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Life With Lester
Couldn't help notice the feud going on between several of you and your critic from hell, namely, Lester. I know a published author who claims to be a former colleague of Lester. He knows Lester has been haunting this site for awhile. According to my source, whom I promised not to reveal, Lester once was an accomplished author, having had numerous articles and writings puclished in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Readers Digest and others magazines. Obviously, Lester is not his real name. Apparently, he was also a major contributor to a Canadian site called the "Inditer" which is now defunct. It seems Lester would not lower himself to post anything on Storymania. He calls it a "playground for juvenile illiterates." Being up there in years, I suspect Lester is jealous of youth in general. I know he has been abrasive, caustic, vitriolic -take your pick, when commenting on your work. Ironically, he has been relatively kind to me, maybe because he thinks I'm older too, which is correct. Like my friend said to me, "He's (Lester) probably jealous of their youth but certainly not of their talent." I know for certain that he is not Cedric McClester. ( He hates him too)
Richard Koss
February 11, 2008
"Rather than argue, people should simply delete his comments from their work if they don't like what he says. I'm too old to argue, but then again, he hasn't trashed me yet." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom. (2008-2-11)
"thanks for the information but i've decided to just ignore him, life's way too short for the aggrevation. " -- curious. (2008-2-12)
"Such controversy, I assume it is what it is worth to each of us as individuals. Personally for me, this site is a place to write what one wishes to put upon paper. But even here one might have the fear of retribution, but still, we write�.why? Because we can. The words we write, the fears, the dreams, the passion, the hopes, we express all those things, though they may not all be well received, but still we write,why? Because we can." -- mattie. (2008-2-21)
"So Mattie's revelation as to why we write is kind of like the man who was asked why he climbed a particular mountain. He said, "because it's there." I don't agree that we should put upon paper whatever we wish, without having some parameters to guide us. A serious writer has a responsibility to him(her)self and others to respect the art of writing, even if he or she is only a novice. Can you imagine the trash you'd find here if everyone just jotted down there idle, thoughtless offerings without any care about criticism or judgment? Unfortunately, many already do this. " -- Richard. (2008-2-27)
"Richard, I disagree, in my opinion one should put on paper anything he wishes. True, if we want to be taken seriously there are indeed certain parameters and guidelines. Of which grammar and spelling are a must. As individuals I believe we are entitled to express ourselves any way we choose. As far as responsibility to others I feel that as a novice writer it is purely self expression, to be identified with or not by the reader. My opinion and nothing more�and you know what they say about those, ��everyone has one�." -- mattie. (2008-3-6)
"I appreciate your well written response to my comments. However, I still don't agree with your premise of entitlement. our constitution grants Individuals freedom of speech and expression. If someone wants to blog on an internet site where vulgar, blasphemous, obscene expletives are the norm, they will find the company they seek. Posting such trash on a site where readers expect to find better is not about art or creativeness or self expression. It's about ignorance, selfishness and arrogance masquerading as self expression. " -- Richard. (2008-3-24)
"By the way, I am of the opinion that not all opinions are equal." -- Richard. (2008-3-25)
"I assume that one could always simply agree to disagree. And as for opinions, I stated that everyone had one, I agree they are not always equal." -- mattie. (2008-3-25)
"This is primarily for Mattie. I don't like the word "entitled" used in context with "freedom of expression" because like "entitlement," it implies something much more than the right to express oneself. The right to express yourself has no caviates associated with it. It does not protect the product of your self-expression from criticism, disrespect, ridicule or being totally ignored. Most writers would rather have their work ridiculed by the most mean-spirited critics than have their efforts ignored completely. In other words, you can say or write just about anything but you can't make anyone listen to you or read what youv'e written. By the way, it's customary to capitalize the first letter of one's name. Perhaps that's just one of your prerogatives exercised under your right of free expression. " -- Ward Baxter. (2008-11-3)
"By the way Ward, CAVEATS is the correct spelling but it shows that even you are human. " -- Richard. (2008-11-3)
"Touche' Richard. " -- Ward. (2008-11-3)
"This is primarily for Ward, entitlement is what many of us seek, but rarely know. Mattie " -- mattie. (2008-11-26)
"Perhaps it's just a matter of semantics but "entitlement" to me implies getting something for nothing. I prefer to work for whatever I get. That applies to writing as well. " -- Richard. (2008-12-26)
"This is for mattie. An entitlement is a benefit granted by edict, law, etc. No such benefits exist in an open, free enterprise system. We have the right TO THE PURSUIT of happiness, success, etc. and freedom of expression. If we don't pursue,we don't reap anything. We must work for what we hope to attain. In writing, work is not just jotting down our idle thoughts. Work is educating ourselves and improving our fundamental writing skills of grammar, punctuation, et., which help make us better writers. Work is research, and self-discipline and most importantly, the willingness to accept criticism and rejection. In other words, if you just want to fuck around, don't waste the time of people who really want to write and read good writing. Find some silly ass blog site where you'll have plenty of company. " -- Son of Lester. (2009-11-2)

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