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I Need A Muse!
I need some ideas to write a book. I have inspiration a plenty but I can only come up with disjointed chapters and the beginnings of books I'm looking for an idea or help or inspiration! all donations welcome!
October 30, 2007
"is the pay for this position calculated hourly or is there a set salary. i have no idea what a person should charge for being a muse or if the more one pays the better job they should expect or even what the criteria for it may be. damn, life is tough huh????" -- curious. (2007-11-6)
"is the pay for this position calculated hourly or is there a set salary? i have no idea what a person should charge for being a muse or if the more one pays the better job they should expect or even what the criteria for it may be. damn, life is tough huh????" -- curious. (2007-11-6)
"I will give you one shiny English penny for your troubles - and my eternal gratitude" -- Briony. (2007-11-6)
"so, let me get this straight. i should give up a successful career as a gigolo for a penny. It would seem to me that in order to attract a fully qualified muse you'd have to do better but then i don't really know the pay structure over there. i guess i'd best do some research. hate to find out i was selling myself short. i don't know why comments here sometime come up more than once. " -- curious. (2007-11-6)
"Maybe if " -- briony. (2007-11-7)
"I'll wipe the dribble and start again - maybe if I make is 2 shiny pennies - honestly the exchange rate is 2 shiny pennies = $75,000,000!" -- briony. (2007-11-7)
"To start with, try capitalizing the pronoun "I" Laziness is not a positive trait for a writer. It's really not that difficult you know. Even if you don't have much worthwhile to write about, at least you can give the appearance that you know what you're trying to accomplish. " -- Lester. (2008-1-14)
"who the fuck is this lester character anyway, the damn grammer police. i or I still mean the same, some of us just aren't as gifted at being able to hit the shift bar or don't really give a fuck. sorry briony for the language but this guy has more negative stuff to say to lots of ppl and i just wanted to get this off my chest. humble apologies but not for the lack of capital letters. he's probably one of your brit cousins:)" -- curious. (2008-1-15)
"i dOn't caRE about yOur capitaliSachun or spelling. a rOSe by any oTher name and all that! i am a PUbLiSher and my team and i SPEND oUr days correcTING grammar, punCtuAtion etc. theY PRoViDE the inspiRation and i pROvide the perSpirATion. wriTers are good wrIters from the soul not the keyboard" -- Briony. (2008-1-20)
"Apology excepted... Maybe Lester got down sized... And came here for an editing job because he has nowhere to go... Therefore we should feel sorry for Lester and not use derogatory words... Like the four letter ones... We hope he fines a job soon... I am sure he can see I have a style writing of my own... And I welcome his reviews... But it does not mean I will change my style... So curious use i or I; i,I do not give a _____ Ok!!! I will say it DAM... We all know what you said... Seems everyone was just being funny here until Lester came along...... BrokenWordsPoet......... " -- James W. McRight Jr., Ruffin, SC, USA. (2009-6-10)

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