed that it would have to be amputated. It was a complicated surgery but he made it through it. As soon as he was in the recovery room Trevor, David and Hector rushed to see him. They entered the room. “Cedric! How are you? Sorry about your arm.” Said Hector. “There are many questions that need answering. First of all: Who did this to your arm? Second: How did he or she do it? And third: What did he or she look like?” As he finished Cedric paused. “Well?” Said Trevor. Cedric smiled. “First of all: its not going to be easy recounting the events that gruesomely removed my arm...” He said. “...Okay, I was going to see if there were any body parts tat I could recover for identification and investigation when a tall and muscular man came up to me with a long straw like thing and a glass jar,” The three of them looked on with great interest. “Then he jabbed the straw into my arm and began to suck blood out of my left arm, he put tape on my mouth to keep me quiet then proceeded to suck it out. It was more painful then any thing I have ever felt before in my life! I mean you have no idea! Then afterwards he poured it into the jar and ran away. That’s it really.” As he finished they all stood there in shock. Not as much information as they wanted but it was a start. “Thanks Mr. Ma...I mean Cedric.” Said Hector. They then sent him their well wishes and left. This accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for the Bloomington police force let Cedric make the tiebreaker in place of Bob and the case was reopened at last. Trevor, David and Hector were overjoyed at this news and thanked Cedric for his help. He was released from the hospital a few days before the voting toke place, complete with a metal hooked arm replacement. He was scheduled to have a real arm surgically attached to his forearm later. A few days before that would take place a meeting was held at Station 2 the sister location to Station 3 that Trevor and David worked at. Most of the policemen at Station 2 were of the ‘No Nonsense’ type and did not have much of a sense of humor, and for a joke loving person such as David this was not a very comfortable situation. A little while before the meeting was about to start they all met at David’s apartment (he had had to sell his house because of a recent pay cut,). Trevor arrived first in his blue Chevy Impala, next was Cedric who had to arrive in a cab because of his inability to drive a car with his new arm hook, and last was Hector, in his silver Ford Taurus. When they were all there they went inside and began to talk. “The thing that we should be worrying about is how will we start the case from its ashes? We have to star from scratch almost.” Said David. Trevor stepped forward. “I think you’re right. How will we start?” He said. Cedric was sitting on the chair in deep thought. “Whats wrong Cedric?” Asked Trevor. “Oh I am just thinking,” Cedric said. “We need evidence! That’s what we need! If the stupid copter didn’t blow up!” David’s eyes widened. “Remember how that man in half was holding something but Hector threw it over the edge trying to examine him?” David said. “Look on the side of the building!” They all had a ‘Why in the heck didn’t I think of that?’ look on their faces. “I have an excellent idea:” Said Hector. “Lets call the station!” Trevor rolled his eyes (‘Almost as if he is doing his Carrie impression’ Thought David,). “The meeting starts in twenty minutes!” He said. “Just tell them when we get there! Besides, we might get Carrie when we call.” They all agreed, and then they got ready and left for Station 2 in David’s Imaxa as usual. The ride to Station 2 was one of excitement and fear among the four people. “This just might be the clue we have been searching for!” David put in. Trevor grinned. “I sure hope so!” He said. Hector looked behind the car. “Uh oh!’ He said. Trevor was about to ask what when he heard sirens behind them. “Why would they pull us over?” Said Trevor. “We are cops too!” But he was forced to pull over anyway. The Police car pulled up next to them, a short and stubby cop came out of the car. “License and registration please.” Trevor rolled his eyes and flipped out his badge. “Bloomington Police Department, we are on are way to a meeting. An important one too, so if you could just...” Then before Trevor could finish the officer pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Cedric in the back seat. “So this here blather mouth survived my suction pump?” Said the supposed officer. “Well do you think I would let you catch me? I think not!” He had his finger on the trigger but as usual Trevor was quicker, he pulled out his gun and shot the mad man in the arm. POP! “Hit it Trev!” Said Cedric. But Trevor looked back at him for an instant then got out of the car to tie up the disguised officer. But the thing was, he was nowhere in sight. Trevor looked puzzled. “Huh?” “Trevor! Look out!” Screamed David, but it was too late. POP! Trevor was hit from behind in the right leg. The mad man then hopped in his stolen police car and sped off. David jumped out of the Imaxa and went next to Trevor. “Hector,” He said. “Chase this insane cop and try to corner him! This is the shadow in the alley that Sean saw! I will stay here. Go!” Hector hit acceleration and sped off in pursuit.


David was beginning to panic. ‘Hector has been gone too long!’
He thought as he rode the stolen police motorcycle that the mad man had had next to his car to Station 2. He had put the wounded Trevor on the back of the bike with a make shift tourniquet on (a baseball cap,) and ropes that tied him on. ‘I am almost there. Only a mile or two.’ He thought to himself. Meanwhile Hector was in hot pursuit, the only problem was that there was almost no traffic on the road that the insane cop was taking. “I wonder...” Said Cedric from the back seat. Hector raised an eyebrow and turned around to see what he meant. “What?” He asked. Cedrics suddenly widened. He then pointed at the windshield. “That!” Hector spun around to see that the crazy cops car was running strait at them at top speed. Hector swerved around it just in time. But now the cop car was chasing them. “Oh shoot!” Said Hector. The mad man had stopped his car and got out what appeared to be a large see through vacuum cleaner with red fluid in it. He marched towards the car. Hector tried to star the engine but it was out would not budge. The mad man was now right next to the car and was banging the door with his suction machine, he was pointing it at the back seat were Cedric was. Hector got a gun out of his pocket and aimed it at the mad man he ducked. With that opportunity Hector kicked the door open hitting the mad man in the face and knocking him over. Hector again pointed the gun at the crazed man but this time the mad man reacted with a punch to Hectors face causing him to fall over hard on his head. “Hector!” Screamed from inside the car. The mad man was now running back to the police car. Cedric pushed the door open with such force it caused it to nearly fall off. The mad man turned around. Cedric began to run at him with all his might. The mad man looked surprised. When Cedric got close enough he jabbed his metal hooked left arm into the mad mans chest, Cedric then un hooked it from his forearm and ran back to the car as fast as he could. Even in terrible pain the mad man had to wonder what he was running from, he turned to face his car, nothing, he looked be hind the car and a large semi truck that said ‘STATION 2: BLOOMINGTON POLICE FORCE’ on it was charging fast at the mad mans car. “AAAAHHHGH!” Screamed the mad man. The truck plowed into the stolen police car turning it over. It then blew up in large flames. One of the larger bits of debris was a large metal cage. It hit the ground and sixty or more Vampire bats screech out of it surrounding the mad man and eventually biting him to death. His own gruesome pets killed the mad man. Cedric watched from the car in horror then in triumph as twenty people with nets came and scooped the bats up. After they were contained two familiar looking people came out: David Ronalds and Trevor Smith. Trevor had a cast on his right leg and was limping. The truck then took them all home (and the mad man to the morgue).


It was learned that the mad man was actually Jeffery Dayton. He was a man who was reported missing from the mental institute a few years prior. He was in there for his bizarre love of bloodsucking creatures. He was obviously doing all the suction to feed his pet bats. The box that the thought was evidence ended up being a candy stash for one of the ill-fated pilots. It would be laughable if it were not so sad. Sean Cook, Hunri Wung and Bob Dickson’s killer was avenged and justice was brought to him. But that was not what was special about this day. This day was the day of Cedric Madison’s arm surgery. Cedric came out of the operating room with a smile of his face as Trevor, David, and Hector greeted him on his way out. Old friends may have been lost but in there wake arises new adventures in the lives of: Smith and Ronalds.



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