God's Personal Speech At The Vatican
Arthur Albert Poletti


The essay begins here:
Thank You Pope Francis For Planning To Be The Host When God Visits---------------
You At The Vatican So God Can Personally Explain How God Intends To---------------

Stop Humans From Recklessly And Continually Destroying---------------------------

God's Precious Animals And God's Precious Earth----------------
God's first visit to Earth, and first speech in recorded history, will be communicated
throughout the World, revealing God's unwavering love and concern for the future health
and welfare of all human and animal life, and the health and welfare of the Earth.
The words I wrote below were inspired by several of my dreams and my continuous
intuitive communications with God, animals, and the Earth.
Please imagine that Almighty God is making the following speech that is much like the
actual speech that God plans to make at the Vatican.
God's Planned Speech:
"Good morning to you Pope Francis, ladies and gentlemen in the Vatican audience, and
everyone watching or listening throughout the World."
"The purpose of my first visit to Earth and my first speech this morning is to make
absolutely certain that most or all mature, rational, compassionate, open minded people in
the World know, and are made fully aware of my demands outlined below, revealing each
of the urgently needed changes that must happen soon. In order to permanently stop all
humans from continuing the, repulsive uncivilized barbarous acts, of destroying the lives
of millions of MY precious animals every hour of the day, and permanently stop
humans from continuing to destroy MY precious beleaguered Earth, before it is too late to
"I placed humans on Earth to protect and care for the Earth and all the creatures that dwell
here, not to torture and kill millions of precious animals every hour of the day, and not to
poison and destroy the Earth's soil, the Earth's forests, the Earth's oceans, and the Earth's
"It was once said that the prophets who wrote the Bible related what they saw and heard in
human language, but their message came directly from God."
"Let me make it perfectly clear that I did not inspire or ordain any of the words in the
Bible that support or promote any type of dominion over animals. Words that were
intentionally written by, and for the benefit of some disingenuous, deceptive, self serving
prophets, and not for the benefit of MY precious animals, or My precious Earth"
"The evil of dominion is that it grants man the right to control, dominate and destroy
MY precious animals. A right that I did not grant or authorize and will never authorize."
"For all of these reasons I have ordered that the Bible be amended, beginning as soon
as possible, removing all verses containing reprehensible words like the words that follow.
Which are lies that I am completely opposed too"

Genesis 9:1-3 "The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.
"Dominion over precious animals must and will end."'
"Furthermore, because there are no factory farms or slaughterhouses in Heaven, like it
should be on Earth, and no animals are ever harmed for any reason in Heaven,
like it should be on Earth, the following changes must be made soon on Earth, beginning
as follows.
"The dreaded words of Genesis 9:1-3 and all the other similar words in the Bible must be
permanently abolished and be replaced appropriately by words that reveal and
express the ancient and magnificent no harm doctrine of AHIMSA which teaches
and promotes no harm of any kind to animals, humans, or the Earth.
"The ancient words of Ahimsa written in India are well suited for The Bible which
should NEVER sanctify any kind of animal abuse for any reason."
" I will now read the following words to you, which reveal how Ahimsa relates to the value
and welfare of all animals."
"Animals lives have intrinsic worth. Animals do not exist as a provision for man, they are
not human property or a commodity."
"Animals may not be harmed, exploited or slain for human advantage or need."
"Mans dominion over animals on Earth is not compatible with compassion."
"Ahimsa isn't simply the practice of refraining from violent words or actions, it's also about
abstaining from violent thoughts. Ahimsa means the total and complete absence of
violence from one's mind body and spirit."
"The doctrine of Ahimsa transcends the doctrines of every religious faith and can reconcile
conflicts and contradictory religious beliefs."
"For this important reason religious leaders in EVERY church and school teachers in
EVERY school in the world should immediately make the no harm doctrine of Ahimsa part
of the curriculum."
"The many no harm merits of Ahimsa must first be understood and then work and evolve
from within."
"Ahimsa cannot be imposed or commanded. Ahimsa must be inspired by example and
kindness. Ahimsa is extremely important, miraculous, and wonderful."
Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahimsa
"For these impressive and meaningful reasons I have asked His Holiness, Pope Francis
to make the necessary arrangements to help begin the distribution of Ahimsa booklets to
thousands of religious and government leaders and school teachers throughout the
"Most people know that as long as the Earth is healthy it is capable of producing all of
the Earth grown food and water that humans will ever need. Which means there is no
logical reason to ever need to eat unhealthy, chemically saturated, decaying animal flesh
and or unhealthy dairy products, which requires MY precious animals to be tortured, and
all prematurely killed."
"For these reasons the following actions need to begin immediately."
"Government leaders throughout the World must immediately make available and
provide financial assistance in the form of emergency funds to help all owners of
all businesses that are either directly in the livestock industry or are closely associated
businesses. The funds will be used to help these business owners switch to existing or
new businesses in the Earth grown food Industries or another industry of their choice that
does not cause or promote any harm to any animals."
"All of these arrangements must be settled within 180 days."
"Beginning immediately, responsible government leaders throughout the World
must adhere to my demands. Doing what ever it takes to begin the process
of permanently removing all animal flesh and all dairy products from all food chains, which
needs to be completed within the next 180 days!
"Beginning immediately and completed within the next 180 days. ALL factory farm
and slaughterhouse workers EVERYWHERE must stop torturing and killing MY precious
animals, and all factory farms and slaughterhouses must close. No exceptions"
"Beginning immediately every laboratory, or any other facility in the world, that is used
to torture and or kill My precious defenseless animals for any type of experimentation, or
any cruel act, must begin to close. These facilities must all be closed within the next 90
days. No exceptions."
"Beginning immediately hunting and fishing of EVERY kind will begin to end
everywhere, and completely end within the next six months. No exceptions."
"Beginning immediately, bull fighting and EVERY other type of animal fighting will
begin to end everywhere, and completely end within 180 days. No exceptions."
"Beginning immediately horse and dog racing will begin to end everywhere, and
completely end within the next six months. No exceptions."
"Starting immediately will be the beginning of the end of any animals being
held in captivity worldwide in zoos, circuses or seaworld activities. All of these animals will
be moved to safe havens in atmospheres that they belong, within 180 days,
No exceptions."
"If any of my demands are not accepted, endorsed and implemented within the time
frames I have asked for I may not be able to guarantee that life on Earth for humans will
continue indefinitely."
"MOST OR ALL HUMAN LIFE MAY END much more rapidly than anyone thought
possible for these reasons. The never ended continuous escalation of widespread
nonstop mega catastrophes, which most likely will include any or all of the following
"A constant escalation of heat waves, violent torrential storms, hurricanes, catastrophic
flooding, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, uncontrolled wild fires, droughts, famines,
disease, and starvation."
"Soon and sadly, the quintessence, and grandeur of the once majestic life supporting
pristine Earth, which I provided, will look like a dilapidated, barren, polluted wasteland
occupied by billions of vulnerable homeless defenseless humans trying to escape the
consequences of global warming, caused primarily by green house gases emitted into
the atmosphere from the livestock industry."
"Worldwide pandemonium caused by hordes of tired, helpless, weak, listless, and
lethargic adults and children crammed together in dark, dreary, windowless structures
located throughout the World."
"People uncontrollably and pathetically defecating or urinating while sitting or
standing in long food lines. Unimaginable suffering with the frightening prospect
of no way out, no one to rescue them, and no where to go."
"Much like the agony and suffering millions of animals in factory farms and
slaughterhouses experience every minute of the day throughout the world."
"Human desperation spawned by the strong likelihood of an agonizing and painful
premature death caused by starvation, disease, fire or drowning."
"This is the ultimate price and suffering that a significant number of humans have
already experienced and will continue to experience caused by the Earth's
violent and very destructive warnings. The Earth's many brutal and deadly forms of
destruction as retributions to humans for thousands of years of unnecessarily and
recklessly polluting the Earth and its atmosphere, and continually destroying the Earth's
resilience and natural ability to heal and recover.".
"Take heed, think and know, there is still a choice you can make to help save the lives of
billions of animals, and the life of the Earth, before it is too late."
"Either support and promote the no harm doctrine of Ahimsa, which in part means no harm
to any animal life, or continue to support and promote the worst kind of hideous cruelty and
premature death to millions of MY precious irreplaceable animals which happens
every hour of every day throughout the world."
"Every wise and compassionate religious and government leader in the world should, and
better know, which choice to make."
"I hope that within the next 180 days the continued and rapid escalation of a whole new
way of living will begin to happen everywhere for billions of people and animals to benefit
from. Inspired and promoted by the values and no harm doctrine of ahimsa."
"I hope each one of you will be a part of the solution and no longer continue to be a part of
the problem."
"Please help me protect and save the lives of all of MY precious animals."
'Please help me protect and care for the health and welfare of My Earth. The only
home that I provided for all humans, and all of MY precious animals to live.'
"Please believe it is extremely easy and very wise to become a vegan. Many people that
take the time to educate themselves about veganism and the multitude of benefits wonder
why they ever ate animal flesh and or dairy products. Why not become one of those
Ref: https://www.vegansociety.com/try-vegan/definition-veganism
"Everyone knows that actions speak much louder than words. The immediate, urgently
needed joint actions by religious and government leaders throughout the world, may
very well determine how much longer humans, animals, and the Earth will be able to
survive, and not disappear into oblivion."
"In closing, I bless His Holiness Pope Francis as well as everyone in the audience, and
billions of people throughout the world for listening, and seriously considering the meaning,
merits, and importance of my words." Words that are intended to help protect and save the
life of the Earth so that humans and animals may always be able to live here."
"I hope everyone has a delicious vegan lunch and dinner today, like the meals that Pope
Francis and I will be enjoying outside, surrounded by the elegance and ambience of the
splendid Vatican gardens."
"Peace and grace to everyone."



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