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I Was Taught A Different Tale
The War for Southern Independence of 1861 was fought over �taxation without representation�. The North was constantly trying to raise taxes on Southerners through high tariffs on imported goods in order to protect the apparently inefficient big businesses in the North. These Northern businesses could not compete with manufactured goods from England and France with whom the South traded. The South did not have factories and had to import most finished products.
When Lincoln was elected 16th President on November 6, 1860, he and the U.S. Congress immediately passed the Morrill Tariff. Some historians such as Beard and Beard (1928) argued there was a divergence in economic interests between an industrializing Northeast and a plantation South before the American Civil War., more than doubling the import tax rate from 20% to 47%, this is the highest import tax in history. This tax served to bankrupt many Southerners. Though the Southern states represented only about 30% of the population, they paid 80% of the tariffs collected. Oppressive taxes, denial of the states� rights to govern themselves, and an unrepresentative federal government pushed the Southern states to legally withdraw from the Union.
Since the Southerners had escaped the tax by withdrawing from the Union, the only way the North could collect this oppressive tax was to invade the Confederate States and force them at gunpoint back into the Union.
It was to collect this import tax to satisfy his Northern industrial supporters that Abraham Lincoln ordered the invasion on the South. Slavery was not the issue. Lincoln�s war cost the lives of 6000,000 Americans. The republic of free sovereign states as envisioned by our founders was destroyed by the victory of the North. The Southern states were forced back into the Union at gunpoint.
The War for Southern Independence was not fought over slavery or racism, nor does that signify the meaning of the Confederate Flag, ignorance does indeed breed hate.
February 21, 2008
"i'm afraid you're fighting a losing battle with this one mattie. if you try to claim the 'war of northern agression' was about anything but slavery you get branded a bigot by someone and like little lemmings others fall into a chorus line. sad isn't it? but that's the state of politics and educations these days." -- curious. (2008-2-26)
"I certainly don't disagree with your analysis, which is supported by some historians. However, unless you made a typo error, the correct number of deaths (according to a web-site entitled, civil war casualties)(both sides combined) was between 612,000 and 700,000 men, not 6,000,000 Americans as you indicate. Maybe just too many zeros. " -- Richard. (2008-2-27)
"I suppose it was Lincoln's War as much as Iraq is Bush's war?" -- GW, WDC, USA. (2008-3-3)

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