Open Your Eyes (Warrior Cats)


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        AN: In this story, StarClan will have the power to manipulate fate, at the cost of one StarClan cat's life.


"I won't let him be blind!" A grayish purple furred she cat barrelled into a blue she cat.

The blue she cat hissed. "He has to be! For the prophecy!"

A voice suddenly spoke. "What if the Dark Forest isn't going to attack?"

A dark tabby tom appeared behind them. He had dark amber eyes that gleamed with a sort of wistful sorrow, and dark tabby stripes slashed down his pelt. His long claws glinted in the moonlight.

"Jaykit has great potential as both a medicine cat and a warrior. What if he could shape his destiny to become a warrior's life?"

The blue cat snarled. "How do we know what will happen, Tigerstar? Isn't it you're fault he's going to be blind?"

Tigerstar flinched at her tone, before he glanced at her, all the sorrow and betrayal he felt in his life in his gaze. The blue she-cat held his gaze firmly. Tigerstar soon dropped his gaze to stare at his paws, unable to meet that challenge in her deep blue gaze. "I don't want someone else to suffer like me." He whispered at last, so quietly that the two she-cats had to strain to hear him.

The blue she-cat was still wary, though her deep blue eyes softened. "Pinestar?" She questioned.

Tigerstar couldn't help but nod. "Bluestar... When he wasn't there for me, it felt bad. I don't want Jaykit to suffer as I have." He replied finally.

Bluestar nodded. "Very well. Yellowfang," she nodded to the grey she cat, "Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for Jaykit?"

Yellowfang's dark orange eyes were determined as she nodded without hesitation. "I will."

"Very well." Bluestar's eyes glimmered with sorrow. "Yellowfang, former medicine cat of ShadowClan, medicine cat of ThunderClan, and medicine cat of StarClan, do you allow yourself to be sacrificed to twist the fates?"

"I do." Yellowfang took a deep breath then continued. "Jaykit shall be Ashfur's and Squirrelflight's kit. Let his blindness be banished. Let Brambleclaw love someone else, or perhaps no one at all. Let Hollyleaf stay with the clan. May the three keep their powers."

Tigerstar nodded in approval, a pang of sadness striking him hard as Yellowfang's misty outline began to waver.

Yellowfang purred. "Thank you, Tigerstar."

Tigerstar's pelt felt hot. "It's... Nothing. Nothing at all."

Bluestar's whiskers twitched with amusement. Then the look of joy in her eyes melted away, leaving only a hollow grief.

Yellowfang intoned, "The new prophecy shall be, 'The feather will fall, the leaf will wilt, and the lion's roar will be lsot in the tumult of the Great Battle.'"

"Farewell, Yellowfang." Bluestar mewed, her voice thick and choked with grief.

"May your journey beyond our reach be safe and comfortable." Tigerstar's amber eyes were misty with sorrow.

"Don't fret." The pale, rippling tail of Yellowfang rested on Tigerstar's shoulder. "When your time comes to join me, I will be waiting."

Chapter 1

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Jaykit tumbled around, kicking up dust. His grey pelt was glossy and smooth, and his dazzling blue eyes gleamed and shone in the darkness with mischievous playfulness.

Lionkit screwed up his deep amber eyes. "Jaykit! Stop, it hurts my eyes!"

Jaykit did his best to look innocent, though he was actually trying to stifle a purr of laughter. "Sorry!" He squeaked.

Hollykit sighed. "You two get injured in everything you do. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days, your heads get taken off!"

Lionkit flattened himself to the ground and Jaykit's ears drooped.

Hollykit's tail flicked from side to side crossly. "Honestly!" She insisted.

Suddenly a familiar scent flooded Jaykit's nostrils. "Ashfur!"

He scurried to the den entrance. He squealed with surprise as a massive gray paw thumped the ground beside him. Ashfur heard his voice and turned to Jaykit.

Stomping his paws with a playful look in his brilliant blue eyes, he nosed Jaykit back to the nursery. "Sleep tight."

Ashfur padded out of the nursery as Jaykit settled down. Letting his heartbeat slow, he fell asleep.

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Chapter 2

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A purr rumbled in Jaykit's throat as he awoke. Today was his apprentice ceremony! He nudged Lionkit and Hollykit awake. They groaned as they sat up.

"Is it time?" Hollykit grumbled.

Jaykit nodded excitedly. "Yes!"

Lionkit rose to his paws, but flopped back down. "I'm tired. I'll come out soon..."

Jaykit tilted his head. Usually his brother would be the most excited out of all of them.

'Guess my ambition's stronger than his!' He thought, shrugging.

He raced out of the den, only to be stopped as Squirrelflight placed a gentle but firm paw on his tail. "Your pelt is filthy! And you're going to walk out like sensible apprentices, not like a kit that barely opened it's eyes!"

Squirrelflight began washing his pelt. Jaykit tried to avoid her tongue. "Mum! Really?"

Just then Ashfur padded into the nursery. "How are my little warriors today?" He purred.

"Ready for duties!" Jaykit sat up tall.

"Needing a proper groom." Hollykit joked, signaling that her fur was dirty, too.

"Tired." Lionkit moaned.

Squirrelflight and Ashfur looked worried. Ashfur pawed the top of Lionkit's head worriedly.

His electric blue eyes stretched wide with shock and concern. "He's too hot. Get him to Leafpool."

Squirrelflight stopped up the limp bundle and ran out of the den.

Jaykit's dazzling cobalt eyes were worried. "Is Lionkit going to be okay?" He asked, concerned.

Ashfur gave an unsteady purr. "Y-yes. Of... Of course."

Ashfur shook his head. He began to groom Hollykit's pelt, smoothing out her bedraggled fur. Jaykit pushed away his worry for his brother. 'He's fine.' He grinned. 'I'm going to be an apprentice soon!'

Chapter 3

Jaykit and Hollykit bounded into the clearing.

As he passed the medicine cat den, Jaykit heard a murmur. "Whtiecough. He won't be able to train, he needs rest."

Jaykit knew it was Leafpool, Thunderclan's loyal medicine cat. Jaykit was intrigued with herbs and healing medicines, but he still wanted to be a warrior. The two of them plunked down in front of the high ledge and waited patiently for Firestar to announce their apprentice names. Jaykit squirmed impatiently.

He purred as Firestar padded onto the rock. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the highledge for a clan meeting!" The ginger tom bellowed.

Cats darted out of their dens and sat down beneath the boulder.

Firestar looked pleased. "Today we have three kits that have reached their sixth moon. Jaykit, Hollykit, Lionkit, come forth." Jaykit and Hollykit leapt up onto the stone beside Firestar.

Firestar searched the mass of cats below, bemused. "Where is Lionkit?" He wondered aloud.

"He has whitecough." Jaykit replied. Every cat in the clearing gasped. "He catch greencough!" An elder, Mousefur, cried.

Longtail licked her muzzle. "It's okay. He will pull through."

Ashfur was clearly shocked to the core, for he stumbled to the side, eyes wide as moons. He shook his head in denial. "No!"

Then he rushed into the medicine den.

At the entrance of the medicine den, Leafpool reassured Ashfur. "That's what happens when leafbare comes." She purred. "He'll be fine. I gave him some tansy and he's sleeping well. He will be ready in a quarter moon."

Firestar gave a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Leafpool. Now, the ceremony..."
Chapter 4

"Jaykit, from this moment on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Jaypaw. I will be your mentor."

Jaypaw was exhilerated. "A leader as my mentor!" He squealed.

The cats in the clearing exchanged amused glances as Firestar and Jaypaw touched noses.

Then Firestar continued. "Hollykit, from this moment on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Hollypaw. Brackenfur," he paused to acknowledge the senior warrior, "you have been able to pass the death of Cinderpelt and continue the life of a warrior. May you pass on your endurance and fighting skills to Hollypaw." Brackenfur touched noses with Hollypaw, and Firestar purred. "Since Lionpaw," he emphasized paw, "isn't here, I will announce his mentor. Dustpelt," he nodded to the brown tom. "You have shown to be a great warrior, and I hope you pass on your hunting and fighting skills to Lionpaw." The cats in the clearing began to cheer. "Jaypaw! Hollypaw! Lionpaw!"

Jaypaw purred. 'Now I'm an apprentice...'

Chapter 5

"Come on. I'll show you the territory." Firestar led Jaypaw out of the camp.

Jaypaw was surprised at the different scents and sounds beyond the camp entrance, and was confused and muddled at first. But following his mentor, he was able to learn many things. He saw the borders, the gathering island from afar, the training hollow, and many others. Soon Jaypaw and Hollypaw met at the training hollow.

"Let's practice dodging. Brackenfur, try to attack me." Firestar decided.

Brackenfur launched himself at Firestar, feinting before striking. But Firestar must have foreseen that, for he dodged to the feinting side. Brackenfur was shocked as he put too much wait on his attacking paw and fell over. Firestar planted a paw on his spine, claws sheathed.

"So that's how it's done." He purred.

He stepped to the side and let Brackenfur stand up.

The ginger leader turned to the apprentices, whom where in awe. "Now you try. Hollypaw, attack. Jaypaw, dodge."

Hollypaw raced towards him.

Just then, Jaypaw heard a voice. "To the left."

He didn't know who said it and why, but he trusted the voice and moved to the left.

Hollypaw's attack missed him.

The voice spoke again. "Knock out her legs. Then pin her down."

He barreled into her legs. Hollypaw let out a gasp as she fell to the ground. Jaypaw planted two firm paws on her thrashing forepaws and her rising and falling chest. Then Hollypaw went limp.

Worried, Jaypaw was about to release her when the voice commanded him once more. "Don't. She's trying to trick you."

Jaypaw nodded briefly, curtly, and almost imperceptibly, then pressed down on Hollypaw's chest harder, knocking the wind out of her.

As she struggled for breath, Jaypaw snarled, "Surrender?"

"Yes." Hollypaw wheezed.

Jaypaw let go of her and whirled around when he heard a rustle in the vegetation. Then a dark shape flung itself at him.

Chapter 6

The voice snapped, "Jump back and claw the cat's eyes!"

Jaypaw easily realized this was no training session. He sprang back, and a small brown tom landed where he was only heartbeats before. His claws flashed, slashing the tom's eyes and blinding him.

The tom yowled in pain and staggered around as he slashed and snapped his jaws wildly.

"Jump onto him, bite his scruff, and use your claws!" The voice ordered.

Jaypaw launched himself at the tom, ice white thorn-sharp fangs sinking into the tom's scruff. His long white fore claws raked the tom's ears and his hind claws tore at the tom's flanks.

"He's rolling over. Jump off!" The voice hissed urgently.

Jaypaw managed to push himself off before he was crushed, releasing the tom. Thinking fast, he seized his chance.

He leapt forward without waiting for the voice, slashing his sharp claws down the tom's exposed belly. The tom yowled his agony, and the thick, metallic scent of blood wafted through the air.

"ShadowClan, retreat!" A dark ginger she-cat cried out.

The intruders fled like whipped pups, yelping in pain. Jaypaw felt a fierce thrill of satisfaction course through his blood.

'We have won!'

Chapter 7

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