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When Trouble Comes Knocking; The Intorduction by Keundrey D Jackson (16)
"I loved it! I believe in u brother & I am happy about da move you are making.Remember u have to go threw something to get threw obsticles in life This book here says it all..Keep it coming & may God bless you on success!! Love u always--------Your Sister,Kanesha Jackson Gilliland" -- kanesha gilliland, dallas, tx, us.
"I knew u could do it baby...I love u n I proud of u...Congrats... I'm happy u are showing everybody that that didn't believe in u...u are going to make it in life n be somebody " -- Tiara Jackson, palestine, tx, usa.
"I read alot, and right off the back the introduction grasped my attention. Can't wait to purchase and recommend to other young parents and teenage boys." -- Elizabeth Lewis, dallas, tx., United States.
"I LOVE IT! Can wait for the Book. " -- Dekiesha Rudd, Houston, Texas.
"This is just the introduction?? Im ready for the whole story already. This really can touch alot of people in different ways, while dealing with trouble and temptation." -- Damion, dallas, tx, us.
"I Think It's A Really Good Book And It's Really Understanding And It Helped Me Look At Things From A Different Prospective " -- Javontale Hunt, Palestine, Tx, United States.
"This Intro Is Amazing... Cant Wait To Cop Tha Book.." -- Shay, Tyler, Texas, USA.
"That's a good look cuzzin, think that will be a good juvenile book. That's deep!!" -- TaQuala Price.
"Words can't explain how proud i am of you cuzzo..." -- Ashley brown, Houston, tx, usa.
"Aye man, that damn story was great. It's different and I liked it. Keep them coming bro" -- Ronald Johnson , Dallas, Texas, USA.
"To my homie who is more like a brother. Keep up the good work. This is just a start. Better days are comin" -- Lil Seven, Dallas, Tx, USA.
"As a creative writer myself, I feel you're off to a great start...I love the concept and where you're going with this....keep up the great work... remember to read, revise, and edit and with your hard work and dedication you will reach great heights.... love u" -- Marie Weaver, Houston, Tx.
"I love dis book cuzin in law keep up the work ��" -- amber brightmon, Dallas, usa, tx.
"I love dis book cuzin in law keep up the work ��" -- amber brightmon, Dallas, usa, tx.
"Very nice and well written, i believe everybody in life makes mistakes. It's important we give each person a fair chance to repent and a better life for themselves. Its good to help encourage others and learned from some one bad mistake and turn it in to something GREAT!" -- Tam D Robertson, Frisco, TX, USA.
"Good story....I wish you all the success in what life have to offer. It would be a good book for the Boys To Men Ministry. Please make sure that you revise,edit and proof read your material. Wishing you the best out of life." -- Brenda Strange , Dallas , TX/USA .

Hole Land by R C Kohl (2)
"Hello, Mr. Kohl! I am a student at Belmont University and aspiring children�s book illustrator. I wondered if I might illustrate a book dummy for Hole Land with your permission. As a child of divorce and the oldest of three children, it really resonated with me. If you�re saving it, I understand. I will use a book from the public domain instead. It is for a class assignment, but I would also like to use it in my portfolio, if that�s okay. Of course, with the proper credit going to you. At the very least, I want you to know that I enjoyed your poem. Thank you very much. � Olivia" -- Olivia, Nashville, United States, TN.
"Hello, Olivia. Thank you for your review. Please contact me via my FB artist page: R. C. Kohl. Thank you." -- R. C., Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

My Daddy Is Different by Tatiana N Thompson (1)
"It has a good message" -- Paulina Leon, mexico, mexico, mexi9.

This Quarter Of Yours by Joseph D Smith (1)
"I like this.." -- Peak, USA.

Millie And Rettie Go To The Cottage ( A Tail Of 2 Rabbits ) by Da Ash (1)
"rocked my world..., an insight into the rabbit world not seen since Darwin cracked the evolutionary nut..., off we go..." -- jack pine savage, Here, ON, Canada.

Best Friends Adventure Club : Grown Up by Spencer A Morin (26)
"I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it! Which is a lor of fun By the way." -- Spencer Morin.
"Do you like it?" -- Spencer Morin.
"I love it. Very insightful for a young girl. Look to read more poems and stories. Good Job. " -- Blanch.
"well thank you very much" -- Spencer Morin.
"Good job Spencer!" -- Jacob B..
"Spencer you are smart and funny i think your story would be a great one!" -- Holly.
"Great job Spencer - you always keep your reader in suspense! Keep on writing!!!" -- Mary Bessey.
"i thought it was very adventerous! i loved it!! i just want to read it again and again. ithink spencer would make a great author someday!" -- sam van hoecke.
"It was pretty cool but a little wierd" -- Grace.
"it was awsome." -- cendall .
"i think its alright" -- AARON MOSHER.
"Freaky BUT good" -- Josh.
"''It was cool and funny but kind of weird.''" -- olivia.
"''you are a good author i think u would make a great children's book author. have fun writing books. " -- olivia.
"My name is Lindsey just like the mom in the story. It5 makes me happy i just hope it ends happy. And that I do not turn old. I love to be younger. Like a teenager or kid. I hope this book gets published some day. As a hard back that is the best kind. Paper back can rip and crumble. This is awesome." -- Lindsey.
"I loved writing this story it is so fun to write. I can write almost any topic. No matter what kind. Sports, Adventure, History, or any other one. I just love to write so much. I am looking for word to writing more storys as long as this. I hope you love to read as much as i love to write so maybe you could be posting a story as long as this. It is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE to have. HAVE SUPER FUN!And don't forget to write one of your own! So you can have as many comments as I do!" -- Spencer Morin.
"It fantastic and so good. Spencer is one of my friends and i think her writing skills are simply awesome. If I someday had to choose between having a writer that has been writing for 100 yrs. or Spencer to come to a writing festival for charity, I would pick Spencer by a long shot." -- Eve.
"It was awesome, I loved reading it. I think her writing is amazing. " -- Kaylee .
"It was amazing i just wish i could comment and comment. I liked reading to it. My name is celseste and it was amazing! totally" -- Celeste.
"I have a new story coming up. It is called Diary of the Lamest kid ever. I am going to give a special Sneek peek of it right now. Then you can comment if I should post it or NOT.It is a funny story abouyt a girl who needs to survive in middle school and defend her self from Tiffany, The most popular girl in school. I will tell you the firwst unlucky thing that happened to her: I was sitting in the corner before English class started and her teacher walked up to her. She was wearing a all gray outfit including an all gray hat. So the teacher stepped on her foot. It made her twitch. Then her hat fell off. The teacher poured his smoothie in her black hair. Then the class caught on and started throwing trash on me. Like left over lunch, papers, a Science experiment,AND SOME SUPER WEIRD KID DUMPED GUACAMOLE ON MY HEAD! Who eats guacamole? A lot of people. But at school? WHY? ! Then at home my 16 year old sister Veronica said ... Want more? Check on my file in a couple weeks to see if it has been posted. Hope you'll like it!" -- Spencer Morin.
"By the way THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO ME. I don't even HAVE an older sister! :p" -- Spencer A Morin.
"Spencer I love it." -- alyssa.
"Thank you Alyssa. That is very nice" -- Spencer Morin.
"i love it spaens" -- lindsey, kansas, kansas, united states.
"lulu you really dont have to put wher u live. but u cn cuz u didnt put last name or town " -- Spencer A Morin.
"i love it. it is awsome go on chat room spens. so i can chat with u." -- LOU.

Birthdays by Spencer A Morin (2)
"I will pick the MOST creative winner and schedule A time for them to get a special STORY ABOUT THEM!" -- Spencer Morin.
"i love this one is my favorate one so far i can read it every day if i could." -- LOU.

The Happy Day For Daisy by Spencer A Morin (3)
"Well let me see it was ok by how come you made them flowers instede of pps jk lolz that was good by the pps mean peoples.:-]" -- grace , wellsville, Kansas, USA.
"The story is a real bliss ... It's as beautiful as your heart ! Thank you for sharing with us ! May all your days be the happiest day!" -- Ailis.

The Big Green Tractor by Grace E Newhouse (3)
"its cool lolz :-]" -- krysten.
"He on his birthday he gets that big green tractor, nice short story." -- Jeanette.

Im Abc,123 by Elvis D Goins (1)
"I'm another author on here, a childrens book author but this is a nice poem just it's this much [ ] confusing since you mix the numbers and letters. It could be: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Now lets go to 12345678910 now where all done that was fun." -- Spencer A Morin.

The Story Of A Wandering Dog (Part 1) by Alice Chen (1)
"Why, the story is OK... but the fluency, punctuation, etc., leaves much to be desired. You must proofread something for grammar before you post it. Spacing and capitatisation don't seem to be important but, since this is for children, you don't want to teach them that they may be sloppy when writing. That will only lower their exam grades :). Look at my story, for example. It uses unreliable narratives, but the grammar is still correct!" -- Abracadabra, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong.

Roxy The Mambo Monkey by Patrick Fell (1)
"haha I like that. This is a nice and fun poem. I especially like the way it is put together." -- emory , georgia, usa.

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