Sneak Out (1)
Jodie Brown


Chapter one

A thin hand took the edges of the curtain and pulled it aside, out stepped a boy about 6 ft tall. Over his long legs he wore a black pair of tight jeans, on his feet he wore green converses, a tight top out lined his very skinny body. His hair was jet black with a single green streak and sticking out at all angles, his fringe covered parts of his lucid green eyes. He handed the black shirt back to his brother shaking his head, button up shirts looked terrible on him, he then walked out of the changing room and waited while his brother returned the shirt to the shelf. Then together they walked out of the shop ignoring the stares. Gene looked down at his brother and smiled. It had been a good day.

It took just 10 minutes to catch the bus and in another five they were out of the town centre and speeding back to their manor house in a small village called Thornbory.

Tee was pale with impossibly blue eyes and thick black hair, which he had fashioned after his brother, It also stuck out in all angles but had a single blue streak, he wore blue converses on his feet baggy black jeans and a baggy top. On his hands he wore a pair of black fingerless gloves he was 15 years old, two years younger than Gene.

“I’ll only be home for a little while. Just to pick up my books then I’ll be off to do some homework at Garry’s house.” Gene said

Tee frowned “Yeah right. That’s just a cover up I know what you do Sunday evenings no need to hide it from me.”

“Oh yeah? Go on then Spock you tell me what I do if you know so much.” Gene smiled as Tee grimaced. Gene always called Tee Spock because he had slightly pointed ears and Tee hated it.

“Well, first you go round the back of the house and climb on to the conservatory and put your school bags in your room, then, you go buy some alcohol and fags at the off licence, then, you go to Alice’s house and climb in through her bedroom window. After an hour or so you return home and go up to your room telling everyone your tired and need some sleep but really your just going upstairs, into your room and out your bedroom window and then climbing back into Alice’s house. I don’t even want to think about what you do in there! Then, you come home climb back into our house through your window spray your clothes so they don’t smell like smoke and alcohol and go to bed.” Tee smiled triumphantly.

“What? How in hell do you know that!?!” Gene cried.

“Your not the only one who has a conservatory out side their window.”

Gene’s jaw dropped. “If you say anything to mum and dad I swear to hell I will kill you!”

“Why would I say anything? I don’t want them poking around and improving their listening skills!” Tee pretended to be shocked.

Tee looked out the window and smiled to himself. Gene didn’t have a clue what Tee got up to Sunday nights and he wasn’t planning to let him find out either.

Tee had been nine years old when he had first caught his brother sneaking out. Obviously back then it wasn’t to go and see Alice. Gene had never known that Tee knew that he crept out nearly every night. When Tee was 11 he had finally had the guts to follow Gene out of the house, now he too went out nearly every night, but not to follow Gene, that had got boring ages ago, he usually went round a mates house and smoked or hung out with a few friends down the skate park or maybe to see a girlfriend, when he had one.

The brothers parents never found out about what their boys got up to in the night, they thought of their kids too highly to ever imagine that they would be doing something like that.

The brothers got off the bus and walked down Ranger Road, it took a further 10 minutes of twists and turns to reach their home. A huge white manor house surrounded by an acre of land on each side. The tall Victorian style gates opened on voice recognition. They walked up the path and into the porch. Gene took a key out of his pocket and let himself and Tee in. They walked down a red-carpeted hallway, which was full of priceless paintings and ornaments, various coloured doors dotted the walls. Gene opened a deep crimson door which led into the main lounge were his father sat watching football on the television, which took up one wall.

Andy Brome looked up as his two sons entered the room. He had beady blue eyes and thick black hair; he had rather large lips and a button nose. He loved eating, which his rounded belly proved.

“Dad I’m going to go to Garry’s for about two hours to study. I will get dinner on the way and be back around nine ok?” Gene said.

“Dad I’m going over Ollie’s because he has a new ps2 game that I want to try out.” Tee glanced up at his brother with a smile on his face. Andy just waved a hand and grunted.

“Is that a yes grunt or a no grunt?” Tee asked.

“I think you should write a dictionary on which grunts are which.” Gene put in.

“Ye. Like. Grmph means yes.” Tee said with fake enthusiasm.

“You could sell nearly as many books as mum!” Gene added.

“Get out of it you two I’m trying to watch the game!” Andy protested.

The boys walked out of the room and smiled at each other

Gene and Tee ran up a flight of stairs and into their separate rooms. Gene picked up his bag and stuffed some money into his pocket he ran out of the room at the very moment Tee did. They both stopped and looked at each other. “Last one to the bottom has to eat mums casserole!” Gene cried making a run for the stairs at the same moment Tee did.

Tee grabbed one of the Banisters and Gene got the other one they jumped onto each one in unison and both went speeding down the banisters towards the hall. Gene crashed onto the floor and rolled over before jumping to his feet Tee was still on the floor holding his knee. Gene smiled “I win.”

“No way. I got hurt.” Tee protested.

“Fine we drew,” Gene sighed pulling his brother to his feet.

“Does that mean we both lost or both won?”

“Um….” Gene thought of the casserole and shuddered “Won I think.”

“You can’t eat her casserole anyway. Its meat.”

“I know” Gene laughed.

Tee walked down the hall towards the door and Gene followed, they walked out into the last of the sunshine. The sky was a brilliant pink. When they reached the gates they both turned to go in opposite directions. “That’s not the way to Ollie’s house” Gene commented.

“That’s not the way to Garry’s” Tee shot back.


Chapter two

Gene returned to the house and ran up two flights of stairs and into the main dinning room. Sitting around the table was his mum his dad and Tee. He announced that he was going to bed and walked steadily down the green-carpeted hall and down a flight of stairs, into his bedroom.

He hadn’t actually gone to Garry’s he hadn’t gone to Alice’s either. Since last Sunday when Alice’s dad had caught her and Gene going at it in Alice’s room Gene had been banned from ever seeing her again.

Gene had, in fact, spent the last two hours at the skate park. His mum and dad didn’t like him going there and even though Gene was 17 years old he knew he would be kicked out of the house if his parents ever found out that he smoked or went down the skate park. Besides he wanted to keep on his parent’s good side.

Gene slumped down on his bed, he wouldn’t risk going over Alice’s tonight the black eye her father had given him had only just cleared up and he didn’t fancy getting a new one. He wasn’t used to staying in at night so he waited until he heard Tee go into his room and decided he would play his brother at his own game. When Tee snuck out Gene would follow and see what his younger brother got up to on Sunday nights.

Gene watched as Tee slowly lowered himself from his window onto the conservatory roof then when he was sure Tee was at least half way around the side of the house he jumped up onto his window sill and lowered himself carefully onto the conservatory. He made his way to the edge and jumped stealthily down. He snuck around the side of the house just in time to watch Tee slip through the hole in the fence. Gene ran across the front of the house and slipped through the same hole. He watched as Tee reached the bottom of the road and turn left, then followed.

Eventually Tee disappeared into the forest and stopped in a clearing, Gene stayed sheltered by a tree at the edge. Tee walked over to four logs, which had been carefully positioned in a square around a small fire. On the logs sat five other boys and three girls about Tee’s age. Gene knew a few of them. Tee sat down next to one of the girls and started to chat with the boys. When it was offered Tee took a cigarette from a boy with short bright blue hair, whose real name was Robbie but most people knew him as Rocket. Gene sighed as Tee brought the fag to his lips and lit it. He didn’t realise till then how much he wanted one. He decided to go to the skate park, nothing interesting was happening here. He walked silently away from the clearing and took a fag and lighter from his pocket he lit the fag and brought it to his lips taking a long drag and sighing again.

He exited the forest and came face to face with a boy about his height with short blonde hair neatly fashioned into spikes. He wore a white t-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms.

“Gene Brome, fancy meeting you here.” Bryan said. Gene clenched his fists.

“If you want to talk about Alice now is not the time.” Gene said darkly. Bryan’s blue eyes widened and he balled his fists; Gene decided it was time to get out before this got nasty. He turned, intending to run into the forest and join Tee and his group; he took a step forward and collided with a boy in a cap, the hood on his jacket pulled up. Gene stumbled back and fell to the ground.

“What you got here Bryan” The boy asked.

“Just some trash” Bryan smiled.

“Trash has to be broken down before its put in the bin.”

Gene strained his eyes trying to see the boys face, but could only make out the mouth, which curved into a thin smile. Gene got to his feet. Bryan reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt pulling Gene up to his face.

“By the way, I don’t want Alice anymore. I wasted my time trying to get that slut off you. What’s coming is what you get for wasting my time.” Bryan hissed.

“Bring it on. I am not scared of you, or your thug. Besides you hit like a girl” Gene spat in Bryan’s face. Bryan pushed him to the floor then held out his hand to the other boy. The boy handed him a metal bar.

“This isn’t too girlie for you is it?” Bryan growled taking a step towards Gene.

Chapter three



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