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The Damn Poem Occasional offerings of prose, journal entries and poems. ($ 1.00, No Bids)
Best Short Stories Of William Starr Moake A collection of the best 15 short stories selected from the nearly 70 written by paperback author William Starr Moake. Most of the stories are set in exotic tropical locations where the author has lived or visited numerous times. ($ 5.00, No Bids)
By The Sea "By The Sea" is a collection of ten love poems, which have, all but two, won awards. I decided to sell the item on here at at a low price not only to sell but for the feed back. I welcome any feedback..Thanx! ($ 1.00, Bids Accepted)
A Tough Day a story of rude and unhumaman treatment to a common man by the police administration. ($ 10, Bids Accepted)
Amalgamated Astral Angel Force Worldwide biomedical engineering approach to curing an early childhood disease. 12 chapters with part of proceeds to NRSF. ($ 50.00, No Bids)
Blackmail; For Beginners a modern thriller dealing with student politics, and internet paedophilia ($ 0, Bids Accepted)
Letters From Bohemia Short ficticious letters in a surreal style from a struggling writer summering in Bohemia with Salvador Dali. The translation from gibberish to clarity will remain unreleased until my fiance stops lacing my coco pops with PCP. ($ 0, No Bids)
Sins Of Darkness Travel back with me to 1968 . . . remember June 5? I was there. If you weren't there, then imagine the fate of America, at war overseas in Vietnam, with thousands of soldiers dying each month, and the nation at war with itself, as race riots kill h... ($ 15.00, No Bids)

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