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This Site Is Now A Microcosim
Tomorrow is my birthday and it will be twenty years since I first posted on this site. (Yes I am chronologically now and old man to most of you) However, I have some closing comments to make. Young Mr. Gill is right about one thing. This site is no longer what it once was. It has become a microcosim of our nation where the inmates now run the asylum, the blind lead those with sight, and PHD's possess everything except common sense. A majority of anything is bad and all minorities, sub-cultures, and diverse groups are good.

This site has been overtaken with the juvenile rants of selfish, spoiled, little people who want to write about their addictions, their lost loves, but mostly about themselves. It is rare to find something posted that is constructed in the tradition of the great writers and poets. These young writers have all but abandoned respect for the English language, grammar and punctuation. They create nothing from their imagination, choosing to copycat most everything they write. Most of them can't write and will probably never learn how because they don't read anything worth emulating. Yes, MMG, most of them are pathetic wannabees. This is the reason I will probably never again post anything on this site. There's noone left. Not even a choir to whom I can preach.
September 9, 2010
""Read a few of your other poems as well. A lot of things to like however, you seem obsessed with depression. For what it's worth, I had a friend who used to read poetry written by a very bitter, depressed female. He urged her to become more positive, to believe in herself and her talent. Finally, he insisted they meet and they did. He described her as short, unattractive, overweight, and with a bad complexion. He no longer reads her poetry. " -- Richard. This is but one of the reviews you posted regarding what I have shared on this site�but since you are more ancient than I, you must remember, Monte, erocco,DDonely,Judith, and so many others that chanced themselves to reviews here. I agree that things are not as they once were�but being a bit ancient myself; I still look and seek out the promising�offering praise and tend to ignore the MMG�s that flood this site, in hopes that the others may find encouragement in sharing what they write�hmmm�am I wrong? Back in my day it was Monte that fetched for me the most honest and acknowledged reviews. It would be sad for me to see you go�for what that is worth. " -- Mattie. (2010-9-16)
"I am deeply sorry to hear that you are leaving us for good. I just wanted to thank you for all the positive, encouraging, and frankly, heartwarming feedback you have given to everyone. You crap will surely be missed by everyone." -- Emory Griffin, USA. (2010-9-17)
"I find this action just a bit hypocritical, to quote a post here: "Who am I, you ask? I have been contributing to this site for more than a decade. I never read the piece your pulled so I can't give an opinion on that work or Lester's review. But the fact that you pulled the poem or whatever it was, is evidence to me, that you are among those who want only favorable reviews of your work and will accept nothing else. I have posted a lot of stories and poems over the years and have taken some brutal criticism mostly along ideological lines. I never pulled anything from this site despite some very hateful things posted. Instead, I posted a series of rebuttals to my critics until I felt there was no point in continuing the discussion any further. If a writer posts a poem or a short story, he or she is entitled to an honest review of the work from a writer's perspective as to technical structure, originality, creativeness etc. When a poem or story or essay is posted that emphasizes a moral issue or is ideologically driven, then the writer can also expect criticism from those who disagree with the moral or ideological premise of the work. Take a look at my poem, "Empty closets" and take note of those reviews. " -- Richard. (2008-1-21) Hmm, so who ducks and runs now?" -- needful. (2010-9-30)
"I'm not ducking or running from anything. I just can't find anything to read that even motivates me enough to be critical. To those of you who think I was never positive and only critical, (like Griffin) imagine if you had submitted your work to a publisher. They wouldn't read past the first word and your manuscript or poem or song lyric would undoubtedly end up in the waste paper basket. At least from me you've received some type of recognition of your work. I suppose this site has been a kind of haven for all of us who think we can write, (including myself). Who else would read our work? Most people crave attention, good or bad, they just hate to be ignored. " -- RICHARD. (2010-10-15)
"I've heard about the problems writers have had in finding qualified (knowledgable in the area of story craft) readers for their work, here at Storymania. I've been going through a lot of files that were given to me from my former professor's estate. These files are all from Storymania's so-called Golden Age, which perhaps some of you may remember. My professor performed countless in-depth reviews, sometimes receiving harsh treatment for his helpful critiques, but he did so in the hopes it would help both new and veteran writers improve their craft. He simply went by the name "The Advisor" although he wasn't in anyway officially connected with the site, but wished to remain an anonymous benefactor, and saw that Storymania lacked such an advisor and filled the position. He helped many, including myself. He persuaded me to enroll in college in his writing classes where I studied creative writing and editing, and have gone on to be successful in this field." -- Nellie Wigal. (2010-10-15)
"yeah i remember the adviosr. it was years ago i started posting my peotry and asking lots of questions here on the message board and asking for reviews that never came. the advisor told me to work on my grammer and spelling and said he dind't read/critic peotry but was really nice to me and feilded just about every question that came to the board. whatever happened to him?" -- m.t. hart, hartford, conn.. (2010-10-16)
"Well, he was a fixture around here until he got sick and couldn't keep it up. He passed away about two years ago. His immediate family was killed in a hotel bombing twenty years ago, and he didn't have any surviving relatives, so when he died he willed most of his property to charity, but willed to me all of his notes, because we had had a strong mentor/student bond and I had gone on to do similar work." -- Nellie Wigal. (2010-10-16)
"See ya Richard. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out." -- Obama Supporter. (2010-10-23)
"To the Obama supporter: Not much discussion about politics on this site. I guess most of you kids don't care or just don't understand what's going on. I won't live to see it, but the pendulum of ideology will once again, swing to the right. This man called Obama is a complete fraud, an avowed marxist, a confirmed liar, and clearly anti-American. He is totally clueless about what this once great country is all about. To many brainwashed young people, he is comparable to a Rock star. His Achilles heel will ultimately be his arrogance and inability to hide his total contempt for American traditional values. His climb to stardom has already begun a reversal process and someday he may end up like Benito Mussolini; dragged through the streets by the very people who helped elect him. People who think this could never happen have not studied history. " -- RICHARD. (2010-10-26)
"AMEN says me and so many others.Thank you Richard!!We live in this world of freedoms and yet we do not know what to do with them. Obamas dream will sink us all." -- needful. (2010-10-27)

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