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Am I Dating Myself? by Cedric McCllester - [299 words]
I Wonder How Many Me,S There Are? by Cedric McClester - [236 words]
Yo-Ho-Ho by Cedric McClester - [116 words]
Purr by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Balcony by Lamar Cole - [27 words]
Like A Needle In A Haystack by Cedric McClester - [136 words]
Tax Breaks by Cedric McClester - [111 words]
Haiti Has Been Devastated by Cedric McClester - [143 words]
His Silence Speaks Volumes To Me by Cedric McClester - [173 words]
Sappy by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Every Woman Who Comes Forward… by Cedric McClester - [115 words]
Should We Be Distracted? by Cedric McClester - [147 words]
The Summer Of Love by Cedric McClester - [208 words]
Blades by Lamar Cole - [56 words]
Famous And Broke by Cedric McClester Famous and Broke was written in R&B singer Toni Braxton's voice. [300 words]
Just When We Thoght by Cedric McClester - [98 words]
Crystal Ball by Lamar Cole - [25 words]
Talk About It by Alec Moore I don't really know. [104 words]
Tough by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
Burning Sand by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
Apple Slice by Lamar Cole - [37 words]
Surprise by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Course by Lamar Cole - [38 words]
Plaything by Lamar Cole - [28 words]
Touch by Lamar Cole - [15 words]
Got Over by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Smart by Lamar Cole - [58 words]
Lurk by Lamar Cole - [35 words]
Sunday Hat by Lamar Cole - [52 words]
Clothesline by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Why Now? (Why Now?) by Cedric McClester - [106 words]
Torch by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
Wisp by Lamar Cole - [38 words]
They Don’T Care… by Cedric McClester - [87 words]
Roadkill by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
If You’Re Sick And Tired… by Cedric McClester - [133 words]
Turkey by Lamar Cole - [35 words]
It's The Choice They've Chosen by Cedric McClester - [164 words]
Ho Ho Ho by Lamar Cole - [40 words]
Think Ahead by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Chocolate by Lamar Cole - [86 words]
Are You Aware? by Cedric McClester - [110 words]
The Price We Pay by Cedric McClester - [245 words]
Casual Encounters by Cedric McClester - [157 words]
I Just Wanna Be Free by Cedric McClester - [179 words]
I’M Not Looking For Sympathy by Cedric McClester - [199 words]
Umbrella by Lamar Cole - [62 words]
When I Lost You by Cedric McClester - [156 words]
It Took Some Time by Cedric McClester - [145 words]
Tangerine by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
The Russian Probe by Cedric McClester - [201 words]
Cow Chip by Lamar Cole - [74 words]
Stunt by Lamar Cole - [74 words]
Thinking Back To That Time by Cedric McClester - [211 words]
Soak by Lamar Cole - [29 words]
Ms Willis by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
Petite by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
Battle by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Jade by Lamar Cole - [61 words]
Toots by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
Meow by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Halloween Cheat by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
Trick-Or-Treat by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Sly by Lamar Cole - [80 words]
Vain by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Trick by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Cut by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Crap by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
A Toast by Lamar Cole - [20 words]
Who The Baby Daddy? by Rapadamus - [134 words]
Platonic by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Dress by Lamar Cole - [56 words]
Sarah Sold Her Soul by Cedric McClester - [130 words]
My Father Said... by Cedric McClester MY FATHER SAID...was written in my feminine voice. [104 words]
Angel Encounters 1: The Tree by Shelley Alongi On a rainy day a man shows up and helps her with a tree. Who is this mysterious gu... [4,023 words]
Safari by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Brooke by Lamar Cole - [52 words]
Bro by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Naive by Lamar Cole - [84 words]
Surviving by Lamar Cole - [30 words]

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[440 words]
Rapadamus is the rap alter-ego of prolific lyricist/poet Cedric McClester.
[November 2017]
Cautionary Tale (Songs) - [383 words]
Who The Baby Daddy? (Songs) - [134 words]
Why I Act The Way I Act (Songs) - [531 words]

Something I’ve always hated
Is what needs to be stated
When the plot construction’s weighted
And the images are dated
Hollywood has black men fated
To wear dresses created
For us to be emasculated
Yet we’ve willingly participated
Think Tyler Perry’s Madea
Close your eyes and you can see her
From Good Times with its JJ
To Martin and his Shanaynay
They have always found a way way
To make buffoonery okay kay
And coons are still on display
Up until this very day

Call it a judgment call
But when I think about Monster’s Ball
Staring Hallie Berry y’all
The whole race took a fall
Cos it left us all exhausted
Think of the stereotype it fostered
And the self-respect it lost her
Is what her Oscar cost her
When she said, “Make me feel gooood”
And that cracker pulled out his wood
Then plugged her where she stood
Cos she signaled to him he could
Her going crazy over getting’ his meat
Made me wanna throw-up in my seat
And to make the picture more complete
She put her body out there on Front Street

By now it’s plain to us she’s driven
But how she chooses to make their living
Doesn’t mean she has to be forgiven
Anymore than an Andre Piven
But enough on Hallie already
I don’t wanna make this thing too petty
There are others even more unsteady
Then a hot bowl of fresh spaghetti
I’m not a big fan of the Manns
I don’t like the way the camera pans
So when they’re on I make other plans
And my whole family understands
See I’ve had enough of those clowns
I don’t even need to meet the Browns
Which also probably explains
Why I haven’t reached out to the Paynes

Hollywood’s full of Harvey Weinsteins
In Gucci loafers and designer jeans
Creating havoc with off -camera scenes
While toying with some actor’s dreams
Now they’re falling like dominoes
But I guess that’s the way it goes
Like cocaine up a producer’s nose
They feel invincible I suppose
But the actresses who feel embolden
No longer find themselves beholden
To the men who took advantage and sold ‘em
Everybody gets their turn to scold ‘em
In the wake of Kevin Spacey’s canards
A strong wind blew down his House of Cards
But isn’t that the way it always starts
Hollywood is full of broken hearts

So I’ve laid my indictment out
It’s hard to find even one Boy Scout
Among any of ‘em who wheel clout
The evidence? (Beyond a shadow of a doubt)
And now that the charges have been lodged
And the jury panel has been charged
Even though it’s one great big hodge podge
Soon the verdict gonna be dislodged
Before that - they’ll try to cop a plea
They’re in treatment don’t cha see
And while all that well may be
It’s not enough to let them off free
Once their expensive lawyers fail
And if they can’t stay out on bail
They’ll be going straight off to jail
Because their checks are in the mail


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November 2017

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