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Arsik-Jun by Boris Sudarushkin (1)
"Why not to publish it in Armenia?" -- alex.

Zindagi Ki Talash by Aatika Noor (3)
"Lovely... :)" -- sana.
"hmmmmmmmmmm reallly very nicccccccc." -- kazimmm, karachi, pak, sind.

Sweetbriar by Rubin Biswas (2)
"I like this alot mate, a different way to set it out, i am not sure whether u know but u put the poem in the description space, anyway. Peace." -- Hugh.
"Twice...I thought you were just trying to get the point across at first." -- kwilt.

Piyar Kerna Waloun Ke Saza Nahee Khatem Hoge by Sadaf Shahab (1)
"this is good but plz kuch sachay logo ka b kiya karain" -- abbas, karachi, sindh, Pakistan.

Aik Jesay Lagtay Hein by Sadaf Shahab (1)
"It would be nice if you could translate each line in English, I know a bit of indian therefore it would help to know what you have written. I would like to read your poems." -- Am, Hayes, Middlesex.

Ranjha Nahee Houn Mein by Sadaf Shahab (1)
"wah wah kia achha hay " -- muntazirturabi, rawalpindi, punjab , pakisttan.

Matum Hasnain Ka Hay Aao Logo by Sadaf Shahab (3)
"you have done a wonderful job regarding this religious poetry god bless u and may give u success in whatever u do inshallah. ameen" -- sana mehdi, karachi, pakisatan.
"Your blog is interesting! Keep up the good work!" -- AlexM, ������, ������, ������.

Hussain Tery Aal Per Yazediat Haram Hay by Sadaf Shahab (14)
"What the hell does this mean? If u cant put it in a language that most of us on here can read then what's the point of posting it?? Try translating it into say "english" so others can enjoy your work...thanks" -- EVERYONE.
"Hey I am sorry you can't understand this genius. Maybe you should learn to read, Everyone. " -- Gunther.
"We really shouldn't gripe about what language the author decides to use, EVERYONE, after all the Internet is international, but on the same note the author cannot honestly expect a great many reviews on a primarily English oriented website. Anyone who can read and review this piece should be allowed to do so, and anyone who can't should move along quietly." -- JA St. George.
"Well I certainly wasnt trying to make this into a big deal but I like to review peoples work but as JA St George said its hard to do that if I cant read it. So apologies are needed here I see...so I'm sorry. But I would like to know what it says...if the author would like to translate it for the multi-culturally challenged. Thanks for listening." -- Everyone.
"Yuit od ioo iii riao dhek clla loos eekl ei eh ahii eh aii pap e ahc eee it au eiot chh e o." -- Juan Tutharee.
"Ooh e ooh ah ah! Ooh e and whatta whatta bing bang!" -- Dumb @#8*.
"this is really bull! how bout writing english?" -- lori-ann.
"Just wondering why he published it in here, not in FOREIGN LANGUAGE. At least, people who speak his own language would be able to read it. " -- Dri.
"I apologize...my mistake...I mean, I thought I was reading the English stuff and I was not. So sorry..." -- Dri.
"I dont know who are you and where are you , but whatever you are you have mad an everlasting creation, and one just one thing i want to say that , tum ne zindagee ka haq ada kar dia he," -- qambar, malmo, skone, sweden.
"ya i agre with u sadaf je imam hussain is imam husain nobody can sacrifies lik imam did. may allah fulfil al ur wishes ur dreams into reality amen skazimr2004(yaho id)" -- skazimr2004, karachi.
"bohat hi khoobsoorat alfaz main IMAM PAK kis shan main likha hai jo janaat ke sardar hain kayenat bhi roti hai unke liea tau." -- cosmicspirit, karachi, pakistan, .
"HUSSAIN TERE DUSHMAN NA REN" -- khurram hussain, lahore, unaitid stat, pakistam.
"Ehmm..m. Sehr gut Seite! Ich sage innig..!:) bmw" -- BMW, ..., ..., ....

Mohabbat Azmati He by Aatika Noor (2)
"simply superb bhabhi....u r amazingly good." -- Ruqayya, karachi, pakistan.
"mohabbat main wafa phale shart hay aur is shart ko nibhanay main kiya mushkilat hote hain in ko bohat asane kay sath tum nay explain kiya hay. tis is really nice." -- a, karachi, sindh, pakistan.

Gham Khuar Meharban Koi To Ho! by Aatika Noor (2)
"greattt... :)" -- sana, Pakistan.
"ghazab ka likha hai.kamal ki potry karti hain app." -- asma, houston, texas, u.s.a.

Deer Kitni Lagti He! by Aatika Noor (1)
"dooor rehnay waalo se koi to kabhi poochay ... aik call kernay may der kitni lagti hai???? (Sorry i've added a verse Gustaakhi muaaf..!!)" -- Ruqayya, karachi, Pakistan.

Tumhare Baad by Aatika Noor (1)
"its not a new thought but it seems very common idea in literature aind very short one,normally in such prose poem writer emphsis on thought or idea.idea must be strong, i think this not an impressive poem." -- akhtar hussian, hyderabad, sindh, pakistan.

Mughe Bhi Muskurana He! by Aatika Noor (2)
"Mujeh Tum Se Kuch Kehna Hai ..Mager Dilse...:) well the nice poetry u can see how effective it was that i have started my commints in the breeze of it ...hmmm so just like to say keep it up as u r our future God bless u " -- sono, karachi, pakistan, sindh.
"this is good .if u dont mind the word amaejish will suit there than the word milawat.this is my idea not necessary to accept it:) " -- aida, karachi, sindh, pakistan.

Khamooshi by Aatika Noor (2)
"hmmm very well this time again this is really beautiful u have define empitiness of onesinside very well ddone .but plz yar kia ye urdy main hi print nahi ho sakti yahan ." -- aida, karachi, sindh, pakistan.
"Miltay hain meray dil se teray dil k khayalaat........ U are lucky that u can express ur feelings so nicely in 3 lines. " -- Ruqayya, karachi, pakistan.

Ghazal Kia Yahi Mohabbat He! by Aatika Noor (1)
"Really beautiful" -- Mayank Garg.

Fursatoon Main Phir Milna by Aatika Noor (6)
"aatika yaar its kewl shahbash" -- hina, karachi, sind, pakistan.
"Hello to all the readers. This msg is from me,poetess of all the poems uploaded here. Thanx for reading the stuff but I would really like to read ur views and critism. Plz give ur one more minute and ur remarks so that I can improve thanx" -- Aatika.
"Its really amazing Atika... bohaat hi umda... :) " -- sana, Pakistan.
"is gazal ke baad to mein yehi kahooN ga ki "Ye Dil Aap Ka Hua"" -- Raj, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
"wow attika kamal kardiya jee.tussi really great ho.alfaz nahi mill rahy ap ki poetry ke liay.laiken bohat zabardast bht umdaa" -- asma, karachi, sindh, pakistan.

Bohat Takleef Deeta He by Aatika Noor (4)
"really awesomw... alfaaz ka intekhab bohat khoob hai... :)" -- sana, Pakistan.
"its really very nice, ya sab kuch waqai boht taklef deta ha " -- sadaf, karachi, sindh, pakistan.
"Hey this is pretty good, I write poems too. what r the odds the same name and same passion lol except maybe aatika is your first name. Kind a freaky though" -- Noor Aatika, IL, USA.
"Hello aatika thanx for the comments...this is really amazing that we have same names and same passion.." -- Aatika Noor.

Morte Pessoal E Impessoal by Pedro Alsama (3)
"Estavas muito inspirado! Sem duvida que est� um belo texto. Acho que deves escrever mais, e porque n�o fazer um livro? For�a, de certeza que consegues. Continua... Ant�nio Beir�o" -- Antonio Beir�o, Evora, Alentejo, Portugal.
"hi." -- mallika, kuwait, salmiya, kuwait.
"just test my soft^))) and also a second string in my post,because it need my program sorry..." -- CarloSMuchacho, Muhasransk, Ganduras, Ganduras.

Sub Fruntea Romba by Boris Merner (1)
"frumoase versuri ... dar dc sunt asa putine ? ... ar fi fost si mai de efect dak incercai putin sa dezvoltzi ideile alea ... doar umpik ... oricum ... suna foarte bine si asa felicitari ! ;) " -- Lorena, Dragasani, Valcea, Romania.

Passas As Assas Perdidas Pessoas by Men Walkalone (1)
"ol�!! Posso perguntar de onde voc� �?? Por qu� escolheu escrever em Portugu�s no NEW TITLES, ao inv�s de em L�nguas Estrangeiras?? Obrigada. Bonito poema!" -- Dri.

Noapte by Boris Merner (1)
"Esti bun, domnule. It flows well. N-am citit poezii romanesti de 20 de ani, dar mi se pare ca-ti place Eminescu. In ori ce caz, imi place dar mi se pare un pic vag." -- Dusan, Chicago, IL, USA.

Werna Duniya Mein Kiya Hamara Ha by Sadaf Shahab (2)
"i am Indian, but i find your poems in hindi hard to read, alot of people are English speaking. I wouldn't have minded reading them in English. I personally write a lot of poetry in English But sometimes i wish i had learned to write them in Hindi or Punjabi. Either way keep up the good work." -- A bhambra, hayes, Great Britain, Middlesex..
"its no doubt ZABARDASt and inspiring" -- aatika, karachi, pakistan.

Hello! by GhazvehA (1)
"I think this literature is very impressive and nice.I hope I read more poems or free verses or...of this Iranian poet." -- Fatima, Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

Aik Ghazal! by Fizza Rahman Rahman (7)
"wow babe,its too cool !" -- Muzna Siddiqui, New Jersey, USA.
"What are you smoking? This was terrible." -- Michelle.
"Say what? Damn foreigners." -- Elmo's Hoes.
"same hearty wishes to you :P" -- Fiz, khi.
"Awesome! I hate these intolerant idiots...don't declare taht something is terrible if you cant even udnerstand what it says." -- Jai, California, United States.
"too good yaar ... bahutt achha itna achha likhti hai tu .. aur tu jhooth bolti hai ki tune kabhi pyaar nahi kiya kyunki koi itna achha bina pyaar kiye likh hi nahi sakta " -- Aparna, Dwarka, Delhi, India.
"That was gud yar kamaal, i liked it" -- Ali.

Piyar Ka Piyar by Khushi (2)
"salam" -- khushbu_, hamburg, germany.
"hi " -- ahmad, qatar, doha.

Mausam Ka Jadoo by Khushi (1)
"you have agood sense of scenic discription, but still the topic and theme is tooooo old.......... try to be more creative" -- Aati, KArachi.

Kon Hai Voh by Khushi (2)
"bohat achi hay...balkay bohat zayada achi lagi mujay........." -- imran khan, Rawalpindi, Punjab.
"I don't want to criticize it as such, but as I myself do poetry, so I wud advice u to read a lot. bcoz abalance is missing in this ghazal which is necessary for poetry. Its agood effort but have much capacity of improvement.keep on writing" -- Aati, Karachi, sindh.

Castles by Eric Richards (1)
"I enjoyed this poem alot, very expressive with an easy flow, like a melody :)" -- mattie.

Aesa Dildar Ko , Dost Ko Yaar Ko by Sadaf Shahab (3)
"totally agreed" -- babar, hyderabad, pakistan, sindh.
"Thas excellent !!!! Can I get email of Sadaf Shaab? Or let her contact me at [email protected] Shirjeel" -- Shirjeel, Toronto, ONT, Canada.
"after a very long time i have read a poem which depicts a very dark but true picture of our society.veru well done.in urdu poetry the world is created on imagination with full of colours and these type of things regarded as good but this poem is real satire for all of them.hope u will continue your effort. " -- aida, karachi, sindh, pakistan.

Ishq Kernay Walon Ko Kuch Sila Naheen Milta by Sadaf Shahab (1)
""dil judaa hon to mulaaqat sey phir kiya haasil -- yoon to saahil bhi samandar sey milaay kartaa hey"" -- babar, hyd, sind.

Aur Mujh Ko Kise Aur Ka Bhee Naheen Honay Deta by Sadaf Shahab (4)
"I read the Ghazal "aur mujh ko kisi aur ka bhi nahi honay dieta" ... i like it .. it's simple .. but ur approach is good .. keep working ... u have a very sensitive mind ... take care ... i appriciate U ... smiles .. Arsh" -- Arsh, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.
""koi to hogaa jisey raas hogi yeh dunyaa -- chalo woh meri naheen hey to kiyaa kisi ki naheen"" -- babar, hyd, sindh.
"hey its really awsome!! nice work i didnt 9 there r som urdu gazal asvel but when i searched it out n saw this stuff . i feel realy koooooool THANKS INDEED 4 SUCH GAZALS " -- kazim, karachi, sind.
"adab its kazim here i really wanted 2 talk with u my HOT MAIL ID IS KAZICOOL2001 N MY YAHO ID IS SKAZIMR2004 SO PLZ PLZ PLZ IF U HAV TIM PLZ DO ADUP ME SKAZIMR2004" -- kazim, karachi.

Uma Voz Que Se Ouve... by Sarrabisco (1)
"A figura destaca-se do fundo - o ser acorda, a voz nasce. Destaca-se do que foi, perde o background (fundo) - � como um cromo que se deslocou da caderneta. O ser est� sendo, j� n�o � o que foi - � empurrado para o futuro. Assim, a tranforma��o do tempo � vista como "a perda do que foi" -que provoca dor. Uma dor que n�o passa - um estigma. A forma perde a forma, "forma disforme" - est� por definir, por definir-se. " -- Picasso.

O Sil�ncio by Sarrabisco (3)
"Um caminho percorrido de silencio sem resposta para a inquietude da alma, uma descri��o pensada do simples caminhar percorrendo ruas, do pensamento e da realidade observada. " -- Men walkalone.
"vou alterar este poema em breve..." -- Sarrabisco.
"Sou surpreendido e toco por seus escritos embora eu n�o sou realmente bom em seua linguagem. am�vel. " -- Akira NJ.

Deixo Culpas by Pedro Alsama (2)
"Uma vez desfeita a ilus�o, resta a dor de ver a "fic��o" dissolvida. Acede-se a uma lucidez sem esperan�a - q � sofrimento. No fundo, dor; dor de perda - dif�cil de digerir. Nem rebu�ados, digeres o sil�ncio numa amargura sem tr�guas. A tempestade � isso - estar preso aos pregos - a crucifixa��o." -- N me siga, ando perdido.
"o tempo desassossega os olhos que demoram em adormecer." -- mateus.

Mohabat Kerne Walo Ko Pashtawa Nahi Hota by Sadaf Shahab (4)
"aahaan.........!!!its really cool .keep it up.........!!!" -- fizza, karachi.
"wow--I'd like to see more of your work here! keep it up! I like it.." -- nadia, dubai, Dubai, UAE.
"now i read "mohabbat karnay walon ko pachtawa nahi hota" ... it's nice .. pure feeling for LOVE ... seems as much sensitive as i know U ... i like it too .. keep working and thinking .. God Bless U" -- Arsh, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.
"mujhy ko kisee or ka honay bhi nhi deti ye ladki or or khod bhi maree nhi hoti ye ladki wesay maree prasonl rayee ye hy k mohbaat kuch nhi hoti dostoon ye sab aik jism ki bhok hoti hy dosry jism k leyee ok byee" -- Rizwan Hussain , Digri, Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

Kul Akhtiyar He Tera Ye Mojza Ker De by Sadaf Shahab (1)
"aameen!" -- babar, hyderabad, pakistan, sindh.

Aqal Mehdood, Ishq He Lamehdood by Sadaf Shahab (1)
"bohat khoob, laiking agar kuch or koshish ki jaaey or misrey baa wazn hon to kiya hee baat hey, wah wah" -- babar, hyderabad, pakistan.

Para Ti Viviana by Men Walkalone (2)
"Aqui, neste texto, falas tanto tu como Verg�lio Ferreira. O processo narrativo � o processo da mem�ria, da evoca��o. Assim, poder-se-ia dizer que isto � "pl�gio". O importante na constru��o de um texto n�o � s� "o que se diz", mas "como se diz" - ou seja, a forma que as ideias adquirem. Verbalizar sentimentos tais como amor, saudade, n�o � f�cil. Muito menos de forma original. Entendo, portanto, que o V.F seja uma tenta��o irrecus�vel, irresist�vel. O meu conselho, s� pode ser este: procura a tua voz no teu sil�ncio. " -- o Encoberto, Babil�nia.
"A mem�ria � a �nica eternidade a que pudemos aceder! A lembran�a � a evoca��o: a presen�a mmo qdo ausente. � uma forma de amar, uma bela forma de amar; de desejar!" -- Frodo.

Le Myst�re De La Lune by G�rard Ducasse (3)
"iam an iranin student" -- si.
"yh65nynm" -- si.
"ch�vres. � son grand d��sarroi, elle se rendit compte qu'elle n'�tait point amoureuse. Elle continua son chemin, se perdit � nouveau. Plus tard dans la matin�e, elle rencontra sur la route des brigands, qui lui firent des salet�s � vous chavirer le coeur, puis la rejet�rent comme un linge sale dans la poussi�re du chemin. Un �l�gant monsieur passait par l�, mont� dans une cal�che vernie. Il portait des bottes de cuir au beurre frais, des molleti�res assorties, un veston de tweed anglais, et semblait m�priser tout le monde. Il la ramassa, �mu de piti�, et la rapporta chez" -- si.

El Viaje A Ti Debido by Fermin Moreno Gonzalez (1)
"Title is just the same except for the words "El Viaje" of famous Spanish poet Salinas, otherwize passionately good." -- Mafer.

Cantiques De L�Abysse by Fermin Moreno Gonzalez (1)
"Wow! That was kind of dark and devious. I liked it!" -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.

Antes Que Muera El Milenio by Fermin Moreno Gonzalez (2)
"A beautifully writen poem about love, friendship and sadness for one love from the past. I liked the poem because it expresses very deep feelings in a simple, direct and beautiful way at the same time. In other words, un bello poema. " -- Javier Monedero, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland.
"Me parecio muy bien. Sigue adelante." -- Alexei Ogorodov.

Essere Italiane by Nelly B Capra (3)
"Haha...now people have no reason to read it! Essere Italiane Nelly B Capra ESSERE ITALIANE Allora, mi hai sposata perch� sono italiana ma non sai che la mia Italia sulla mappa non c��? che io non sono italiana sono nata in Belgio e sono cittadina americana. Che anche tu sei italiano? Basta sposare un�italiana e vivere sei mesi in Italia, me l�han detto al consolato. Se non sono italiana perch� mi hai sposata? Forse perch� cucino all�italiana. Ma se il baccal� ti risulta estraneo e il mio budino non � �to your liking�? � perch� sono passionale? Le donne italiane (o sono le francesi nel film �l marito della parrucchiera� o le spagnole in �French twist�?) a letto han fama di fare scintille. Eppure mi hai dato della suora e l�altro giorno mi hai detto che piuttosto che chiedermelo ti fai prete. Forse � per il mio accento, sono molto carina quando dico �porca vacca� invece di �golly!� Potrebbe anche essere questione di prestigio. Italiano � in specialmente da quando �Under the Tuscan Sun� ha venduto un milione di copie. Ammiri la mia forza e tenacit�, il mio attaccamento alla famiglia, il mio intelletto brillante tutto made in Italy. Parole tue, le hai scritte su un foglio al laboratorio per comunicazione di coppia interculturale dove abbiamo imparato che le differenze arricchiscono. Anche tua mamma dice che ho arricchito la tua vita .... Ho portato un po� d�aglio, basilico, parmigiano - quello vero - un po� pi� di sale nella tua vita. Ma il sale fa alzare la pressione, il parmigiano ha il 60 percento di grassi (anche il Velveeta se � per quello) Ma il Velveeta non ha sapore, ergo, a parit� di grassi, fa meno male. Fare l�amore di mercoled� non � nel mio stile Non � scandaloso per me amarti dopo una lite. Per essere amata da te il mio record deve essere perfetto: cucinare senza sporcare amare senza sbavare intelligente senza esagerare tenace ma pronta a mollare. Mi ami? ti chiedo un po� s� un po� no mi rispondi. Ogni volta mi spezzi il cuore. Non ce la far� mai, eppure sono italiana - ma non troppo - proprio come vuoi tu. Non abbastanza, prova di nuovo, Nelly, anzi Ornella. Haha...now people have no reason to read it!" -- Haha...now people have no reason to read it-The redunant gnome who likes to repeat himself.
"Brava.I feel better writing in English, I married an Italian from Toscana,now devorsed,God help us both,I liked your piece very much.Diana" -- Diana Venditti.
"Dear Nelly, I was born in Sepino, your mothers home town and my mothers name is also Rosinella, I have lived in Canada since I was ten. When I caught your article of Santa Cristina, I relived every moment of your experience as if it were mine, running through the narrow cobblestone streets smelling the flowers, listening to the music and singing along the way, sharing "the roots from heaven"... as Albano puts it. "Essere Italiane" means being passionate, coming from the heart through our cooking and beyond if only to leave a legacy, to keep the fires burning. " -- Anna Maria Cusano-Bon, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Nem Tudo �. by Men Walkalone (3)
"� preciso despertar-mos para um sentido que transcenda o superf�cial. Dispersar � ca�r no abismo, na angustia. O silencio, a solid�o podem ser um refugio a essas complica��es, aos pormenores, que angustiam e corrompem. O desafio consiste em olhar tudo com inoc�ncia, e assim, como q por magia, uma magia infantil, veremos nas coisas o particular, e n�o o geral. A variedade e n�o a banaliza��o." -- Karmapolice.
"�OS HOMENS S�O UMA PARTE PEQUENA DO MUNDO, e eu n�o compreendo os homens. Sei o que fazem e as raz�es imediatas do que fazem, mas saber isso � saber o que est� � vista, � n�o saber nada. Penso: talvez os homens existam e sejam, e talvez para isso n�o haja qualquer explica��o; talvez os homens sejam peda�os de caos sobre a desordem que encerram, e talvez seja isso que os explique.� - Jos� Lu�s Peixoto" -- Nenhum Olhar.
"N�o s� o que se v�, mas a consci�ncia do que falta!" -- Paranoid Android.

Procuro-Te... by Men Walkalone (2)
"H� aqui, novamente, Pessoa. No sentido do "desconhecimento do eu" - �n�o me encontro�. O texto trespassa alguma revolta. Nomeadamente, na atribui��o da culpa �Culpa?,tua de certeza,� o que, qto a mim, faz soar a falso o �Esque�o-te no decorrer da noite..." Pelo que, teria-mos "Tento-te esquecer no decorrer da noite" ou ainda, "Quero, desejo esquecer-te..." O narrador/autor mostra-se magoado, ferido: �Deixas-me (...) magoado� Todo o poema se resume a isto: "ela deixou-me, fiquei fodido! - a culpa � dela, olha o que me fez!!"" -- Meurseult.
"este poema realmente me toco el corazon ,siento la sencibilidad del poeta " -- roxana, wash, dc.

Suavidade by Men Walkalone (3)
"Ainda ontem falamos sobre isso: o uso das drogas como desejo do vazio, como desejo de "n�o ser" - niilismo. Neste texto, isso aparece: �Bebo, fumo para o esquecimento/entorpecimento da alma�. Algu�m (n me lembro quem), escreveu q existir � o maior dos fardos (cito de cor)! Um fardo t�o grande que desenvolve simult�neamente o desejo de desistir; ou seja, n�o ser, deixar de existir. A droga aparece, dentro desta perspectiva (n�o � mais q isso), como um escape poss�vel. No entanto, dentro do existencialismo, o ser descobre-se com o despojamento ou "esquecimento", entorpecimento. Muito simples, esquecido, est�s "t�bua-rasa" em espectativa, tudo � novo e tem o sabor da novidade e �s tamb�m um estranho para ti mmo!! Mas, � necess�rio duvidar dessas "apari��es", desses estados de lucidez consci�nciosa. Noto alguma influ�ncia do Jorge: "noite vai longa e o dia ergue-se". V�-se Pessoa, � certo, no meu ver - �lvaro de Campos (opi�rio, p.exp)!! " -- Paparuco.
"Neste poema, os versos parecem independentes, cada qual apontando um caminho, direc��o diferente. De tal forma que, confrontando as ideias umas com as outras, parece n�o existir sentido - pelo menos, um sentido linear ou l�gico. As ideias surgem, por vezes, antag�nicas - p.exp "nem tudo se perdeu" e "fico s�" - ficando s�, fica-se sem nada, sozinho, solit�rio. Todavia, vislumbra-se aqui algo semelhante a um relato de uma noite, n�o um relato de fora, mas de dentro de quem a vive. Sente-se confus�o, fome de respostas, desilus�o. O dia � como a esperan�a de luz - esclarecimento. Talvez, ..." -- Almada.

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