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Lester - A One Trick Pony
lester, you're really becoming a bore with your nasty remarks to the girls. would be so nice if this were real so i could teach you some manners, though you probably got beat up a lot as a kid and from your comments you seem like you'd probably enjoy a kick in the ass. why are you so nasty to people, they're not hurting you, they post what the feel, sometimes it's romantic, sometimes meaningless except to them. what's the bother. you don't leave reviews, you leave poison, venom which probably is your attempt to be a macho guy when you're nothing but a punk. damn, can't believe i'm stooping to this but it does make me feel better getting it off my chest. the end, or perhaps it the beginning, i guess we'll see!!! btw i'm referring to things he wrote regarding needful postings and most recently km's poem 'you'restillhere'. and lester, i really don't need pointers, get by just fine on my own.
February 1, 2008
"not certain why this showed up so many times, maybe admin thought it was great, take that lester." -- curious. (2008-2-1)
"not certain why this showed up so many times, maybe admin thought it was great, take that lester." -- curious. (2008-2-1)
"Alas, a knight in shinig armour. Thank you curious." -- needful. (2008-2-3)
"I second that Needful and Curious. Lester - this should be a place to get advice not abuse...constructive criticism!!! Curious - you are indeed a knight" -- Briony. (2008-2-4)
"stud" -- km. (2008-2-5)
"Curious, You've sure got a lot of balls when you can hide behind your keyboard. When I said you might get some pointers, I meant pointers on how to become more feminine. Talk about punks. I can't imagine you becoming more girlish than you are now. All you're little female friends - Needful, Briony, Kim - think you're coming to their rescue. Gimme a break, you wanna-be Truman Capote. I've yet to see you write something even worth commenting on. " -- Lester. (2008-2-5)
"i'll let your words speak for themselves especially since i don't have the girls here to save me. go away please." -- curious. (2008-2-6)
"Lester - I can stand up for myself - this is a site for giving feedback to aspiring writers not dissing them. If you don't like a piece - fair enough - refrain from comment or write why you didn't like it to improve the work. You do go down he route of personal insults which is unacceptable - especially as for all you know we're all under assumed names and personalities and could all be 8ft men on death row! please stick to 'criticism' not abuse!" -- Briony. (2008-2-6)
"Wow. " -- R. Bennett Okerstrom. (2008-2-6)
"WOW indeed but i think i've figured out just who lester is. my guess is it's cedric mclester. he posts lots and seems to be a pretty good writer as far as i can tell but if it is him, he's a big fucking coward for not using his name, just sitting back and slinging his nasty words. in any event i've had enough of this, probably should have never said anything but then that's just me. damn, has this made me more girlish? i'm really so concerned about whatever his name thinks. come on lester, fess up, you're really mclester aren't you? And you can�t get me and beat me up cause I�m hiding behind my keyboard. So there, HAHA!!!!" -- curiious. (2008-2-6)
"Lester the � � molester�sucks to delve into the dark things one creates�you are what I have sought to escape...and curious...what one seeks but never finds " -- needful. (2008-2-7)
"Yes Needful, it's true I'm not impressed by the "dark" things you and your friends attempt to create because most of these attempts are copycat, juvenile offerings at best. That's not being mean spirited,it's merely being honest. As evidence of my appraisal, note the few hits, with the exception of Briony, on the collective writings of most of you. As for your take on Curious, be careful what you seek. You may find it. I apologize to those of you I've offended by my comments and I know you expect me to say "don't take it personally." But you should. " -- Lester. (2008-2-8)
"its KM, not KIM. And I'm not juvenile, I'm angsty. There is a big difference. SOOOOOOooo, are you Cedric McLester? Why not come out with it? Or are you just going to hide behind "Lester"?" -- km. (2008-2-8)
"Well, as someone who has posted here for a bit, of course under my real name, I am definitely well into the "top hits". This name I created to write erotic poems, which are not so well received by all viewers. But, I fail to see a single entry from you. I like many writers here can accept honest criticism for one�s work, but you do NOT critique, you �bash�. I am done with your juvenile play; games are for players, of which I am not. I am well educated and well versed, which you have shown that you are neither. Instead, I chose to ignore you, in some feeble assumption that you, may actually go away. " -- needful. (2008-2-9)

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