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The Street Kids
The Street Kids-Tyler by Stephanie Lynch Just a story about how life seems to have a will of its own [929 words]
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Killing Time Chapter 2 by Kyle J Douglas Adventure-comedy story about two guys who accidentally kill Time himself and must restor... [719 words]
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The Street Kids
Just a story about how life seems to have a will of its own.
[929 words]
Stephanie Lynch
[November 2006]
The Street Kids-Tyler (Short Stories) Just a story about how life seems to have a will of its own [929 words] [Adventure]
The Street Kids
Stephanie Lynch

The Street Kids

My name is Tyler, I am fifteen and I am homeless. Now I lay on a bus stop bench staring up at the starry night sky. I have been homeless since, well five hours ago. It all started when my life started. My dad left when I was born and my mum, well she has.. Uh.. Problems. My social life is bad as well. At school the other kids tease me. Because im different. Unlike them I have no money. I’m poor. So anyway today at 3:00pm I ran away. (School ends at 3pm). I have nothing so I did not need to pack anything. I kept the little lunch money I had, and caught a bus, to nowhere. So here I am, nowhere, lying on a bus stop bench. I hear footsteps, they are light and soft. Suddenly a girl appears out of the darkness. She has a cute smile, dirty blonde hair and the brightest bluest eyes I have ever seen. She looks about thirteen or fourteen. Then she speaks, her voice soft and sweet, how I imagined and angel to sound like. She says “Don’t worry things could be worse.” I nearly fell off the bench in shock. Worse! What could be worse than this? I am cold, hungry, tired and lonely. And I am starting to regret running away. Then the girl sighed, “My names Ashleigh”. I smiled. Wow Ashleigh such a lovely name. “I’m Tyler” I managed to say without making a total fool of myself. “Cute” She replied. I couldn’t believe it; she thought my name was cute! My name! I finally got the courage to ask Ashleigh about herself, the silence had been killing me. I whispered so softly I could barely hear myself “So..Uh.. What you doing here?” ok so I know it sounds stupid but I seriously couldn’t think of anything else to say. Ashleigh looked at me sadly; a single tear fell from her face. “I have been wandering the streets since I was eight, which was six years ago”, “Oh” I gasped. Six years of living on the streets. No home. No friends. And I thought my life was bad. “What are you doing here? Your obviously not gonna catch a bus.” She asked. I murmured ashamed of myself, “Well I ran away from home, my life is or was hard” Ashleigh kept silent with respect. It began to rain; I shuddered as it dripped down the back of my neck, it was so cold like ice. Ashleigh smiled in pity. She is always smiling its kinda cute. I think I might be in love! “I know a dry place. Wanna come?” teased Ashleigh even though im pretty sure she knew the answer. YES! So I followed Ashleigh into the night, we walked past shops, through a park and various other places, finally we reached a school. What on earth were we doing here this was my school! Ashleigh frowned, “What’s wrong?” I stuttered “T-this is my school.”, “and?” questioned Ashleigh she didn’t seem the least bit worried. “You’re a street kid now. Right? don’t question what you get just accept and be grateful.” I couldn’t argue so I nodded slowly. Ashleigh walked through the front gates without a care in the world, and led me to the art room with a big veranda. “Make yourself comfortable giggled Ashleigh, “Ok, thanks a lot Ashleigh”, “call me Ash” she spoke firmly. So alike a teacher it was scary. I settled against a wall. It was going to be a long night. The next morning it was Wednesday. Ahhhhhh! School day! Kids at school! Where I am! I hadn’t slept a wink last night. I Glanced at Ash, she was still deep asleep. I wondered how much longer it would be till people started arriving. I didn’t want to be here to find out. I got up stiffly and walked over to Ash, I shook her shoulder gently. Her eyes snapped open. I guess it come with being a street kid. She calmed down once she recognised me. Then asked “What did you wake me?” “Because, today is a school day and people are going to start coming to school,” I replied. Ash frowned then got up. “We’d better clean up quick then” she said. “Clean up?” I asked stunned. “Yes haven’t you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?” she laughed. Hey! Well she couldn’t laugh at me I couldn’t help what I looked like, I was born like that. Realising my annoyance she laughed more "No silly!, I mean we were in the rain last night, then you sat uncomfortable for hours. I didn’t mean you looked… bad”, “Oh” I could be so stupid sometimes. She smiled sweetly “Could you show me where the bathrooms are?” uh I don’t even know where those are, its not like I use them. ‘I think this round the corner” I smiled weakly. Ash ran quickly round the corner and out of sight. I sighed there was no point in me washing. I always looked like this. I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds unsure of what to do. Suddenly I heard footsteps from behind me. They weren’t Ash’s soft and quiet ones they were heavy and slow. Oh my god! I thought it couldn’t be! but my nightmares came true. My old science teacher Mrs Levi thumped round the corner, she stopped and starred. Then grimaced. “Mr lope, what might you be doing at school this time in the morning?” my life was over. Or was it?


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© 2006 Stephanie Lynch
November 2006

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