The Cameras Are Blind To Me (1)
Regardless Devon Victory


The story starts

What have I done to get into this felt Demar? – As he layed provoked in his vehicle – awaiting his supposed deaf. He was so shocked at the person that he saw walking away from his vehicle! He was in a black suit just coming from an audition to be in a movie called: Seduce the logic’s.

He was a black man, 6” foot tall, he kept his haircut and faded.

He felt his car racing at high speeds – as his assailant followed closely behind. Demar picks up his cell phone and calls his girl. “I’m in trouble baby get the packages and the double welfare - meet me downtown at the Grandiose Hotel.” Said Demar.

Shelly his girl stated. “What’s the problem, why you seam so out of it?” Demar stated.” “Don’t worry about that just get what I asked you to bring and quit asking so many fucking questions. Shelly said.” Ok.

Demars mind was racing; it was etiquette for him to realize that what he was seeing in his rear view - had stopped. He was in a debt that he could not get out of, and the debt didn’t involve money.

He drove and drove and then when he made it to the hotel on 24’Th Street – he was being watched and he was not aware of the affair. He noticed that it was idiotic to where a suit to an audition, so said some of the people their.

He was not ready for the dubious game that was at hand. He looked into the walls for subjections, but the situation was frail.

He goes to his room since he had already reserved a room and lays on his bed. A few hours later, he awakens - so stipulated that he could’ve had this parlance with time.

He was checking threw his cell phone wondering where Shelly was.

Shelly was being followed by Demars x girl – they have been having a vendetta toward each other.

Shelly pulls her car off the rode into a Shell gas station – the girl behind her suddenly pulls behind her.

The gas station was packed,most pumps were in use.

“ Bitch I know you just didn’t think I was gonna let you lay on my dick that I was with - for ten years of my life and that I had two kid’s with. “ Said Chantae. “How many times, I gotta tell you that I had nothing to do with who stole from your house, every since then you been after me?” Said Shelly. Look bitch all I want is my clothes out of my house, that you moved in, because I will kill you. Said Chantae.

“Damn - now that I think about it - we threw all of yo shit out – so you must be mistaken.” Said Shelly. Naw that ain’t what it is, Demar told me that he was going to break up with you and move me back in with my kids! Who the hell do you think been pushing them promotions for him Shelly – with out me and my funds - bitch – that nigga is canceled.” Said Chantae.

The situation at the gas station was becoming perpendicular, Shelly new that she was messing with the wrong one. She felt why the fuck would I get with a man with kids and a long ass pass relationship just to hurt myself?

She saw visions of her and Chantae kissing each other! She was so deranged and she wanted something that she was not going to get.

Chantae launched out and grabbed Shelly. The two females were tussling back and forth for a while. Then someone who was just an innocent by stander broke the fight up.

The cashier who worked at the gas station called the cops.

 The cops made it to the local Gas Station and took Chantae to jail, for a domestic dispute.

Shelly continued her journey to the hotel some how?

In dispute of the reality that dilated her ingenious belief, was now hypnotic. She was trying really to get over what Chantae was trying to tell her. Now she played the game but she didn’t like the way the game was played. She saw several calls from Demar and she was on a look-over agenda.

She was light skinned she had long hair – and might I add - nice asset’s. She was a high school graduate and had a degree. Therefore, she was not trying to jeopardize her career.

When Demar soon found out that Shelly had played him, he never suspected that she could come up with a good reason – to be arrogant - but she was into a dolce belief –

But hold on wait a minute

Let us rewind the story

And let us start the story again.


Demar was in his Buick Lacrosse driving down the street. he had just left an audition to be in a movie called Seduce the logics. Demar was a single man who was not facing any fatalities. He was going to his condominium in Columbus Ohio. Where he usually slept. He was dedicated to the realms of fertility. He just all of a sudden couldn’t take it.

He made it to his house condominium and checked the mail. He had about five envelopes in his hand and also he had a UPS priority mail envelope – he makes it to his room and look’s threw his mail.

That’s when he see’s pictures of him choking a girl; then he see’s pictures of him dragging the girl, then he see pictures of him breaking into a car!

He feels casted into bewilderment as he sits on his bed looking threw the portfolio. His concession was manipulated. He wonder’s who have sent him pictures of things that he never did. He then finds a video showing him that, this person actually look’s like him. He’s devastated and he realizes something is not right. He watches more of the video, which displays what the pictures showed in fuller segments.

He then finds a letter inside the UPS envelope that was requesting him to come to a specific address. He was articulated by the profane annunciation of his next conclusion. That’s when he read’s on and he finds a phone number and a message that said call me at this number, which was signed by a person, named Misty.

He didn’t know who this Misty – was. He decided to call the number. The phone ranged several times then a female answered. She said. “Demar I know what you’ve been doing and I’m in a position that could save you.” Demar said. “I don’t need any one to save me I’m innocent.” Misty stated. “ Yea innocent like all them time’s you had your friend Shelly make those illegal moves, or maybe you mean innocent like the way you killed and choked that one bitch – or it could be innocent like you are being framed – but no one is going to believe that, tell me how the hell could they believe a criminal?” “I’m not a criminal, I’m an actor and that’s all I’m trying to do is commit to my career - I don’t know what you saw, but these pictures are from one of my movies.” Said Demar.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Laughed Misty – good joke I know what the real deal is and why you killed them people – I saw you with my own fucking eyes.” Said misty. “Ok look Misty, I don’t have time for no games” – “This isn’t’ a game” – “like I said, I don’t know what these pictures mean. “ Said Demar

“So are you willing to meet me - so we can discuss a way out of this, I’m becoming very belligerent over here, I could do anything to you – for instance look at this” Said Misty. That’s when Demar saw the lights flicker and the TV turn off. Misty said. “Did you see that - what I did to your lights and TV?” “What do you have some kind of special software or something.” Said Demar. “No actually.” Said Misty. “I’m at the exact hotel your at in the control room we have special illegal cameras watching you - do you like understand my drift.”

“I’m not to sure what you mean.” “Ok meet me at the address in the package I sent you, it’s a building not a suite. You need to be there at 8: o clock tonight. It’s now five o’clock, and I will explain everything to you then.” Said Misty.

“Ok I’m gone do this, I don’t trust you, but I think that you may have valuable information that can help me, and don’t mean by crimes that I’ve created – I really need a mentor in my life.” Said Demar. “A MENTOR, I’m far from a mentor. I’m a psychological problem, and the only cure is deaf, now isn’t that fucked up Demar?”


“Ok I’ll see you at eight.” Said Demar

Meanwhile Demar went to a function at a ballroom where they had - Nice drinks, food, music, and a seminar. Demar had a lot on his brains but he ran into multiple friends that was at the same function. They were awarding people for being accepted after auditions.

Demar new that he was getting an award because he received a letter in the mail explaining this to him. He sat at one of the hundred’s of round circle tables – with cloth on the top of them.

 A man spoke from the stage acknowledging what this event was for and was configuring what the awards were going to be. This was an independent event being thrown by casting specialist in Columbus Ohio.

 He witnessed plenty of people just like him leaving there circle table and walking up to the stage. He was agitated by a female that he didn’t know that kept looking at him.

He decided to go over to her table to talk to her. When he made it to her table, he stated. “Is it something the matter with you, why do you keep looking at me a lot?” He stated in his so - called sexy voice?

The female feeling good about his approach states. “Well when I see new face’s that I have never seen I become viral.

 That make’s me feel something that touches me all over.”

“Well you know that I’m a businessman.” As he hands her one of his business cards. “And might I add a single business man – I like exploring new things.” - As they could see the other six people sitting at her table with her. He stood on side of her.

“By the way, I didn’t catch your name.” – “that’s because I didn’t give it to you.” There was a breath of silence as she reached in her purse and pulled out a business card that said Frost Studios and displayed her name as Executive Supervising producer: Alicia waters.

She said. “Demar Jennegan, I have heard a lot about you and I have a position for you in a new movie called The Cameras Are Blind To Me – call me so we can discuss this.” “Ok.” Said Demar. As he could here the fake intermission finishing and him walking away.

He watched more of the show then he left, when the show was over.

 It was now 7:30PM and he was on his way to see Misty. When he made it to the door exit, he saw revolving door’s that wouldn’t move.

On the far left side of the doors was a finger print scanner that said visitors scan fingers to enter. He scanned his fingers and then the door opened automatically.

 He was wondering how could Misty or any one have his fingerprints, he felt maybe it was authenticated to be opened by any ones fingerprint’s.

He walked threw the first hall, which he could see, a security desk. He then noticed where the elevators were – he was not sure where he was going but he was going; He hops on the elevator not knowing where he was going. He heard the elevator say. “Welcome - the time is 7:50 PM.” He then hit floor number 22 as he was going up, the elevator stopped on floor ten. He heard the elevator say. “Floor ten.” – When the door’s opened he could see nothing but gold elevators 15 on the across side and 15 on the side he was on. When he peeked out of the elevator he was, feeling too scared to step out of the elevator, because he would be in a hall with dim lights and only elevators. So he did the best thing he could think of which was go back to the first floor.

He still didn’t see security, so he called Misty back and she gave him the right floor, which appeared, as a normal floor; unlike the other floor he was just on.

He went into her office doors and she was coming for him before he could think of anything. She told him to come with her.

She took him to a room and when they made it to the room, she said.

“What I’m about to show you is a secret.” She opened the door and there was body’s in special see threw tanks. The body’s was covered in zip body bags, she unzipped one of the body’s that were in the bag and the human in the bag spoke as if of a soul struck- in human – he stated. “I’m here to serve you and be your master – I can appear to humans as normal and complete any task’s that are needed.

Demar stated. “What is this?”

“It’s a new protocol this protocol Can be hooked up to a computer and visualize everything that this human see’s, when the human is unaware. These protocols was made from human ceman and D.N.A of exact humans who live somewhere out there in the world.”

“I don’t understand what this protocol mess has to do with me, I came here for answers and I still haven’t gotten any answers.”

Misty zipped the body back up there was at least 10 tanks in this room all with doors on their apparatus.

“Well any way some one has stolen one of the body’s and their trying to use it against the scientific study, however, the body that was taken comes back to your D.N.A.

You are a perfect match.

You are the reason why.

You have to change what is going on, in order to do that you have to obey my rules.”

“I’ve heard enough of this, I don’t believe any of this shit for one minute – you could easily be telling me these governmental lies to fuck with me, it’s obvious. I’m going to the authorities and tell them about this.” Said Demar. “ Before you can even try - these body’s will be gone and you will be played as a fool, that’s not the way that you wanna play this game – trust me, I’ve had a lot of experience in theses fields; the outcomes are always bad.

Who ever it is is probably watching you right now and that’s the first problem, we don’t need though. however I have a special room that we’re about to go to right now, that blocks the signals of all cameras.

However, human genetics are different from electronic genetics and the people who stole the body don’t even have physical evidence of the software or computers that runs this shit.” “So this is meaning.” Said Demar. “ So this is meaning That everything they see, if possible is blind to you and me, that and the fact that the footage I sent to you, was you to some instance and done by the perpetrator.”

“How do I know that you’re not involved in this?”

“I’m involved just not in the way you think I’m involved. I think that you should seek out to find your self – or should I say your replica. You have to find the replica and bring it back to me. If you don’t kill it first. even if you do kill the replica, we need to have it back in order to close the scientific study. – Oh one more thing, the replica has a tracking device built into it’s back.” “ Oh so that’s what you been holding out on?” Said Demar. – “Yes I guess I have. Now lets go to that room I was telling you about, that’s where the tracking device is.” “Tell me something why didn’t you just go track down the replica yourself ? ” “Well since you were the human being replicated, I figured you would want to know that you’re out committing crimes.” Said Misty hysterically.

“I don’t think that I can handle this position.”

“I think you can and will.”

“I have too much going on at work.”

“Just still go to work, we’ll find the time to track down the replica.

That’s even though it’s mental is synchronous to your’s. So therefore, it knows what you know and it may go where you go.

Now this tracking device states that the replica is in Grove City, that is not to far from Columbus. But it’s on the east side. This tracking device gives nearest points by telephone boxes, which concludes about a diameter radius on about 10 mile’s. So this thing could be anywhere. However I have a portable device that tells exact compass coordination – so when you do get to the exact telephone box, you’ll have somewhere to go from there.”

“So does the device have any alerts that tell when you’re getting close to the replica? ” “Yes it dose and it tells how close and how far away – but it’s not one hundred percent exact. So now you have to take the device and study it, I will have three men to help you out - here are their names and numbers.”

 Demar was into an insidious proclamation that could legistrate the future. How was he going to go to work with this much stress on “his brain’s” and now that he could choose to be what was in the forceful constellation was fiduciary.

Him and Misty finishes up, there tour of several more rooms that were there to help multiple scientific study’s. He could only grasp what the air let him grasp. He was intrigued to find out, that next mourning that he had no problem sleeping.

Then he started imagining that he was the replica and was coming for his human self to kill him. He saw his self-waking up next to the replica and the replica stated. “ Hi.” He was so devastated that he removed his self from the bed – the replica stated. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Then the human said. “I don’t want any part of you - how did you get into my room?” The replica then stated. “You cannot destroy me. I can only destroy you.” The human then said. “I know why you can’t go further; I have no real emotions or feelings to harm my self.” The replica stated. “That doesn’t matter - now come on over here so I can be you and you can be in a blank state, but I swear, I’ll wake you back up as soon as possible.”

“Yea right.” Said the human. Then the replica launched off the bed, grabbed the human by his neck, and ended him.

Now all the replica wanted to do was live a normal life.

Then he woke from his hallucination.

In reality, the replica got to smart for its on good, he new he was a replica so he was trying to hide his self. Misty told the lie to Demar That someone had stole the Replica. That was not the truth.

Demar was just waking up when he decided to pick up the phone and call Alicia. She told him to come in to visit her, at a downtown Columbus suite. He made it there and they talked.

Alicia Stated. “Demar the position I have for you is not an acting position. I know that you’re looking for that kind’ve career, but with the focus I see in you is different than what you may see.”

“That sounds all right but right now I have a lot of stress, I don’t know if I can take on this kind of job.” “So there for you don’t realize that I’m offering you a director position for this movie.” Said Alicia. “What kind of director position.” “The kind of director position where you tell people how and what to do based on a circumference I choose.

Then you will keep up with all the logs of data and other pertinent information. I have a job portfolio that explains everything that this job is about and what your position is. I just need your social security number, well at least a documented file stating that it’s legal for me to view your background – this is a business you know.”

Demar agreed to that and told her the number. Then she stated.

 “Take your time and read this, but get back to me by next week with your decision.” Alicia took Demar around to meet some of the faculty personnel and showed Demar to where the restroom and eating areas and other offices were. She told Demar that He was going to be the next best thing – by working on the new movie called: The cameras are blind to me.



He new what he wanted and that filament was negative, but he would soon remember everything that he was facing him. In addition, the ways of the world was not on his side.


The replica of Demar was out on the streets walking, he was looking for a vehicle. He didn’t know what he would do with out one. He was walking up and down the streets of the city as if he was normal but he was not normal. He looked into things that were against the lords will, and then he did it? He went into a store and robbed the store. This was a convenient store where he asked the store clerk to give up the money.

The store clerk was panicking he could not resonate the tedious breath of the devil that was before him. They were annihilated to the replica that the store man thought was the real Demar but he was not in reality committing this crime. He was just not his self.

The replica get’s the money and leaves but not before killing the store clerk – he couldn’t take the chance of the store clerks infidelity. However, he was casted into the reality realms of the after life.

Then Demar was going to his next illegal operation was not correct- he was just into his new passive actions, and his aggressive actions he could commence what he was going to hate, now that he indulged the fatal episode, he could commeasure the reality that he didn’t want to know.

They reputed the real Gnostic fact’s in the vile of habit the car’s irritated him, though he was not supplicated to the memoir.



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