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Why I Don't Buy Things From Tv by Matthew Mark Gill (3)
"www.wisegeek.com/what-is-fraud.htm - 85k - What is Fraud? How it works.. turn em in here www.bbb.org" -- Peak, USA.
"The most common rip-off happens when you buy something health related. Like most people you open the package and throw away the packing list etc. However, you don't find out until you get your CC statement the following month, that the fine print on your order acknowledgement automatically enrolls you in some kind of fitness or bullshit club membership at 9.95 per month and if you don't cancel within 30 days, you're stuck with a sawbuck. Imagine 10,000 people ordering this product and getting hit with a one time charge - that's 100 grand these pirates made for doing nothing and it's totally legal. " -- Richard.
"Only worked in 2001 or on stupid people" -- deuce.

Your Gonna Enjoy Hell by Matthew Mark Gill (6)
"This blows" -- deuce.
"Like ya Girl Friend.." -- Peak, USA.
"Ha ha, no I mean it's STUPID like you" -- deuce.
"When ya burn ya'll see I was right. Hell is 4 Ever.." -- Peak, USA.
"Yeah so is your ignorance. I doubt anyone will be going to hell because they didn't like your shitty ass poetry you arrogant bastard. What are you God now too?" -- deuce.
"Ya being watched 24-7 every move.. soon Jail.." -- Peak, USA.

Smuck by Matthew Mark Gill (2)
"Have them come to your house and we'll have some tea. It's so easy to find you because you never leave the house. Oh yeah, you'd better get some darker curtains because everyone can see you beating off in there" -- LMFAO.
"Say hello to sadam when ya your there.. :) Hell awaits kid.. aka Joshua" -- Peak, USA.

I Never Knew It Could Be This Big by Matthew Mark Gill (6)
"Megan and Susan also Rock and are Hot. Rock On.." -- Peak, USA.
"Always talking about kids in a weird way. I wouldn't trust you around any kids. There is just something strange about you." -- Sybil T..
"The reaper says hi biatch.." -- Peak, usa.
"What a weird guy. You sir are very strange. I don't think your all there." -- Sybil T.
"Yeah what does this have anything to do with you summery. You never knew what could be so big. I hope your not talking about your writing " -- ANNA.
"Talking about ya weight.. bitch" -- Peak, USA.

Just Listen by Matthew Mark Gill (2)
"How many "last ones" are you going to have, geez.....and these lines you wrote are pretty damn hypocritical. But thats just it, it's not you it's everybody else, huh. DO YOU THINK THE LORD NEEDS SOMEONE AS VAIN AS YOU IN HEAVEN. Look at yourself man, look at the selfishness in your words. It's almost as if YOU thought you were God in every peice of crap you write." -- DunkOnYou.
"Some peeps like me some dont I guess ya don't Its ok as ya opinion and God Bless.. Im not good at ball so yes ya can dunk on me. I only like girls.. bra" -- Peak, USA.

I Said by Matthew Mark Gill (1)
"Sounds as though you had some time to reflect, none the less hope all is going well with you :) " -- Katy, Tampa , Florida.

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