The Sweet Taste Of Candi
Garrett Hart


It is a cold, stormy Wednesday where the wind is hitting so hard your face will burn. I am not wrapped up well enough in bundles, so the cold is painful like how my morning went. I just got broken up with over text after I just saw her and had made her cum to start her day off right and mine too or so I thought. No more of that warm feeling; everything is numb. The clock continually ticks at work and I did not know the clock ticked with noise, but today, it was loud and seemed like it was counting out loud to me for the rest of this frozen day. Work finishes up and I prepare as best I can for the weather, but it drowns me in its frigid arms much like my now ex-girlfriend did.

What a long couple of weeks where that cold winter air engulfed my soul as if I were some ice prince. No one around me could feel these frozen temps, but me. Everyone is comfortable, yet I am wrapped from head to toe barely able to move a muscle. I decide to finally go out for a weekend in hopes to meet up with colleagues and down some alcohol to feel warm inside again. I was patiently waiting for them at the bar all alone when this woman appeared. This was not an ordinary woman; she was seemingly untouchable like an expensive piece of art people could admire, but can’t touch. Her hair was curly and made from melted gold. Her skin was glistening in the bar light and I was unsure if it was just her or the lighting itself, so I went towards her. I have never been the aggressor when out as I always shied away with my passive self unless I was asked to dance or talk. Never has a body been so inviting as the music and loud conversations at the bar drowned out. It was me and her in the bar only and she hasn’t seen me yet. I am on the prowl enticed by the beauty that has struck down in front of me practically calling my name to say hi and be assertive. I did not know what it was that pushed me towards her and I am pretty sure I was floating on air, but I was not complaining about this feeling that tingled down my spine and into my toes. Then there it was, I had finally reached her after an eternity and she turned around. Her face was blinding, more powerful than the sun as her skin kept glimmering like stars in cartoon movies. Those blue eyes I could see the Maldives in them and then suddenly I saw my reflection looking goofy as ever yet somehow confident, which has never been my strong suit.

Her warmth went through me as she said “Hi” first and I melted as if the floor turned to lava off one word this golden goddess of a woman said to me. I was able to muster a “Hi, my name is G. What is your name?” She replies ever so sweetly with, “Candi.” “Well it is a pleasure to meet you Candi. I am not sure if you are a dancer, but after I get you a drink of your choice, would you care to dance with me?” “Yes, I would love that very much G.”

I noticed all the guys and even girls around us just in awe of what just occurred. I was in shock like the rest of them. The most enchanting woman came into this bar and said she wanted to dance with me; what a confidence booster I haven’t felt in ages. I checked out her body as we waited for two tequilas to come our way. Earrings rocking back and forth as she leaned forward waiting for her drink. Fine curves I have never seen besides on Instagram, where they were fake and I was 100% sure this was all natural. I am talking the most perfect butt that made me think of doing something so perverse that I have never thought of before; I wanted to rip off that form fitting dress and take a bite out of that cake. I want my cake and to eat it too; that is what you are supposed to do. I tried to control my sexual mind, but that statuesque body kept inviting me to act like never before as if I were a wild animal. Maybe that was what I needed to be though.

We have our drinks and head to the dance floor with what seemed like everyone watching us. On beat like the drums rolling off her bouncing bosoms the music was. I did not want to seem like I could not stop looking her up and down, but I could not help myself. Her eyes peered right through my soul and I could feel the intense heat. She was into me! She got closer to me and grabbed my backside as I gently touched hers. Our faces were almost touching as we came together and our hands moved to the back of each other’s heads. I heard nothing but her breath, I was lost in her eyes and bubblegum smelling aroma. She whispered into my ear, “I like this, but let me dance on you to see if you can handle this.” I almost fainted after that, but I had a job to do and that was to handle that woman throwing it back.

Cloud nine is something people always talked about feeling and I think that is what I experienced here. Her round bottom up against my throbbing dick trying to prove something and that I can handle all of that. As soon as she felt it, she bent over and looked back giving a face of content. Around and around it goes and I gripped her waist. She then proceeded to grab my hands and place them right above her…you know what. I was sweating after that, not ready at all to handle all these curves, soft, gold skin and hair to match, and the most alluring blue eyes the world has ever seen.

When we were done dancing she goes, “Well done out there. Sure seems like you can keep up with me on the dance floor. I’d like to see you keep up with me another way.” She then winks and slaps my behind, “you giving me a ride home or what?” “Why yes I will Candi,” as I grab her hand and take her to the car pulling her door open. “What a gentleman you are. How are you not taken?” “Well I was broken up with weeks ago out of nowhere and I have been staying in a lot.” “Well it was perfect timing to come out tonight.”

Indeed it was as I was so hot not from dancing, but from her presence. Those looks could put a spell on you and maybe that is what was happening, but why me? This pulchritudinous woman is in my car being nice and more than just friendly. Do not think I forgot about keeping up with her another way. While I am processing all this still she says, “Thanks for the ride sweetheart and dancing with me again. You really have some nice moves.” “Yeah I love to dance the night away. How are you single?” “It is a complicated story, but similar to yours with being broken up with weeks ago.” “Well I am sorry to hear that. Is this your stop right here?” “Yes, but G I must ask you something.” Yes go ahead.” “Would you like to keep me company for a bit?” “Uh, sure.”

So here I am with a golden goddess that I swore was wearing a halo and I was not just seeing things. I walk up to her door with her and I come into her comfortable apartment. Drapes matching the couch, wooden floor spotless, an overall well-designed place. “Wow your place is incredible.” “Thanks.” She gets us both water and I take a sip as I am gracious for her gesture. “That’s not the only thing I want your mouth on.” She climbs on top of me and I feel the weight of her curves on my pelvis. I can see her boobs are pierced as she put them right near my face and then she placed her lips on mine and pure bliss occurred. I was numb, not like before because I was sad, but in a way I have never felt before in being so aroused. I was turned on and my dick was throbbing like it was at the bar. “Oh you’re already going there.” “What do you mean?” “Your arm is already down there.” “That’s not my arm.” And her bright, blue eyes widened in shock that my dick was touching her not me. She then ensued her lusty adventure with me making out with a lot of tongue and grabbing my hair, scratching my back so hard that a chalkboard could feel my pain. I was so focused on the feeling of her I was not sure of what was going on or how far it would go, but she was leading the way.

She rips off my shirt amazed at what she saw. I never had much confidence in my body, but man did she give me some as she salivated over my chiseled upper body. Her lips came off mine and went on my neck; a place we all know you cannot go back from. I moaned a little and she kept going down my body onto my abs until she reached my hard dick and kissed it from the outside of my pants. Next thing I knew in a flash my pants were off and she went to work on me. Her eyes looked up at me as she firmly grasped my dick in both of her hands, one on top of the other. “It’s so big. Fuck.” “Really?” “Oh yes G. The veins on your dick are so beautiful and sexy it makes me want to…” She then swirled her tongue around the tip and the sensations made my toes curl. Up and down she went with her mouth in motion with her hands and my head felt like it could explode. Thinking to myself “Is this really happening right now? She is gorgeous and amazing at this so far...” “Oh my God Candi. You feel so fucking good and do it so well.” “Is that right?” As she looks up again, dick all in her mouth and eyes on me. What a turn on and she went even faster and had the most perfect rhythm with her hands and mouth. She even went with no hands at all at one point and placed my hand on her hair, so it wouldn’t get caught in the sticky situation. I start feeling the point of no return coming on and start to moan louder to try to hint to her what was happening, but she paid no mind and went harder on me and I released everything with that orgasm. I had to cover my own mouth I felt like I was that loud.

“Wow I have never felt something like that before ever.” “Good because this will not be the last time.” Wow, that really just happened. I am thoroughly pleased and did not know I could feel turned on again; even my ex-lovers could not get me to be that loud or make me feel that good just off a blowjob or in general. This woman was not ordinary clearly and then she goes, “I told you your mouth would not only be on that glass of water,” as she stripped down naked in front of me as I was still dazed by the miraculous big O I just had from her head game. Her curves were in full view. Those pierced nipples were sexy and so was that look she had after she knew she gave some mind blowing head. Her butt was so round and curvy I could see it from the front. Her pussy was shaven clean and ripe for entry in any way possible and I was ready for that challenge considering how far I have come.

“I sure am hungry for dessert. Come here Candi.” “Oh my!” I never had that in me or so I thought till now. Something about her made me extra confident and a risk taker. She lied down as I explored her entire body discovering every inch of this heavenly woman. I run my fingers through her hair as her head tilts back. Kissing her soft lips that tasted sweeter than tea. I nibble on her ears and kiss her neck as she moans out. Work my way down to those piercings and lick and suck on them and that got her really turned on. “Gentle baby. They’re sensitive.” And I continue to toy with her there as I could tell she wanted more no matter if there was any pain. Now down to her sides and lower abdomen giving subtle, sweet kisses to make her squirm and push my head down instructing me where to put my mouth as if I did not know. I even kiss right above the hood and on her inner thighs as I can feel her body relax and feet and knees shaking.

Finally, I made it to where she wants me and I drown in her holy waters. She was wet before I got there and now it was an overflowing waterfall that tasted like her name. It is as if gold could have been dripping out of her pussy it was so good; that is not normal right? I was enjoying doing slow licks on her clit and I put a finger inside simultaneously and after a minute or two, she is uncontrollable. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! G yes baby yes!” She came even quicker than me to my surprise and hers too as she grabs ahold of my head, “Come up here!”

We kiss for a minute and she goes, “I want that inside me,” pointing to my dick. Thank goodness I was able to get up fairly quick again or I would be hurting. Anyway, as soon as she grabs it, it slides right inside with a tight grip. “It is so big oh my God. Thank God I am so wet or it would not fit. I have never been so wet in my life.” Well that damn sure turned me on to no end and I slowly went in and out as my head was beside hers and she started clawing into my back for dear life as if she was going to fall. Those slow strokes seemed to be her thing and she moaned my name constantly; I was on top of the world and this beautiful girl at the same time. What a time to be alive.

I flip her over for doggy style and she claims this is her favorite position. I insert my dick this time and man she is struggling to handle it in there shaking. I grab her arms and pull them behind her and I could feel her eyes widen in shock at what I was doing. I held those arms behind her as I fucked her hard and deep that you could hear that constant smack of my balls hitting her underside. She is now screaming in pain and pleasure “G! G! G! Fuck me yes! Oh my God I can’t take it!” I push her head and lower back down and now I must be hitting her spot because yes, it got even worse with the loud moaning; sorry not sorry possible neighbors. She came again and she is shaking worse than before, but still wants more…what a lady. “Ironic you hit my g spot till I came G. I am hurting, but I am not done with you. You gave me a ride home, so in return, I will give you the ride of your life.” “Fuck me Candi. Make me moan louder than you.” She gets up with her seductive ocean blue eyes all on me. She spits on my dick and deep throats it real quick to where you can hear it reach her choking point. This is something and someone special I tell you.

She gets on top of me and rides me as she said she would; the ride of my life indeed. She even turns around and goes reverse and I can see her Greek goddess built back and backside. My erection has never been so strong, especially after cumming once already. “You like that daddy?’ I have never been called that in my life, but it was a sexy in the moment thing I wanted more of. “What’s my name?” “Daddy!” “One more time!” “Daddy!” She is riding me so good in reverse she came again and looked tired after another good round for her. Like a boxer in the corner, she took a swig of water and kept going.

“I am going to put you to sleep now Candi.” “What do you mean?” “Get on your side now.” “Fuck yes take charge daddy.” She does what ‘daddy’ says and I spoon her. I kiss her neck as I stick my dick inside and she is so wet. I am talking a water main break and a slip and slide combined could not be this wet as I hear the rain pouring on the rooftop at the same time. She is being loud again so I cover her mouth and she screams even louder into my hand. I pull her hair as I continue to pound out, “Cum inside of me right now.” This was like a porno, but better of course because this is real life. The sexiest woman in the world is getting dicked down by yours truly. I had never done this before, but this is the best night of my life and I oblige as I came inside her like she commanded me to. “You are the best I ever had G. My goodness I needed that.” I wanted to ask her if she was on birth control, but kind of too late for that now huh? I have never felt so at peace in my life laying there.

“Look I know we just met and we just had amazing sex, but I would love to continue seeing you, whether it is sex only or more so go on dates.” “Oh I would love to get to know you more G.” And so we did. Still having mind blowing sex here and there, but the dates made me really get to know why I was so attracted at first. Her heart matched her body; perfection and golden. We then became official and one day we both said “I love you” to each other.

After we said that, to the bedroom we went. Typical sex again right? Wrong. I thought it was great before, but my mind reached past cloud nine. Her curves engulfed my entire existence, however I was more focused on her eyes. We did not take our eyes off each other and then it happened. “I love you” as I slowly stroked in and out and she did not say it right away. Her eyes got big and rolled into the back of her head and I kept going at it. She then said “I love you” back and was smiling so big. Her teeth as white as the walls in my apartment. “Fuck baby I love you” and we came at the same time a minute later. Pure ecstasy.

When love came into our sex life, everything felt great. I wanted to adventure more and she agreed. We bought a vibrator, handcuffs, blindfolds, a paddle, costumes, and even a butt plug just in case for her. The exploration was on another level. To explore not only every inch of one’s body, but to get a greater understanding of how your body and mind feels during different sex acts is titillating. She loved the vibrator as her clit was played with while I gave her long, hard strokes. Her moans were louder than before and that was just the first adventure.

We moved into handcuffs; fluffy pink ones. She handcuffed me to the bed and put a blindfold on over my eyes and went to work. I am talking slobbering all over my dick and I wanted to break free and hold her hair like usual, but I could not. Having no control or sight at all was a little scary. It was like being on a roller coaster ride with no seat belt on or just jumping off a bridge and closing your eyes. I imagined those big, blue eyes calming me down like waves crashing into the beach over and over. She rode me like never before or so it felt that way as she had all the control. Bouncing up and down and all around as I visualized those pierced boobs bouncing as well as her magnificent ass smacking my legs so hard. It is usually hard for guys to cum during cowgirl, but this was different and it was an orgasm that lasted so long I was uncontrollable and she loved that. Her being in power made her feel, well powerful and she enjoyed every second of it. She wanted to be in power all the time now until I finally took control.

I smacked her hard with that paddle the next time and she loves quite a spanking as I left big marks on her ass and made sure she felt my power. I decided to go where I have never gone before in terms of a new voyage and taking control; to her asshole. Her ass was still facing me as she was on all fours and I kissed her butt, then the back of her upper thighs. “What are you doing?” “I am going to eat you and lick you down…both holes” Her face got so red and she was so surprised she could not even say a word. Yes the taboo of ass eating was occurring and guess what? It tasted just as good as her pussy believe it or not. Eating her big ass turned me and her both on. These escapades kept getting better together. We had not even 69’d before until later and it was hard for her to concentrate on my dick as she was getting eaten out by me, but it was worth a shot.

Something about being vulnerable with her and in love made adventurous sex worth everything. This is not to say our relationship was purely sex driven, but man was it a good bonus to what we had. Her wits and humor kept me close and her pussy even closer as love making put it out of this world good in every realm of love, especially the sexual side.

“Hi, I’m the pool boy. Sorry to bother you ma’am, but do you have any water? It’s hot out there.” “Yes I do, come get it.” She placed her hand over her pussy as she lifted her legs onto the counter rubbing herself. I could hear that wet sound and it was over. Role playing took over and we even had sex in public places like parks, libraries, changing rooms, parking lots, etc. Adventurous sex and love at the same time is something that if you have it, do not let it go. The small things of “I love you” or small tokens of appreciation turns you on more and more.

I went from not going out much and hurt over my ex to taking charge in my life to go out, met this amazing woman, and taking charge in the bedroom. “Thanks for saying yes to dancing with me that one fateful night.” “Of course you’re welcome. I had to say yes to the sexy, tall, bearded, brown-haired man asking me to dance like a gentleman.” “Were we supposed to be anything more than fuck buddies?” “At first no, but after that night, the sex was so good I practically fell in love and wanted more.” “Well do you actually love me then?” “Yes baby I do. That is why we make love now as opposed to just sex.” I never felt more secure in myself and with her. I wrapped my arms and legs around her as we laid down. I have the sexiest, nicest, smartest woman in the world… no wonder I could not not say hello that night where I floated on over to her. She looked like gold and tasted like it too in more ways than one. From our first night till we die, I will never get over that sweet taste of Candi.



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