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Tell Me What To Do To Impress You by Cedrc McClester - [222 words]
Nonsense We Believe by Annacat Our political intransigence is in part our own ignorance of the obvious. [348 words]
Your Stealing From Me by Matthew Mark Gill Theft of Management [121 words]
Your Day Is Gonna Come by Cedrc McClester Your Day Is Gonna Come was inspired by the collective works of British singer Adele. It... [188 words]
Whitney by Cedrc McClester Whitney was inspired by the life and death of singer Whitney Houston. It was written in the voice of h... [242 words]
When I Was Little by Matthew Mark Gill A Cool Dream [149 words]
Varoom Varoom by Matthew Mark Gill Engine Time.. [125 words]
Vanilla Windpipe (Warning Ex Nc 21) by Matthew Mark Gill G Style.. [182 words]
Under Your Thumb by Caitlin N Brandt this song is about someone that doesn't like me and has turned everyone i love against me [233 words]
The Yo Yo by Matthew Mark Gill Remember Never Give Up.. [162 words]
The Opened Coffin by Matthew Mark Gill Remember Gay private eyes and spies one day God's gonna ask ya why ya wouldn't leave me alone... [167 words]
The Old Man Down By The River by Matthew Mark Gill Knowledge.. [199 words]
The Memories Always Seem To Stay by Cedrc McClester - [403 words]
Tears Evaporate by Cedrc McClester Tears Evaporate was written in the voice of British singer Adele. The music put to these words... [298 words]
Take It Away by Matthew Mark Gill Feeling of being sick.. (dont think a sick songs ever been created in history ha) [141 words]
Some Days Are Better Than Some Others by Cedrc McClester Some Days Are Better Than Some Others should have an Adele like feel. [339 words]
So He DoníT Care About The Poor by Cedrc McClester So He Don't Care About The Poor was either inspired by an errant comment of Rep... [235 words]
Sad Girl No More by Matthew Mark Gill We Won! :) [127 words]
Roller Coaster Boy by Matthew Mark Gill Can He Come Back? I don't Know.. [154 words]
Rest In Peace(R.I.P) by Ezen this song is dedicated to all the lonely morons who are left to die [142 words]
Ready by Matthew Mark Gill To Shine.. [175 words]
Raymond by Annacat ...learning things that cannot be taught [204 words]
Psyberdelix - Hippy New Year by Psyberdelic Phi alternative song lyrics [40 words]
Peak Don't Play by Matthew Mark Gill Have a Nice Day.. ty storymania :) [126 words]
Opened Wide by Cedrc McClester Open Wide is another in the series of songs inspired by British singer Adele and written in her voi... [357 words]
No Words Of Consulation by Cedrc McClester - [207 words]
My Love Never Changes by Ezen - [121 words]
Mad by Gordon Msginamarie - [175 words]
Love Game by Jonathan McDowell - [285 words]
Lonely Song by Annacat The sound of heartbreak. [240 words]
Like So Dead by Matthew Mark Gill Dead... [145 words]
Lets Score by Matthew Mark Gill dedicated to Rob and Son @CBS TY for support.. [143 words]
Knock Them Out by Matthew Mark Gill Been sick sorry kids.. enjoy [135 words]
It's All Good by Matthew Mark Gill Everything is A Ok [144 words]
Ice Cream by Matthew Mark Gill Yummy.. [111 words]
I Wanna Make Love To You by Cedrc McClester - [182 words]
I Surrender (I Don't Wanna Fight) by Cedrc McClester - [201 words]
I Never Wanted Us To End by Cedrc McClester I Never Wanted Us To End was written with British singer Adele in mind. [339 words]
I Just Want To Know by Gemmol Lewis Girl wanting to know, if the person she like feels the same way [431 words]
Hey You- Gina Marie Gordon Wayne Edwardsdavid Barreto by Ms Gina Marie Gordon Last year on January 23rd 2011, Ms Gordon's mother " Eli... [240 words]
Hey Em by Matthew Mark Gill Rocking... [121 words]
Here Alone by R Bennett Okerstrom Sometimes you never see it coming [104 words]
Forever Starts Tonight by Annacat Duet love song [242 words]
Fleeting by Fika J Have you ever felt the pain of being betrayed by someone you treasure/love, and forcing yourself to le... [333 words]
Fire Burned by Annacat The competitive fire of capitalistic success has unintended consequences when parenting takes a bac... [272 words]
Dream Again Kid by Matthew Mark Gill Try Again Punk.. [195 words]
DoníT Look For Help From The Fda by Cedrc McClester - [201 words]
Casual Embrace by Annacat Life notes for my daughter [205 words]
Bye Bye Trains by Matthew Mark Gill Choo Choo No More.. [125 words]
Be The Best by Matthew Mark Gill Whats ya Name Again? I didn't even need money wow real talent.. [157 words]
Am I Crazy by Matthew Mark Gill I Just Don't Know.. [138 words]
A Solid Structure by Matthew Mark Gill I failed English? huh? Man was he wrong. ha [132 words]
A Brighter Start by Matthew Mark Gill Nope Josh and Joe not outta ideas :) jealous much ha..and Robert and jeremy.. na na [117 words]
The Grand Design by Cedrc McClester The Grand Design was inspired by a PBS documentary on the great Indian leader Geronimo. [276 words]
You Lose by Matthew Mark Gill Rocking [164 words]
You Cannot Impress Me by Cedrc McClester - [205 words]
Who's Our Leader by Matthew Mark Gill The world Leader Is? [130 words]
Who Wants That? by Cassia Morgan It's all about never giving up hope on a crush! It's supposed to be a ballad sorta thing but it... [122 words]
What Am I Supposed To Do? by Cedrc McClester - [168 words]
We're The Ones Responsible by Cedrc McClester - [210 words]
We're Like Champions by Matthew Mark Gill Im Sorry Come on Back.. I screwed up im human. [111 words]
We Like The Globe Trotters by Matthew Mark Gill Talented Ballers Did I earn my contract yet? Ha [136 words]
Violence Is No Answer by Matthew Mark Gill Touch my acct again dave and robert ya will be arrested [127 words]
Vendor Of Stardom by Matthew Mark Gill Sell some more until ya hit ya dream.. [145 words]
Unholy Alliance by Cedrc McClester Unholy Alliance was inspired by events in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East. State sponsor... [249 words]
Too Bad My Friend by Cedrc McClester Too Bad My Friend was inspired by the Elton John Madonna feud and was written in Madonna's vo... [165 words]
They Don't Believe In Religion by Cedrc McClester - [210 words]
The Tide's A Coming by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to ya Career..Good Luck.. [143 words]
The Right To Life by Cedrc McClester The Right To Life was inspired by the movement's insistence on the right to life, while doing... [196 words]
The Ride by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to Everyone We Having Fun yet? [164 words]
Surprised Princess by Matthew Mark Gill We having fun yet Josh? [132 words]
Stay In Your Own Damn Yard! by Matthew Mark Gill Can Ya Tell I don't You.. Never Will [155 words]
Stand Up For The Children by Cedrc McClester - [198 words]
Something Inside by Matthew Mark Gill Awl So Close.. [142 words]
Snap Snap Click Click by Matthew Mark Gill picture worth thousand words [159 words]
See The Truth. by Bethany J Hargrove A song to reach out to others. Country style. Hope ya all like it. It's from the heart. [190 words]
Rickey Want A Dream by Matthew Mark Gill Ya Famous Now Ya Welcome.. Bye Bye Now.. [187 words]
Reputation by Cedrc McClester Reputation was inspired by the exploits of Karrine Stephens better known as Superhead. [219 words]
Real Models by Matthew Mark Gill Don't smile we want evil and mean.. Good Luck.. [150 words]
Questions Unanswered by Peyton Katz This song was written by my best friend, Hannah Maselli. It is about a young girl who is b... [143 words]
Playground Symphony by Annacat - [219 words]
Picking Them Off Like Dynamite Sticks by Matthew Mark Gill Boom Goes The Dynamite! [120 words]
Nothing But Lies by Matthew Mark Gill Nice Try.. Still Having Fun.. eh.. [152 words]
No One Left by Sarah Desmedt - [236 words]
My Old Friend by Chloe Davis Lovesong about 2 who were once together and now they are old friends [362 words]
Mitt by Cedrc McClester Mitt was inspired by the Republican Presidential nominee. [210 words]
Makiní Money Off Of Debt by Cedrc McClester - [189 words]
Light Em Up by Matthew Mark Gill Enjoy The Show.. Stay in School.. Kids.. [99 words]
Just A Stuntman by Matthew Mark Gill Show me ya Cape.. Pepsi go down the hole (plucky duck) where are ya wussy lawyers? [184 words]
Its Over It's Been Over by Matthew Mark Gill IM NOT YOUR FRIEND! STOP! I NEVER WILL BE BOY.. Stop or the Law will Stop YOU..!! [158 words]
ItíS Just Human Nature by Cedrc McClester - [240 words]
It's Just Fame by Matthew Mark Gill We're only people Im Baccccccccccck.. [173 words]
Im On The Top by Matthew Mark Gill Thanks for Support :) Kodak Moment.. [142 words]
If I Were To Beg You by Cedrc McClester Should be an Ojays kind of ballad. [222 words]
I Had by Bethany J Hargrove Not sure how to describe it. Just had that thought before going to bed wrote it down, and the song came t... [84 words]
I Found Her First by Matthew Mark Gill In For all the Chips.. Enjoy [185 words]
I Came To My Senses by Cedrc McClester - [128 words]
How You Gonna Change (All The Things You Hate?) by Cedrc McClester - [205 words]
Game Over by Matthew Mark Gill I Won I can outwrite ya in my sleep.. Easily.. It's called Talent.. with a T [155 words]
Feininí For Your Love by Cedrc McClester - [214 words]
Enjoy Hell by Matthew Mark Gill Im Still Alive and Winning. FK U Timmy.. Burn in hell.. Ya call yourself a lawyer ha epic.. [156 words]
Clowns Of Wussies by Matthew Mark Gill Corporate Clowns See I Told You I Would. Listen Next Time. Da [138 words]
Bring Your Loviní Here by Cedrc McClester - [185 words]
Angels Fly by Bethany J Hargrove A Christmas song though not my best. [98 words]

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Prose poem
[150 words]
[February 2012]

†† † † † † † † † February

I lift so many nights on the road out of my head

The lights were angry and the † †strangers were full of dread

But if you can keep yourself up long enough to avoid feeling dead

You won't need a match to keep you † out of bed

I'm better than nothing but not same at all

It can be hard standing when you aren't very tall

There are sorrows in the night and boredom in the day

I'd walk a century just to find a better place to lay

If you go out looking for truth in the nothing everyone has said

You won't need a match to keep you out of bed

Death's arrow is just a few days short of scorn and full of sorrow

I can't promise to be honest but you won't find me here tomorrow

So if you step out for air be careful where you tread

You won't need a match to keep you out of bed


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February 2012

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