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Aboriginal Australians by Amber Lee (1)
"Hi Amber, I own an app called�Storead�which has a great collection of stories. I would love to publish yours on it too. Please let me know if you would like to know more :) Thanks and talk soon Hency" -- Hency Soni, United Kingdom.

Fruit And Vegetable Shortages by Colin Baker (1)
"Right on, Colin! I can't speak for the UK, but the US sure keeps food prices artificially low. But, our prices are rising due to corporations buying up farmers and their land. As the old saying goes, one reaps what they sow." -- Joseph Albrecht, Kings Park, NY, United States.

They Call Me Mellow Yellow by Skyler Drevan (1)
"at least you learned to write." -- D.

Value Of A Relationship Based Approach To Autism by Dr Dan Edmunds (1)
"You are absolutely right about a relationship based approach to autism during childhood. It is during and after puberty that life grows difficult when combined with extreme hyperactivity and epilepsy. I don't know how we managed with our son during that time and young adulthood. We always tried to do without drugs, except for controlling seizures. Our son is 49 now, still non-verbal, uses necessary medications, but is a happy man." -- Rosella Alm Ahearn, west covina, California, United States.

The Religion Of Bio-Psychiatry by Dr Dan Edmunds (1)
"Anyone who has experienced kundalini awakenings through spiritual practice seems to end up in the psych. ward of the local hospital. You are then drugged until you say what they want to hear so you can go back to work. I was diagnosed bipolar in 1995 and humbly take minimal medications for the good of all. I can tell you this: when the spirit cometh, it does not matter what drugs you are on. " -- Gregory W Burkett, Rhinelander, WI, USA.

Rip Up The System! by Dream Rinsed (1)
"A 45 year-old non-conformist? Whether you realize it or not, you've become a copycat conformist to the same old airhead bullshit. You were just born twenty years later than the assholes of the sixties. " -- Richard.

Near Death Experience Opens Doorway by Colleen Barnes- Jones (1)
"Find very interesting- it is like having out of body experience" -- servito Fernandes, margao, GOA, INDIA.

How To Have Money In Your Life by Randall Barfield (1)
" This is really a nice and informative, containing all information and also https://topaussiereviews.com/essayroo-review/ has a great impact on the new technology. Thanks for sharing it," -- William S. Bowie, Champaign, IL, Соединенные Штаты.

Metrolink111: Icecream And The Umbrella by Shelley J Alongi (2)
"The information you have https://essay-reviewer.com/samedayessay-com-review/ posted is very useful. The sites you have referred was good. Thanks for sharing.." -- Brandon Gregory, Champaign, West Lothian.
"[url=https://ru.wikipedia.org]wikipedia.org [/url] http://wikipedia.org " -- William S. Bowie, Champaign, IL, Соединенные Штаты.

Three Words by Adam Bradley (1)
"Adam, I love your story. This is my first time on this site and yours is the first writing piece I've read and I relate to so much of it. Not everything of course, but some of what you've said hit home. "The few that came my way turned around" is heavy, as were the words.. Paranoid. Depressed. Overweight. Dissillusioned. Oy, werk me noives why don't ya! Cyberdish in Toronto" -- Cyberdish, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How My Cell-Phone Made Me Spend A Night In Jail by Philip Matthew Alarie (1)
"VERY GOOD." -- haikal, toronto, ON, Canada.

Myths About Essay Writing by Denise Hurst (5)
"Dear author, I'm confused. Who wrote this essay? Maritha or Denise? Or are they the same person? Everyone that has seen my reviews knows that I'm a stickler for punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Whoever wrote this essay has plenty of writing issues. I could excuse some of the teenagers who lack the education and compositional skills, but if you're going to write about helping people who want to write, you're not setting a very good example. Unless these are typos, (which is still inexcusible for a mentor type person)you have a problem with tense and have failed to pluralize several words as follows: First sentence - "disapprove the idea" You left out OF. Next - "Here are among the common misconception" You don't need among and MISCONCEPTIONS needs an S. Next - "Student may contest" Either you mean, A STUDENT or STUDENTS may contest...."that professors assign certain topic and tone" Should read "A" certain topic and tone or certain "TOPICS AND TONES" to be used. Next- "The length of the essay is often the anxiety of most of the students" This is a poor choice of words. Do you mean to say, "is often DUE TO or RELATED TO the anxiety of the students. Next - "The gravity of the essay....." What the hell does gravity mean here? Wouldn't you be better off saying "The STRENGTH of the essay LIES (not is)in its power......" adding "rather" at the end of the sentence seems like another bad fit. Finally, the last sentence - "The three suggestions above aims to eradicate....." Suggestions is a plural noun, which requires a plural verb. The verb should be AIM not aims. Also in that sentence - "some of the false impression" Should read "false IMPRESSIONS" And finally again - "handed down to the youth of present generation." You omitted the word THE before present. You may think I'm being unkind or perhaps that I'm just a nitpicky smart Alec, but if you re-read this essay, you will see how these errors stand out and believe me they would to a legitimate college professor. You have made no attempt to use paragraphs, which is a fundamental writing technique. I assure you I'm not a racist and I have no idea of the ethnic origin of the author of this essay. I did notice however, that several of the grammatical errors involve the failure to use the plural tense when required. This is a common characteristic in the speech of many blacks, like the expression, fifty-cent instead of fifty cents. Although some blacks may find it acceptable to speak like that in their social environment, it is definitely not acceptable English grammar to use in any writing style. I would be very interested in your defense of this essay you have presented. " -- Richard.
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"If you need more information, I recommend you this hemp bombs CBD review. It will help to understand better the possible advantages of using them. " -- Carl Newman, Patomac-sity, MD, United States.
"How marketing and online business are related? Find out about an effective way to hook the audience to keep it informed about the latest updates. Develop your business, thanks to e-marketing." -- Anthony Procrulio, New York City, New York, USA.
"https://worldfinancialreview.com/how-e-marketing-and-online-business-changing-the-diversion-of-customers/" -- Andrew Kalashnikov, Phoenix, Arizona, Бельгия.

Freelance Writing Perks by Erika Turner (2)
"I believe they write the best write case study as professionals" -- Liza Mitchell, Chicago, Illinois, United States.
"I think it could help me with short-answer assignments writing, becuase there are lots of useful information" -- Amanda Stinson, Chicago, IL, United States.

Exploratory Essay: Start To Know by Amy Sue (1)

Liliana's Decision by Randall Barfield (1)
"I have recently https://awriter.org/99papers-com-review/ started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work." -- Brandon Gregory, Champaign, West Lothian.

Friday 18th January 2008 Some Sexual Content by Sooz (2)
"Can anybody tel me how to edit a piece after it's been published please, unfortunately this one duplicated itself half way through. Sorry. " -- Sooz, Barrow, Cumbria, England.
"Just go to the section Submit Your Work and you'll see an option to edit your work." -- Michael Harris, Detroit, MI.

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